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									Ian Flanigan
La Batardière                                             Born October 5, 1970
49280 La Séguinière                                       Bloomington, Indiana
02 41 71 09 82                                            Married, no children
http://www.lean.to/~flan/                                 American citizen
flan@lean.to                                              French work permit

Software Architect/Developer, ideally as a member of a small, dynamic team designing and
implementing a leading-edge product or service.

Programming languages:
   Expert in Java, C, C++, Perl, and JavaScript/DHTML

J2EE tools:
   Eclipse/WSAD, WebSphere, Tomcat, Versata Logic Suite, Apache

   Internet/WWW, application frameworks, application design and documentation, system
   design, configuration management, version/release control, compilers, networking
   protocols and management, GUI design, relational databases, security, embedded systems,
   system administration, AI techniques

   English (native tongue), French (good working knowledge)

Independent Contractor         Jan 2003 – Present
Versata, Inc. Designed and implemented a plug-in for Eclipse/WSAD that works with the
new Versata Logic Studio plug-in to automatically generate JSP test pages for Business Logic
100Watt, LLC Designed and implemented a hierarchy of reusable JavaScript widgets to
facilitate the creation of dynamic web content.
Virtuous, Inc. Updated current PHP-based website. Participated in design of next-generation
Java/J2EE based system.

Internet Software Designer     Sep 2001 – Dec 2002         Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
Designed a J2EE business integration solution for Intel Microelectronic Services that gave
management, employees, and customers’ visibility into the ASIC design and manufacturing
process. Implemented a J2EE application for gathering and validating customer requirements
using Versata’s Transaction Logic Server and Presentation Logic Server. Designed and
implemented several extensions to the Versata Transaction Logic model.
Core Software Designer         Jan 1999 - Dec 2000         Desktop.com, San Francisco, CA
Designed and implemented the core of a complete multi-threaded Operating System in
JavaScript, including: a class-based object system, a hierarchy of GUI component objects, a
persistent object store, on-demand object synchronization between the client and server, a
typed filesystem, an application framework, and live data feeds. Designed a JavaScript
compiler that extended the syntax and functionality of the language. Led the team that
created the second-generation Desktop.com interface in Perl. Created core infrastructure in
Perl, including an XML-conformant template language for use from Perl web applications.
Was a part of the core team that planned the future engineering direction of the company.
Developed plans for incorporating XML and XSL/XSLT into the third generation of the
Desktop.com framework.

Software Engineer              Sep 1997 - Jan 1999    Extempo Systems, Redwood City, CA
Designed and implemented the Extempo World Tool using Visual C++. Designed and
implemented the first generation Imp Character Editor in Access Basic, which allowed
authors to easily create interactive characters that conversed with users through natural
language. Designed a multi-dimensional mood system for influencing how characters
respond. Wrote several character behavior prototypes in Perl.

Web Tools Developer            Jan 1996 - Sep 1997          Bay Networks, Santa Clara, CA
Created the Engineering Support Service web site. Built a web-based trouble ticket system in
Perl using the existing Remedy system as the backend. Created a web-based alpha test
coordination system and network statistic display system. Wrote a template system in Perl
that allowed non-technical authors to change the look and feel of both the trouble ticket and
network statistic systems. Taught shell programming, CGI programming, and HTML.

InteropNet Team Member         1996, 1997                 Networld+Interop, Las Vegas, NV
In 1996, designed and implemented software for controlling a distributed, voice-activated
video conferencing system in five days using C under VxWorks. In 1997, designed and
implemented a real-time web-based network monitoring program using Perl and MySQL.

Research Assistant             1991 - 1994    Applied Research Lab, Washington University
Designed and built portions of a signaling system for Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
networks, specifically a transparent message transport system which chose the fastest
communications channel to the destination. Also developed embedded and application
software for an ATM-based multimedia conferencing system, including an implementation of
AAL5, a packet segmentation and reassembly algorithm.

1988-1994 Washington University, St. Louis, MO

      Master of Science in Computer Science.
      Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Other Interests
Enthusiastic traveler and hiker. Avid cook. Juggler. Currently discovering France and
improving my French. Learning how to make cheese.

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