The Secret Garden Characters

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					                           The Secret Garden Characters
      Name              Vocal Part                                 Description
                                           Very strong, dramatic actress, strong singer. Though a
  Mary Lennox
                          Mezzo           spoiled child and a stubborn orphan, she softens over the
                                                              course of the story.

                                           Very strong dramatic actor. Mary’s wealthy, withdrawn,
Archibald Craven
                       Strong Tenor         crippled uncle and guardian. A heartbroken man who
                                                     continues to grieve for his dead wife.

                                          Strong actor, capable, unchanged voice. Crippled, angry
  Colin Craven
                         Soprano          and a sickly boy, made ill from neglect and being locked
                                                          away in the cold mansion.

   Lily Craven                               Archibald’s beautiful wife who has died in childbirth.
                       Lyric Soprano
   (Principal)                                    Appears as a ghost throughout the play.

                                          Capable actor. Archibald’s mean, secretive brother who is
Dr. Neville Craven
                      Strong Baritone      jealous of his brother because Lily, who he also loved,
                                                          chose Archibald over him.

      Martha            Mezzo with
                                                 Spunky, optimistic maid who befriends Mary
    (Principal)         strong belt

      Dickon                             Martha’s younger brother. Mystical, young groundskeeper,
    (Principal)                                     who has a special bond with nature.

  Rose Lennox                            Mary’s mother and Lily’s sister. Attractive and a bit too free
                       Warm Mezzo
  (Supporting)                                 of spirit. Seen as a flash-back and as a ghost.

                                          Rose’s husband and Mary’s father. A dashing and strong
  Albert Lennox
                       Gentle Tenor       military officer. Indifferent and distant until his transition to
                                               the after-life. Seen in a flash-back and as a ghost.

Ben Weatherstaff        Character        Crotchety, old gardener with a barely disguised heart of gold
  (Supporting)          Baritone                             who befriends Mary.

  Mrs. Medlock
                       Non-singing           Stern, stiff head housekeeper of the Craven house.
                           Alto                   Mary’s nanny in India. Appears as a ghost.
                        High Tenor                          Preferably dark skinned.
  Mrs. Winthrop
                       Non-singing         School headmistress who has an encounter with Mary.


  Ghosts – Good singers and dancers, ever-present on stage, they play British Army personnel and their
  wives. They appear in flashbacks and as ghosts. (Cameos: Shaw, Holmes, Wright, Alice, Claire, Betsy,
  William, Timothy and ensemble)

  Children – English and Indian child playmates of Mary’s who died in the cholera outbreak. They appear
  in flashbacks and as ghosts.

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