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“Leading the Northwest in quality
 training for a sustainable future.”

Table of Contents                                                    C-   Critical Thinking ......................................4
                                                                          Culinary Experiences: Greek,
                                                                          Italian & Thai .........................................15
Table of Contents ................................ 1
Welcome .............................................. 2             D-   Do-It-Yourself Women’s Series ..............36

Registration .......................................... 3                 Design CS3 (Intro to) ..............................9
                                                                          Drawing for the Absolute Beginner......23
Course Information....................... 4 - 48
                                                                          Drill Core Technician Basic Training .....18
A-    Accounting Cycle ..................................6
                                                                          Drywall Repair .......................................36
      Accounting (Intro to) .............................7
      Airbrakes Endorsement ........................40               E-   ElderCollege .........................................16
      Appreciation of Wine ...........................14                  Electrical Basics I & II ............................36
      Artisan Bread ........................................14            Emergency Services Training Centre ...44
      ATV Rider Safety ....................................32             Employment First Aid Kit .........................6
                                                                          Environmental Monitor Assistant
B-    Babysitting (Red Cross) ........................21
                                                                          Program (EMAP) ...................................20
      Baseboards & Mouldings ....................36
                                                                          Environmental Monitoring (Intro to) ....18
      Basic Skills in Management &
                                                                          Excel Levels 1 & 2 ..................................10
      Leadership .............................................6
                                                                          Expediting for Camps ..........................18
      Bear Awareness ....................................30
      Beekeeping (Intro to) ...........................21            F-   Face to Face Communication ..............4
      Better Business Writing ............................4               Fall Protection .......................................43
      Boating Course                                                      Firearms Safety – Non-Restricted
      (Canadian Power & Sail) .....................28                     Possession Acquisition License (PAL)
                                                                          & Challenge Exam ...............................31
      Boat Pro Seminar ..................................28
                                                                          Firearms Safety - Restricted
      Building Service Workers                                            Possession Acquisition License
      Levels 1 & 2 ...........................................42          (PAL) ......................................................31
      Business Analysis (Intro to) .....................7                 Fire Extinguisher Training ......................44
      Bulkley Valley Research Centre                                      Firefighting (Intro to) .............................44
      Seminar Series ......................................19
                                                                          First Aid & Security for Computers .........8
      Business of Listening (The) .....................4
                                                                          FISH! .......................................................33
C-    Calming Upset Customers ...................34
                                                                          Fishing Masters IV/Masters Limited .....26
      Camp Operations ................................19
                                                                          FoodSafe Levels 1 & 2...........................33
      Camp Operations (Intro to).................19
                                                                          Foot Health & Shoe Fitting Session ......24
      Cashier Training ....................................34
                                                                          Forklift Operator ....................................40
      Childcare Emergency First Aid
                                                                          Freelance Writing ....................................7
      & CPR ....................................................40
      Coastal Spill Response .........................43             G-   GPS, Compass & Notetaking ...............32
      Computer Basics ....................................9               Get Funny! ............................................23
      Computers (Intro to) ..............................8                Going Green at Home .........................23
      Confined Space Awareness ................44                    H-   Handy Woman Workshop ....................36
      Conversational Spanish .......................22                    Holiday Baking ......................................15
      CORE – Hunter Training.........................30                   Home Security ......................................16
      CPR Level ‘C’..........................................38           H2S Alive.................................................39
      Creating the Inclusive Classroom:
      Strategies for Success ..........................35            I-   Internet/Email .......................................12

Note: The information in this calendar is subject to change. Course dates and locations vary and new
courses are added throughout the year. For the most up-to-date information, go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca.
                                               C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

I-   Inland Spill Response ...........................43                   Simply Accounting Level 2 ...................12
                                                                           Simulated Electronic Navigation
     Instructional Skills Workshop ................35
                                                                           Limited (SEN LTD) ..................................25
K-   Keys to Effective Communication ..........7                           Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
L-   Leadership ..............................................7            (SVOP) ...................................................27

     Let’s Explore What’s Added to                                         Snowmobile Operator (Industrial) .......32
     Our Food ...............................................16            Social Network ........................................8
     Lose Weight and Keep It Off.................24                        Soups and Stews ..................................14

M - Mapping with Manifold Refresher .......11                              Specialized Chainsaw Safety ..............39

     Marine Basic First Aid ..........................25                   Surface Diamond Driller’s Helper .........20

     Marine Emergency Duties A2 & A3 .....25                         T-    Telephone Courtesy and Customer
     Mining Exploration Field Assistant........17                          Service...................................................34

     Myth of Native Mythology (The) ..........21                           Terrace Power & Sail Courses...............28
                                                                           Tiling Ceramic Floors ............................36
N-   Northcoast Art – Designing &
     Painting .................................................21          Time Management ................................5
                                                                           Traffic Control Flagging ........................41
O-   Occupational First Aid (OFA)
     Challenge Exam Level 3.......................38                       Transforming Trauma ............................24
     Occupational First Aid (OFA)                                          Transportation Endorsement ...............37
     Level 1 ...................................................37         Transportation of Dangerous Goods...38
     Occupational First Aid (OFA)                                          Travel Writing .........................................22
     Level 1 Instructor Training .....................37
                                                                     W-    Webpage Design Level 1 .......................9
     Occupational First Aid (OFA)
     Level 3 ...................................................38         Welcome to the World of Computers ....8

     Office Politics ...........................................5          Welcome to Digital Photography.........21

     Outdoors Training Certificate ...............32                       WHMIS ...................................................40

     Oil & Gas Training Certificate ...............30                      Who is Minding Your Mind?..................16
                                                                           Wilderness Guiding and Wrangling
P-   Pleasures of Poetry ...............................22                 (Intro to) ................................................31
     Plumbing Basics I & II ...........................36                  Wildland Firefighting Training ...............43
     Powerful Proofreading Skills ....................5                    Windows (Intro to) ..................................8
     Propane Construction Heaters ............44                           Wine Tasting (Intro to) ..........................14
     Prospector Basic Training .....................19                     Word Levels 1 & 2 ..................................11
     Publisher Level 1 ...................................11               WorldHost Fundamentals .....................34
     Pump Operator and Equipment                                           WorkSafe Training Modules ..................41
     Staging Level 1......................................44
                                                                           Working with Digital Pictures ................12
R-   Response to Intervention:
                                                                           Working Together ....................................5
     Reading Strategies that Work ..............35
                                                                           Working with Digital Pictures ................11
     Restricted Operator Certificate -
     Maritime (ROC-M) ....................... 26 & 28                      Work Yourself Happy! ............................22
     Restricted Operator Certificate -                                     Writing Effective Email.............................5
     Maritime Commercial (ROC-MC) .......27                                Writing for Non-profits .............................6
S-   School of Exploration & Mining ...........17                          Writing to Win ..........................................6
     Serving It Right ......................................34       Online Training ................................... 47
     Simply Accounting Level 1 ...................12                 Mobile Training .................................. 48

Note: The information in this calendar is subject to change. Course dates and locations vary and new
courses are added throughout the year. For the most up-to-date information, go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca.
       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                                                      

                                               In addition to new programs, the NWCC
                                               Continuing Education & Industry Training
                                               department continues to offer general
                                               interest courses, relevant workforce and
Northwest        Community         College’s   industry certifications, and job-ready
Continuing Education & Industry Training       training through our award-winning School
department plays a critical role in meeting    of Exploration & Mining.
the educational needs of residents and         Please take your time to browse this calendar
industries in the communities the College      to find courses that suit your individual
serves. We are pleased to introduce several    and business needs. And don’t forget
new initiatives in 2010 and a number of        ed2go.com/nwcc. Thousands of web-
new courses in this calendar that help us      based courses including professional
meet that challenge.                           development for teachers and certificate
                                               programs such as graphic design are available
 • Writing to Win (p. 6) – Teaches             online.
   the most important elements of
   developing a winning proposal.              If you still can’t find the course you want
                                               at the campus you want, or the dates listed
 • Intro      to      Environmental            in the calendar don’t fit your schedule, give
   Monitoring (p. 18) – Explains               us a call. With sufficient demand, we can
   the ins and outs of working as an           schedule a course that fits your needs.
   environmental monitor.
                                               We also offer contract training. Give us a call
 • Expediting for Camps (p. 18)                for more information and a quote.
   – Addresses what a camp expediter
   really does.                                Sincerely,
                                                            Margo Van der Touw
 • Intro to Camp Operations (p. 19)
   – Introduces the daily operations of a                   Dean of Continuing Education
   remote work camp.                                        & Industry Training,Trades

 • Transforming Trauma (p. 24) –
   Explores the affects of crisis and how
   best to overcome it.                                       CAMPUS LEGEND
 • Occupational First Aid Level 1                              HAZ – Hazelton
   Instructor Training (p. 37) – An                            HOU – Houston
   opportunity to become an OFA Level
                                                               KIT    – Kitimat
   1 instructor.
                                                               RUP – Prince Rupert
 • Wildland Firefighting Training                              QC     – Queen Charlotte
   (p. 43) – Prepares individuals for
                                                               SMI    – Smithers
   work in the wildland firefighting
   industry.                                                   TER – Terrace

                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                    C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                       Course Cancellations
 REGISTRATION                                          A minimum enrollment is required to
                                                       recover the costs of courses. If that number
                                                       is not reached, NWCC reserves the right
Classes fill quickly and space is limited so           to cancel classes. Every attempt is made
register in advance. Only receipt of payment           to notify you in advance. A full refund is
guarantees your place.                                 processed automatically unless you notify us
                                                       that you wish to transfer to another class.
Registration Options
1)   Phone 1.877.277.2288. Pay with                    Waitlists
     credit card (Visa, Mastercard or                  Registrations are accepted on a first-come
     American Express). See the back                   first-serve basis upon full receipt of tuition
     cover of this calendar to contact your            fees at the time of registration. If a course is
     local campus directly.                            full, your name is placed on a waitlist.
2)   Drop in. Register at your local                   If the waitlist warrants, another course may
     campus. Pay with a credit card, debit             be added. Those on the waitlist will be
     card or by cheque. No post-dated                  contacted and registration will be confirmed
     cheques are accepted.                             upon full receipt of tuition fees. Should
                                                       space become available in a course (due to
3)   Register online.                                  student withdrawals or another reason) the
     a)      Go to ‘ceit.nwcc.bc.ca’                   person whose name is first on the waitlist
     b)      Click ‘Admissions/Registration’           will be contacted. If that person cannot be
     c)      Follow on-screen instructions             reached, the next person will be contacted.
             to complete online registration
             for Continuing Education &                Fees, Withdrawals & Refunds
             Industry Training courses.                Full refunds are made only if a course is
4)   Fax in your application form.                     cancelled by the College or if a student
     Go to ‘ceit.nwcc.bc.ca/Register/                  withdraws from a course for medical or
     index.cfm’ and download an                        bereavement reasons before the start of the
     NWCC Continuing Education &                       course.Withdrawals and requests for refunds
     Industry Training application form.               are administered as follows:
     Fax the completed form to your local               • 7 days or more = $10 admin fee
     campus.                                            • between 7 and 3 days = 50% of fees
Sponsoring agencies and employers may                   • less than 3 days = non refundable
fax an authorization to invoice for student               fees
registration. The authorization to invoice             Transfers to future classes are treated as
must be accompanied by a NWCC                          withdrawals and are subject to the same
Continuing Education & Industry Training               time lines as above.
application form. To get copies of the form,
                                                       Any exceptions to this refund policy
go to ‘ceit.nwcc.bc.ca/Register/index.
                                                       are noted in course descriptions.
cfm’ or contact your local Continuing
Education & Industry Training department.

          Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                       

                                                     Face to Face Communication
 CAREER &                                            Even as technology has allowed us to con-
                                                     nect with an ever-expanding global net-
 PROFESSIONAL                                        work through the click of a mouse, face-to-
                                                     face communication is still as important as
 DEVELOPMENT                                         ever. Many workplace situations, often those
                                                     involving conflict, feelings, or other sensitive
                                                     issues, still demand human contact. Face-to-
Better Business Writing
                                                     Face Communication explores why person-
After completing this course, you will have
                                                     al contact remains the most powerful type of
the critical skills to create more effective, per-
                                                     human interaction and what readers can do
suasive memos and letters, and improve your
                                                     to improve their skills to become excellent
spelling, punctuation, usage and style, while
avoiding the pitfalls of business writing. Ten
                                                     CEBSNS 822      6 hrs                     $109
key techniques for effective communica-
tion will help you grow more confident in            RUP	 Nov	5	     	                    (Fr)	9-4pm	
                                                     TER	 Nov	12	    	                    (Fr)	9-4pm
your ability to express yourself clearly. Good
business writing is as important as ever. Be-
ing able to recognize and correct problems,          Critical Thinking
avoid redundancies, and define your com-             This course will provide the learner with the
munication goals are all critical factors for        ability to define and solve problems both in-
effective business writing.                          dependently and in teams using a variety of
                                                     creative problem solving approaches. Upon
CEBSNS 824       6 hrs                      $109
                                                     completion of this course, learners will have
SMI	   Nov	6	    	                   (Sa)	9-4pm	     reliably demonstrated their ability to: devel-
RUP	   Nov	26	   	                    (Fr)	9-4pm	
HAZ	   Nov	26	   	                    (Fr)	9-4pm	
                                                     op thinking skills and apply them to real-life
TER	   Nov	26	   	                    (Fr)	9-4pm     situations. They will also be able to define
 	                                                   and solve problems both independently and
The Business of Listening                            in teams, using a variety of creative problem
This course will teach you how to become             solving approaches.
a better listener by demonstrating how your          CEBSNS 832      6 hrs                     $109
listening skills build either barriers or bridg-
                                                     HAZ	 Dec	10	    	                    (Fr)	9-4pm
es.You will also learn ten steps to controlling      	
emotional “hot buttons” and the impact of
good listening skills on productivity. Most
people think that the only message that will               DOUBLE CHECK
be heard is one of urgency, however, in to-                Dates, locations and price may
day’s fast-paced world even urgent messages                change after this calendar has
are ignored. Becoming an active listener will              been printed. In cases of price
help your productivity and success by help-                differences, the price on your
ing you extract important details from every               registration statement is considered
message.                                                   final. Check your registration
CEBSNS 820       6 hrs                      $109           statements carefully to confirm the
TER	 Oct	8	      	                    (Fr)	9-4pm	
                                                           dates and times of your course.
RUP	 Nov	4	      	                   (Th)	9-4pm

