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					                                Art Attack/The Falcon

I really liked art so I wanted to be involved in it. So I talked to Mrs.Rimmer and
Mrs. Beaton and they told me it’s okay, so then when all of the people came
together to decide on what project they wanted, so then I picked Art Attack.

I joined the tissue paper falcon making because I really like the falcon logo so I
wanted to represent the school. The project that I joined was fun because we got
to draw it then glue the different colored papers into the staff room glass doors.

For the project I was working on sticking and gluing the tissue papers. And
towards the end I got to paint it. I was working on the right side of the doors and I
accomplished it by the end of the due date.

We were working on it very well and it looked outstanding and we had some
trouble in the variety of the colors and sometimes we made a mess, we had some
trouble during the sticking it wrong whether it was stuck in the wrong place or
mixed the colors. I felt very proud of myself accomplishing all of the work, we had
some trouble but then we fixed it and then it looked even better. I also felt happy
because at the end it looked very nice and I was finally finished. It was very simple
but it took a long time and I had to work hard.

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