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					                                Clarke County Schools
                                     P. O. Box 936
                                   155 Cobb Street
                               Grove Hill, Alabama 36451

To:               All Interested Vendors

Subject:          RFP- Basic Maintenance for Internal Connections

RE:               Bid # 2012-01

You are invited to submit a proposal for providing on-site Basic Maintenance for Internal Connections for
at least eight locations within the Clarke County School System.


The Clarke County School System requires an agreement for a Vendor to provide E-rate eligible on-site
maintenance services for funding year July 1, 2012 until June 30, 2013. The contract may be extended for
additional years if is mutually acceptable for both the Clarke County Schools and the vendor.

General Requirements:

The Vendor must propose the hourly rate. All submissions must use the Proposal Forms provided.

This RFP package consists of the following sections:
         I. General Conditions
         II. Detailed Specifications
         III. Proposal Forms

The following is the required schedule of events for this project. The schedule may change depending on
the results of the responses and a final schedule will be established prior to contracting with the successful
Event                                                                    Date
1. Release of RFP                                                  January 17, 2012

2. Deadline for Proposal Submission                                February 16, 2012
3. Evaluation of Responses                                       February 17-24, 2012
4. Determine feasibility and funding                               February 24, 2012


All correspondence and inquires regarding this RFP must be addressed to:
Richard Prine
Clarke County Board of Education
P.O. Box 867
133 Mayton Drive
Jackson, Alabama 36545
(251) 246-1930

Please do not fax correspondence or inquiries.

Basis of Award:

In keeping with the guidelines of USAC, this RFP will be awarded to the most cost effective provider.
Prices will be the primary factor, but not necessarily the sole factor, in evaluating the RFP’s. Other factors
of consideration may be; management capability, prior experience, including past performance; and
personnel qualifications, including technical excellence. The Clarke County School System does not
guarantee any award of contract by submitting an RFP.

                             Factor                                               Weight
Price of Eligible Services                                           40%
Personnel Qualifications                                             20%
Vendor Office Locations ( within 125 mile radius of Clarke           15%
  County Board of Education, Grove Hill, AL)
Management capability                                                15%
Prior Experience                                                     10%
                                                        TOTAL:       100%

                                         I. General Conditions
The following are the General Conditions for the work to be performed as outlined in the Detailed

1. Scope of Work:

  It is understood that The Vendor shall provide personnel that are qualified to perform the tasks required
  by this contract. All necessary supplies and materials required to perform the tasks are to be provided by
  the Clarke County School System on an as needed basis through existing contracts or purchasing
  mechanisms. Vendors are responsible for all tools that are necessary to complete the work.

  Any work necessary to be performed after regular working hours, on weekends or legal holidays, shall be
  performed without additional expense to the Clarke County School System, unless the weekend or
  holiday work due to a delay caused by the Clarke County School System.

2. Location of Sites:

  The location of the work is on the following property owned by Clarke County School System.
            School Name                             Address                     CITY          STATE

Clarke County Board of Education          155 Cobb Street                Grove Hill          AL
Grove Hill Elementary School              450 Cobb Street                Grove Hill          AL
Wilson Hall Middle School                 401 Carter Drive               Grove Hill          AL
Clarke County High School                 151 South Church Street        Grove Hill          AL
Gillmore Elementary School                133 Mayton Drive               Jackson             AL
Jackson Intermediate School               2950 Hwy 43                    Jackson             AL
Jackson Middle School                     235 College Ave                Jackson             AL
Jackson High School                       324 Stanley Drive              Jackson             AL

3. Protection in General:

  The Vendor shall protect all buildings, furniture, equipment and personal items from damage. Any
  damaged property shall be repaired or replaced at The Vendor's expense.

4. Change in Contract:

    The Clarke County School System will not be responsible for any change in the work involving extra
    costs unless approval in writing is furnished by the Technology Coordinator and/or Superintendent
    before such work is begun.

5. Existing Conditions:

    The Vendor, in undertaking the work under this contract, is assumed to have visited the premises and
    to have taken into consideration all conditions that might affect this work. No consideration will be
    given to any claims based on a lack of knowledge of existing conditions. A site survey of the premises
    for existing conditions and equipment may be set by contacting Richard Prine at (251) 246-1930.

