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Norfolk Arts Forum Summer Summit and AGM 2010 'The Arts


									Norfolk Arts Forum Summer Summit and AGM 2010
‘The Arts, Climate Change and Sustainability’ (Wednesday
14 July 2010)

The conference celebrated the energy and dynamism of the county’s arts
community, and highlighted some of its successful initiatives.

Keynote Speakers
Alison Tickell, Director, Julie’s Bicycle

Julie’s Bicycle is a not-for-profit company established in 2007 to help the
creative industries cut their greenhouse gas emissions and create a low
carbon future. Originally set up to unite and support the UK music industry in
tackling climate change, it now plays a leading role working with governments,
policy makers and across the creative industries and performing arts sector to
promote climate responsibility. Before setting up Julie’s Bicycle, Alison Tickell
led the music consultation for the National Skills Academy and was the Music
Director at Creative and Cultural Skills.

Peter Gingold, Co-Director, Tipping Point

Tipping Point is network-based activist organisation which encourages
collaboration, action and debate across the arts and climate science worlds
through an annual events programme including conferences, commissions
and public debates. Its activities give artists and scientists the opportunity to
explore the cultural challenges precipitated by climate change and the role of
artists in this complex debate.

Peter Gingold has been the prime mover behind Tipping Point since its
inception. He became Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic
Orchestra in 2001, and led the artistic side of Liverpool’s successful bid to
become European Capital of Culture in 2008.

      The Norfolk stage of the 2010 Tour of Britain - the biggest live sporting
       event ever to be staged in the county, and offers a major opportunity to
       promote Norfolk nationally and internationally as a vibrant cultural

      Norfolk Artists for Climate Change Initiative, led by Norfolk County
       Council’s Children’s Services to equip local artists to deliver
       environmentally friendly projects in schools, which has recently been
       awarded a London 2012 Inspire Mark.

Sustainability and the Cultural Sector - Juhi Shareef, Sustainability Consultant
In this session, participants worked with sustainability consultant, Juhi Shareef
to look at what artists and arts organisations can practically do to become
more environmentally sustainable in their practices and operations. Juhi gave
an overview of sustainability issues and good practice for the sector as well as
highlighting some of the resources and guidance that are available, including
the Arts Council England Arts Energy Toolkit. She discussed initiatives such
as Culture Futures, an international collaboration of organizations and
individuals concerned with culture and sustainability issues.

Sustainable event planning for the Cultural Olympiad - Claire Gulliver, Norfolk
Development Officer for the 2012 Games, and Liz Hughes, Creative
Programmer for the East of England

London 2012 is the first Summer Host City to embed sustainability into the
planning for the Olympic and Paralympic Games from the outset. This
commitment to sustainability applies throughout the Cultural Olympiad and is
working to ensure that all events and related activities associated with London
2012 are positive examples of sustainability in practice. Claire and Liz gave
an overview of London 2012’s own sustainability guidelines, the sustainability
Inspire Mark and the top ten sustainability tips for your own events, using
Norfolk’s Synergy programme as an example of good practice. Participants
had the opportunity to discuss and come up with ideas as to how their own
event practices can become more sustainable for the future.

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