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					ManageMent systeMs
for experiential
learning and
student coMpetency

features & Benefits guide

                                                                   improve communication, organization, and accountability within your
                                                                   experiential learning program with rxpreceptor™, the Experiential
                                                                   Learning Management System (eLMS) for experiential education and
                                                                   service learning.

                                                                   improve communication, organization, and accountability throughout
                                                                   your didactic and experiential programs with rxoutcome™, the
                                                                   Competency Management System (CompMS) for student assessment.

rxinsider, 1300 division road, suite 103, West Warwick, ri 02893   800.972.2083 
company overview

Table of Contents                                                               Primary Assets
Company Overview ............................................2-3

About RXinsider                                                                Virtual Job EXPOs are online               Pharmacy Platinum Pages                  20Ways is a quarterly publication
rxinsider is a multi-media and software                                        career resources exhibiting                is an annual research / buyers           with a focus on improving patient
development company providing                                                  leading healthcare employers               guide for pharmacy managers              care or cost containment and
innovative solutions to a variety of healthcare                                and their career opportunities             and is distributed in both print         is distributed in both print and
disciplines and higher education markets.                                      in booth format.                           and electronic formats.                  electronic formats.
our six Business units include:
academic software, Job / career solutions,
continuing education solutions,
B2B solutions, credential eportfolios,
and B2c solutions.
                                                                      is a search             RXpreceptor is an experiential           RXportfolios are electronic portfolios
                                                                               engine dedicated exclusively to            learning Management system               enabling healthcare professionals to
                                                                               continuing education activities for        (elMs software) serving                  share their credentials with employers,
Mission Statement
our Mission is to develop and market
                                                                               healthcare professionals.                  higher education.                        colleagues, and patients.
profitable and innovative technologies that
connect healthcare practitioners to relevant
resources throughout their continuum of
practice, while providing significant value
to our clients.

                                                                               RXoutcome is a student                     Virtual Trade Shows are online          411 Email Alerts are direct email
                                                                               competency Management                      product and service resources           campaigns promoting career
At a Glance                                                                    system (compMs software)                   exhibiting companies and their          opportunities, continuing education
year founded: 1999                                                             serving higher education.                  offerings in booth format.              and product announcements.
employees: <50
ceo: Gregory Cianfarani RPh
strategic Markets:
  Healthcare, Higher Education
asset focus:
  Software, Multi-Media,
associations:                                                                   Partial Client List
  NAHCR, HIMSS, AHIMA, APSCU                                                    university of north carolina    Walgreens                      golden living                    university of Kentucky
                                                                                cleveland clinic                university of utah             Qs/1                             omnicell
                                                                                Walmart                         McKesson                       talyst                           Mass college of pharmacy
                                                                                university of florida           pcca                           university of Kansas             cedarville university
                                                                                cVs caremark                    superValu                      parata systems                   university of the incarnate Word
                                                                                excellerx                       university of connecticut      Kirby lester                     Medi-dose/eps
                                                                                soliant Health                  cameron and company, inc.      Wingate university               H. d. smith
                                                                                st. John’s university           albertsons                     carefusion                       university of findlay
                                                                                Jackson Healthcare              tcgrx                          pearson Medical                  Kroger
                                                                                capsa solutions                 Health care logistics          rubbermaid                       relay Health
                                                                                amerisourceBergen               pharMerica                     university of rhode island       Midway college of pharmacy
                                                                                rite aid                        costco                         voicetech                        cerner
                                                                                roosevelt university            swisslog                       safeway                          emdeon
                                                                                Msn/pharmstaff                  colorado tech                  Medical packaging                cps
                                                                                target                          rpH on the go                  sxc/HBs                          uniweb
                                                                                campbell university             university of arizona          university of new england        scriptpro
                                                                                american Health packaging       temple university              cardinal Health                  chicago state university

                                                                                                                     2          800.972.2083     
company overview

Business Units

Academic Software                             Jobs / Career                                    Continuing Education
solutions                                     solutions                                        solutions

