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					                                Most Romantic Couple story

So jealous yan see this one. Lionel, 99 years old, and Ellen Buxton, 100 years, seemed inseparable.
Married 76 years ago, a British couple that proves the promise of allegiance.

Since deciding to settle down in 1936, the couple spent only one night apart from one another.

The weakened body could not menghalangsi both stunning burst of affection. "We're always happy, we
are good friends, husbands and wives are good," said Ellen, told

For decades they have a habit of it too beautiful to spend the night together. Not merely a romantic
dinner, but also just having fun playing bingo.

They also happen to have the same interest in sports such as memanag, and football.

Ellen and I first met Lionel in 1930, while working at the cable factory in Woolwich. Ellen is a technician
at the plant was often asked for help Lionel who became an apprentice engineer.

"I always look forward to him for help, so I had a chance to talk to him. He was so good. She's beautiful,"
said Lionel, which is six months younger than Ellen.

Various twists of life for decades, apparently did not erode their intimacy. Including when Ellen
struggled with cancer with chemotherapy is painful.

"We're more in love now than ever. We kept each other going. We are proof that true love never fades,"
said the couple has four grandchildren.

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