Student Spouses Club - Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

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					            Student Spouses Club - Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes
                           Wednesday, October 5th
                            USU Cafeteria – 6:30pm

                                Orders of the Day

I.     Call to Order- 6:40pm
II.    Introductions by members present
III.   Executive Board Officer’s Reports
       a. President:        Molly Grasso
                        1. Welcome!
                        2. Last Call for dues
                        3. What can SSC do for you?-Email us improvement suggestions
       b. Vice President: Sarah Wirthlin
                 i. Update-Stay tuned for the upcoming Info Session
       c. Treasurer:        Rachel Darling
                 i. Report on receipts, disbursements, and account balance
                ii. Collection of receipts for reimbursement
               iii. Collection of Dues
       d. Secretary:        Jana Farnsworth
                 i. Update-Fill out an application & join SSC 
IV.    Committee Chair Reports
       a. Adult Social: Eva Burns-Upcoming Thursdays!!
                 Thursday, October 13th 5:30 Mon Ami Gabi- French Restaurant
                    Please join me for yummy French treats, drinks, and of course
                    laughs! Feel free to bring a friend and/or spouse. Moni Ami Gabi is
                    located in Bethesda at 7239 Wondmont Ave.

                 Thursday, October 20th 6:30 Pumpkin Carving
                  Grab a pumpkin and knife so we can get together to chat and create
                  some Halloween masterpieces. Please bring a snack to share too.
                  Event will be at Meridian on the First Floor. Address: 5230
                  Tuckerman Lane North Besthesda 20852. Metro to Grosvenor

                 Thursday, October 27th 6:00 Rock Bottom Brewery Happy Hour
                  Can't wait to see you there! Located at 7900 Norfolk Ave.

                  Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any ideas or
                  questions. My number is 206.377.9099.

       b. Fundraising: Alex Zack
              i. USU Holiday Party 2011- Mark your calendars! FRIDAY DEC 9TH
                  11:30-2:30. Helpers needed! Catered lunch, Santa & a Candy Cane
       c. Membership: Dana Beam- Planning a January Membership Activity. Any
          ideas? Email
       d. Parent-Tot:     Tamara Roadfuss- Halloween Party! USUHS @11. Trick or
          Treating at 12. RSVP to Evite this week!
       e. Parties:        Annalisa Perez- Great Fall Party! Emma Matthews won
          volunteer raffle
       f. Publications: Tamara Roadfuss- Look for upcoming newsletter
       g. Sunshine:       Jenny Markol- Volunteer for upcoming meals!
       h. Men’s Group: Dustin Jindra- Scary Frightening Halloween Activities ahead
V.     Orders of the Day
       a. Unfinished Business
VI.    Announcements
VII.   Meeting Adjourned for Game Night!

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