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production funding application form by lanyuehua


									      Television Production Funding
Application Form Cover Sheet

Programme Title:

Programme Genre e.g. Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Arts/Culture, Special Interest, Children’s

Time Slot:

Number of Episodes:
Duration of Episodes e.g. 44’00” being 1 commercial hour

Target Audience:

Target Rating: _



Writer/ Consultant/ Other:

Name of Production Company:

Postal Address of Production Company:
Phone (landline & mobile) :

Email and fax:

Funding requested from NZ On Air:            $

Previous Funding From NZ On Air or           $
Broadcaster for this Programme:              $
(Development and/or production)

Broadcaster’s contribution:                  $

Licence Fee:                                 $

Equity:                                      $

Third Party Funding: (Specify Source)        $

Total Budget: (excluding GST)                $

Broadcaster & Channel:

Proposed Broadcast Rights: (if known) (if Know
 ____ Plays over       ____Years on     ____ channels

Online/ Mobile/ Other Rights: (Please

Estimated Completion Date:

Brief Programme Synopsis: (2-3 Sentences)
       Television Production Funding
Budget Summary Sheet

Name of Programme:

Number of Episodes and Duration:

    Previous Funding received for this project from NZ On Air/ Broadcaster (i.e dvpt):
       NZ On Air                          $                    $
       Broadcaster                        $                    $

                                              Above the Line
       Concept & Rights:                  $
       Development:                       $
       Research / Consultants:            $
       Story / Script / Writers Fees:     $
       Producer:                          $
       Director:                          $
       Presenter / Actors / Talent:       $
       Other: (Specify)                   $

                          Above the Line Total:                    $

                                              Below the Line
       Production Staff & Crew:           $
       Studio / Locations:                $
       Equipment Hire:                    $
       Wardrobe / Makeup / Art            $
       Travel / Accom. / Living:          $
       Production / Office / Admin:       $
       Other: (Specify)                   $

                          Production Subtotal:                     $
Post Production
Film / Tape Stock:                  $
Picture Post Production:            $
Audio Post Production:              $
Titles / Graphics:                  $
Music & Copyright:                  $
Library Footage &                   $
Other: (Specify)                    $

                   Post Production Subtotal:      $

Marketing & Admin
Marketing / Publicity:              $
Administration / Office             $
Legal:                              $
Insurance:                          $
Sundry: (e.g. finance, ACC          $
Other: (Specify)                    $

                   Marketing & Admin Subtotal:    $

                   Total Above the Line:          $
                   Total Below the Line:          $
                   Contingency: (Up to 10% BTL)
                   Production Company Overhead:   $
                   (Up to 10% BTL)

                   Total Budget:                  $
                   Total Cost Per Episode:        $
Application Checklist:
Please send 8 copies of your proposal, which should include:

□   A written statement of interest from a New Zealand broadcaster, including the broadcaster’s
    financial contribution and proposed timeslot,

□   NZ On Air Television Production Funding Application Form,

□   NZ ON Air Television Production Funding Budget Summary Sheet,

□   A full production budget supporting the Budget Summary Sheet,

□   A clear explanation of the nature of the content including synopsis, treatment, proposed
    formats and platforms,

□   Names of key personnel involved in the production, with brief CVs,

□   For returning series, details on how the last series rated,

□   Production Schedule,

□   A brief explanation of how the programme helps NZ On Air achieve its strategic objectives,

□   Details of any other funding source, and

□   Any supporting audiovisual material such as DVDs.

Please note:
     We need to receive all of the above information by the
      Application Deadline. Information received after the 5pm
      deadline may not be considered, and

     Do not use plastic covers or wire binding on your
      proposals. We prefer a staple in the top left hand corner of
      each copy of your proposal.

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