                                Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Time Management
Get a grip on priorities, identify your time               WE’RE ON FACEBOOK
traps, and make every minute count by us-                  Join the Northwest Community
ing these practical planning aids. Learn to                College Continuing Education &
control your use of time, make the best use                Industry Training (NWCC CEIT)
of your personal energy and set your priori-               Facebook page. Learn about new
ties.                                                      and upcoming courses!
CEBSNS 841          6 hrs                $109
TER	 Oct	15	    	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	
RUP	 Oct	22	    	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	     Office Politics
KIT	 Nov	5	     	                   (Fr)	9-4pm      Designed for workers at all levels, this inno-
                                                    vative new course addresses both the posi-
Powerful Proofreading Skills                        tive and negative aspects of office politics.
Ever send out an embarrassing, costly, typo-        It not only explains why political situations
filled business letter? This practical course       are so common, it also shows how you can
is here to help. The course’s exercises and         use them to your benefit. Learn how to
activities will strengthen your proofreading        confidently and diplomatically respond to
skills and help eliminate errors and inaccu-        unfair situations, and even how to recover
racies from your documents.                         from your own political blunders. Discover
CEBSNS 826      6 hrs                    $109       the five simple rules of office politics that
RUP	 Dec	3	     	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	     will enhance your career.The importance of
HAZ	 Dec	3	     	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	     mutual understanding and respect in dealing
TER	 Dec	10	    	                   (Fr)	9-4pm      with office politics is emphasized, but tips to
                                                    recognize devious tactics are also provided.
Working Together
                                                    CEBSNS 830        6 hrs                       $109
Today’s workplace brings together a variety
of people with very diverse backgrounds and         TER	 Dec	3	       	                     (Fr)	9-4pm
behaviors. Discover how culture and politics
impact your organization. Learn to reverse          Writing Effective Email
prejudicial thinking. Understand how ges-           Email’s instantaneous nature makes it a
tures and body language can differ between          convenient, time-saving tool for businesses.
cultures. This course will guide you through        However, it is also important to take the
mastering how you think about yourself and          time to write messages that are secure, clear
others, how to speak and listen effectively to      and error-free. This course emphasizes how
people with different backgrounds, and how          to avoid workplace disasters such as lost
to pay attention to the non-verbal language         sales, customer-service nightmares and, in
of ‘where, when, and how’ you do things.            the worst cases, lawsuits and financial losses
CEBSNS 831          6 hrs                $109
                                                    triggered by careless or poorly written e-
                                                    mails.The materials provided will also guide
TER	 Oct	22	    	                   (Fr)	9-4pm
                                                    you in writing a comprehensive and effec-
                                                    tive email policy for your organization.
                                                    CEBSNS 823        6 hrs                       $109
                                                    TER	 Oct	1	       	                     (Fr)	9-4pm	
                                                    RUP	 Oct	1	       	                     (Fr)	9-4pm	
                                                    HOU	 Nov	19	      	                     (Fr)	9-4pm

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                       

Accounting Cycle                                  Employment First Aid Kit
Designed for the beginner, this course maps       This four hour course is designed to give
out the accounting cycle: balance sheets,         the participants a hands-on approach to
income statements, ledger transactions, trial     developing their own effective resume and
balances, and closing entries. Ideal for small    cover letter. As an added bonus, it will also
or new businesses, the course book explains       cover important topics such as interview
single-entry and double-entry accounting          skills & preparation. Participants will create
and cash versus accrual.                          their own resume, cover letter and will have
CEBSNS 834      6 hrs                    $109     the ability to prepare for their next inter-
TER	 Oct	5-Oct	7	        (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                  view with confidence.
                                                  CEBSNS 819      4 hrs                     $59
Writing for Non-Profits                           TER	 Oct	29	    	           (Fr)	8:30-12:30pm	
In this 12-hour course students will learn        KIT	 Oct	30	    	                  (Sa)	9-1pm
how to raise the profile of their organization
through well written press releases, submitted    Writing to Win
articles and photo opportunities. A powerful      This course presents the elements of
tool for non-profit executive directors and       developing proposals.Participants are asked to
managers.                                         submit real proposal ideas before the course;
                                                  ones they are willing to have developed
CEBSNS 838      12 hrs                   $179
                                                  by a team during the course. At the end
RUP	 Dec	2-Dec	3	                (Th/Fr)	9-4pm	   of the course, the team will have two real
 	                                                proposals well on their way to completion.
This	 course	 is	 available	 at	 other	 NWCC	
campuses	 upon	 sufficient	 demand.	 Contact	     Topics covered: learning to identify, then
your	local	campus	to	register	your	interest.      gathering evidence in support of your idea,
                                                  understanding funding agencies, writing
Basic Skills in Management &                      proposal goals and objectives, developing
Leadership                                        implementation and evaluation plans,
In today’s businesses, management is often        creating budgets and estimating timelines.
considered whatever needs to be done just         Prerequisites: Participants should have
to keep things afloat. However, for your          good command of English and be prepared
company to grow and remain healthy, you           for challenging course load, which includes
must master certain basic skills in manage-       extensive home study and assignments.
ment and leadership. In this 3-day highly         Basic computer skills are an asset. The
interactive course you will cover the basic       instructor, Gail MacDonald has over 30
skills of an effective manager: effective de-     years of experience writing and evaluating
cision making, communications, leadership         successful proposals. Instructor would like
and change, negotiation, team building and        proposal ideas submitted to the college by
conflict, and time management.These basics        Mar 17, so she can select two proposals for
are the foundation from which to develop          the class to work on.
more advanced practices in management             CEBSNS 752      18 hrs                  $375
and leadership.                                   TER	 Sept	14-16		                      9-4pm
CEBSNS 837      18 hrs                   $379
TER	 Oct	29,	Nov	5	&	Nov	19	        (Fr)	9-4pm	
RUP	 Nov	19-Dec	3	           (Fr)	8:30-5:30pm

                              Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                   C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Intro to Accounting                                   Introduction to Business Analysis
An introduction to fundamental accounting             Give yourself an employment advantage
principles and terminology including: debits,         by developing analytical skills that are
credits, assets, liabilities, equity, revenue, and    consistently in high demand. This course
expenses.                                             will teach you powerful quantitative
Note: Bring your own calculator.                      methods that will have you making better,
CEBSNS 735       6 hrs                      $100      more informed, and more effective business
SMI	 Nov	29-Dec	1	        (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                      decisions. The days of making critical
 	                                                    business decisions by instinct or coin toss
Freelance Writing                                     are long gone. If you are planning a career
Learn how to get articles published in mag-           in business, you cannot afford to miss this
azines, newspapers and online publications.           course.
In this course, students will learn how to            CEBSNS 848                                    $119	
generate story ideas, match ideas to publi-           Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
cations, write pitches that sell, structure ar-
ticles and deal with editors. This course is          	
geared towards anyone who has ever hoped              Keys to Effective Communication
to become a freelance writer, as a career or          If you often find yourself at a loss for words
hobby.                                                or lack confidence in your communication
CEBSNS 839       12 hrs                     $165
                                                      abilities,you’ll appreciate this course.With the
                                                      help of a patient instructor and a supportive
TER	 Nov	2-Nov	23	                   (Tu)	6-9pm
                                                      community of your fellow students, you’ll
Leadership                                            work step by step through the process of
Leadership skills can help you gain the               becoming a great conversationalist. You’ll
respect and admiration of others, while               learn to use communication to build rapport
also allowing you to enjoy success in your            and create environments of trust, warmth,
career and more control over your destiny.            and respect. Become more confident, create
Contrary to popular belief, leadership skills         a great first impression, get along with
can be learned and developed. Even if you             others, and create more and better personal
don’t hold a leadership position, this course         and professional relationships.
will teach you how to use the principles of           CEBSNS 846                                    $119	
great leaders to achieve success in almost            Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
every aspect of your daily life.
CEBSNS 846                                  $119	
Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc

      Coming in 2011! This program provides training for new practitioners and peo-
      ple currently working in the career, employment, and rehabilitation fields. Develop
      career practitioner competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work
      effectively with diverse clients. Learn techniques to work with both individuals and
      groups, and how to use assessment tools.

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                         

                                                  Social Network
 COMPUTER SKILLS                                  Social networking and blogging is here
                                                  to stay. Do you want to keep up with
                                                  technology and social media outlets like
Welcome to the World of                           Facebook, Twitter and Blogs? Learn how
Computers                                         to navigate these revolutionary, web-based
Welcome to the World of Computers is              tools that keeps you in touch with friends
an easy, fun class for computer novices to        new and old. You will also learn how to
learn how to use computers, Windows, the          protect your privacy, download files safely,
Internet, e-mail, and word processing. The        and keep your computer secure.
class will start with elementary computer         CECOMP 836      6 hrs                   $100
concepts and introduce basic navigation           RUP	 Oct	16	  	                    (Sa)	9-4pm	
such as mousing, the cursor, the desktop and      TER	 Nov	6	   	                    (Sa)	9-4pm	
the taskbar. The basics of Word 2007 will be      HOU	 Nov	16-Nov	18	       (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm
introduced including how to create, spell
check and print a new document. You will          First Aid & Security for Computers
then learn the essentials of the Internet and     In this course, you will learn how to make
email basics to be able to surf the net with      your computer feel better! This course is
ease. This course is reinforced with practical,   an easy, fun way to learn how to protect
hands-on projects and exercises to build          and maintain your computer. Topics
your confidence and ensure your success.          include installing and updating software
                                                  and hardware; proper back-up techniques;
CECOMP 835      15 hrs                   $249
                                                  hard drive maintenance, including disk
HOU	 Sept	30-Oct	14	     (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm	     cleanup, check disk, and disk defragmenter;
RUP	 Oct	2-Oct	6	(Sa)	9-4pm,	(Mo/We)	6-9pm	
TER	 Oct	13-Nov	10	              (We)	1-4pm       installing and using firewalls to increase web
                                                  browser security; understanding, preventing
                                                  and removing virus; and improving email
Intro to Windows
Learn basic commands and functions in
                                                  Prerequisite: Intro to Windows, Welcome
the Windows’ operating system. Upon
                                                  to the World of Computers or equivalent
completion of this course you will be able
to log on; customize your desktop; manage
                                                  CECOMP 834      12 hrs                  $199
files, folders, and disks; work with Windows
programs; personalize Windows; and more.          TER	 Sept	29-Oct	13	     (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
Note: This course or equivalent experience
is a prerequisite for all NWCC Continuing
Education & Industry Training computer            Intro to Computers
software courses.                                 This introductory course is for learners with
                                                  little or no computer knowledge. Ensure
CECOMP 745      12 hrs                   $199
                                                  your successful use of personal computers -
KIT	 Sept	27-Oct	6		     (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm	     become familiar with computer technology,
TER	 Sept	28-Oct	7	        (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                  operating systems, protocols and much
                                                  CECOMP 731     6 hrs                    $100
                                                  HAZ	 Sept	21-Sept	28	          (Tu/Th)	7-9pm

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                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Computer Basics                                     Intro to InDesign CS3
This course is designed for those who have          In this Adobe InDesign CS3 class, you’ll get
very little computer experience and want to         hands-on desktop publishing training.You’ll
be introduced to a wide range of programs.          leave knowing how to use this popular
This course will incorporate Internet, email,       page layout software to design and create
Word Level 1 and Excel Level 1.                     professional quality letterhead, business
CECOMP 831     12 hrs                    $199       cards, brochures, and PDF files that play
SMI	 Oct	18-Oct	27	      (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                    movies, and more.Whether you’re a business
 	                                                  owner, employee, student, coach, or service
 	                                                  club member, you need to communicate
Webpage Design Level 1                              with others. See the many ways in which
This course teaches participants how to             Adobe InDesign CS3 can you help design
create webpages with text, graphics and             slick, colorful, and useful documents. In
links to other pages.You will also learn how        this course, we’ll develop a wide range
to upload pages to a web server. This course        of publications for Natalie’s Nautical
will cover web authoring basics, webpage            Emporium, a fictional business.
design, HTML enhancements, graphics and             CECOMP 847         24 hrs                     $119
                                                    Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
CECOMP 793      15 hrs                   $249
TER	 Jan	10-Feb	7	          (Mo)	6:30-9:30pm

      Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                        

Excel (2007) Level 1                              Excel (2007) Level 2
Microsoft Excel is a versatile tool that makes    Learners in this course are introduced to the
it easy to analyze, report and share data.        intermediate features of Microsoft Office
Participants learn how to create and use          Excel 2007. Participants learn how to create
worksheets and charts; enter, edit and format     and name ranges of cells; sort a list of data;
information; build sample worksheets; view        create a webpage from an Excel worksheet;
different parts of a worksheet simultaneously;    change cell sizes and alignment; summarize
view several worksheets at once; and more.        information in the database; change options;
Prerequisite: Intro to Windows or                 protect your worksheets and workbooks;
equivalent experience.                            customize your printing options; use
CECOMP 722       12 hrs                   $199    drawing tools, and more.
RUP	   Sept	14-Sept	23	         (Tu/Th)	6-9pm	
                                                  Prerequisite: Excel Level 1 or equivalent
TER	   Oct	18-Oct	27	     (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm	    experience.
SMI	   Nov	15-Nov	24		    (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm	    CECOMP 723      12 hrs                   $199
HAZ	   Nov	16-Dec	2	            (Tu/Th)	7-9pm	
KIT	   Nov	22-Dec	1	      (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm	    RUP	 Sept	28-Oct	7	            (Tu/Th)	6-9pm	
                                                  TER	 Nov	8-Nov	17	       (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm	
                                                  KIT	 Dec	6-Dec	15	       (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm

 0                             Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                   C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Word (2007) Level 1                                   Publisher Level 1
This course introduces the basics of                  Learn the basics of desktop publishing using
Microsoft Word 2007. Participants learn to            MS Publisher, one of the easiest desktop
create and edit documents; save, open and             publishing programs available. Participants
close documents; use the letter wizard and            will review desktop publishing concepts
different document formatting methods;                then learn how to create documents like
move and copy text; proofread and correct             newsletters, flyers, and brochures
documents; use the ‘find’ and ‘replace’               Prerequisite: Intro to Windows or
features; use the ‘zoom’ and ‘print preview’;         equivalent experience
understand file management; create                    CECOMP 741        12 hrs                      $199
envelopes and labels; and more.
                                                      TER	 Nov	22-Dec	1	         (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm	
Prerequisite: Intro to Windows or                     SMI	 Dec	6-Dec	15	         (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
equivalent experience.
CECOMP 749       12 hrs                    $199       Mapping with Manifold Refresher
HAZ	Sept	30-Oct	19	               (Tu/Th)	7-9pm	      Course
TER	Oct	12-Oct	21	          (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm	      This short course is for Manifold GIS us-
KIT	Oct	18-Oct	27	        (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm         ers who wish to use some of Manifolds ad-
                                                      vanced features to import and analyze free
Word (2007) Level 2                                   geoscience data from a number of sources.
Learners will be introduced to the                    Emphasis will be on using Geoscience BC’s
intermediate features of Microsoft Word.              new Quest West geophysical and geochemi-
Learn how to format documents with styles;            cal data to identify new exploration targets
work with document templates, headers and             within the Quest West project area.
footers, and special characters; work with            Note: Participants are encouraged to bring
tables and perform simple calculations; insert        their own notebook computers with Mani-
graphics; perform mail merges; customize              fold already installed. Workstations will be
and more.                                             provided for those who do not have Mani-
Prerequisite: Word Level 1 or equivalent              fold. A complete project file containing all
experience.                                           of the datasets used in the course will be
CECOMP 750       12 hrs                    $199       provided to course participants for use on
HAZ	   Oct	21-Nov	9	            (Tu/Th)	7-9pm	
                                                      their own computers after the course is
TER	   Nov	2-Nov	16	(no	class	Nov	11)	       	        completed.
	      	         	        (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm	        CECOMP 855        7 hrs                       $179
KIT	   Nov	8-Nov	17	    (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                      SMI	 Sept	16	     	             (Th)	8:30-4:30pm

       Call your local campus for more information about contract training – whether
       you are looking to schedule a program listed in this calendar, or a specialized course
       specific to your work place. We can create a training solution for you.

        Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                       

                                                 Simply Accounting Level 1
       ASK FOR THE COURSE                        This is an introduction to accomplishing basic
                                                 accounting tasks using Simply Accounting.
       YOU WANT!
                                                 Participants begin with a company file and
       If you don’t see the course you           enter transactions for general ledger, accounts
       want or the course you want is            receivables, accounts payable, inventory, and
       being offered at another campus, let      managing capital expenses. This course
       your local Continuing Education           reviews accounting fundamentals as they
       & Industry Training department            relate to the transaction at hand only.
       know. Upon sufficient demand, the         Prerequisite: Intro to Accounting and
       course will be scheduled.                 Intro to Windows or equivalent experience.
                                                 Note: Expect some homework.
                                                 CECOMP 711      15 hrs                   $249
Working With Digital Pictures                    TER	 Oct	19-Nov	2	         (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm	
Working with several software programs           RUP	 Nov	20-Nov	27		          (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
– Windows, Adobe Photoshop Elements,             SMI	 Feb	7-Feb	21	       (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
Internet Explorer, and your camera’s
software – you’ll learn about digital imaging    Simply Accounting Level 2
including basic features of digital cameras,     Participants are introduced to the advanced
capturing images, viewing images on LCD          functions and capabilities of Simply
screens, image editing software, basic editing   Accounting. Topics include: setting up
tools, printing images, and online photo-        bank reconciliations; working with credit/
sharing.                                         debit card transactions; creating a budget;
Prerequisite: Intro to Windows or                handling project/department accounting;
equivalent experience.                           managing inventory; additional payroll
Note: Bring a digital camera to class.           features including employee benefits,
CECOMP 801      6 hrs                   $100     generating a payroll run, releasing vacation
SMI	 Jan	31-Feb	2	      (Mo/We)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                 pay, and generating T4 slips; working with
                                                 foreign currencies; handling bad debts and
Internet/Email                                   PST/HST remittances; and more.
Learn the essentials of the Internet             Prerequisite: Simply Accounting Level 1.
including search tools available to help find    CECOMP 712      15 hrs                   $249
information.This course also addresses email     TER	 Nov	16-Nov	30	       (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm
basics such as mailboxes, address books and
attachments, plus how to organize and store
email messages.
Prerequisite: Intro to Windows or
equivalent experience.
CECOMP 728      6 hrs                   $100
HOU	 Nov	2-Nov	4	        (Tu/Th)	6:30-9:30pm

                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                          C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

                                                 Artisan Bread
 CULINARY CUISINE                                Baking your own bread allows for the incor-
                                                 poration of a variety of ingredients, letting
                                                 you create new combinations of flavours
Appreciation of Wine                             and textures. In this class, participants learn
Increase your knowledge and experience           bread basics - kneading, rising, and baking
with wines in this relaxing afternoon            - then move on to the addition of specialty
workshop. Students will be introduced to         ingredients including multigrains, fruits and
fifteen different wine varieties. Learn about    vegetables, seeds, and cheeses. NWCC’s
the different styles of wine, their histories,   professional culinary arts instructors guide
their production, and how to taste wine!         participants in the successful preparation of
Gourmet cheese and fruit platters are            loaves and rolls in this interactive class.
included for your tasting enjoyment              Note: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
Note: All participants must be 19 years or       appropriate for the kitchen.
older. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing       CEGENI 816      6 hrs                 $89+hst
appropriate for the kitchen.
                                                 TER	 Nov	20	    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm
CEGENI 780      5 hrs                100+hst
TER	 Nov	13		   	                 (Sa)	9-4pm

Introduction to Wine Tasting
Learn what to look for in a good wine,
using all of your senses. Participants will
be introduced to different wine variet-
ies in this relaxing evening workshop.
Note: Participants must be a minimum of
19 years of age and are asked to NOT wear
strong perfumes or cologne.
CEGENI 865      3. 5 hrs             $45+hst
SMI	 Oct	23	    	             (Sa)	7-10:30pm

Soups and Stews
The days are getting shorter and the
weather is getting cooler. It is the perfect
time to use the harvest from your gardens
to create steaming hot comfort food. Learn
different soup and stew recipes from one of
our culinary art’s chefs.
CEGENI 838      6 hrs                $89+hst
TER	 Oct	16	    	                 (Sa)	9-4pm

                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                   C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Culinary Experience: Italian
Chi mangia bene, mangia Italiano!                           ONLINE REGISTRATION
Traditional recipes take a new twist in                     Coming soon!
this fun and interactive day of cooking.                    Students will soon be able to register
Participants will start the morning off with                for courses online through NWCC’s
the preparation of focaccia, fresh from the                 Continuing Education & Industry
oven. Chicken vesuvio will be prepared                      Training department website. Stay
and set to cook while you learn the art of                  tuned at ceit.nwcc.bc.ca!
preparing a variety of pastas, and create your
own marinara sauce. The meal finishes with
the creation of tiramisu. Participants will
sample and match wines to their dishes and            Holiday Baking
desserts.                                             The sparkling holiday lights are going up,
Note: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing             the smell of wood smoke is in the air, and
appropriate for the kitchen.                          the crackle of the frost is on the ground.
CEGENI 802       6 hrs                  $89+hst
                                                      The anticipation of the holiday season is fast
                                                      approaching and it is the most wonderful
HOU	 Dates	TBA	 	 Call	to	express	your	interest!	
TER	 Dates	TBA	 	 Call	to	express	your	interest!
                                                      time of the year to start baking. Come
                                                      and share this baking experience with our
                                                      knowledgeable chef.
Culinary Experience: Thai
                                                      Note: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
Learn to prepare authentic tasting thai food.
                                                      appropriate for the kitchen.
Rather than learning to blindly follow
                                                      CEGENI 837        6 hrs                    $89+hst
recipes, learn to cook with all your senses.
The main ingredients in thai cuisine are              TER	 Dec	4		      	                    (Sa)	9-4pm
introduced along with the concept of
balancing the five flavour groups to get              Culinary Experience: Greek
exactly the taste you desire. After mingling          Discover the flavours of Greece with a
and cooking in our professional kitchen,              talented, professionally trained chef.This is a
you’ll join your classmates for a relaxing            hands-on experience as complete menus are
dinner at which you’ll experience the                 prepared and then enjoyed by the class as a
unique flavours of Thailand.                          family meal. The atmosphere is friendly and
Note: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing             hospitable, in the Greek fashion, with music
appropriate for the kitchen.                          and other entertainment to accompany you
CEGENI 809       6 hrs                  $89+hst       as you cook. Learn some of Greece’s best
SMI	 Nov	6	     	                  (Sa)	9-4pm	   	
                                                      known dishes as well as some of its better
HOU		Dates	TBA	 	 Call	to	express	your	interest!	     kept secrets.
TER	 Dates	TBA	 	 Call	to	express	your	interest!      Note: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
                                                      appropriate for the kitchen.
                                                      CEGENI 808        6 hrs                    $89+hst
                                                      SMI	 Dec	4		    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm	
                                                      HOU	 Dates	TBA	 	 Call	to	express	your	interest!	
                                                      TER	 Dates	TBA	 	 Call	to	express	your	interest!

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                        

                                                 Let’s Explore What’s Added to our
 ELDERCOLLEGE                                    Food
                                                 Learn how to identify the good and bad
                                                 additives added to your food. For example,
What is ElderCollege?                            what is polysorbate 80 or calcium chloride?
No pressure, deadlines, boredom or               Let’s explore together what is behind some
exams. ElderCollege provides learning            of these additives with incomprehensible
opportunities for adults aged 50 or older        names. Feel free to bring your own list of
who wish to enrich their lifestyle through       additives that you may find puzzling. This
self-directed education, and contribute to       interactive group course is both fun and
the social and cultural development of their     educational.
community. It designs and offers quality         CEELDR 738     4 hrs                 $15+hst
education activities to stimulate interests in
                                                 SMI	 Nov	30-Dec	7	            (Tu)	10-12noon
learning. It also provides a forum for sharing
ideas and knowledge with others.
If you are interested in exploring ideas,
sharing laughter and making new friends,
                                                       ALSO CHECK OUT...
we invite you to discover learning for
enjoyment.                                             Thursdays at NWCC
                                                       Hazelton Campus
Home Security                                          Upper Skeena ElderCollege meets
It’s important to feel safe in your own home           every Thursday from 1pm to
and surroundings. Learn how to secure the              3 pm at NWCC Hazelton Cam-
inside and outside of your home with useful            pus. For upcoming workshops,
tips and suggestions from the RCMP and                 contact the NWCC Hazelton
community safety officer. Identity theft, in-          Campus at 250.842.5291.
ternet safety and how to keep your financial
information secure will also be discussed.             Free Foot Health &
CEELDR 744                             $5+hst          Shoe Fitting Session
SMI	 Oct	14	   	                (Th)	10-11am           A free foot health & shoe fitting
                                                       info session will be held at NWCC
Who is Minding your Mind?                              Smithers Campus. For more infor-
Learn how to live with your brain in mind.             mation, go to the Health & Well-
This course covers myths, superfoods and               ness section of this calendar.
simple ways to build your brain.
CEELDR 743                           $15+hst
SMI	 Oct	28	   	               (Th)	9-12noon

                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                    Mining Exploration Field Assistant
 EXPLORATION &                                      Taught in a remote outdoor tent-camp, this
                                                    hands-on field training provides transferable
 MINING                                             skills for resource-based industries with a
                                                    focus on exploration and mining. Graduates
                                                    are safety-conscious workers ready to
                                                    meet the physical demands of entry-level
                                                    employment in the field. After the course,
                                                    participants have the opportunity to work
                                                    with an Employment Advisor who assists
                                                    graduates in gaining employment. Potential
                                                    employers include expediters, mining
                                                    consultants, and drilling, junior exploration,
                                                    and geoscience companies.
Since its inception in 2004, Northwest              Course Topics Include: Orientation,
Community College’s School of Explora-              Employer Expectations & Field Protocols;
tion & Mining (SEM), in partnership with            Bear Awareness; Basic Wilderness Survival;
Smithers Exploration Group and the Prov-            Helicopter Safety; Personal Protective
ince of BC, has taken a leadership role in          Equipment;Navigation Skills using Compass,
providing training for the minerals industry        GPS & Maps; Field Communications;
workforce in Northern BC communities.               Sampling Rocks, Soils & Silts; Splitting
                                                    & Labeling Core; Grid Layouts & Line
SEM develops and delivers essential courses         Cutting; Camp Assembly & Management;
and programs in a practical and applicable          Equipment Knowledge, Handling, & Safety;
way. This means job-ready skills and em-            and Teamwork.
ployment for students – of more than 600
SEM graduates, more than 70% have found             Corequisites: Occupational First Aid
employment or returned to school.                   Level 1 with Transportation Endorsement;
                                                    applicants must be 19 years of age or older
SEM is the premier instructional provider           at the time of the course. A resume, letter
for workers in BC’s minerals and explora-           of reference, and reading and graphic
tion industry.And, it’s the go-to organization      assessment are required for acceptance into
for companies seeking qualified employees.          the course. Contact the Smithers Campus
Key partnerships with industry stakeholders         to apply.
ensure SEM training is responsive to current
                                                    CENREN 714        72 hrs                      $750
industry needs and companies have access to
skilled workers.                                    SMI	 Sept	16-Sept	23	                      Full-time

SEM’s innovative program design, strategic
partnerships, and commitment to social and
environmental responsibility have been rec-
ognized through many provincial and inter-
national awards.

