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					                         THE ETS ADVANTAGE
                               ILLINOIS EASTERN COMMUNITY COLLEGES
                                         Educational Talent Search                                                  Issue 8
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                                               618-395-7777, ext. 2282                                         April 2009
         Time Management: Have-To’s, Want-To’s, and Goals
What are the things we have to do in our lives? What are the things we want to do? All of these take TIME!
“Have-To’s” need to be a part of almost every day. Whether we like it or not, we all have to find time to get them done.
•   Family responsibilities. You know the drill; household chores, helping your little brother with homework, keeping
    your room clean.
•   School and homework. You won’t always be a student, but while you are, it’s your job to give time and energy to
    your education.
•   Sleep. This may seem like a big “DUH,” but it helps to be reminded: Sleep is a must for our bodies and minds, and
    doctors agree that young people need at least eight hours every night. If you think you can squeeze more time into
    your schedule by cutting back on Zzzz’s, you’ll probably find that you’re sleepy and sluggish during the day, and
    wind up taking longer to do things anyway.
•   Eating and personal hygiene. We know, another big “DUH.” But many people skip meals because they’re running
    late. Taking enough time to eat so that you actually enjoy it, rather than just shoving cereal down your throat, will
    help you develop healthy food habits. The same goes for bathing, dressing, and other things that make you present-
    able to the world. If you block out time to do them and enjoy them, you’re likely to feel better about yourself that

Fortunately, our time isn’t just about responsibilities, we get to have some fun, too! “Want-To’s” make our lives a little
more fulfilling.
•   Activities. You might be a violinist, a soccer player, a painter, a poet, or a ballet dancer. Sports, the arts, and other
    hobbies are important because they help make us well-rounded and develop our bodies and minds. Plus, they just
    plain make us happy.
•   Chill time. Okay, let’s not forget that you also deserve some time to just be you and do whatever you feel like,
    whether it’s going to the park, hanging out with friends, reading a book, or being alone with your thoughts.

Many of our Have-To’s and Want-To’s get done because we set goals for ourselves.
Short-term goals are things we want or need to do that can be accomplished in a few        Inside this issue:
hours or days. Let’s say you want to bake a birthday cake for your dad. You might not
think about it, but that’s a short-term goal. It’ll probably take just an hour or two, but
                                                                                           Have-To’s & Want-To’s         1
making that goal and planning to achieve it will result in that yummy cake. Other short- April Birthdays                 2
term goals take longer; for instance, building a skateboard ramp or going through old      Brain Buster Winners          2
boxes in the attic, which might happen over a weekend or more.
                                                                                               April Brain Buster        3
                                                                                               Green Careers             3
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                                                                                               College Spotlight         4
  April Birthdays
Apr. 1                         Apr. 8                         Apr. 16                       Apr. 25
Daylon Fehrenbacher   ERMS     Brittany Baxley      MCHS      Chance Barrick       ERHS     Devin Vaupel             ERHS
Hannah Hixon          ERHS     Blake Fehrenbacher   CCHS      Katelyn Novak        ERHS     Alesha Waggoner          MCMS
Apr. 3                         Katelyn Kocher       SAC       Apr. 18                       Apr. 26
Logan Garner          MCMS     Heather Wyatt        MCHS      Megan Brant          WRHS     Elizabeth Johnson        MCMS
Hannah Gassmann       ERHS     Apr. 9                         Chance Madden        ERMS     Apr. 27
Ashlei Tuel           OGS      Holly Brown          MCMS      Apr. 19                       Amber Jonathan           ECHS

Apr. 4                         Cody Brown           AGS       Katrina Curry        ERMS     Nicholas Koebele         NCHS

Halen Blair           MCMS     Apr. 11                        Dylan Mayes          CMS      Dakota Martin            ERHS
Travis Buerster       CCJH     Wade Knackmus        ECHS      Bobby Richardville   RHHS     Cheyenne Spitzer         NCHS
Terra Flowers         NCHS     Apr. 4                         Apr. 20                       Apr. 29
Meranda Harris        OGS      Lexy Grundon         ERMS      Drew Barbee          ERMS     Mary Cretors             RHHS
William Rusher        RHHS     Apr. 13                        Apr. 21                       Cody Fickas              CMS

Apr. 5                         Courtney McDonald    NCHS      Bradley Dilley       ECHS     Apr. 30
Tiffany Adams         WSGS     Apr. 14                        Kevin Meeks          RHHS     Bethany Benca            CMS

