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					Nick Bolton
Address       2 Dettingen Crescent, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 6GN
Phone         +44 (0)7984 815612

I am detail orientated, and keen to engineer well-structured software. I enjoy working with people
and teaching others what I have learned. For the last 5 years I have worked mainly with C++ and C#,
but I also have a background in IT support and business management.

Professional Experience
Ascom Network Testing                                                                2010 to present
     C# 4.0 and C++ development, working on mobile network testing software.
     Spent significant time developing fresh code for a new hardware platform.

Intersol SRL                                                                           2009 to 2010
     C++ development contract, working on PBX output parsing software.
     Primarily bug fixing and maintenance of existing code.

See3D                                                                                  2009 to 2010
     Working on a C++ Blender hemisphere projection plug-in (volunteer position).
     Joined See3D after finishing my 3D stereography dissertation.

Rensoft                                                                                2006 to 2009
     Developed a 3D C# application for DeanWood (Isle of Man estate agent).
     Set up a company and secured contracts with several high profile Isle of Man companies, such
      as Isle of Man Creameries, Switched On, DeanWood and TechCentre.
     Developed mostly C# software (3D graphics, CRM, CMS, Web, and more).

TechCentre                                                                             2004 to 2006
     First experience of working directly with end-users of bespoke commercial software.
     Started in IT support, then moved on to software development.
     Worked both full time over summer and part time while at college and university.

Clan-HQ                                                                                2001 to 2004
     First experience of working with other people and software engineering (PHP).
     Worked on a part time software development contract while at high school.

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Nick Bolton - Curriculum Vitae - June 2011
Academic Experience
What I enjoyed most about gaining my degree was the amazing opportunity I had to work with
See3D on campus at Aberystwyth. Here, I was able to get to grips with technologies like motion
sensing and RealD 3D stereography equipment (similar to that used in IMAX cinemas).
Aberystwyth University        2004 to 2009        BEng Degree in Software Engineering
Isle of Man College           2002 to 2004        National Diploma in Software Development
QEII High School              1995 to 2002        7 GCSEs (B to C)

Technical Skills
I am currently working to improve my experience with C++, C# and Java. I have experience with
Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Xcode. The following list highlights some of the technologies I have
worked with recently (in order of experience gained).
C#                 6 years              Android                1 year
MSSQL              4 years              OpenGL ES              1 year
Subversion         3 years              OpenGL                 1 year
C++                3 years              DirectX (Managed)      6 months
Agile dev.         3 years              Google Test            6 months
CMake              2 years              Google Mock            6 months
Java               2 years              Rhino Mocks            6 months
Python             2 years              Box2D                  3 months
Open Source        2 years

Personal Projects
There are a few projects that I work on in my free time, which I do to further my technical skills.

Game: Unearth (since 2010)
A friend and I decided we wanted to make a version of Minecraft which was playable on mobile
phones. We heard rumors about a 3D version of the beloved game, but figured that a 2D version
could be just as much fun.

We decided to go with the old school isometric tile approach, so we went about coding a new
engine. So far we’ve developed a very basic game engine, which we’re currently shaping into an
exciting game (though we’re only at version 0.2 right now). The idea is to sell Unearth on the
Android market.

Synergy (since 2009)
I am currently a co-owner of Synergy (along with Chris Schoeneman and Sorin Sbârnea), an open
source utility which lets you share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers over a

I started off as a contributor on the Synergy+, and because of my dedication to the project, Sorin
asked me to become a co-owner with him. Shortly after talking to Chris (the creator of Synergy) we

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Nick Bolton - Curriculum Vitae - June 2011
merged the fork project into the original version. I’m currently working toward a re-write of Synergy
with Chris’s help.

MyBind (since 2010)
After being frustrated with other free DNS managers, I decided to create my own. I coded MyBind
while I was on holiday in Thailand visiting my Dad. It’s written in Python and hosts zones on two
geographically dispersed DNS servers, which are synchronized using a combination of XML-RPC and
BIND zone transfers.

Personal Life
Since mid-2010 I’ve been learning to fly, just for fun. It’s a truly awesome experience if you’re a bit of
an adrenaline junky like me! I also attempt to write electronic music from time to time just to see if I
can (usually I can’t). I try to spend some time getting a few bike rides in with friends, and when
feeling less energetic, bowling or driving range is the usual option.

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Nick Bolton - Curriculum Vitae - June 2011

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