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

Drill Core Technician Basic                     Expediting for Camps
Training                                        This one day course provides an introduction
The quality of information provided by a        to the role of a Camp Expediter - a person
Core Technician plays an important role in      who, from town, supports all the needs of an
the prediction and definition of ore bodies.    isolated work camp –whether it be a mining
The Drill Core Technician course teaches        exploration tent camp, a guide-outfitters’
students how to handle drill core and collect   camp, or an ATCO trailer logging or mining
important technical data for diamond            camp. The first part of the course covers the
drilling projects.                              day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of an
                                                expediter: taking supply orders from a camp,
Course Topics Include: Safe Work
                                                buying camp supplies, and coordinating
Procedures;    Employer       Expectations;
                                                the logistical transportation of the supplies
Handling, Labelling, Organizing, & Storing
                                                to camp. Other roles of an expediter are
Core Boxes; Measuring Core and Recording
                                                also discussed. The latter part of the course
Technical Data; Splitting and Sampling
                                                provides an overview of how to become
Core; Quality Assurance/Quality Control
                                                an expediter. Topics include how to set up
of Data; and Familiarization with Diamond
                                                a business, advertise for clients, and manage
Drill Core Technician is a physically and
mentally demanding position that requires       CEBSNS 858                                 $179
frequent carrying of up to seventy-five         Contact	 your	 local	 campus	 to	 register	 your	
pound (35 kg) core boxes. Core Techs            interest	 in	 this	 course	 The	 course	 will	 be	
                                                scheduled	upon	sufficient	demand.	
accurately measure, calculate, and record
technical data. Training will take place in a
core shack environment to replicate actual      Intro to Environmental Monitoring
working conditions. Industry and job related    This two-day course is a comprehensive
field trips will be taken.                      overview of the work environmental
                                                monitors do. Students learn what
Prerequisite: Applicants must be 18 years       environmental monitoring is, its benefits,
of age or older at the time of the course. A    when and where environmental monitoring
resume and a reading and math assessment        takes place, and the difference between
are required for acceptance into the course.    short- and long- term monitoring. Various
Contact the Smithers Campus to apply.           types of sampling such as aquatic, terrestrial
CENREN 741     48 hrs                   $995    and air are discussed as is the importance
SMI	 Spring	2011	Dates	TBA	                     of environmental monitoring to cultural
                                                resource management. Students learn about
                                                the environmental assessment process and
                                                how environmental monitoring contributes
                                                to this. Lastly, students learn about career
       Join the ‘Northwest Community            paths available in this field.
       College – School of Exploration
       & Mining’ Facebook group for             CEBSNS 762                                 $349
       the chance to win prizes and learn       Contact	 your	 local	 campus	 to	 register	 your	
       about upcoming courses.                  interest	 in	 this	 course	 The	 course	 will	 be	
                                                scheduled	upon	sufficient	demand.	

                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                   C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Intro to Camp Operations                             Camp Operations
This one day course provides an introduction         Learn to efficiently build and maintain fully
to the daily operations of a remote work             operational camps used in remote work sites
camp. The course will include an overview            in exploration, forestry, and guide outfitting.
of the infrastructure and components that            Taught by industry-experienced instructors,
make up a working bush camp and the                  training will begin in the classroom and
services necessary for day to day operations,        carry on to an outdoor tent-camp.
including catering, maintenance, inventory           Course Topics Include: Job Expectations
control and janitorial.                              and Opportunities; Camp Operations, Roles,
CEBSNS 857       7 hrs                     $165      and Responsibilities; Safe Work Practices
Contact	 your	 local	 campus	 to	 register	 your	
                                                     including: Personal Protective Equipment,
interest	 in	 this	 course	 The	 course	 will	 be	   Hazard Identification and Control, Camp
scheduled	upon	sufficient	demand.                    Site Assessments and Inspections, and Camp
                                                     Layout in terms of Fire Safety and Wildlife
Prospector Basic Training                            Concerns; Building and Maintaining a
This course is for people interested in              Remote Tent Camp; Organizing and
prospecting for fun and profit. The course           Loading Temporary Camps; and Small
provides basic information required to               Engine Repair and Troubleshooting.
become a successful prospector and may               Industry Related Certificates Included
also be of interest to the amateur rock              in the Program: WHMIS; Occupational
hound. Participants learn rock and mineral           First Aid Level 1; Transportation
identification; on-line claim staking and            Endorsement; FoodSafe Level 1; Helicopter
claim management; basic geology and                  Safety; Bear Awareness; Propane Handling
mineral deposits; and rock, soil, and stream         Safety; Spill Response; Chainsaw Safety;ATV
sediment sampling. Students participate in a         Safety Training; S-100 Fire Suppression; and
prospector field day.                                Transportation of Dangerous Goods.
CENREN 711       48 hrs                    $695
                                                     Prerequisite: Applicants must be 19 years
SMI	 May	30-Jun	4,	2011	(Mo-Sa)	8:30-5:30pm          of age or older at the time of the program. A
                                                     resume, letter of reference, and a reading and
Bulkley Valley Research Centre                       math assessment are required for acceptance
Seminar Series                                       into the program. Contact the Smithers
The Bulkley Valley Research Centre has               Campus to apply.
partnered with Northwest Community
                                                     CENREN 743         356 hrs                     $TBA
College to present a noon-hour lecture
                                                     SMI	 Spring	2011	Dates	TBA	                Full-time
on the latest developments in natural and
cultural resource management from regional
and international scientists and practitioners.
The topic will differ every second week and
is free of charge. For information on the
latest topic go to bvcentre.ca.
Note: Please bring your lunch.
CENRES 759       1 hr each                  FREE
SMI	 Oct	13-Apr	27	          (We)	12noon-1pm

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                        

Environmental Monitor Assistant                    Surface Diamond Driller’s Helper
Program (EMAP)                                     In consultation with BC drilling companies,
Tailored to the needs of Northern BC,              this training has been developed to provide
this camp-based training program prepares          the knowledge and skills necessary to work
students for entry-level fieldwork with            safely and competently as an entry-level
a focus on environmental monitoring.               Driller’s Helper. Training takes place on
Graduates will have the practical and              an operating drill with significant hands-
technical skills necessary to assist biologists,   on experience, and competency-based
technicians, engineers, researchers, and           instruction. NWCC’s Surface Diamond
environmental monitoring professionals.            Driller’s Helper graduates are safety-
Potential industries for employment include        conscious, reliable, responsible, certified, and
construction, natural resources, exploration       pre-screened for Industry.
and mining, agriculture, environmental and
                                                   Program       Topics  Include: Core
government agencies.
                                                   Recovery; Hand and Power Tools; Lifting
Course Topics Include: Environmental               Devices and Pumps; and Expectations and
Terminology; Data Collection Methods               Responsibilities.
and Information Management; Monitoring
                                                   Industry-Related Certificates Included
Aquatic Environments – Including
                                                   in the Program: Helicopter Safety;
Fish Habitat, Basic Hydrology, and
                                                   Spill Response; Chainsaw Safety; Bear
Stream Surveys; Monitoring Terrestrial
                                                   Awareness; Occupational First Aid Level
Environments – Including Soils, Vegetation,
                                                   1; Transportation Endorsement; WHMIS;
and Wildlife; Construction Site Monitoring;
                                                   Propane Handling; and Transportation of
Site Characterizations and Reclamation;
                                                   Dangerous Goods.
Traditional Knowledge; Measurement
Systems and Tools; and Equipment Set-up            Prerequisite: Applicants must be 18 years
and Operation.                                     of age or older at the time of the program.
                                                   A resume, reading and math assessment, and
Industry-Related Certificates Included
                                                   reference check are required for acceptance
in the Program: Occupational First
                                                   into the program. Contact the Smithers
Aid Level 1; Transportation Endorsement;
                                                   Campus to apply.
WHMIS; Bear Awareness; and Spill
                                                   CENREN 738       85 hrs                   $3,500
                                                   SMI	 April	2011	Dates	TBA		              Full-time	
Students will also learn essential bush skills      	
including navigation using a compass,              Contact	 your	 local	 campus	 to	 register	 your	
GPS, and maps; helicopter safety; field            interest	 in	 this	 course.	 The	 course	 will	 be	
                                                   scheduled	upon	sufficient	demand.
communications; and wilderness survival.
Prerequisite: Applicants must be 18 years
of age or older at the time of the program.
A resume, reading and math assessment,
and criminal record check are required for
acceptance into the program. Contact the
Smithers Campus to apply.
CENREN 760      660 hrs                   $TBA
SMI	 Dates	TBA	 Full	Time

 0                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

The Myth of Native Mythology                       Red Cross Babysitting
Explore another side of First Nations people.      This Red Cross course is for participants
Gain some understanding of their beliefs,          11 to 15 years of age. Students cover first
rituals and myths. This course will also look      aid, fire safety, accident prevention, and
at questions such as: What is mythology?           how to care for and entertain children at
What is religion? What makes some thing            various stages of development. This is a fun,
sacred/profane? Does truth exist? And, if a        rewarding program for young entrepreneurs
picture speaks a thousand words, can a word        to learn safety and awareness. Bring a bag
speak a thousand pictures?                         lunch/snack.
CEGENI 866                          $179+hst       Note: The course fee includes the course
TER	 Oct	23-Nov	13	            (Sa)	9-12noon
                                                   CEFAID 715        8 hrs                       $100
Northcoast Art – Design & Painting                 HAZ	 Oct	16	      		            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
In this course you will explore the unique
artistic design of Northwest Coast First Na-       Welcome to Digital Photography
tions artisans. Discover the basic principles      This 18-hour course is an easy and fun
of the ovoids and lines of two-dimensional         way to learn how to buy and use a digital
drawings techniques that have been passed          camera. This class will start with the basics
down through the generations. Learn from           of using your camera’s customized settings,
the talented artists of the NWCC Freda             including shooting modes, the flash, the self-
Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.             timer, and drive modes. The second half of
CEGENI 858                          $249+hst       the class teaches how to use the customized
TER	 Oct	18-Nov	12	 (Mo/We/Fr)	6:30-9:30pm
                                                   manual settings. Some of the topics include
                                                   exploring exposure, resolution, compression,
Introduction to Beekeeping                         and file formats. You will also learn how to
Learn beekeeping management, bee biology           adjust color and use accessories like lens
and behavior, crop pollination and manage-         hoods, tripods, and lens adaptors. By the end
ment of bee diseases and pests. This two-day       of this class you will be able to produce a
course also includes a hands-on field visit        well composed photograph.
and incorporates a variety of real-life sce-       Note: Bring a digital camera to class.
narios related to beekeeping. Reference ma-        CEGENI 854        18 hrs                 $229+hst
terials are provided.
                                                   TER	 Sept	28-Oct	19		        (Tu/Th)	6:30-8:30pm		
CEGENI                              $279+hst       TER	 Feb	15-Mar	15	          (Tu/Th)	6:30-8:30pm
SMI	 June	2011	Dates	TBA	            (Sa/Su)

      Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

                                                    Work Yourself Happy!
        NUTRITION COURSES                           With a complete understanding of your
        Call to express your interest in two        own interests, values, needs and abilities,
        new courses at NWCC Houston                 you’ll learn how you can use work to
        Campus....                                  express yourself and share your interests
                                                    and talents. Every day will be filled with
         • Nutrition Understanding                  joy and inspiration, and a greater depth of
           & Snack Ideas for Early                  meaning will be added to everything you
           Childhood Educators                      do. This course is skillfully crafted to weave
         • Nutrition Understanding                  experiential learning with conceptual
           & Meal Planning for Home                 presentation, giving you time to experience,
           Support Workers                          understand, and implement each new
                                                    strategy as it is introduced.
                                                    CECOMP 810                                  $119	
Conversational Spanish                              Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
This course offers instruction in every day use
of Spanish including pronunciation, reading,        Travel Writing
vocabulary, and basic grammar. Participants         You can sell travel writing without leaving
learn to carry on basic communications              your home town. That’s a secret few travel
in Spanish. The course is perfect for those         writing professionals will tell you. In this
planning on vacationing in Mexico or other          class, it’s just one of the tools to launch a
Spanish speaking countries, or for students         successful travel writing career. Whether
interested in learning another language.            you’re writing nonfiction or fiction and
CELANG 707        18 hrs               $139+hst     yearning to capture the landscape and
                                                    feelings that are translated into novels, or for
SMI	    Sept	30-Nov	2	      (Tu/Th)	6:30-8:30pm		
TER		   Oct	4-Nov	8	(No	class	on	Oct	11)	       	
                                                    the magazine writer who longs to write on
	       	         	       (Mo/We)	6:30-8:30pm	  	   travel, this class will help you translate what is
HAZ	    Jan	11-Feb	17	         (Tu/Th)	7-8:30pm     seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled, and felt
                                                    (intuitively and physically) into publishable
Pleasures of Poetry                                 articles, books, and novels.You’ll understand
This course will help you to create your            the writing styles and methods needed to
best possible poetry. You’ll learn the formal       sell material in today’s competitive market
elements of the craft, become aware of how          including the how-to’s of lead paragraphs,
particular forms work, and explore many             descriptive passages and uses of interviews,
avenues for possible poetry topics. Interactive     quotes, and facts. By the end of the course,
exercises will help you to create at least one      you’ll have the ability to write for the travel
poem with formal elements, and you’ll               market.
receive instruction and commentary in a             CEGENI 864                                  $119	
constructive and nurturing environment.
                                                    Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
You’ll also learn how to prepare a manuscript
for publication and where to send it for the
best possible results.
CEGENI 857                                 $119	
Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc

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                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Get Funny!                                         Drawing for the Absolute Beginner
Humor enhances everything you do,                  Gain a solid foundation and understanding
whether you’re looking to deliver better           of the basics of drawing and become the
presentations, increase your marketability         artist you’ve always dreamed you could be.
as a writer, deliver more hits to a Web site,      Grasp a solid understanding of the many
or simply become friendlier and more               tools of the trade. In this course, you’ll
outgoing. Whether you’re naturally funny           become intimately familiar with paper
or want to be, this hilarious course will help     types, drawing styles, rendering techniques,
you sharpen your wit.                              and the basic principal of perspective, layout,
CEGENI 863                               $119	     design, lighting, volume, and space. You’ll
Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
                                                   even discover how best to get in touch with
                                                   your right brain. This course is for you if
Going Green at Home                                you want to learn what it’s like to draw, or
Step into a green lifestyle. In this course,       would love to increase your knowledge in
you’ll discover simple, cost-effective ways        the field of art and illustrating.
to make your home green and keep your              CEGENI 857                                     $119	
community healthy. From shopping and               Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
cooking to decorating and cleaning, you’ll
find hundreds of eco-friendly ideas you can
put to work instantly.
CEGENI 863                               $119	
Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

