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									ry Birds a big name in gaming industry broken all records, if you are
here then you already know what's Angry Birds is about. The game is
available for Facebook,PC , Chrome Browser and Mobile Devices. It's a hit
on all platforms. It's has various version available for gamers to
play.The newest is Angry Birds Space.

The above picture looks like the old Red bird, but it's different, it's a
brand new bird for the new version of Angry birds.
Angry birds had an great time on earth, destroying types of enemies like
pigs,monkeys etc. They now headed for the space, the new version is going
to be played in space, everyone is curious about the environment and the
new enemies, but I am most curios about about the new bird in above
picture, that's completely looks so robotic.

It's going to launch on 22 March.

The earlier versions of Angry   birds were also great, the last time Rovio
caught people's attention, it   was the launch of Angry Birds on
Facebook,which is also a hit.   Now Rovio is in the NEWS again because of
their new upcoming version of   Angry birds.

Fans of Angry Birds are extremely excited about the new Angry Birds, I am
sure this will be going to be more thrill than any of earlier version of
the game. The name is enough to make people crazy about it.

In Angry birds, the space was seen last in "Angry Birds Season" in a
Golden Egg level of "Summer Picnic", but it's not important that the look
and feel will be same as that, because if we see the picture on Angry
Birds Space web page, we will get idea about it and see the picture of
Golden Egg level in Seasons.

The tagline of Angry birds Space is "One small fling for a bird, one
quantum leap for birdkind" seems very strong, this time the birds are
going to be more bold than in any versions.

There are lot's of question about this version of Angry Birds, one of the
most asked question is "Is this the final version of Angry Birds" , but I
don't think so, they will be back again, Rovio wouldn't like to
discontinue Angry Birds version, although Rovio is more famous for Angry
birds, so they would not leave the game in same state, and Rovio will
give us more versions of Angry birds.

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