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					Language of Ingsoc, a fictional empire in the book 1984. The language was meant to eliminate
all words deemed as nonsence, and was created to eliminate certain words, so dissent could not
be expressed nor communicated
Fantastic = doubleplusgood
excellent = plus good
good = good
bad = ungood
terrible = plusungood
horrific = doubleplusungood
this would eliminate words of "excess"

Crimethink -to even think that the authorities could be wrong in any way
Crimestop - to instinctively change your thoughts whenever you are in danger of ‘breaking the law’ of
Thinkpol - the Thought Police whose role is to eliminate crimethink through spying and total surveillance.
Blackwhite - acceptance of what the authorities say without question.
Facecrime -showing any facial expression that Big Brother surveillance could interpret as having
something to hide. ie: being ‘unpatriotic’ and not celebrating a victory in war (such as Iraq)
Doublethink - The refusal or inability to see contradictions and to hold two contradictory views at the
same time whilst believing them both to be true. eg: War is Peace

Here are some examples of modern Newspeak as proliferated by today’s media and authorities:
American interest - the interest of those who control the USA and anyone who resists that control must
be ‘acting against American interests’
National security - the security of the authorities to hide their agenda and the control of people through
increased security in response to manufactured dangers. eg ‘The war on terror’
World community - the myth that ‘free nations’ are bound together in pursuit of freedom, peace,
democracy as a ‘world community’. Is designed to pave the way for a world government, world army,
world bank and world leader.
Anti Government groups - any organisation that seeks to expose the hidden agenda and challenge the
governmental dictatorship. They are regarded as dangerous and a threat to peace and stability. Must be
terrorists then!
Extremist - anyone saying anything different to the ‘official’ line.
Conspiracy theory - any claim that the authorities are lying and following a hidden agenda.
Change - a word commonly employed when governments want to bring in further curtailment of freedom.
Often used in conjunction with artificially manufactured ‘problems’ which need addressing and so the
‘need for change’ is introduced. See also ‘Reform’ and ‘Modernisation’.
Right & Left - opposames, when applied politically. There is no right and left although we are fed the
illusion that the two ‘opposing’ sides actually have different agenda’s.
Nation Building - bombing a country and its people to bits and then installing a puppet government and
bringing in largely American companies to rebuild its infrastructure.
Peacekeeping - occupation of a nation by foreign troops.
Peace Process - giving the impression of working for peace when in reality it is merely an interlude
before launching another ‘war’ of liberation.
Terrorist - those who protest through violence, but also anyone who attacks or challenges the interests of
the ‘West’, especially America & Britain.
Liberation - mass murder and terrorism against civilians in the name of stopping terrorism.
War on Terror - the constant repetition of this process.
Attack - when America, Britain and the ‘coalition’ are the target
Retaliation - when America, Britain and the ‘coalition’ attack
First strike - when America, Britain and the ‘coalition’ attack first in retaliation for what America, Britain
and the ‘coalition’ claims their target country might do to them first. (see Iraq)
Self defence - killing the other guy before he even thinks of killing you
Western values - values that the ‘West’ wants to impose on others, but don’t necessarily have
Campaign contribution - bribe.
Education - brainwashing.
History - the ‘official story’ of what happened which often bears no relation to the truth.
Tidying up exercise - a phrase used when the authorities want to make major changes whilst disguising
them as insignificant. eg; the European Union which all along was designed to become a Superstate.
Good citizens - slaves that don’t protest at being so or even realise that they are.
Equality - to make everyone a slave.
Democracy - elected or unelected dictatorship in which the majority often vote for the losers.
Crime - breaking a law passed without our agreement no matter how stupid it may be.
Freedom of the press - the freedom to report the ‘official’ version of events and history.
Human rights - the right to do what the authorities tell you.
Tolerance - do not criticise or challenge the behaviour of anything or anyone, no matter what the
Political correctness - see above
Racial equality - see above
Zero tolerance - tyranny
Free trade - using slave labour to provide cheap goods for the ‘West’ manufactured in third world
Competition - transnational companies competing to see who can best exploit the global economy most
Capitalism - cartelism
Level playing field - fixing the system in your favour
Propaganda - whatever your opponents say because you only tell the truth.
Freedom - slavery
Peace - war.

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