                                                  Lose Weight and Keep it Off
 HEALTH & WELLNESS                                In this comprehensive course, you’ll discover
                                                  how to establish a healthy approach to
                                                  weight loss and weight maintenance. You’ll
Foot Health & Shoe Fitting Info                   master how to set and achieve weight-loss
Session                                           and weight-maintenance goals that make
Learn basic foot health care and how to           sense for you.
properly fit a shoe with podiatrist Dr. Feist.    CEHLTH 262                                  $119	
Circulation problems, arthritis, and how
                                                  Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
diabetes can affect foot health will be dis-
cussed along with information on stretching        	
related to foot care.
Note: This session is free but you must reg-
ister at the NWCC Smithers Campus front
SMI	 Oct	6	     	           (We)	12noon-1pm

       Awakening Resilience in our Lives and Communities
       This three-day introductory course draws together the fields of neurobiology,
       psychology, social science, restorative justice and spirituality into a unique and
       practical framework for trauma healing. Through presentations, dialogue and self-
       reflection, participants will consider questions such as:
        • How does crisis affect us physiologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?
        • How does the experience of victimization lead to cycles of harm towards
          oneself and others?
        • What enables people to break free of damaging cycles and embark on a
          journey toward healing?
        • How can we as helping professionals or concerned community members best
          support trauma survivors?
        • What healing is required in the aftermath of inter generational and cultural
        • What does research tell us about effective strategies for practitioner self-care?
       This course is adapted from Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience (STAR),
       at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, Eastern Mennonite University,Virginia
       USA. It employs a model that has been embraced in various war-torn regions
       throughout the world.
       TER		 Nov	2-4	(Tu-Th)	8:30-4:30pm		             Register	by	October	15!	        $549	

                              Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                    Marine Emergency Duties
 MARINE                                             MED - A2
                                                    Recommended for captains and operators
                                                    of passenger vessels, this Transport Canada
Simulated Electronic Navigation                     approved course provides seafarers with
Limited (SEN LTD)                                   various safety related skills associated with
Every Fishing Master certificate including          small boat operation and passenger safety.
the new Fishing Master Certificate of               Students receive aTransport CanadaTC EXN
Service for Vessels to 60 gross tons requires       24 certificate upon successful completion of
the certificate holder to have a Simulated          the course. Topics include hazards associated
Electronic Navigation certificate – either          with the marine environment, developing
the Simulated Electronic Navigation Part            skills to assist passengers to survive an
1 and Part 2, or the Simulated Electronic           emergency, maintaining safety equipment
Navigation Limited certificate (SEN Ltd).           and keeping safety records.
                                                    Note: Bathing suit and rain gear are
This latter certificate provides the Small          required.
Commercial Vessel Watch Keeper with a
                                                    CENAUT 714        28 hrs                      $499
thorough knowledge of the application of
the Collision Regulation as it applies to           RUP		 Sept	27-Sept	30	      (Mo-Th)	8:30-4:30pm
the keeping of a navigational watch while
using radar. Participants practice navigating       Marine Emergency Duties
the vessel using a radar simulator, including       MED - A3
fixing their position using ranges and              MED-A3 is a basic personal safety training
bearings. Students also practice collision          certificate course mandatory for persons
avoidance while using the radar and establish       working as crew members of fishing vessels
the target vessels course, speed and closest        or small commercial vessels shorter than
point of approach.                                  12 metres in length, operating no more
                                                    than 25 miles offshore. Transport Canada
CENAUT 717      28 hrs                 $1,059
                                                    requirements state that every member of
RUP		 Nov	7-Nov	10	      (Su-We)	8:30-5:30pm        the complement of a ship shall, before the
                                                    member has completed six months on
Marine Basic First Aid                              board ships, obtain a certificate of member’s
This course provides comprehensive First            successful completion of training at a
Aid and CPR techniques with scenarios               recognized institution in marine emergency
taken from the marine/fishing industry for          duties with respect to basic safety.
individuals who need a basic training level in
                                                    CENAUT 709        8 hrs                       $175
First Aid and CPR for the marine industry.
                                                    RUP		 Oct	8	   	                 (Fr)	8:30-5:30pm	
CEFAID 705      16 hrs                   $199       TER	 Dates	TBA
RUP		 Sept	25-Sept	26	   (Sa/Su)	8:30-4:30pm	
RUP		 Nov	6-Nov	7	       (Sa/Su)	8:30-4:30pm

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

Fishing Master IV/ Masters Limited                Contact Transport Canada at 250.627.3045
Every person serving as Master (Captain)          for a complete list of sea-time and other
of a Canadian Fishing Vessel is required,         requirements for this certification such as:
under the Canada Shipping Act 2001 -
                                                      Fishing Masters IV
Canadian Personnel Regulations, to hold a             CENAUT 704 105 hrs                 $895
Fishing Master Certificate of Competency.             RUP	Nov	22-Dec	8	(Mo-Sa)		 8:30-5:30pm
Depending on size of the vessel and the area          Masters Limited
where operations take place, this may be a:           CENAUT 706 105 hrs                 $895
                                                      RUP	Nov	22-Dec	8	(Mo-Sa)		 8:30-5:30pm
1. Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
   Certificate                                        Simulated Electronic Navigation Limited
   This certificate is restricted to fishing          Marine Basic First Aid
   vessels under 15 gross tonnage and                 Marine Advanced First Aid
   operating within 25 miles of the shore
   and 100 miles of a safe port;                      Marine Emergency Duties MED-A2

                                                      Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime
2. Certificate of Service as Master of                Commercial (ROC-MC)
   the Fishing Vessel under 60 Gross
   Tonnage                                        Note: Transport Canada charges the
   This certificate has a “sunset” clause and     following exam fees for Fishing Master
   will only be available for approximately       IV/Masters Limited. Transport Canada, not
   seven years from 2007. The holder of this      NWCC, collects the fees. The fees are not
   certificate may act as Master on board a       included in tuition.
   fishing vessel of not more than 60 gross
   tonnage engaged on an unlimited, a                 • Written exams – $27.50+hst
   near coastal, Class 1 or 2 or a sheltered
   waters voyage, according to the voyages            • Oral exams for limited certificates
   on which the qualifying service for the               – $27.50+hst
   certificate has been acquired. The validity        • Oral exams for other certificates
   will be specified on the certificate; or a            – $55+hst
3. Fishing Master IV
   The holder of this certificate may act as
   Master on board a fishing vessel of not        Restricted Operator Certificate –
   more than 100 gross tonnage engaged            Maritime (ROC-M)
   on a near coastal or sheltered waters          This maritime radio course teaches
   voyage and as Officer-In-Charge of the         emergency radio procedures and everyday
   Watch of a fishing vessel of any tonnage       operating techniques for you and your
   engaged on/near coastal or sheltered           family. The course also prepares you for the
   waters voyage.                                 Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime)
                                                  with DSC Endorsement examination.
                                                  CENAUT 713       12 hrs                    $250
                                                  RUP		 Oct	1-Oct	2	           (Fr/Sa)	8:30-4:30pm

                             Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

      Transport Canada requires all students have a CDN number before getting certified.
      Candidates living far from a Transport Canada Marine Safety (TCMS) office should
      follow these procedures to obtain a CDN #.
      1. Fill out the TCMS application form at
      2. Follow the instructions on Form 82-0701. Transport Canada asks members to
         obtain at least two certified true copies of ID as listed on the form.

          a) Canadian birth certificate;                    d) Canadian passport;
          b) Canadian baptismal                             e) Permanent resident card;
             certificate;                                   f) Certificate of Indian status;
          c) Certificate of citizenship                     g) Seafarer’s Identity document.

          In person, have a commissioner for taking oaths and affidavits notarize or
          sign ID documents as certified true copies.               .
      3. Send the package to Transport Canada Marine Safety, 400 - 309 2nd Ave. West,
         Prince Rupert, BC,V8J 3T1

Restricted Operator Certificate –                   Small Vessel Operator Proficiency
Maritime Commercial (ROC-MC)                        This course provides basic theoretical
This radio communications course enables            knowledge to people with specified practical
radio station personnel, both ashore and            skills and experience in commercial (non-
afloat, operating all types of marine radio         recreational) power driven vessels. On
systems compatible with the international           completion of the course, students will have
standard of the Global Maritime Distress and        the skill and knowledge to take charge of
Safety System (GMDSS), to efficiently utilize       a vessel under 15 gross tons operating in
aspects of the GMDSS communications                 designated waters. The SVOP Certificate
systems applicable to sea area A1 operations.       is valid for the operators of a small non-
(This includes most of British Columbia’s           passenger commercial vessel. This may
coastal waters.)                                    be a fish farm utility boat, a small trading
Note: This certificate is a requirement for         vessel or patrol vessel (Canadian Coast
most vessels over eight metres in length and        Guard, police, conservation, fireboats and
operating outside of sheltered waters               fisheries vessels, etc.) under eight metres
Prerequisite: Operators must be a                   LOA and five gross tons operating in
minimum of 18 years old.                            Home Trade 4 and minor waters limits.
CENAUT 708      24 hrs                    $730      Note: This license is not valid for a vessel of
                                                    any size engaged in towing.
RUP		 Nov	4-Nov	6	        (Th-Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
	                                                   CENAUT 716        28 hrs                      $439
                                                    RUP		 Oct	4-Oct	7	          (Mo-Th)	8:30-5:30pm

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

     The Continuing Education &
     Industry Training department at
     NWCC Terrace Campus is
     pleased to partner with Terrace             Restricted Operator
     Power & Sail to offer the following         Certificate Maritime
     recreational boating courses.               (ROC-M)
                                                 This maritime radio course teaches
     Canadian Power & Sail                       emergency radio procedures and
     Squadron Boating Course                     everyday operating techniques
     This ever popular course is designed        for you and your family. The
     for boaters who wish to safely              course also prepares you for the
     operate power and sail pleasure             Restricted Operator Certificate
     boats in coastal and inland waters.         (Maritime) with DSC Endorsement
     The course is conducted one                 examination.
     evening per week, with homework
                                                 CENAUT 720 9 hrs                 $80
     assignments for each session. There
     is a final examination.                     TER	Nov	22-25		   (Mo/Tu/Th)	7-10pm

     Course content covers:characteristics
                                                 Boat Pro Seminar
     of boats; licensing, registration &
                                                 The boat pro course is a great way to
     other requirements; mandatory/
                                                 learn or brush up on basic essentials
     optional equipment; magnetic
                                                 of boating safety. This course covers
     compass, preparing to launch; ropes,
                                                 the essential information, reviewing:
     lines & knots; handling a boat under
                                                 marine rules of the road, safety
     power/sail; collision regulations;
                                                 equipment regulations, navigational
     Canadian aids to navigation; GPS
                                                 aids you need to know, anchoring
     and charts; navigation; conning;
                                                 basics, and much more. Upon
     intro to plotting; plotting &
                                                 successful completion students
     labelling; cruising single-handed;
                                                 receive a Pleasure Craft Operator’s
     anchors and anchoring emergencies,
                                                 Certificate, which is a mandatory
     supplementary topics; Canadian
                                                 requirement for every boater as of
     Power & Sail Squadrons; manners
                                                 September 15, 2009.
     and customs; practice cruises.
                                                 CENAUT 721 8 hrs                 $60
     CENAUT 719 30 hrs              $250
                                                 TER	Dec	3-4		                (Fr/Sa)	
     TER	Jan	17-Mar	28,	2011		 Mo)	7-10pm
                                                 	    (Fr)	7-10	pm	(Sa)	8:30-12:30pm

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                          C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

 OIL & GAS INDUSTRY                                OUTDOOR
 TRAINING                                          RECREATION &
Refer to the Workforce & Industry Training
section of this calendar for information         Bear Awareness
on oil & gas industry-related courses.           This course provides up-to-date instruction
                                                 on black and grizzly bear ecology and
                                                 behaviour so that you can apply your
                                                 knowledge to proactively reduce the risk
                                                 of encountering and attracting bears. The
      CERTIFICATE (5 DAYS)                       course includes hands-on practice with bear
      This program provides students             spray.
      with a one-stop shopping approach          CEFAID 747        8 hrs                  $119
      to acquiring the certificates needed
                                                 TER		   Oct	2	    		        (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
      to work in the Oil & Gas sector.           KIT	    Oct	9	    	         (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm	
      The program consists of:                   HAZ	    Oct	16	   	         (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm	
                                                 HAZ	    May	7	    	         (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
      • Occupational First Aid
        (OFA) Level 1                            CORE - Hunter Training
      • Transportation                           Successful completion of the Conservation
        Endorsement                              and Outdoor Recreation Education
                                                 (CORE) course is mandatory for all
      • Transportation of
                                                 residents applying for their hunting license.
        Dangerous Goods
                                                 This course provides information about
      • WHMIS                                    outdoor survival, hunter safety, wildlife, gun
      • H2S Alive                                handling and first aid.
                                                 Prerequisite: Participants must be 10 years
      • Confined Space                           of age or older.
        Awareness                                CEFAID 769        24 hrs                 $255
      TER Nov 15-Nov 19 (Mo-Fr) $629             HOU	 Sept	17-Sept	21	 (Fr/Mo/Tu)	6:30-9:30pm	
      SMI March 2011                                                       (Sa/Su)	8:30-4:30pm	
                                                 SMI		 Sept	23-Sept	26	     (Th/Fr)	6:30-9:30pm	
      Individually,	 these	 courses	 cost	 a	
                                                                              (Sa/Su)	8:30-5pm	
      total	of	$705.	
                                                 RUP	 Oct	25-Nov	6	          (Mo/We/Fr)	6-9pm	 	
                                                 	                                   (Sa)	9-4pm	
                                                 SMI		 Nov	18-Nov	21	      (Sa/Su)	6:30-9:30pm	
                                                                              (Mo/Tu)	8:30-5pm	