James Troester        ERMS     Chase Cheadle        AGS       Megan Orvis          ECHS     Jennifer Smith           CMS

Apr. 7                         Apr. 15                        Alana Snider         ERMS     Kelsey Stout             RHHS

Kaleb Snider          ERHS     Mariah Inyart        ERMS      Heather Vaupel       ERMS
                               Brandon Barthelemy   WRHS

                               Kelsi Parrott        SAC

Have-To’s, Want-To’s, and Goals, cont. from page 1~

Long-term goals are part of the “bigger picture” of our lives — our dreams and aspirations. Although they may take
months or years to accomplish, they still take up time on a regular basis. These might include teaching yourself to play
guitar, writing a book, becoming a better basketball player, or learning to speak French. Goals like these can’t be
achieved by setting aside one big block of time but rather, smaller blocks of time over a period of days, months, or
even years.
                                                                                           Source: http://pbskids.org/itsmylife

Congratulations to our                                                         DON’T FORGET!!
March Brain Buster                                             COMPLETE AND RETURN FIVE OF
                                                                THE MONTHLY BRAIN BUSTER
                                                              CONTESTS AND WIN A COOL PRIZE
                                                                FROM ETS AT THE END OF THE
Megan Rule WRHS                                                       SCHOOL YEAR!
                  &                                               YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T
Noah Puntney SAC
 Page 2                                                                                                        The ETS Advantage
Here’s your chance to win a prize from ETS! Complete the puzzle below and return by mail, in person, or
by email (brainarde@iecc.edu) to the ETS office at 305 N. West St. Olney, IL 62450. If you mail it in, please
be sure to write your name and school on the paper. When emailing, please put “April Brain Buster” in the
subject line and include your name and school in the email. The first two correct responses will receive a
gift from the ETS staff! GOOD LUCK!

Word Scramble
Unscramble each of the clue words. Copy the letters in the numbered cells to other cells with the same
number to reveal the message.
                                                              Student Name ____________________________________
DOOG                           3

GARSED                               1                            School ___________________________________________

RAE                8

TATRMPONI                  7        2

NI                     5

REPNIRGAP                                4

LEGLEOC                              6                  Special Message:
                                                          1   2    U    3   Y   4   5   6         7   8   Y   1

                                             Out of the Ordinary
                                             Green Careers
A quick online search can reveal many unique job opportunities for the environmentally
conscious. Here are a few that were recently available:
Home Energy Analyst—Utilizes principles of building science to assess air leakage, cooling
systems, enclosure efficiency, and water heating units.
Water Quality Research Technician—Assists with field and lab work in the analysis of sur-
face and ground water quality and hydrology.
Bird Survey Technician—Identifies birds by sight and sound and records information about
their activities for research studies.
Wildlife Research Supervisor—Oversees natural habitat studies of animals including water-
fowl, furbearing, non-game, and endangered species.
Herpetology Field Biologist—Collects and studies data about reptiles and amphibians in
their natural environment.
Urban Forester—Serves as an information resource for municipal arborists, tree profession-
als, and the general public.
Wilderness Guide—Leads groups of people into remote areas and serves as both teacher
and a guardian.                                      Source: 2009 Edition of Movin’ On magazine

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                                      College Spotlight
                                                                                     8700 NW River Park Dr.

                                       Park University                                  Parkville, MO 64152

   The mission of Park University, an entrepreneurial institution of learning, is to provide ac-
cess to academic excellence which will prepare learners to think critically, communicate effec-
tively and engage in lifelong learning while serving a global community.
   The 700 acre main campus of Park is located on its historic site in Parkville, Missouri, high
on the bluff above the scenic Missouri River. The Parkville campus is 10 minutes from down-
town Kansas City, 15 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport, and part of the KCI
Business Corridor. The Parkville campus enrolls approximately 2,000 undergraduates repre-
senting 50 states and 105 countries. The average class size is 12, and the student-to-faculty
ratio is 12:1. Students pursue more than 50 undergraduate majors, everything from accounting
to Spanish, and athletic training to theatre. Many innovative minors, certificate and graduate
programs also are available.
  More than 85% of undergraduate students who qualify receive some form of financial aid.
These include loans, grants, and work-study positions.
             For more information about Park University, visit their website at www.park.edu.

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