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the following was offered - Jefferson Parish


									        On joint motion of all Councilmembers present the following ordinance was offered:
                    SUMMARY NO. 22816             ORDINANCE NO. 23615
                An Ordinance amending Chapter 19, Article III, Section 19-16,
                and Chapter 36, Article I, Section 36-5, of the Jefferson Parish
                Code of Ordinances relative to illegally parked or stored
                vehicles and personal property on private and public property,
                and otherwise providing with respect thereto. (Parishwide)
        SECTION 1. That Chapter 19, Article III, Section 19-16 be amended to be and
read as follows:
        Sec. 19-16. Trash, debris, junk, refuse, abandoned property prohibited on
public and private property.
                (a) It shall be unlawful for any person or proprietary party to maintain,
        permit or allow the accumulation, collection on his premises or the keeping,
        depositing on or scatter over or upon his premises or within his vehicle including
        but not limited to the following: Trash, debris, refuse, junk, abandoned, discarded
        or unused objects, equipment, machinery, or parts thereof, including, but not
        limited to, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, vehicles,
        parts of vehicles, trailers, boats, campers, haulers, cans, containers, metal,
        building materials or other discarded, abandoned or noxious matter; and, the
        same is hereby declared to be a nuisance.
                (b) The unenclosed or unsheltered storage or keeping of any old,
        stripped, wrecked, partially dismantled or otherwise non-operating vehicles,
        machinery, implements, equipment, building materials, or personal property of
        any kind, which is no longer in good operating condition or safely usable for the
        purposes for which it was manufactured, or any vehicle without valid inspection
        tag(s) and/or valid license plate, on any premises by a proprietary party is hereby
        prohibited and declared to be a nuisance.
                (c) It shall be unlawful for any person or proprietary party to display a
        vehicle, trailer, boat, camper or other item "for sale," "for rent," or other like
        display on private or public property as said vehicle is considered abandoned.
        Only vehicles operating on a daily basis may display such verbiage or items
        located on the proper zoned and used property, car dealership and/or used car
        lot; otherwise, said display is hereby prohibited and declared to be a nuisance.
        SECTION 2. That Chapter 36, Article I, Section 36-5 be amended to be and read
as follows:
        Sec. 36-5. Parking, storing, driving and/or riding a motor vehicle upon
servitudes, etc., prohibited.
                (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to park, store, drive and/or ride a
        motor vehicle upon any canal servitudes, levees or levee rights-of-way, public
        drainage servitudes, neutral grounds, medians, and/or on the rights-of-way
        between the paved portion of a dedicated street and the property line of the
        adjacent landowner within the parish, and/or on the unpaved or non-graveled
        portion of the front yard area of any private residence or business except where
        permitted by the appropriate parish department, which permission shall be
        indicated by the erection of appropriate signs in the area.
                (b) Any motor vehicle which is parked or stored unlawfully in violation of
        this section may be tagged by the department of inspection and code
        enforcement, and such motor vehicle may be subject to the same processes as
        junked, wrecked and/or abandoned vehicles, in accordance with Article V,
        Division 3 of this chapter. Alternatively, any motor vehicle which is parked or
        stored unlawfully in violation of this section and is deemed to be a recurring or
        multiple violation (defined as more than one occurrence), may be issued a
        violation under this section and be subject to hearing and penalties pursuant to
        the provisions of Chapter 2.5 of the Code of Ordinances.
        SECTION 3. That all ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this proposed
ordinance are hereby repealed.
        SECTION 4. That any and all sections found to be void or in conflict with other
laws be repealed without the repealing of the entire ordinance.
        SECTION 5. That the Chairman of the Jefferson Parish Council, or in his
absence, the Vice-Chairman, is authorized to sign and approve this Ordinance to create
uniformity among the penalty provisions for those violations of the Jefferson Parish Code
of Ordinances enforced by First Parish and Second Parish Courts.
       The foregoing ordinance having been submitted to a vote, the vote thereon was as
       YEAS:       6       NAYS: None              ABSENT: (1) Congemi
       This ordinance was declared to be adopted on the 12th day of August, 2009, and
shall become effective as follows: if signed forthwith by the Parish President, ten (10)
days after adoption; thereafter, upon the signature by the Parish President, or, if not
signed by the Parish President, upon expiration of the time for ordinances to be
considered finally adopted without the signature of the Parish President, as provided in
Section 2.07 of the Charter. If vetoed by the Parish President and subsequently
approved by the Council, this ordinance shall become effective on the day of such

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