Planning to Attack the Undergraduate Curriculum Update Initiative by gegeshandong


									                     The Undergraduate Curriculum Update Initiative (OW CA)

   Although there has not yet been full discussion, four content/skill threads concerning “tracking” have
   emerged in the November 2007 circulation of specializations for the website:
        Television News, Radio Production and Online Media
        Convergent Media Design
        PR/Advertising (Integrated Marketing Communications)
        Digital Film, Television, Broadband and Wireless Production
   One product oriented idea was circulated that called for a department-wide production unit which most CA
   students would experience as the culmination of the degree.

Suggested Plan of Attack
   Get consensus on direction of update:
         Are there are too many CA core required course for all and to few sequenced “tracked” courses to
         develop strong specializations?

         Is there any concern that production has become too dominant? …a fear that the learning about media
         (rather than producing it) is being forgotten.
    Inventory faculty credentials, competencies and instructional preferences.
    Examine degree designs at competitive institutions.
    Develop specific learning outcomes for all BFA in CA majors.
    Examine appropriateness of specific outcomes to be reached through online instruction.

    Identify the entry content/skill level for associate degree holders from predominant feeder institutions;
    judge the level of acquisition learning outcomes (scheduling through the degree will differ from that of
    most HS grads).

    Develop specific learning outcomes for each so called “track.” Apply for associate degree holders; apply
    for HS entrants.

Course Development
   Decide to create all new courses or build on existing. If the later:
        Begin with existing course name structure (content can be changed more easily than numbers) to
        eliminate courses and place others, e.g.,
           …Required in the BFA core for students from HS
           …Required in the BFA core for associate degree holders (evaluation of TC may not be sufficient)
           …Available only for students in the track 1-2-3-4
           …Recommended (from a track) be included in a specific track
           …Can be included in any track 1-2-3-4

Campus to Campus
   Attempt to disseminate an outline of approaches and discussions to Manhattan campus to start an early
   planning relationship on basic matters, general directions with respect and blessings for unique, talents,
   facilities, and ideas that are campus based.

    Respectfully submitted AOB 2/08

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