SANDBAG HEADWALL: by HC120226094542


									SANDBAG HEADWALL:                                                                  04-19-05


Furnish and install sandbags formed into a headwall in accordance with the details in the plans,
these provisions and as directed by the Engineer.


Refer to Division 10:

                        Fine Aggregate               Article 1014-1

Use polyester scrim reinforced bags, cotton bags, or plain Kraft paper bags as approved by the

Construction Methods:

Place the sandbag at locations shown on the plans and as directed by the Engineer. The bags,
when filled, shall measure approximately 13" (330 mm) wide, 21" (530 mm) long, and 4"-5"
(100 mm - 124 mm) thick. After the sandbag headwall has served its purpose, remove the
sandbag headwall and dispose of the sand in waste areas furnished by the Contractor.

Method of Measurement:

The quantity of sandbag headwall to be paid for will be the actual number of square feet (square
meters) of headwall which has been incorporated into the completed and accepted work.
Measurement will be made by multiplying the gross height by the gross length and deducting the
area of any opening in the headwall.

Basis of Payment:

The quantity of sandbag headwall, measured as provided for above, will be paid for at the
contract unit price per square foot (square meter) for Sandbag Headwall.

Such price and payment will be full compensation for all work covered by this provision
including but not limited to furnishing and placing all components of the sandbag headwall;
concrete foundation, removing and disposing of the headwall; and materials, labor, equipment
and, incidentals necessary to complete this work.
Payment will be made under:

     Pay Item                               Pay Unit
     Sandbag Headwall                       Square Foot (Square Meter)

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