 0                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Firearms Safety – Non-Restricted                    Firearms Safety Restricted –
Possession Acquisition License (PAL)                Possession Acquisition License (PAL)
To acquire firearms in Canada you require           Topics include the new Canadian Restricted
a PAL, formerly known as the Firearms               Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) with em-
Acquisition Certificate. To apply for a             phasis on handguns, evolution of firearms,
PAL you must prove you have successfully            major parts and types, basic firearms safety
completed a course or test in the safe              practices, ammunition, operating handgun
handling and use of firearms and the laws           actions, safe handling and carrying proce-
relating to them. Successful completion of          dures, handgun firing techniques, care of
this class enables participants to submit their     handguns including servicing and cleaning
application for a non-restricted PAL.               and responsibilities of the owner/user.
Note: This course is a prerequisite for the         Prerequisite: Participants must be 18 years
Firearms Safety-Restricted PAL course.              of age or older to take this course and must
Prerequisite: Participants must be 12 years         have successfully completed PAL Non-Re-
of age or older.                                    stricted.
CEFAID 727          16 hrs               $199       CEFAID 728        6 hrs                       $159
HOU		Sept	24-Sept	26	           (Fr)	6-10pm	        RUP		 Nov	6	      	             (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm	
	            (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm	(Su)	8:30-2pm	        SMI	 Dec	11	      	             (Sa)	8:30-3:30pm
RUP	 Oct	18-Oct	22	    (Mo/Tu/We/Fr)	6-9pm	 	        	
SMI		 Dec	3-Dec	5	              (Fr)	6-10pm		       Intro to Wilderness Guiding and
             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm	(Su)	8:30-2pm
                                                    The Wilderness Guiding and Wrangling
Firearms Safety – Non - Restricted                  program is a hands-on intensive course
Possession Acquisition License (PAL)                designed and developed by the Guide
Challenge Exam                                      Outfitters Association of British Columbia.
Challenge the Firearms Safety Course.               The goal of the program is to prepare
                                                    individuals for employment in the guide-
CEFAID 751                                 $75
 	                                                  outfitting industry. In recent years the
SMI	 Oct	16	    	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm       employment rate of graduates has been
                                                    virtually 100%. This 15-day program takes
                                                    place entirely at Wagontrail Ranch, near
                                                    Smithers. Students stay in bunkhouses and
      CONTRACT TRAINING                             food is provided in a cookhouse.
      Whether you are looking to                    Prerequisite: Participants must have
      schedule a program listed in this             successfully completed PAL - Firearms
      calendar, or a specialized course             safety and Core - Hunter Training.
      specific to your work place, we               Note: Some students may be eligible for
      can create a training solution for            funding through the Employment Skills
      you. Call today to learn more or              Access program. Contact NWCC for more
      contract a course.                            info.
                                                    CEPSTR 722        15 days                   $3,500
                                                    SMI	 May	2011	 	             (Th/Fr)	8:30-4:30pm

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

GPS, Compass & Notetaking                          Industrial Snowmobile Operator
Learn basic navigation using GPS, map and          This is a two-day course for employees who
compass. Discover how to read and interpret        use snowmobiles in their work. Lessons
maps, find a location, estimate distances, and     include operations, rules, controls/safety
plot a course. Compassing, traversing and          equipment, riding strategies, starting/
notetaking is practiced in the field.              warming-up/stopping the engine, moving
CEFAID 732       16 hrs                     $199   backward and forward, braking, turns,
SMI	 Mar	3-Mar	4	          (Th/Fr)	8:30-4:30pm
                                                   obstacles, safe riding practices, riding over
                                                   hills, as well as day/night riding. Day two
                                                   involves specific training on WorkSafeBC
                                                   policy while operating a snowmobile, plus
                                                   more difficult and challenging riding
                                                   Note: Participants must bring their own
       CERTIFICATE (7 DAYS)                        snowmobile; DOT approved helmet; proper
       This program provides students              winter clothing; food; and water for a day
       with a one-stop shopping approach           of riding.
       to acquiring the certificates               CEFAID 779      13 hrs                     $299
       needed to work in employment
                                                   Contact	 your	 local	 campus	 to	 register	 your	
       sectors such as parks, forestry and         interest	in	this	course.	Upon	sufficient	demand,	
       environmental monitoring. The               the	course	will	be	scheduled.
       program consists of:
       • Occupational First Aid                    ATV Rider Safety
         (OFA) Level 1                             The Canadian Safety Council ATV (All
                                                   Terrain Vehicle) Rider Safety course teaches
       • Transportation                            the principles and behaviours of safer and
         Endorsement                               more responsible ATV riding. The course
       • Chainsaw Safety                           consists of both discussion and riding lessons.
                                                   Discussion lessons cover the principles
       • Bear Awareness
                                                   and practices of riding an ATV, while the
       • ATV or Snowmobile                         riding lessons provide practice of riding
         Rider Safety                              exercises under the supervision of a licensed
       • S-100 Fire Suppression                    instructor. Industry workers and recreational
                                                   users are welcome.
       TER Sept 30-Oct 8 (Mo-Fr)     $829          Note: Participants must bring their own
       Individually	 these	 courses	 cost	 a	      ATV; DOT approved helmet; gloves; eye
       total	of	$1,025.	                           protection; long pants; long sleeve shirt; and
                                                   above the ankle boots.
                                                   CEFAID 777      7 hrs                      $189
                                                   Contact	 your	 local	 campus	 to	 register	 your	
                                                   interest	in	this	course.	Upon	sufficient	demand,	
                                                   the	course	will	be	scheduled.

                              Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                   FoodSafe Level 2
 SERVICE &                                         This class explores safe food handling, storage
                                                   and preparation practices in great detail.
 HOSPITALITY                                       This advanced FoodSafe course is designed
                                                   for managers, potential managers, and those
                                                   who plan on a career in the food services
FoodSafe Level 1                                   industry. Successful completion of the
FoodSafe Level 1 is a food handling,               course and final exam results in certification
sanitation and work safety course designed         and registration by the Ministry of Health.
for front line food service workers such as        Prerequisite: FoodSafe Level 1.
cooks, servers, bussers, dishwashers, and deli     Note: Please bring a copy of your Foodsafe
workers. The course covers important food          Level 1 certificate and your personal medical
and worker safety information including            care card to class.
foodborne illness, receiving and storing
                                                   CEFAID 730         12 hrs                      $189
food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning
and sanitizing.                                    TER	 Nov	26-Nov	27	                    (Fr)	6-10pm		
                                                   	    	                           (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
Note: Please bring your personal
medical       care      card     to      class.
Note: FoodSafe Level 1 workbooks are
                                                   Amaze your customers with the FISH!
available in English, Chinese, Korean and
                                                   philosophy. Based on the successful
Punjabi, and the FoodSafe examination is
                                                   experiences of the world-famous Pike
available in many other languages. Please
                                                   Place Fish Market in Seattle, thousands of
contact your local campus in advance if you
                                                   companies throughout the world have used
would like to have your workbook and/
                                                   the FISH! philosophy to build customer
or examination in a language other than
                                                   and employee retention and of course raise
                                                   the bottom line. Participants will leave
CEFAID 729      8 hrs                    $129
                                                   the workshop with tools and ideas to use
RUP	 Sept	18	   	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		    immediately - they will learn how to bring a
TER	 Oct	9	     	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		
HOU	 Oct	15	    	             (Fr)	8:30-5:30pm	
                                                   positive attitude to work; how to “be there”
SMI	 Oct	16	    	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		    for their customers and their colleagues;
HAZ	 Oct	30	    	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		    and how to find ways to engage customers
RUP	 Nov	6	     	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		    delightfully and make their day. Learn
KIT	 Nov	6	     	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		
TER	 Nov	20	    	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm	     ingeniously simple lessons about bringing
RUP	 Dec	4	     	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm	     energy, passion and a positive attitude to
                                                   business everyday.
                                                   CEPSTR 708         3 hrs                        $59
      NO HST                                       RUP	 Sept	24	      	                     (Fr)	1-4pm

      Most       NWCC          Continuing
      Education & Industry Training
      have no HST charges. If HST is to
      be paid, it is specifically noted in
      this calendar.

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

                                                  Serving It Right
                                                  This course prepares students for the Serving
                                                  It Right exam. Upon successful completion
                                                  students receive their certification from ‘go2:
                                                  The Resource People for Tourism’.
                                                  CEPSTR 712      3 hrs                     $99
WorldHost Fundamentals                            HAZ	 Sept	25	 	                 (Sa)	9-12noon	
WorldHost Fundamentals training provides           	
participants with an understanding of             This	 course	 is	 available	 at	 other	 NWCC	
                                                  campuses	 upon	 sufficient	 demand.	 Contact	
the importance of excellent customer              your	local	campus	to	register	your	interest.
service skills. It helps participants make
communication with customers more
effective and efficient and demonstrate their     Calming Upset Customers
attentiveness to customer needs. The course       This course will demonstrate communica-
provides participants with an understanding       tion techniques that build customer loyalty;
of the social and economic contribution that      how to defuse customer anger with atten-
a healthy tourism industry makes to their         tive listening and empathy; focus on the cus-
home communities and to the province as           tomer’s needs without blaming; and respond
a whole. It teaches the five key WorldHost        to personal accusations without becoming
Fundamental commitments that help BC’s            defensive. Customers are your most impor-
tourism workforce go that extra mile.             tant assets, but sometimes they get upset. It’s
                                                  critical to learn how to address the situation
CEPSTR 725       8 hrs                   $119
                                                  quickly and tactfully, and what can be done
HAZ	 Oct	2	      	           (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		
KIT	 Oct	16	     	           (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		
                                                  to keep the customer coming back.You will
TER	 Nov	13	     	           (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm     learn how listening, nonverbal communica-
                                                  tion, feedback, and management all help to
                                                  deal with an unhappy customer, and turn
Cashier Training                                  the situation into a positive one.
Be one step ahead of other job retail             CEBSNS 821      6 hrs                    $109
applicants. This class details the professional
                                                  HAZ	 Nov	5	     	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	
responsibilities that go along with handling      SMI	 Oct	30	    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm
cash. Lessons on cashiers’ equipment include
the use of debit cards, credit cards and cash
registers.                                        Telephone Courtesy and
                                                  Customer Service
CEBSNS 763       6 hrs                   $100
                                                  Give employees effective telephone skills
TER	   Oct	9	    	                 (Sa)	9-4pm		   and you will see what a powerful business
KIT	   Oct	23	   	                 (Sa)	9-4pm		
HAZ	   Oct	23	   	                 (Sa)	9-4pm	
                                                  tool the phone can be. Everything from
TER	   Nov	27	   	                 (Sa)	9-4pm     voice inflection to follow-up calls is covered
                                                  in this course. Learn to understand custom-
                                                  ers’ needs, ask effective questions and master
                                                  proper telephone techniques.
                                                  CEBSNS 785          6 hrs                $109
                                                  HAZ	 Oct	15	    	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	
                                                  SMI		 Oct	23	   	                  (Sa)	9-4pm

                             Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                  C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                     Creating the Inclusive Classroom:
 TEACHING                                            Strategies for Success
                                                     In this professional development course for
                                                     teachers, you’ll get the training you need
Instructional Skills Workshop                        to reach the diverse mix of students you
The Instructional Skills Workshop is                 face every day—learning proven strategies
conducted by faculty for faculty and                 that turn diversity into opportunity. With
potential faculty members and trainers.              students who have learning disabilities,
Participants will prepare and present three          neurobiological disorders, and physical
mini-lessons and receive feedback from               challenges, the modern classroom requires
their peers so that they may improve their           an efficient and effective teacher who can
teaching and learning. Participants will also        prioritize under tight deadlines and be
learn how to complete a lesson plan and              creative on demand. Learn how to be the
give constructive feedback.                          kind of teacher who can guide every student
Note: This course is equivalent to PIDP              toward academic success.
3102 if a participant is interested in receiving     CEEDUC 724                                    $119	
transfer credit from the Provincial Instructor       Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc
Diploma program at Vancouver Community
College (VCC).
CEEDUC 701      24 hrs                    $499       Response to Intervention:
SMI	 Sept	11-Sept	19	          (Sa/Su)	9-4pm	        Reading Strategies that Work
                                                     Be proactive in helping your struggling
                                                     readers. In this six-week course, you’ll learn
                                                     response to intervention (RTI) strategies
                                                     that ensure the struggling readers in your
                                                     classroom get the help and education they
                                                     need. RTI gives us a strategic plan to bring
                                                     tiered interventions to our students, at their
                                                     reading level and with their unique challenges
                                                     in mind. Helping them with phonics,
                                                     fluency, vocabulary mastery, comprehension,
                                                     and writing, these intervention strategies
                                                     tackle the toughest literacy problems with
                                                     flexibility and creativity.
                                                     CEEDUC 724                                    $119	
                                                     Online	at	ed2go.com/nwcc

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                       

                                                  Electrical Basics II
 TRADES                                           Based on the work done in Basic Electrical
                                                  I, students increase their confidence to install
                                                  and do basic residential wiring.
DO-IT-YOURSELF WOMEN’S SERIES                     CETRAD 720      3 hrs                       $59
These informative and fun workshops are
                                                  TER		 Spring	2011	                    (Sa)	1-4pm
for women who want to complete home
improvement projects but need the knowl-          Plumbing Basics II
edge and hands-on experience to do so.            Learn          how           to          replace
NWCC Smithers campus will offer the               leaky faucets and install a toilet.
Do-It-Yourself series when its new campus         Prerequisite: Plumbing Basics I
‘shop’ is complete. Other NWCC campuses
                                                  CETRAD 724      3 hrs                       $59
will offer one or more of the courses upon
sufficient demand. Call today to express          TER		 Spring	2011	              (Sa)	9-12noon
your interest!
                                                  Drywall Repair
                                                  Learn how to repair small to large holes in
Handy Woman Workshop
                                                  drywall and to drywall tape a demonstration
This workshop for women will cover
                                                  practice wall. Materials for the workshop are
making and cutting moulding, using a
router, and learning to correct techniques
for laying laminate flooring.                     CETRAD 722      3 hrs                       $59

CETRAD 754      6 hrs                     $99     TER		 Spring	2011	              (Sa)	9-12noon

HOU	 Dates	TBA	 	                  (Sa)	9-4pm     Baseboards & Mouldings
                                                  Learn to cut and attach baseboards and
Plumbing Basics I                                 mouldings.
Learn     basic   trouble-shooting     and        CETRAD 721      6 hrs                       $99
maintenance of home plumbing systems
                                                  TER		 Spring	2011	              (Sa)	9-12noon
including how to repair leaky faucets.
CETRAD 723      3 hrs                     $59     Tiling Ceramic Floors
TER		 Spring	2011	              (Sa)	9-12noon     Learn the basics of how to set and choose
 	                                                floor tiles. The class covers the different
Electrical Basics I                               types of tiles, setting materials and grouts.
Learn to recognize the types and applications     CETRAD 725      3 hrs                       $59
of the different switches and plugs available,
                                                  TER		 Spring	2011	                    (Sa)	1-4pm
and how to change them.
CETRAD 726      3 hrs                     $59
TER		 Spring	2011	                 (Sa)	1-4pm

                        TRADES TRAINING AT NWCC
                        NWCC also offers a variety of trades foundation and apprenticeship
                        programs such as electrical, automotive repair technician, millwright,
                        carpentry, timber frame craftsman and much more.