6. Workmanship:

    All work shall be performed in a professional manner. Personnel from the Clarke County School
    System may observe the work procedures and workmanship of the Vendor, but such observation will
    not relieve the Vendor from any responsibility of performance or constitute acceptance of the work

7. Warranty:

    It is understood that The Vendor is not responsible for the warranty/function of' existing equipment
    already installed at the schools. The Vendor is responsible for the resolution of any problem covered
    under this maintenance agreement. The Vendor must show proof that their employee(s) are certified to
    install cabling components and electronic equipment in order that a warranty can be provided for any
    new equipment or cabling installed.

8.   Funding:

     Award of this proposal will be in conjunction with funding from the Schools and Libraries Universal
     Service Administrative Company. The successful bidder agrees to bill and receive a portion of the
     payment for the provisions of goods and services described herein directly from the Universal Service
     Administrative Company, (“USAC”), and/or the Schools and Libraries Division (“SLD”). Clarke
     County Board of Education and the successful bidder will act in a reasonable manner and comply with
     any Schools and Libraries Universal Service Fund Program requirements. The selected bidder agrees
     to abide by all applicable policies of the Universal Service Discount program. The vendor will include
     its Service Provider Information Number (SPIN) in its proposal.

     The Clarke County Board of Education is applying for E-rate funding for this project. If this project or
     any part thereof is not funded by E-rate, the Clarke County Board of Education reserves the right to
     change or cancel any or all projects or parts thereof. If funding is denied due to vendor error, the
     vendor is obligated and held responsible for providing services outlined in the contract and the Clarke
     County Board of Education will be liable for only their discounted amount. After notification of award
     by the Clarke County Board of Education, the vendor will receive a signed contract for the
     products/services. This signed contract will show the amount of the purchase that is the responsibility
     of the Clarke County Board of Education under the E-rate discount. This contract is totally contingent
     upon the E-rate approval by the SLD. The Clarke County Board of Education personnel will work
     with the vendor to ensure that the proper forms have been filed with the SLD to ensure payment to the
     vendor is made in a timely fashion. The RFP requirements serve as the primary contract and supersede
     any secondary contract.

9. Application for Payment:

     All applications (invoices) for payment shall be submitted to the Clarke County Board of Education
     in compliance with the guidelines of the Schools and Libraries Division and the rules governing the
     Universal Service Administrative Company. The successful bidder shall submit to the Clarke County
     Board of Education the non-discount portion (approximately 15%, actual percentage to be set at filing
     of Form 471) of each invoice. Payment of the district’s portion will be made within 30 days of receipt
     of invoice. The successful bidder shall also bill the Universal Service Administrative Company Fund
     Administrator directly using the SPI - Service Provider Invoice form (FCC Form 474) for the school
     district’s discount portion (approximately 85%, actual percentage to be set at filing of Form 471 ) in
     accordance with the Universal Service Provisions of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996.
     Payment would be made as service is provided and invoices submitted. The total yearly expenses
     incurred regarding the maintenance will depend upon the “as needed basis” for required services.

     In order to aid the Clarke County Board of Education’s management and accounting processes the
     district will require detailed invoices for all work performed. Each invoice must include at a minimum:
           The name or names of the personnel performing the work
           The support request ticket # documented in the vendor work order management system
           The date and time of the work performed
           The duration in hours and/or partial hours of the maintenance for each support request
           The particular system site at which the work was performed (which could be onsite or remote
           The specific equipment, including location/closet within system site, on which maintenance
               was performed
           A statement specifying that the work performed was for
                a.) E-Rate eligible basic maintenance services (or ineligible) and
                b.) On E-Rate eligible equipment
                c.) The cost per hour, the number of hours, and the total billable cost for that support request

   Invoices are to be sent every monthly for the services provided during the previously monthly cycle.
   No services may be performed without a documented request in the vendor work order system.
   Please note: The district cannot procure services in advance of services rendered. New requirements
   from the Sixth Report & Order require that E-Rate reimbursement may be claimed only for eligible
   services actually rendered and not for services procured as an advance “insurance policy”.
   E-Rate eligible invoices must be entirely separate from E-Rate ineligible invoices; ie, single invoice
   may contain services provided under multiple support requests, but must not include E-Rate ineligible
   costs on the same invoice as E-Rate eligible costs. Please confirm your company’s compliance with all
   invoicing requirements.