 Development                                   Opportunity                                      Growth
rxinsider’s Academic Software Business unit   rxinsider’s Job / Career Solutions Business      rxinsider’s Continuing Education Solutions
improves the educational development of       unit offers an array of multi-media resources    Business unit facilitates the personal growth
students by providing innovative software     which educate healthcare professionals           of healthcare practitioners by offering innovative
solutions which help organize and manage      on available career opportunities by             online resources which connect practitioners
the experiential departments and assessment   enabling practitioners and students to           with relevant continuing education programs
programs within healthcare colleges.          identify, research, and connect with leading     and resources.
                                              healthcare employers.

Business to Business                          Credential ePortfolio                            Business to Consumer
solutions                                     solutions                                        solutions

 Support                                       Confidence                                       Accessibility
rxinsider’s B2B Business unit supports        rxinsider’s Credentialing ePortfolios Business   rxinsider’s B2C Business unit improves patient
healthcare professionals by providing an      unit provides comprehensive electronic           accessibility to quality and convenient healthcare
array of multi-media resources which enable   portfolios for healthcare professionals. our     services by providing innovative, online resources
managers and practitioners to efficiently     eportfolios enable practitioners to present      which empower patients to locate and research
research and connect with leading product     credentials in a transparent, accessible and     niche clinical service offerings on a local level.
and service providers.                        convenient format to strengthen patient-
                                              practitioner relationships, build patient
                                              confidence, and improve clinical outcomes.

                                                                     3          800.972.2083 
    noW Has a

rxpreceptor is saas-based software serving the diverse needs
of experiential departments within colleges and universities.
supported by attentive and knowledgeable customer service,
rxpreceptor allows for detailed student-preceptor-site management,
scheduling management, student evaluation, hours tracking, student
competency management, and student requirements tracking. in
                                                                            “  We are just beginning to use
                                                                               RXpreceptor. Our students and
                                                                               preceptors like its straight-forward
                                                                               format. Support from RXinsider is
addition, rxpreceptor is customizable and scalable to fit within your          wonderful. Their Academic Software
program’s specific needs and budget.
                                                                               team is always willing to listen to
                                                                               our concerns and help determine
                                                                               the best way to implement and
                                                                               use the software to meet our needs.
                                                                               Rebecca Malone, PharmD
                                                                               Coordinator, Experiential Education
                                                                               University of Arizona

                                                                        4   800.972.2083      
experiential learning Management system (elMs)

 Primary Modules                        Details

n Student Rotation                     n User Account Management                                n Evaluation Management
  Scheduling & Lottery                   • preceptor Management                                   • development & customization of evaluations
                                         • site Management                                        • preceptor-to-student evaluations
n Evaluation Management                  • student Management                                     • student-to-preceptor evaluations
                                         • system administrator Management                        • student self evaluations
n Preceptor & Student                                                                             • Midpoint & final evaluation options
  Requirements Management              n Student Rotation                                         • rotation type-specific evaluations
                                         Scheduling & Lottery                                     • custom weight application to evaluations sections
 Secondary Modules                       • introductory & advanced rotation scheduling
                                                                                                  • automatic grade calculation
                                         • total scheduling process management
n Data Export & Full Reporting Suite                                                              • automatic reminders
                                         • control of scheduling timeline/protocol
                                                                                                  • data export & full reporting suite
n Preceptor Availability Submissions     • customizable student-pick options

n Clinical Encounters Tracking           • Hand scheduling and/or lottery scheduling            n Preceptor & Student Management
                                         • instant lottery results… within seconds                • customizable requirements tracking
n Student Hours Submissions
                                         • instant lottery roll-back & re-run features            • student/site/preceptor requirements management
n 3rd Party Resource Integration
                                         • preceptor detail & description management              • preceptor training history management
n Student Absentee Log                   • student site availability research tools               • site contract management

n Preceptor of the Year Nominations      • combination of “site-based”                            • student immunization management
                                           & “preceptor-based” slotting                           • student background check management
n Site Visit History
                                         • site coordinator management                            • document attachment
n Preceptor Payment Tracking             • Multi-site & multi-campus management                   • expiration warnings
n Preceptor Benefits Package             • out-of-area site & housing availability management     • student & preceptor requirements reports

n Messaging/Communication Center                                                                  • data export & full reporting suite

n Help Center
n Resource Library
n Sponsorship/Supporter
  Recognition Management