                             Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                    Transportation Endorsement
 WORKFORCE &                                        This course is designed to deliver the
                                                    skills and knowledge needed to manage
 INDUSTRY TRAINING                                  life threatening emergencies and transport
                                                    injured/ill workers to medical aid.These skills
                                                    are necessary if the worksite is more than
Occupational First Aid (OFA)                        twenty minutes from medical aid. Successful
Level 1                                             completion of this Workers Compensation
This WorksafeBC class provides training             Board (WCB) certified course results in a
in basic first aid skills including C-              certificate valid for three years. Evaluation
spine control, respiratory and circulatory          is conducted by the instructor. Fee includes
emergencies, minor soft tissue injuries,            book and no HST.
accurate completion of the required                 Prerequisite: OFA Level 1 certificate.
documentation, as well as modules on the            CEFAID 707        7 hrs                       $109
identification and management of stroke,
                                                    HOU	 Sept	24	     	              (Fr)	8:30-4:30pm	
diabetes, seizures and fainting. Students will      TER	 Sept	26	     	             (Su)	8:30-4:30pm	 	
receive their OFA Level 1 tickets, valid for        HAZ	 Oct	24	      	             (Su)	8:30-4:30pm	 	
three years, upon successful completion of          HOU	 Oct	29	      	              (Fr)	8:30-4:30pm
                                                    KIT	 Nov	7	       	             (Su)	8:30-4:30pm	
a written exam and practical evaluation by
                                                    HOU	 Nov	16	      	             (Tu)	8:30-4:30pm	 	
the instructor. This course includes the use        HAZ	 Nov	21	      	             (Su)	8:30-4:30pm	 	
of automated external defibrillators.               RUP	 Nov	27	      	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm	 	
Prerequisite: Participants must be 16 years         SMI	 Nov	28	      	             (Su)	8:30-4:30pm	
                                                    HAZ	 Dec	12	      	             (Su)	8:30-4:30pm
or older. Bring photo identification to class.
Note: Fee includes course textbook and              Occupational First Aid (OFA)
materials. 100% attendance is mandatory.            Level 1 Instructor Training
Students more than 15 minutes late are not          Learn how to become an Occupational
admitted to class. NO refunds are given.            First Aid level 1 instructor in this week-
Students are given half an hour for lunch.          long interactive course. This course will
CEFAID 706     7 hrs                     $109       give you the knowledge and skills needed
RUP	 Sept	17	 	                               	
                              (Fr)	8:30-4:30pm	     to teach the 7 hour OFA Level 1 Course.
KIT	 Sept	18	 	              (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		     Prerequisite: Participants must be 19 years
HOU	 Sept	23	 	              (Th)	8:30-4:30pm		
TER	 Sept	25	 	              (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		
                                                    of age or older and have a current OFA-3
SMI	 Sept	30	 	              (Th)	8:30-4:30pm		     ticket and ideally have been a ticket holder
RUP	 Oct	16	   	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		     for many years. Train the trainer, ISW or
SMI	 Oct	22	   	                              	
                              (Fr)	8:30-4:30pm	
                                                    previous teaching experience is mandatory.
HAZ	 Oct	23	   	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		
HOU	 Oct	28	   	             (Th)	8:30-4:30pm	      After the course a plan will then be given
KIT	 Nov	6	    	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		     to instructor candidates to be monitored.
TER	 Nov	13	   	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		     Note: The maximum number for this class
HOU	 Nov	15	   	            (Mo)	8:30-4:30pm	 	
RUP	 Nov	20	   	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		
                                                    is 7 people.
HAZ	 Nov	20	   	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm	      CEFAID                                      $1,350
SMI	 Nov	27	   	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		      	
SMI	 Dec	3	    	              (Fr)	8:30-4:30pm	     SMI	 Spring	2011
TER	 Dec	4	    	             (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		
HAZ		 Dec	11	 	              (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm	
TER	 Jan	22,	2011	           (Sa)	8:30-4:30pm		

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

                                                  Occupational First Aid (OFA)
                                                  Level 3 Challenge Exam
                                                  The Occupational First Aid Level 3
                                                  Challenge Exam is an opportunity to
Occupational First Aid (OFA)                      challenge the written, oral and practical
Level 3                                           exam conducted by a certified examiner.
This course is based on First Aid theory and      There will be no instructor support with
practical skill development. It includes skills   this enrollment. Course participants must
necessary to effectively manage workplace         score at least 70% on all portions of the
medical emergencies. OFA Level 3 certi-           exam in order to be issued an OFA Level 3
fication requires an examination (written,        certificate valid for three years from the date
oral, and practical) conducted by a certified     of the exam.
examiner following course completion.             CEFAID 755                               $150
Note: This course includes the use of auto-        	
                                                  HOU	 Oct	14	    	            (Th)	8:30-4:30pm	
mated external defibrillators. Course partic-     SMI	 Nov	14	    	            (Su)	8:30-4:30pm
ipants must score at least 70% on all portions
of the exam in order to be issued an OFA
Level 3 certificate valid for three years from
the date of the exam. A self-declaring medi-
cal form must be filled out and participants
must be 16 years of age. Course fee includes
                                                  CPR Level ‘C’
text, materials, and exam fee. Please register
                                                  This Red Cross CPR course includes
one week prior to class start.
                                                  recognizing the signals and responding
CEFAID 709       77 hrs                  $729     to cardiovascular emergencies, accessing
HOU	 Sept	27-Oct	14	       (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm	      the Emergency Medical System, rescue
TER	 Oct	18-Nov	1	         (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm		
                                                  breathing and treatment for conscious and
SMI	 Oct	29-Nov	14	        (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm		
SMI	 Feb	11-Feb	27	        (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm		     unconscious choking situations. Level ‘C’
TER	 Feb	14-Mar	1,	2011	   (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm		     covers Adult, Child, Infant and two-Rescuer
MAS	 Feb	15-Mar	2	       (Mo-Fr)	8:30-5:30pm	     CPR. Automated external defibrillation
HOU	 Mar	28-Apr	13	        (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm	
TER	 May	2-May	17,	2011	 (Mo-Fr)	8-4:30pm	
                                                  content & certification is included.
                                                  Successful participants receive certification
Transportation of Dangerous Goods                 valid for three years.
Comply with Transportation of Dangerous           CEFAID 703      6 hrs                    $100
Goods regulations. This course is designed        SMI	 Sept	18	   	                  (Sa)	9-4pm	
for people who handle and/or transport            RUP	 Sept	18	   	                  (Sa)	9-4pm		
dangerous goods by land and rail. Successful      KIT	 Oct	2	     	                  (Sa)	9-4pm		
                                                  TER	 Oct	16	    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm		
participants receive a certificate from           HAZ	 Oct	16	    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm		
Danatec.                                          RUP		 Nov	19	   	                   (Fr)	9-4pm	
CEFAID 714       5 hrs                    $99     SMI	 Dec	9	     	                  (Th)	9-4pm	
                                                  TER	 Dec	11	    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm	
SMI	   Oct	15	   	                           	
                             (Fr)	8:30-1:30pm	    HAZ	 Mar	12	    	                  (Sa)	9-4pm	
TER	   Oct	27	   	                (We)	9-3pm
KIT	   Nov	10	   	                (We)	9-3pm	
TER	   Dec	1	    	          (We)	8:30-3:30pm

                             Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                              C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

H2S Alive                                                             Specialized Chainsaw Safety
The H2S Alive program prepares workers                                – One Day
to recognize hydrogen sulphide hazards to                             This is an introductory course that
save themselves, as well as perform basic                             includes classroom instruction and practical
rescue during an H2S incident. The course                             experience. Personal protection, chainsaw
combines theory and practice with each                                handling and safe practices are covered. Also
student using detection equipment and                                 covered is regular chainsaw maintenance,
breathing apparatus, and performing mouth-                            troubleshooting and minor onsite repairs.
to-mouth resuscitation. Upon successful                               Note: Students must bring their own
completion, each candidate will be issued                             chainsaw and safety gear, bucking pants, steel
an H2S Alive certificate from Enform.                                 toe boots, hard hat with visor and earmuffs,
CEFAID 733           8 hrs                               $250         gloves and long sleeve shirt.
KIT	 Sept	22	        		                (We)	8:30-5:30pm	              CEFAID 724              8 hrs            $225
TER	 Oct	6	          		                (We)	8:30-5:30pm		             TER	 Sept	25	 	               (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm	
TER	 Nov	24	         	                 (We)	8:30-5:30pm                	
                                                                      This	 course	 is	 available	 through	 contract	
                                                                      training	at	all	NWCC	campuses.	Contact	your	
                                                                      local	campus	for	more	information.

          The Employment Skills Access Program Is Your Next Step!
  We offer fully funded programs specifically selected to help you gain employment. We also help
  you succeed by developing an Action Plan designed just for you.
  Get a leg-up on the competition by enrolling in the Employment Skills Access Program today!

  For more information contact...
  Char Toews, ESA Case Manager
  Phone 250.635.6511 Ext. 5357
  Toll free 1.877.277.2288 Ext. 5357
  Email ctoews@nwcc.bc.ca

  Funding provided through the Canada-British
  Columbia Labour Market Agreement.

  This program is designed to provide unemployed individuals with the opportunity to access
  training in local public post-secondary institutions. Brought to you by the BC Public
  Post-Secondary Labour Market Consortium of Colleges and Universities in British Columbia.

        Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                                  

Forklift Operator
This one-day program is designed to meet
the standards set out by WorkSafeBC and
Labour Canada. Course content includes:
safe operating procedures, current forklift       Childcare Emergency First Aid &
operations regulations, pre-trip inspection,      CPR
hands-on operation, safe handling of different    This interactive course is recommended
fuel types, and operator certification exam.      for individuals who care for babies or
Note: In addition to class time, students         children at home. The course covers skills
book a two-hour practicum time.                   needed to recognize, prevent and respond
CETRAN 703       6 hrs                   $299     to cardiovascular emergencies for adults,
TER		 Oct	23-Oct	24	     (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	     children, and babies. Course topics include
TER		 Nov	20-Nov	21		    (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm      choking, airway and breathing emergencies,
                                                  prevention of disease transmission and an
WHMIS                                             introduction to AED (Automated External
WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials              Defibrillation). Successful participants
Information System) is information and            receive certification valid for three years.
training in the safe handling, recognition,       CEFAID 702     8 hrs                    $119
storage and disposal of controlled products        	
                                                  HAZ	 Oct	1	    	             (Fr)	8:30-5:30pm	
(hazardous      materials).     Emergency         TER	 Oct	23	   	                   (Sa)	8-5pm	
procedures, as well as an understanding of        KIT	 Oct	30	   	                             	
                                                                                     (Sa)	8-5pm	
the risk and necessary precautions, will help     RUP	 Nov	5		   	             (Fr)	8:30-5:30pm	
                                                  HAZ	 Apr	30	   	            (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm
prevent workplace injury or loss of life.
Note: A certificate is awarded upon
                                                  Airbrakes Endorsement
completion of the course. The course fee
                                                  This course includes 22 hours of theory
includes course materials. Employers must
                                                  and practical instruction on airbrakes
provide education and training in WHMIS
                                                  systems. Upon successful completion of a
which is administered by WorkSafe BC.
                                                  pre-trip inspection, students receive credit
Occupational Health and Safety Regulations
                                                  for the pre-trip (for 30 days) towards the
state the WHMIS certificate should be
                                                  Motor Vehicle Branch Air Endorsement
renewed annually.
CEFAID 744       4 hrs                    $69	    Prerequisite: Participants must have a
 	                                                valid Class 5 BC Driver’s License with no
HAZ	 Sept	17	    		                (Fr)	9-1pm	
TER		 Oct	14		   		              (Th)	6-10pm	
                                                  outstanding charges.
HAZ	 Oct	15	     		                (Fr)	9-1pm	    Note: Canadian Standards Association
SMI	 Oct	15	     		                (Fr)	1-5pm	    approved safety footwear is required for the
RUP	 Oct	30	     		               (Sa)	9-1pm	     practical instruction.
TER	 Dec	9	      		        (Th)	8:30-12:30pm	
SMI	 Dec	10	     		                (Fr)	9-1pm	    CETRAN 701     22 hrs                   $269
This	 course	 is	 available	 through	 contract	   HAZ		 Sep	17-Sep	19	                        	
                                                                                   (Fr)	6-10pm	
training	at	all	NWCC	campuses.	Contact	your	      	     	         	       (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm		
local	campus	for	more	information.                TER	 Oct	12-Oct	16	                         	
                                                                                (Tu-Fr)	6-10pm	
                                                  	     	         	          (Sa)	8:30-5:30pm		
                                                  HAZ	 Mar	25-Mar	27	                         	
                                                                                   (Fr)	6-10pm	
                                                  	     	         	       (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm		
                                                  KIT	 Dates	TBA		

  0                           Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                           C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                             Traffic Control Flagging
WORKSAFE TRAINING                            The Traffic Control Flagging course is
                                             required for those monitoring, controlling
MODULES                                      and directing traffic in and around
Northwest Community College is a             maintenance and construction areas.
proud member of the WorkSafeBC               This course provides in-depth coverage
Education       Network.        These        of the skills and information needed to
WorkSafeBC certified classes are             become a qualified traffic control flag
designed to reduce worksite injury           person. Successful completion of class
and ensure a culture of safety               participation and examination result in a
within worksites. For each program,          British Columbia Safety Network Flagging
participants receive a certificate and       certificate valid for three years. Students
0.5 unit credit towards the elective         spend both scheduled days gaining practical
component of the Occupational                experience with a qualified instructor or
Health & Safety Program at the               Master Trainer. Successful participants must
British Columbia Institute of                pass a written exam and practical evaluation.
Technology (BCIT).                           Graduates earn proof of completion training
CEFAID 743              $119 each            documentation under the new program,
                                             and become part of a provincial database
Preventing Violence in the
                                             that documents trainers and Traffic Control
Workplace                                    Persons.
                                             Note: Students are required to wear
TER	Oct	21	       (Th)	8:30-5:30pm	          Canadian Standards Association approved
RUP	Oct	29	             (Fri)	9-4pm	         steel-toed or composite-toed boots that
                                             are above the ankle. Participants are outside
                                             both days. Dress according to the weather.
Joint Occupational Health &
                                             CETRAN 704         16 hrs                      $279
                                             TER		 Sept	25-Sept	26	    (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	
TER	Nov	25	       (Th)	8:30-5:30pm           KIT	 Oct	16-Oct	17	       (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	
                                             This	 course	 is	 available	 through	 contract	
Supervisor Safety Management                 training	at	all	NWCC	campuses.	Contact	your	
                                             local	campus	for	more	information.

