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									                        SUMMER SESSIONS 2012
Luxury Means Creation and Excellence.
In all its dedicated fields - jewelry, watch making, fashion, perfumes, beauty products, hospitality… Luxury
is linked to perfection.
Define Luxury is subjective, it is generally considered as luxurious all that is elegant, sophisticated and
expensive. The spectrum ranges of luxury brands goes from world-famous brands to more confidential
handcraft “Houses”. Thus, consumers of luxury products and services are concerned to both quality and
standard of processing.

Key figures of the International Luxury Market
    12% increase in 2010, valued over 172 billion €
    Estimated increase for 2011, 8% (valued about 185Mds €)
    Between 2011 and 2014 about 5% to 6% increase per year
    China market increases over 30% per year
    North America, Western Europe and Japan still represent 80% of the market

EIML Paris a unique school of its own in France that offers a five-year higher education program from
Bachelor to Master’s level. Created in collaboration with the major economic players in the luxury
sector, the program provided at EIML Paris trains managers to be and is particularly suited to those
seeking a career with high responsibilities in various sectors:
Purchasing: Raw material Buyer, Merchandiser Products Manager, Retail Operator…
Marketing: Product Manager, Marketing Survey Consultant, E-marketing Projects Manager, Category
Communication: Press and Media Officer, Event Communication Manager, Public Relations Officer,
Media planner…

In Paris, the world capital of the Luxury industry, you will realize that Luxury is above all a unique art of
know-how. Retailing Luxury products and services requires a deep knowledge of quality.
Thanks to our programs, your skills and competencies in the understanding of the specificities codes
and language of this will increase.
Candidates’ profiles can be very diverse. Above and utmost is to care for aesthetic, perfection in the
products and the services be creative, have a taste for communication and skill analysis of patterns and
trends, be sensitive to the arts and letters.

LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: Courses are taught in English

30 working hours per session
25 hours of teaching
3 hours of company visits
2 hours of cultural visit
5 hours of individual work

2 years of successful higher education or having earned a Bachelor degree or an equivalent
English proficiency proof document (English tests or a recommendation letter from your current school)
Certificate of completion is given upon completion of all assignments demanded by professors such as
QCM, group work, case studies. Active participation to classes and company visits are mandatory
Students can be granted 2 ECTS (credits) for the courses taken during the Summer Session. Approval from the
home institution is required.

6h of teaching per day - 30h working hours per week
    25h of teaching
    2h of a cultural visit
    3h of a company visit
The summer session is divided into 4 modules; each can be attended independently.
The course covers areas such as Introduction to history of products, consumer behavior, international
marketing and retailing
The student will have the opportunity to consolidate the theoretical approach with the company visits
allowing the students to meet professionals.

These summer sessions provide excellent support for those planning a career in the Luxury industry by
acquiring fundamentals the Luxury business.
In addition, students can transfer up to 8 credits to their home institution.

Administration fees: 30 € non refundable
+ One Summer Session
Tuition fees: 750 €
  Fees are digressive when applying for more than one session
2 summer courses: 1350 €
3 summer courses: 1750 €
The entire program: 2000 €

Tuition fees include
   Course materials and 3 company visits
   Coffee breaks
   Icebreaker cocktail

APPLICATION DEADLINE JUNE           10th, 2012

Studying and living in France will make the difference to better discover
and grasp the distinctive French way of life

   A weekly transportation NavigoPass (inner Paris zone 1 and 2): 18,85 €
   a meal at a fast-food restaurant: 6 €
   a meal at a local restaurant: from 10 to 20 €
   a cinema ticket, student rate: 7 €
   an entrance to a museum: 5 - 10 €
   one month public transportation ticket: 56 €
   a sandwich: 4 €
   a coffee: 2 €
   a baguette: 1 €
   a croissant: 1 €
   a Vélib’ city bike: €1 per day in Paris, and free for the first 30 minutes
   a walk along the Seine… Free


In Paris you will find countless spots to grasp the French way of life…

When not in class, you will enjoy cafes and restaurants throughout the city, experience the culinary side
of French culture with fine wine and food, explore France's artistic and architectural heritage with visits to
world-class museums like the Louvre, d'Orsay and Pompidou Centre, and monuments like the Arc de
Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame.

