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									Executive summary of business plan

Executive summary is a core heart of entire business plan. Executive summary is a
summary of the business plan. It is on third pages of business plan after your business
plan cover and content. It decides your business plan success or fails to get investor
/banker/ angels/ venture capitalist for investment on your business idea. It looks as
simple as maximum 3 pages and writes at the last. But these three pages decide your
business future. Why I said so? As normal practice, investor will not start reading your
business plans if your executive summary unable attracts their attention and interest. The
first three paragraphs are the most important.

Start your executive summary with introduce your company background in brief. What is
your business doing? What is your business activity? How big is your company with how
many working capitals? Or you may give any related and important business information
as well. Next, you must state clearly with powerful vision and mission of your company.
The vision and mission must be S.M.A.R.T. Yes, be smart! ‘S’ is Specify, ‘M’ is
Measurable, ‘A’ is Achievable, ‘R’ is Realistic and ‘T’ is Time frame. It is a powerful
formula for your vision and mission statement!

Secondly, briefly introduce your product or services. You need to define the value
proposition of your business. Value proposition included target customer problem,
customer perspective, opportunity in market and category if product or services if any.
Tell your investor what is your business unique selling preposition. Further explain on
your business model. Please generally explain on market size, market segmentation,
growth potential, differentiation of you and your competitor.

Thirdly, marketing plan. The marketing strategies show the step on how you achieve the
company goals. You can further explain on competitive analysis, customer analysis,
market analysis and any related analysis to your marketing program. Powerful tool
SWOT analysis able to help to identify your company strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threads. Furthermore, basic 4’P need to include in your business
marketing plan. 1P is Product strategy, 2P is Pricing strategy, 3P is Promotion strategy
and 4P is Positioning strategy.

In addition, if your product or service is related to technology, you need to add in another
section as technology plan. Or else just skip it. The technology plan needs to cover
product development strategy, technical design platform, functionality and prototyping

Furthermore, financial plan is crucial part of your business. It represents projection of
revenue, cost, expenses and cash flow of your company financial status. You need to
show your investor how you can make money and get return from your business. In
addition, state your funding requirement as well.
Lastly, explain briefly on key management team, resources and working capital. This is
important for investor to evaluate your capability to achieve the goals. Now is the time to
get headache on how to write a maximum three pages executive summary where have so
much of things feel needed to include. The clues to write a good executive summary is
thinking and act yourself as entrepreneur.

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