   Preceptors & Observers

    School Administrators

                                                                 5             800.972.2083        
two column page title

     are tHeir

 rxoutcome is saas-based software serving the diverse needs of
 assessment teams within colleges and universities. supported by
 attentive and knowledgeable customer service, rxoutcome allows for
 detailed student competency documentation, outcomes assessment
 and curricular gap analysis. in addition, rxoutcome is customizable
 and scalable to fit within your program’s specific assessment needs
                                                                           “The staff at RXinsider have been
                                                                            wonderful to work with. They have
                                                                            been very responsive to our requests…
                                                                            and in a timely manner. Our preceptors
 and budget.                                                                have found this educational manage-
                                                                            ment system very user friendly. They
                                                                            continue to add and update system
                                                                            features that make our jobs easier.
                                                                            Most importantly, they listen and
                                                                            respond to our needs.

                                                                            Kathy Fisher, RPh, MBA
                                                                            experiential education
                                                                            university of rhode island

                                                                       6   800.972.2083        
competency Management system (compMs)

Primary Functions                Details

n Account Administration     n Administrative Features                              n Documentation Features
                                  • custom outcome/competency library management        • Multiple observer feedback formats:
n Competency Assessment           • custom rubric development & application         	   	 •	Rubric	assessment
                                  • user-group management, import, and export:      	   	 •	Reflective	journaling
n Documentation Management   	    	 •	Administrators                                	   	 •	Artifact	attachment
                             	    	 •	Students                                          • student cohort management
n Gap Analysis               	    	 •	Observers                                         • automatic date/time-stamp application
                                           • faculty                                    • feedback editing capabilities
                                           • preceptors                                 • full reporting suite
                                           • advisors                                   • report export
                                           • student peers                              • simple navigation and interface to facilitate:
                                  • 3rd party resource integration                  	   	 •	increased	observer	buy-in
                                  • sponsor/supporter recognition management        	   	 •	increased	student	buy-in
                                  • support/document library management             	   	 •	increased	compliance
                                  • global account settings management              	   	 •	minimal	training	requirements
                                  • Help center                                     	   	 •	minimal	administrator	support
                                  • communication/messaging center
                                  • full data backup & export (one-click)           n Gap Analysis & Mapping Features
                                  • Multiple campus management                          • Multiple mapping options:
                                  • rxpreceptor integration                         	   	 •	Competencies-to-Curriculum
                                  • full reporting suite/custom reporting           	   	 •	Competencies-to-University	Standards
                                                                                    	   	 •	Competencies-to-State	Standards
                             n Assessment Features & Benefits                       	   	 •	Competencies-to-Regional	Standards
                                  • Qualitative & quantitative assessment           	   	 •	Competencies-to-National	Standards
                                  • didactic & experiential student assessment          • reverse-mapping capabilities
                                  • Historic trend reporting (up to six years)          • pedagogy, level, and assessment applications
                                  • individual student assessment                       • full reporting suite
                                  • cohort/class assessment                             • full data export
                                  • assessment triangulation:
                             	    	 •	Student	-	self	assessment
                             	    	 •	Observer	assessment
                             	    	 •	Advisor	-	capstone	assessment

  Preceptors & Observers

   School Administrators

                                                        7            800.972.2083      
Development         Opportunity               Growth                          Support              Confidence            Accessibility

                                                        Connecting Healthcare Through Innovation

     rxinsider, 1300 division road, suite 103, West Warwick, ri 02893               800.972.2083

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