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Rowing Quotes


									Rowing Quotes
                                        “Drop The Hammer”- Race Trigger
One of the unique aspects of
                                        "Rowing is the only sport that originated
rowing is that novices strive to        as a form of capital punishment." -- Old
perfect the same motions as             Rowing Truism
Olympic contenders. Few other
                                        "Races are won by those who refuse to
sports can make this claim. In          be beaten." -- Unknown
figure skating, for instance, the
novice practices only simple            "As I grow older
moves. After years of training,         I will remember
the skater then proceeds to the         the first light
jumps and spins that make up an         on the water
elite skater's program. But the         at six.
novice rower, from day one,
strives to duplicate a motion that      I will remember
he'll still be doing on the day of      the early sun
the Olympic finals." -- Brad            the will to win
Alan Lewis                              the strength
                                        in my arms
Not everybody wins, and                 and the power
certainly not everybody wins all        of the crew.
the time.
But once you get into your boat         As I grow older
and push off, tie into your shoes       I will remember
and                                     how I always reached
footstretchers, then "lean on the       beyond myself
oars," you have indeed won far          in everything I did.
more than those who have never
                                        And how today
tried. (Unknown)
                                        I still do."
"Rowing is a sport for dreamers. As
                                        "When one rows it is not the rowing
long as you put in the work, you
                                        which moves the ship:
can own the dream. When the work
                                        rowing is only a magical ceremony
stops, the dream disappears."
                                        by means of which one
-Jim Dietz, Rowing Coach, USCGA
                                        compels a demon to move the ship."
"Anyone who has not rowed in a really
close boatrace cannot comprehend the
level of pain." -- Dan Topolski         Flatter me, and I may not believe you
                                        Criticize me, and I may not like you
Ignore me, and I may not forgive you                       "I have really come to appreciate how
Encourage me, and I may not forget                         much I enjoy being married with
                                                           children... It gives me a chance balance
you. -William Arthur Ward                                  in training & prevents me from going
                                                           insane. A break is always necessary to
The feel of a good row stays with you hours afterward.
                                                           recharge the motivational batteries that
Your muscles glow, your mind wanders from the papers
on you desk and goes back, again and again, to that
                                                           are required to perform well. Having my
terrific power piece at the end of the workout when it     family at all of the regattas is really nice
felt as if you and the boat were flying, as if your legs   because it puts into perspective the
were two cannons and your arms were two oars and the       importance of racing. It actually relaxes
great lateral muscles of your back were pterodactyl        me to have my family around me right
wings and the brim of your baseball cap was a harpoon.     before I actually race it. My children
                                                           and my wife keep my mind occupied
-- Barry Strauss
                                                           with family things, so I don't work
                                                           myself up too much before a
                                                           competition. I am able to think about
"Sometimes it is really hard to sit in the                 the upcoming race$ how I'd like to race
single and go for a row. I think this is                   it, but I don't over-think it." -- Xeno
really normal. I, like probably a lot of                   Muller
people, burn out every once in a while.
What I have learned from my own
                                                           "As some species of plants need to be
experience is that there are two reasons
                                                           burned to the ground in order for them
for it to happen. It is that I am either
                                                           to later flourish, I needed to have my
physically tired or mentally tired. If
                                                           ass handed to be in order to get it into
either of these are the case, the wisest
                                                           gear for the upcoming Sydney Olmpics.
decision is to blow off practice. Blowing
                                                           Now, I'm on a mission…" -- Xeno
off practice is healthy. I didn't
understand that until I was so burnt
out that I wanted to make scrap
material out of my single and my oars."
-- Xeno Muller                                             It's a great art, is
"Although logging workouts seems to be
                                                           rowing. It's the
a very simple action, it is often
forgotten. Once several days go by, it is                  finest art there is.
                                                           It's a symphony of
hard to remember what was done on a
particular day. After working out for
several months, you will feel an
unbelievable sense of achievement when                     motion. And when
flipping through the pages of the log
book. You should also notice a sign of                     you're rowing well
improvement. 'Material proof' can be
great motivation and will encourage you                    Why it's nearing
to keep on going." -- Xeno Muller
                                                           perfection- And when
"I started rowing in December 1995. The
place was Association Nautique
Faontainbleau in France. A friend of
                                                           you reach perfection
mine from middle school told me that I
should join him 3 times a week for
                                                           You're touching the
rowing because my hands were so big
that I would'nt require oars to row." --
                                                           divine. It touches the
Xeno Muller
                                                           you of yo

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