Several location in Paris are dedicated to Fashion and Design

The Avenue Montaigne, based in the ‘’golden triangle’’ in the 8th district. You can find there the most
beautiful boutiques of high fashion’s biggest names: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Dior, Prada,
Prada, Nina Ricci, Fendi, Celine, Ungaro, Jimmy Choo, Max Mara, Emilio Pucci, Escada, Chloé...

Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré that cuts across the 8th district east to west. Like Avenue Montaigne it
holds prestigious boutiques: Gucci, Prada, Lanvin, Cartier, La Perla, Chanel, Hermès, Valentino, Lancôme,
Yves Saint Laurent, Boucheron, Dolce&Gabbana…

You may also find Dior, Gérard Darel, Fendi, Versace, Rochas, Guy Laroche on the streets Rue Royale
and Rue François 1er.

                                         Place Vendôme is home to numerous renowned jewelers:
                                         Boucheron, Chaumet, Mauboussin, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier,
                                         Chanel, Dior…

                                         Recently, luxury brands have starter setting up boutiques in Saint
                                         Germain des Prés and brands such as Armani, Christian Lacroix,
                                         Louis Vuitton, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Vanessa Bruno have
                                         joined Yves Saint Laurent on the Place Saint Sulpice.

The Manager of International Affairs will be your main contact.
She will guide you before and during your stay in Paris

                                  Ms. Emmanuelle ANSALDI
                                Manager of International Affairs
                                      +33 1 82 83 41 34
                       SUMMER SESSION PROGRAM 2012
  FROM JUNE 11th TO JUNE 17th 2012
                           FASHION AND DESIGN
History of Fashion (4h)
International Fashion and design markets (trends, brands, opportunity market) (3h)
International Marketing applied to the Fashion industry with case studies (6h)
CRM – trends and consumer behavior in Fashion industry (6h)
Luxury and Distribution Strategy (3h)
Sustainability and Fashion (3h)

Company visit: Golden Triangle and Concept Store in Paris
Conference: Luxury and Fashion at the Royal Court at Château de Versailles (2h)
Cultural visit: Museum of Textile and Fashion

  FROM JUNE 18th TO JUNE 24th 2012
History of Jewels and watches (3h)
International Jewelry and watch making markets (trends, brands, opportunity market) (3h)
International Marketing applied to Jewelry industry with case studies (4h)
CRM – trends and consumer behavior in Jewelry industry (6h)
Conference: Exceptional Visit to a Famous Workshop …
Jewelry ethically minded (3h)
Supply chain management (3h)

Company visit: Mauboussin boutique
Cultural visit: Baccarat’s boutique – Understand a 200 year house of know-how and creation

  FROM JUNE 25th TO JULY 1st 2012
History of Fragrances and Cosmetics (3h)
International Beauty Market (trends, brands, opportunity market) (3h)
International Marketing applied to Cosmetics Industry with case studies (6h)
CRM – trends and consumer behavior in Cosmetics Industry (6h)
Travel Retail and International sales Network (3h)
Supply Chain Management (3h)

Company visit: TBC
Conference: TBC
Cultural visit: Fragonard Museum - Discover the various procedures involved in creating and
producing Fragonard’s perfumes products

  FROM JULY 2nd TO 9th 2012
History of the Luxury Travel Industry (3h)
Grooming (2h)
Parisian Palace Hotels and Designers Hotels (trends, brands, opportunity market) (3h)
International Management applied to Luxury Hospitality Industry with case studies (6h)
CRM – Trends and consumer behavior in the Hospitality industry (6h)
The Fine Gastronomy and its newly implementation in Gourmet Food Retailing (3h)
Eco Tourism (3h)

Company visit: Royal Monceau Hotel
Conference: Introduction to Wine Tasting
Cultural visit: TBC

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