Setting Up A Printer with “Print IP”

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					Setting Up A Printer with “Print IP”
  1. Before starting, you must be logged in as an administrator of the box: “ka.intern
     group” (all Interns) or as a member of the “ka staff group” (all teachers).
  2. Insure the printer is connected to the network via an internal or external print
     server (look for a network cable connecting the printer to the network).
  3. Determine the IP of the printer to be configured. This is taped to the printer if it
     has been previously configured for the network. If no IP shows on the computer,
     use the print menu on the printer to print a configuration sheet or push the
     configuration button on the local print server.

  1.  Start>Settings>Printers & Faxes
  2.  Click “Add Printer” button (usually at left)
  3.  Next
  4.  Select “Local Printer attached to this computer” (doesn’t sound right but it is)
  5.  Deselect “Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer”
  6.  Next
  7.  Select “Create a new port” radio button at bottom of panel, then select “Standard
      TCP/IP Port” in the drop down menu located to right of radio button
  8. Next
  9. Next
  10. Enter the printer IP address which should be in the format of: (where
      “xxx” is replaced by an identifying number between 3 and 255)
  11. Next
  12. Finish
  13. Select “Have Disk”
  14. Browse to the Tech drive for the correct printer driver or insert the printer CD and
      select the correct printer driver (usually *.inf)
  15. Next
  16. Give the printer a name: ka-room#-printer model
  17. Select whether or not this is the default printer by checking the correct radio
  18. Next
  19. Insure the “Do not share this printer” radio button is selected
  20. Next
  21. Yes
  22. Next
  23. Finish
  24. The printer should print a test page. If not, begin troubleshooting.

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