10. Addenda:

   Any addenda issued after the issue of this RFP shall be covered in the proposal and in closing the
   contract they shall become part thereof.

   If any questions arise within the RFP documents, The Vendor may submit to the Clarke County School
   System, written request for interpretation. Any interpretation of documents will be made by addendum
   to the RFP. Copies of any addendum will be mailed, e-mailed or delivered to each firm receiving the
   RFP set of documents. The Clarke County School System will not be responsible for any other
   explanation or interpretations. The Clarke County School System reserves the right to reject any or all
   proposals and wave technicalities and informalities.

11. Response Submission:

   Responses to this RFP must be submitted in sealed packages and delivered to Richard Prine,
   Technology Coordinator, c/o Ms. Carmen Rotch, Clarke County Board of Education, 155 Cobb Street,
   Grove Hill, Alabama 36451 no later than 1:30 p.m. on February 16, 2012 so that this RFP is in
   compliance with the Federal Communication Commission’s competitive RFP requirement for
   Universal Service Fund (USF) support and services. It is the sole responsibility of the respondents to
   ensure that their responses arrive in a timely manner. The Clarke County School System will reject all
   late arrivals. The Vendor must submit two (2) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy of the response
   along with any required supporting documentation. “RFP Response” should be clearly marked on
   the face of the envelope as well as “Bid# 2012-01” and the opening date of February 16, 2012.
   Failure to comply may cause the RFP to be misdirected and therefore not to be considered. Responses
   must be for the entire project. No substitutions or partial RFP’s will be allowed. Oral, telephone,
   faxed or emailed RFP’s shall not be considered, nor will modifications of RFP’s by such
   communication be considered. The completed RFP form shall be without erasures or alterations.
   Signatures on the proposals shall be in longhand and executed by an individual duly authorized by The
   Vendor to make a contract. RFP’s made out in pencil will NOT be accepted. RFP must be notarized.

12. Withdrawal of Proposal:

   A proposal cannot be withdrawn after it is filed, unless The Vendor makes a request in writing to the
   Clarke County School System prior to the time set for the opening of submitted proposals unless the
   Clarke County School System fails to accept a bid within thirty-five (35) days after the date fixed for
   the opening of proposals.

13. The Vendor’s Qualifications:

   The Vendor must also submit proof that the employees designated to perform maintenance on
   electronic equipment and workstation or server software have been properly trained to perform the

14. Stored Materials:

   Any materials stored on job site shall be The Vendor’s responsibility.

15. Accident Prevention:

   Precautions shall be exercised at all times for the protection of persons (including employees) and
   property and hazardous conditions shall be guarded against or eliminated.

16. Contract Form:

   Upon Contract award and a binding contract signed, the standard written Purchase Order form mailed,
   or otherwise furnished, to the successful Vendor results in a binding contract contingent on the funding
   approval of the SLD.

17. Indemnification:

   The Vendor agrees to hold the Clarke County School System harmless and to indemnify the Clarke
   County School System for every expense, liability or payment arising out of or through injury
   (including death) to any person or persons or damage to property (regardless of whom the owner may
   be of the property) of any place in which work is located arising out of or suffered through any act or
   omission of The Vendor or Subcontractor.

18. The Vendors’ Representative:

   The Clarke County School System reserves the right, with sole discretion, to refuse to allow any
   representative of The Vendor to service the contract in any manner. In this event, The Vendor shall
   furnish another representative that is acceptable to the Clarke County School System. Examples of
   reasons for refusing to allow a Vendor representative to service the contract include, but are not limited

           Use of profanity or abusive language around any school personnel or students.
           Unclean or unkempt appearance.
           Intoxication or obvious drug use.
           Threatening behavior towards any school personnel or students.

   Should the Vendor use subcontractors for portions of the work, the Clarke County School System
   reserves the right to reject any subcontractor without explanations or recourse by The Vendor or

19. Governing Law:

   The RFP and related documents submitted to the Clarke County School System by The Vendor are
   governed under the laws of the State of Alabama.

20. Comprehensive List of References:

   All references should include a contact person, dates of work, mailing address and telephone numbers.
   References must include two (2) or more references of maintenance contracts of similar size and
   complexity within the State of Alabama.