                                                     GET WHAT YOU WANT!
                                                     If you don’t see the course you
                                                     want or the course you want is
                                                     being offered at another campus, let
                                                     your local Continuing Education
                                                     & Industry Training department
                                                     know. Upon sufficient demand, the
                                                     course will be scheduled.

 Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

Building Service Worker Level 1                     Building Service Worker Level 2
More and more employers require potential           This class teaches students theory and
custodial employees to have some formal             practical experience in floor care. Students
service worker training. This course is an          learn the latest techniques in maintaining
introduction to the skills required to work         and refinishing hard floors. Topics include
in the building service custodial field.            hard floor stripping, refinishing and shine
Topics include: basic cleaning procedures,          maintenance, types of floor sealers and
interior office cleaning, ground rules for          finishes, and how to apply them. Learn
custodians, restroom cleaning and daily floor       to use and store chemicals safely. Students
maintenance. The course includes theory             participate in on-site floor stripping and
and practical demonstration of techniques.          refinishing.
A certificate is issued upon successful             Prerequisite: Building Service Worker
completion of the class.                            Level 1.
Prerequisite: Grade 10 English and                  CEPSTR 703        20 hrs                   $299
writing.                                            TER		   Oct	1-Oct	3	                (Fr)	6-10pm		
CEPSTR 702        20 hrs                   $299     	       	                  (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm		
                                                    HAZ	    Oct	22-Oct	24		             (Fr)	6-10pm		
HAZ	    Sept	24-Sept	26		                       	
                                     (Fr)	6-10pm	   	       	                  (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	
	       	                   (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm		   TER		   Dec	3-Dec	5	                (Fr)	6-10pm		
TER		   Sept	24-Sept	26		                       	
                                     (Fr)	6-10pm	   	       	                  (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm		
	       	                   (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	    TER		   Feb	25-Feb	27	              (Fr)	6-10pm		
TER		   Nov	26-Nov	28	                          	
                                     (Fr)	6-10pm	   	       	                  (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm		
	       	                   (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	    TER		   May	6-May	8	                (Fr)	6-10pm		
TER		   Feb	18-Feb	20	               (Fr)	6-10pm	
                                                	   	       	                  (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	
	       	                   (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm	
TER		   Apr	29-May	1		               (Fr)	6-10pm	
	       	                   (Sa/Su)	8:30-5:30pm

                               Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Fall Protection                                     Inland Spill Response
This course is designed for workers who             This field course deals with the prevention
require a thorough understanding of fall-           and response of the release of petroleum
from-height hazards and issues on the               hydro-carbon into the environment. It
worksite. The course addresses human                also covers chemical characteristics and
and legal requirements for fall protection;         behaviour of fuel in addition to safety.
introduces the principles and proper procedures     CEFAID 770
for several types of fall protection systems;       This	 course	 is	 available	 through	 contract	
teaches the proper selection, usage,                training	at	all	NWCC	campuses.	Contact	your	
limitations,    maintenance        and    daily     local	campus	for	more	information.
inspection of Personal Fall Arrest
Systems through hands-on exercises; and             Coastal Spill Response
uses anchorages, connectors, and full body          This two-day course begins with
harnesses. Upon successful completion,              participants becoming familiar with oil
students are certified for three years.             spill legislation in Canada. Participants gain
Note: The course references WorkSafeBC              awareness of various sources of marine
and Canadian Standard Association fall              spills and the characteristic of oil and
protection equipment standard.                      water. Emphasis is on safety, to both the
                                                    environment and the responder. Initial spill
CEFAID 726      8 hrs                    $225
                                                    site safety assessments are demonstrated
TER	 Oct	19	    	            (Tu)	8:30-5:30pm	
                                                    and oil spill responder health and safety is
KIT	 Nov	22	    	           (Mo)	8:30-5:30pm	
TER	 Dec	14	    	            (Tu)	8:30-5:30pm       examined at length. The afternoon session
                                                    consists of theory and teaching of various
Wildland Firefighting Training                      techniques of containment, recovery and
This program prepares individuals for               storage of the product. The first day ends
entry level employment in the wildland              with a demonstration and discussion on
firefighting industry. A number of safety           the decontamination of the shore- line,
certificates will be offered as part of this        equipment and most importantly the
overall program. Candidates must be in              responders.
good physical condition, be 18 years of age         The second day consists of a full
or older, and have a good attitude towards          mock drill with teams assigned to
working with others. Participants must have         1) Shoreline crew, 2) Marine crew – on
their own transportation and are required to        small shoreline skimmer boats and much
bring sturdy, leather boots, a bagged lunch         larger skimmer- the Eagle Bay, 3) DECON
and appropriate outdoor clothing.                   crew, and 4) Inventory supervisor.
Note: Food and accommodation are NOT                Note: Day 2 is very interactive and requires
included. Some students may be eligible for         participants to have proper outdoor
funding through the Employment Skills               apparel, plus steel-toe waterproof footwear.
Access program.                                     Participants should be fit. They will spend
CEFAID 800      35 hrs                 $2,600
                                                    the entire day walking on slippery, uneven
                                                    surfaces, in all kinds of weather.
SMI	 Sept	27-Oct	8	       (Mo-Fr)	8:30-4:30pm	
SMI	 Apr	11-Apr	20		      (Mo-Fr)	8:30-4:30pm       CENRES 762        14 hrs                      $750
                                                    RUP	 Dates	TBA	 		                    8:30-4:30pm

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

EMERGENCY SERVICES                                Propane Construction Heaters
                                                  Workers who use propane on construction
                                                  sites or in warehouses need to understand
                                                  the special uses it has there. Increase
In 2009, the Terrace Fire Department spear-
                                                  your skills in safely operating propane
headed the construction of a new multi-use
                                                  construction heaters. This course covers
training facility at NWCC Terrace campus.
                                                  Propane Storage and Handling Code
The facility supports the emergency services
                                                  requirements concerning the handling,
and industrial training needs of stakeholders
                                                  storage, transporting, and installation of
in the region by providing on-site training
                                                  propane cylinders and the safe use and
in addition to courses at regional campuses.
                                                  installation of construction heaters and hand
This eliminates the high cost of travel that
                                                  held propane torches. Tuition includes five
currently prohibits most rural communities
                                                  free “Important Tips for Using Propane at
from accessing required training. To sched-
                                                  Construction Sites” pamphlets.
ule one or more of the following courses,
contact Sue-Ann Norton in the Terrace             Call	today	to	express	your	interest!
Campus Continuing Education & Industry
Training Department at 250.638.4777 or            Pump Operator and
snorton@nwcc.bc.ca.                               Equipment Staging Level 1
                                                  Students will gain hands-on training in the
                                                  use of vehicle mounted pumps. Basic vehicle
Fire Extinguisher Training                        maintenance, basic pump operations and
This course teaches the practical hands on        driver responsibilities will be covered. Water
application of a portable fire extinguisher.      supply availability will be reviewed and
A brief classroom session touches on              best selection and best practice use of each
the five different classes of fire and their      water supply will be discussed. Different
characteristics, as well as the fire triangle     basic pumping scenarios will challenge the
and the physical properties of a portable         students.
fire extinguisher. After learning theory, the
                                                  Call	today	to	express	your	interest!
class use a live fire training system outside.
Each student apply the classroom theory            	
by extinguishing one or several controlled        Confined Space Awareness
fires.                                            To comply with WorkSafeBC regulations,
                                                  plant    managers,      supervisors,    safety
Call	today	to	express	your	interest!
                                                  professionals, and industrial hygienists have
                                                  the responsibility to ensure procedures for
Intro to Firefighting                             safe entry into confined spaces are in place.
This course provides entry-level fire             Do your workers enter confined spaces such
service personnel with an understanding           as ship holds, sewers, tunnels, pipelines silos
of the dangers associated with emergency          and vats? Are you in compliance?
operations.Topics include the basic functions     Call	today	to	express	your	interest!
of a fire department, personal protective
equipment, small tools, communications,
water supply and the incident command
Call	today	to	express	your	interest!

                              Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                          C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

               Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                 C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                    Management & Corporate
 ONLINE TRAINING                                      • Alternative Dispute Resolution
Check out some of the certificates NWCC               • CORE Mediation Certificate
offers online....                                     • Corporate Governance and Ethics
                                                      • Leadership and Legacy: Seven Steps
Healthcare & Fitness
                                                        to Leading High Achieving Teams
  • Administrative Dental Assistant
                                                      • Lean Mastery
  • Fitness Business Management
                                                      • Management for IT Professionals
  • Medical Transcription
                                                      • Management Training
  • Nutrition for Optimal Health,
                                                      • Microsoft Vista Business
     Wellness, and Sports
  • Personal Fitness Trainer                        Skilled Trades & Industrial
  • Women’s Exercise Training and                     • Chemical Plant Operations
                                                      • Freight Broker/Agent Training
Business & Professional                               • Home Inspection Certificate
  • Bookkeeping the Easy Way with                     • HVAC Technician
     Quickbooks                                       • Modern Automotive Service
  • Certified Bookkeeper                                  Technician
  • Certified Global Business                         • Oil Refinery Operations
     Professional                                     • Paper Mill Operations
  • Certified Wedding Planner                         • Power Plant Operations
  • CORE Mediation Certificate                        • Pulp Mill Operations
  • Corporate Governance and Ethics
                                                    Media & Design
  • Principles of Private Investigation
                                                      • Business Marketing Design
  • Travel Agent Training
                                                      • Digital Arts Certificate
IT &   Software Development                           • Graphic Design Certificate
  •    3ds max                                        • Interior Design
  •    AutoCAD 2009                                   • Video Game Design and
  •    Cisco® CCENT™ Authorized •
       eBusiness Certificate                          • Web Database Developer
  •    Forensic Computer Examiner                     • Website Design
  •    Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support
                                                    Hospitality & Gaming
                                                      • Casino Baccarat Dealer
  •    Microsoft Certified Application
       Specialist Training (MCAS)                     • Casino Blackjack Dealer
  •    Microsoft Certified Database                   • Casino Poker Dealer
       Administrator (MCDBA)                          • Certified Wedding Planner
                                                      • Fitness Business Management
  •    Microsoft Certified Technology
                                                      • Hospitality and Casino Management
       Specialist: SQL Server 2005 (MCTS)

       Call 1.877.277.2288 to register today!                                                      

                                                  Mobile Pre-Employment
 MOBILE TRAINING                                  Heavy Equipment Operator
                                                  Simulator Training
                                                  This mobile unit can be brought to your
Mobile Safety Training Unit                       community to train members on the
Save on expensive hotel fees, meals, and          safety features and hand-eye coordination
travel by having the NWCC Mobile Safety           necessary to work as a Heavy Equipment
Training Unit Safety deliver safety training      Operator. Participants have the opportunity
directly to you.This vehicle is fully equipped    to try their hand on a Front End Wheel
to deliver courses in your community or at        Loader, Excavator, and Off Highway Truck.
your job site – no matter how remote.             All training takes place on realistic simulators
Courses offered include...                        utilizing HD laptops, steering wheels,
                                                  shifters, and gas, break, and clutch pedals.
 •   Occupational First Aid Level 1               It’s fun, it’s safe, and it prepares participants
 •   Transportation Endorsement                   with job ready skills. Included in the
 •   WHMIS                                        program are industry related certificates
                                                  such as: Occupational First Aid Level 1,
 •   Bear Awareness
                                                  Transportation Endorsement, WHMIS,
 •   Transportation of Dangerous Goods            and Heavy Duty Equipment Safety &
 •   And much more                                Awareness.
Call your local campus today                      Simulator training...
for a quote!                                       • Improves training results
                                                   • Increases employee and vehicle safety
                                                   • Reduces wear and tear on machinery
                                                   • Decreases long-term costs

                                                  Call your local campus today
                                                  for a quote!

               TAKE YOUR TOWES!
               NWCC is proud to be a designated provider of TOWES (Test of Workplace
               Essential Skills), a nationally accepted test that measures essential skills in
               the workplace.Take TOWES to improve your job prospects; employers feel
               more comfortable hiring and paying a worker accordingly when they are
               ensured the worker has the essentials skills to do the job properly. Call for
               more information. See the back cover of this calendar for contact info.

                            Go to ceit.nwcc.bc.ca for the most current course information!
                                C O N T I N U I N G E D U CAT I O N & I N D U S T R Y T R A I N I N G

                                                   NWCC’s Continuing Education &
 CONTRACT                                          Industry department is a certified training
                                                   agency for:
 TRAINING                                             • WorkSafeBC (WorkSafe, WHMIS,
                                                        First Aid)
Our flexible delivery methods allow                   • Transport Canada (Marine Training)
training to be customized to you and your             • TourismBC (Serving It Right,
business’s needs. Courses can be delivered              WorldHost)
in the classroom or onsite. Whether you are           • Ministry of Health (Foodsafe)
looking to schedule a program listed in this          • Red Cross (CPR Level ‘C’, CPR
calendar, or a specialized course specific to           Level ‘C’ for HCP, Childcare First
your workplace, we can create a training                Aid and CPR, Wilderness &
solution for you.                                       Remote First Aid, Marine Advanced
When you make the decision to train with                First Aid)
Northwest Community College (NWCC),                   • ICBC (Airbrakes Endorsement,
you can expect:                                         Driver Training)

  • Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable             Contact the NWCC Continuing
    administrative staff                           Education & Industry Training office at
                                                   your local campus for more information.
  • Qualified instructors who are experts
                                                   See the back cover of this calendar for
    in their field
                                                   contact info.
  • Flexible delivery options to meet
    yours and your organization’s needs
    and budget

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                  was certified by the Forest Stewardship
                  Council (FSC). The Forest Stewardship
                  Council guarantees the paper comes
                  from well-managed forests, controlled
                  sources and recycled wood and fibre.


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