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					                                                       Year 7 Cells checklist
                                                                 Learning outcomes: I should be able to …
                              Level 3                     Level 4                     Level 5                     Level 6                    Level 7
                        know that living things     recognise animal and       describe the functions      compare the structure        explain how and why
                      are made from cells, and      plant cells, and know      of animal and plant cell   of animal and plant cells     cells are adapted to
                       name the main parts of     that plant cells have cell            parts                                             their functions
 Plant and Animal
                          cells like nucleus,      walls, chloroplasts and
       Cells           membrane, cytoplasm                vacuoles.

                       identify living things      name the main human         describe the functions     recognize that organs         outline the role of
                        from the basic life        organs, and know their        of the main human         are made of tissues,          organs and organ
 Living Things and    processes (MRSGREN)           positions in the body              organs             made of different cell      systems in carrying out
      Organs                                                                                                      types               the basic life processes

                       know that fertilisation     describe the features       describe the purposes       explain how sperm and      explain the movement of
                         requires joining of          of sperm and egg          of the reproductive       egg cells are related to     oxygen, nutrients and
                           sperm and egg          identify the positions of      organs of men and             their function            other substances
   Fertilisation       Name and identify male     the organs of the uterus             women              describe the process of      through the umbilical
Pregnancy and Birth   and female reproductive       (womb) of a pregnant                                            birth                cord and placenta
                               organs                      woman

                                                   name the major organs       explain the jobs of the     describe the sequence        explain how food is
                      know that the digestive     of the digestive system:       main organs of the       of the digestive process    absorbed into the blood
                      system processes food           gullet; stomach;            digestive system.          and the model gut        and transported around
                           for the body             pancreas; small and          Explain that small             experiment                 the body and
                                                   large intestine; anus.        molecules can pass                                   make links between the
 Digestive System                                 State that some foods        through the wall of the                                   model gut and the
                                                  cannot be digested and           small intestine                                       digestive system
                                                  pass out of the body as
                                                                Learning outcomes: I should be able to …
                             Level 3                     Level 4                     Level 5                     Level 6                     Level 7
                        recognise and name       name parts of the lungs       describe features of       explain how the alveoli     describe the purposes
                          lungs and heart        like bronchi, alveoli (air    the lungs. Explain how      are adapted for gas       of cells of the lungs like
                                                       sacs). Tell the        the ribs and diaphragm       exchange and the            goblet cells, ciliated
                                                    difference between         change the volume of           difference in               epithelial cells
Lungs and Breathing
                                                       breathing and          the chest to suck in and    composition of inhaled
                                                       respiration                  push out air             and exhaled air

                                                  know that oxygen and
                                                 glucose are needed for
                                                  respiration, and that       describe the difference
                                                                                                         know the word equation
    Respiration                                    carbon dioxide and         between respiration and
                                                                                                             for respiration
                                                 water are the products             combustion

                        know that the heart           name the main            know that red blood       explain the movement of
                      pumps blood around the      constituents of blood       cells carry oxygen, and      carbon dioxide and
                      body, and that the blood    (red and white blood          that plasma carries      oxygen between air and
      Blood               carries various          cells, platelets and         carbon dioxide and                 blood
                             substances                   plasma)                     glucose

                                                  Carry out experiment         Carry out experiment       Carry out experiment
                                                   with help from the         with some help from the     without help from the
   Carrying Out
                                                        teacher.                      teacher.                  teacher.

                      State the pattern in the    Explain your conclusion       Use your results to       Draw a line of best fit
    Considering         evidence and make a       simply using scientific      draw a graph and then     on a graph. Explain your
                             conclusion          ideas. Draw a bar chart.       describe the graph.      conclusion using detailed
                                                                                                             scientific ideas.

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