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                       RULES AND EXPECTATIONS

It is the duty of Tennessee Attack to provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere to
your young athletes. Please help us uphold this integrity by displaying a positive attitude
towards your child, other players, coaches, parents, and members of this organization.
The commitment level required for a successful AAU basketball team mandates that your
basketball team be at your highest priority outside of family, school, and church.

   1. Our main focus is the development of your child as a person and player.
      Attendance at practice and scrimmages is VERY IMPORTANT!
          Arrive at practice on time/early, and be ready to practice.
          If missing practices become an issue your child playing time will be
             impacted. We are a team and each practice requires each team member’s
             presence and accountability for what is goes on during practice.
          If a practice must be missed due to illness, family emergencies, or school
             function, please communicate this with the coach via email for phone at
             your earliest convenience. This will also hold true if your child will be
             late to any practices, games, or scrimmages.
          All practice WILL BE CLOSED so that your child, other players, and
             coaches have time to work on things that help develop team skills without
             any distractions. Practices will not run longer than 2 hours so please
             occupy your time with other errands while your child is practicing. You
             may bring your child into the gym and return to the gym 10 minutes
             before the end of practices, to hear announcements that may be made by
             the coaches. All coaches will have contact information on each child
             member so that you can be notified in case of emergency. All scrimmages
             will be open.
                The basketball court/ gym during practices are for the team ONLY- no
                 siblings or friends are allowed in the gym during scheduled practice times.
                 Permits and the liability insurance the corporation holds through AAU are
                 only registered for members and not for siblings and or friends.
              Tennessee Attack will post all important information on
              For further questions or concerns please feel free to notify coaches by
                 email, which will be given to you at the beginning of the season and also
                 placed on the website.
              All decisions made about teams, playing time, and positions are at the
                 discretion of the coach. If there are any questions regard your child r team
                 matter please pick an appropriate time and place to speak with the coach.
   2.   No pictures and/or interviews can be printed and/or given to the media,
        newspaper, etc. without the permission of Tennessee Attack.
   3.   The uniforms are property of Tennessee Attack. Uniforms must be turned in at
        the end of the season and/or if you leave the team before the season ends.
   4.   Please be respectful and a role model when wearing the Tennessee Attack
   5.   It is our philosophy that we will grow together and be competitive as individual
        teams as well as a team within the organization. In order to build the best
        program, we must have your commitment as a parent to uphold these rules and
        expectations of this organization.

                                    Be the DREAM!
                                  Tennessee Attack, Inc.

Please sign and return one copy to your coach and keep one copy for your records

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