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Magazine for Streetwear_ Sneaker


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									Magazine for Streetwear, Sneakers,
Skateboarding and Fashion

as of August 2011
        Bright – The Magazine

        Over the past five years Bright has developed into
a firm fixture on the European trade show calendar. The
last event in july 2011 welcomed more than 300 exclusive
exhibitors and 15.000 trade visitors.
        With Bright Magazine the event organisers publish
a magazine that focuses primarily on the streetwear, snea-
kers, fashion and skateboarding/boardsport segments,
as well as covering the associated subjects of culture, art,
music, lifestyle, sport and business. Bright Magazine focuses
on these connections and provides a framework for the
        The magazine is an extension of the Bright event
and includes trade show highlights, accompanying events,
industry and product information, as well as communica-
ting trends and opinions from the scene.
        The target group of Bright Magazine consists of
national and international retailers, industry professionals
and opinion leaders from the worlds of culture, music,
marketing, fashion and graphic design.
        Facts and Specs                                                  Dates

Publication ______ twice a year (January 2012 / June 2012)       Release date __________________________________ 02.01.2012
Print run ____________________________________ 20.000 copies     Advertisement cut-off ___________________________ 12.12.2011
Page count ____________________________________ 120 pages        Artwork deadline _______________________________ 05.12.2011
Language _________________ 10.000 german / 10.000 english
Size ____________________ 230 mm x 280 mm (+3mm bleed)
Files _______________________________ PDF X-3 (CMYK) 300dpi
                                                                         Advertisement Rates

        Distribution                                             2/1 page ____________________________________ 4.000,– Euro
                                                                 1/1 page ____________________________________ 2.500,– Euro

international and national retailers ___________ 5000 copies     Inside front cover _____________________________ 3.200,– Euro
200 international retail shops ___________________ 20 copies     Inside back cover ____________________________ 3.200,– Euro
50 european sales agencies and showrooms ____ 10 copies          Outside back cover __________________________ 3.500,– Euro
to visitors during the Bright __________________ 10.000 copies
                                                                         Please feel free to discuss other ways of being inte-
                                                                 grated such as advertorials or product placement with us!

                                                                 All pricing not including VAT

Bright GmbH &Co Kg
Hohenstaufenstrasse 13 – 27
60327 Frankfurt / Germany
Phone +49 (0)69 / 669 621 58
Fax +49 (0)69 / 976 094 82

Marco Aslim
+49 (0)69 669 621 58

        Editor in chief
Sven Fortmann

        Art direction
Tobias Friedberg

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