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					                                                                                     Las Positas College Instructional Program Review, Part II

Discipline/Department: Biology
Division: MSEPS
Date: 10/8/10
Audience: Deans, IPBC, Foundation, IPRC, Vice President of Academic Services, Group(s) responsible for institutional planning
Purpose: The “Program Maintenance Request Form” provides a record of programmatic needs without which student learning objectives
cannot be met. The information you provide will facilitate and focus the process for finding appropriate support. The need(s) identified on this
form should reflect current needs described in Part I of the Program Review and should be things that the program has had in the past or
present that are necessary to operate the program as it is currently structured.
Instructions: Please fill in the following information, as applicable. It is not necessary to complete all boxes.

 What is(are) the need(s)? Please provide a brief description.
(If applicable, you may attach to this form an inventory of your specific needs)

We need to provide adequate facilities to meet student demand for sections, increase student access, and provide excellent
teaching and learning opportunities.

How will meeting this need benefit student learning?

The adequate number and appropriate design of facilities provides physical space for teaching, learning and lab preparation.
The number of classrooms and labs available currently dictates the number of sections available. When an adequate number of
sections are available to meet student demand, student gain access courses they need for their learning needs, whether
academic, vocational, professional, or personal.

Students will use the Human Cadaver Room, the Greenhouse and Biology Learning Center in the new Science Building scheduled
to open in Fall 2012 for many lab activities and class projects. Student access to these rooms increases hands-on learning and
therefore student success.

While we are in transition for the new Science Building, we need to maintain the functionality of our current prep room, student
workroom (Biology Learning Center) and Greenhouse.

      Prep room. Adequate facilities for lab preparation are essential for staff and student assistants to support lab activities.
                                                                              Las Positas College Instructional Program Review, Part II

           Staff and student assistance use this space to store supplies, waste and equipment, budget, plan, and maintain and
           repair equipment. Well-run labs with adequate supplies and equipment are a major contributor to student success.

          Biology Learning Center (currently known as Student Workroom) The Biology Learning Center will provide access for
           up to 12 students at the same time working on microscopes, in addition to another 20-30 other students conducting
           experiments, studying for lab practicals, and working on projects outside of class time. It also needs storage for
           equipment, supplies and technology as stated in the Self Study.

         Greenhouse. Our curriculum requires that biology students have access to study and work on Greenhouse specimens,
          such as plants, algae, fungi and other organisms. This affects all students in Bio 1, Bio 5, Bio 10, Bio 31, Botany 1
          (approximately 1,000 students per year.)

When the new building opens, we must ensure the full facility functionality of the new building (4 new biology labs, the prep
room, and the above student work spaces) and the current building (Lab 1810 and its associated prep area and student work

How will fulfilling this need support the college’s mission, strategic goals/objectives, and/or student learning
outcomes? (Address all that apply)

This need applies to the Strategic Goal of Teaching and Learning by “…providing excellence in teaching, student learning,
services to students, and scholarship by providing state of the art learning facilities, equipment, supplies and resources, and

This need applies to the Strategic Goal of Economic Development by “…offering cutting edge educational opportunities designed
to accelerate the economic development of the Tri-Valley region.” Our new Science Building was funded by the Measure B
bond; this reflects of the community’s supporting of science education.

How we spent the Measure B bond also meets the Strategic Goal of Resource Development and Allocation by “…providing
excellence in the stewardship of the community’s investment in LPC and….applying resources to meet the needs of students,
staff and faculty through strategic assessment and resource allocation.”

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                                                                             Las Positas College Instructional Program Review, Part II

The biology facilities are used for several campus and community events, such as: Learning to Triumph, High School Seniors and
Parents Night, and the Science Open House. This need meets the Strategic Goal of Community Life by providing “…outreach,
partnerships, services and significant contributions … in the Tri-Valley area.”

The Mission of Las Positas is learning-centered and focused on students developing knowledge and skills. This need supports
the college values of promoting lifelong learning.

Will fulfilling this need benefit other areas on campus? If so, how?

Biology labs are used to teach the Surgical Tech 50 summer course and some labs for Health 57.

Biology lab classes are required in preparation for the following pre-professional pathways, certificates and degrees:
 Certificate of Achievement in Administrative Medical Assistant
 Certificate of Achievement in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)-EMT Paramedic
 Certificate of Achievement in Pharmacy Technology
 Career Certificate in Sports Medicine
 Certificate of Achievement in Enology
 Certificate of Achievement in Viticulture
 Viticulture and Enology Preparation for Transfer to UC Davis
 Viticulture and Enology Preparation for Transfer to CSU Fresno
 Program-based GE for AS in Chemistry (Transfer Preparation)
 AS in Emergency Medical Services (EMS)-EMT Paramedic
 AA (Transfer Preparation) in Environmental Studies
 AA in Liberal Arts and Sciences
 AS in Occupational Safety and Health
 AA in Physical Education (Transfer Preparation)
 AA in Psychology (Bio 10 and 31 are recommended electives)
 AS in Surgical Technology
 AS in Viticulture
 AS in Enology

Biology classes also satisfy GE, CSU and IGETC requirements.

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                                                                           Las Positas College Instructional Program Review, Part II

Additional information about this need:

Most of our classes include one to two laboratory sessions (3 to 6 hours of lab) per week. We have two laboratory rooms that
operate continuously from 7:30am to 10:20pm. We are at capacity and are limited in the ability to add sections until the new
Science Building opens. Similarly, the lab prep room and Biology Learning Center (Student Workroom) are too small to support
the amount of preps required and students served.

  Currently, the plans for the new Science Building include the Human Cadaver Room, Greenhouse and the Biology Learning
  Center as alternates. It could be that on bid day these needs are funded, but that is uncertain. Some of our biggest
  concerns result from the following student learning facilities being listed as alternates in the contractor bid:

         An unfurnished Biology Learning Center (eg: no tables, chairs, sink, cabinets, benches, fume hood) means this space
          cannot be used for students until completed.
         An unfurnished Human Cadaver Room (eg: no sink, refrigeration, gurneys, drains) means this room cannot be used
          for cadavers until completed.
         No Greenhouse as part of the base Science Building project

Staff, faculty and students need to have a safe working environment considering their high exposure to chemicals and
biohazards. For example air quality needs to be regularly monitored.

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