21. Right to Reject:

   a. The Clarke County School System reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals or sections
      thereof when the rejection is in the best interest of the school system. The Clarke County School
      System reserves the right to award without further discussion. Therefore, responses should be
      submitted initially with the most favorable terms that The Vendor proposes. The Clarke County
      School System reserves the right to reject the proposal of a Vendor who has previously failed to
      perform properly or completed on time contracts of a similar nature; and to reject the proposal of any
      Vendor who in the opinion of the Clarke County School System is not in a position to adequately
      perform the contract.
   b. The Clarke County School System reserves the right to reject any or all proposals; any part or parts
      of a proposal, waive any technicalities/informalities, increase or reduce quantities, make
      modifications or specifications, and award any or all of the contract in a manner that is in the best
      interest of the school system. Contracts will be awarded to The Vendor submitting the proposal
      determined to be in the best interests of the Clarke County School System.
   c. In event E-rate funding is not approved by the SLD any/all contracts or agreements shall be null and

22. Price Quotations:

   Price quotations are to include the total cost of all services necessary or proper for the completion of
   the work as may be otherwise expressly provided in the Contract Documents. The Clarke County
   School System will not be liable for any costs beyond those proposed herein and awards. Please be
   advised that public schools are specifically exempted from the payment of Alabama Sales Tax. This
   exemption is found in Section 40-23-4 (11), Code of Alabama 1975 as amended.

   In case of discrepancy in computed proposal prices, the unit price shall govern and the total price shall
   be revised accordingly.

   Price quotes will be for actual hours on-site and do not include any travel time. Any extra expense due
   to travel should be incorporated into the bid price.

23. Federal Communication Commission Compliant:
   All aspects of this project must comply with the Federal Communication Commission’s competitive
   RFP requirement for Universal Service Fund (USF) support and services.

24. Variation in Quantities and Configuration:

   The Customer reserves the right to allocate the number hours to specific categories. However, any
   increases in the total support hours require that the Clarke County School System provide at least 30
   days notice to insure adequate resources are available and scheduled.

25. Terms of Payment:

   All terms of payment are to be a minimum of NET 30 days after the service or maintenance performed.

26. Longevity of Price Quotation:

   Any prices quoted in the bid responses will remain in effect until 7/01/2013 unless the SLD extends
   the E-rate funding window. The prices quoted may be extended for additional years, if the Clarke
   County School System and the Vendor agree.

                                      II. Detailed Specifications

The specifications provided in this section are intended to define the categories of support and the expected
services to be provided in each of those categories.

1. General Maintenance:
    a) Provide accurate records for all work performed including; time, total man hours, work performed,
       location, materials used, serial and model numbers of equipment serviced, moved and or replaced.
    b) Diagnose and repair of network problems.
    c) Install networking equipment required to maintain or enhance network performance.
    d) Provide Microsoft Certified personnel with appropriate credentials to assist with Windows Server
       2008 domain problems as related to network connectivity (DHCP, DNS services, and etc.)
    e) Assist in managing and configuring switches, wireless controllers and access points in order to
       insure the successful delivery of Internet to the classroom.
    f) Assist Clarke County School System personnel in the planning of technology upgrades of the
       network in order to maintain a network that is sufficient to satisfy the needs of the schools.

2. LAN Maintenance:
    a) Troubleshoot and determine the reason for a loss of physical connectivity.
    b) Repair or replace damaged or defective cabling and connecting hardware.
    c) Existing network includes; category 5e and Category 6 cabling, fiber optic connectivity between
       MDFs and IDFs, and wireless controllers and access points. Personnel provided must be
       experienced and proficient working with the components in our existing network.
    d) If changing or repairing any switches or any other LAN device that has configurable settings a
       backup of changed or new configurations shall be saved. The configuration settings shall be saved
       in either electronic format or by a written record.
    e) Maintain a record of all static assigned IP addresses and subnet masks. Insure that any additions or
       changes to IP addresses are incorporated into the records.

                    III. Proposal Form
       Clarke County School System - Bid # 2012-01

                                                           Price/   Total
              Service                         Quantity     Hour     Price
Basic Network
Maintenance contract                          240 Hours

SUBMITTED BY: (Type or Print)





   Sworn and subscribed before me this

   ____________ day of _______________

   Notary Public

                       My commission expires: _________________


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