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       wo     of   the  regular
       contributors to Akamai
                                                                          Editor’s Note
       News, James Abola and                                              Page 2
Phillip Karugaba have written a                                           Question & Answer
great book titled “Make Sense                                             Answers to money questions.
of Your Money.” The book was                                              Page 3
published by Akamai Global and                                            Women & Money
released in November 2010.
                                                                          What women should         know
Make Sense of Your Money                                                  about money. Page 4
condenses the information that                                            Book Reviews
made Akamai Global, Uganda’s                                              Network     Marketing       and
number        one      investment                                         Microfinance Page 6.
education firm in 2009 in ten
chapters. The book is full of
                                                                          New Financial Literacy Book;
practical and easy to understand
                                                                          Business & Motivation CDs/
principles. In the words of
                                                                          DVDs; Money Training for
Patrick Bitature who wrote the                                            Teenagers Page 7
foreword, “If you are to embrace
                                                                          Business Tips
the suggestions given in this
                                                                          Raising capital and developing
book, I am certain you will lead a These concerns include learning
                                                                          a business plan Page 8
comfortable life free of financial how to set and achieve goals,
turmoil.”                          preparing      for    retirement,
                                   managing personal debt and
The main character Moses
                                   finding other ways of earning
Otto undergoes a financial
transformation from a moderately
                                   money apart from a salary.                  WEB LINKS
successful man holding a steady The search for financial wellness
job and starting a family business led Otto to a financial coaching
into a man staring in the face of group. It was in the financial        You can now read our newsletter
financial disaster. Like many coaching group that Otto learnt           at
people, Otto battles to make that financial success is not a
                                                                        Find information about Akamai’s
ends meet and finds that there is matter of luck but can be learned.    Money Book at
usually “More month at the end Otto and his new found colleagues        http://makesenseofyourmoney.
of the money.”                     spent the next weeks learning
                                   about topics such as thinking
In addition to Otto, the book
                                   like a wealthy person, managing
contains other characters with
                                   expenses       and
different financial concerns.
                                   savings, relating Page 2>>
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 >> Page 1                                Make Sense of Your Money
 money with a person’s life purpose, managing come.”
 personal debt, financial systems, investments and
 making a will.                                      Mr Paul Busharizi, the seasoned Business Editor
                                                     for The New Vision observed that “When the history
 People who have read advanced copies of Make of personal finance in this country is written, this
 Sense of Your Money had these to say about the book will have pride of place.”
                                                     Akamai Global is discussing with leading bookstores
 Mrs Grace Tibihikira Makoko the head of Financial and booksellers such as Aristoc Booklex to ensure
 Markets at Standard Chartered Bank Uganda that the book is available all over Uganda by early
 said, “This book is a must read for everyone who December 2010.
 has decided to stop worrying about the future and
 instead plan for it, by changing what they chose to According to James Abola the Team Leader for
 do today.”                                          Akamai Global and co-author of the book, “We
                                                     want to make this book accessible and affordable
 Mrs Emma Mugisha who is the Treasurer, Barclays for every Ugandan. We are sure that the book will
 Bank Uganda commented, “The authors’ insight be printed before the end of November and have
 will definitely get you thinking of what you doing decided to make the cover price low so that many
 right or wrong with regards to your money.”         more people can read it and purchase copies for
                                                     their friends as the early Christmas present that
 According to Mr Dennis Kawuma the Business keeps on giving.”AN
 Editor for Daily Monitor Newspaper, it is “A timely
 book, which will remain relevant many years to

                      Editor’s Note— Making sense of money
 One day he is contentedly climbing up the greasy pole of financial success; the salary is good enough
 and increasing, the family is happy. Then he decides to move things a notch higher by borrowing some
 and investing in a lucrative venture and that is when the problems come pouring. A sick child, followed
 by a period of hospitalisation and theft by an employee of the new business turned the once rosy
 financial situation into a dire one. Did he survive or did he sink?
 Find the answer in the forthcoming book by James Abola and Phillip Karugaba titled, ‘Make Sense
 of Your Money’. The authors have been labouring for 20 months and produced a piece which is very
 readable, highly informative and relevant to the African setting. We expect the book to be in bookstores
 by November 25, 2010. In the meantime you are welcome to review highlights and excerpts of the book
 I am happy to welcome a new contributor to this publication; Irene Besigiroha. Am sure the ladies will
 be thrilled by her debut piece, “Woman to Women About Money.” And guys who have been wondering
 how women handle money will find the piece useful too.
 If you want to know a bit more about network marketing and lending money
 to the poor then our book review page is a must read. Our reviewer has
 covered two books, one by Robert Kiyosaki and the other by Professor
 I wish you a good read as you sit back and enjoy the rest of the newsletter.
 When the time comes, have a merry Christmas and a prosperous New

 ..                         James

Sharing         Knowledge
                                                                  g Business & Financial Advisors
                                                                                                    Changing   lives

                    BOOK EXCERPT:                  Make Sense of Your Money

To make money from employment or self- employment       300,000 will be lucky to retire 30 years later on a
one needs to be qualified, knowledgeable, skilled       salary of Shs 3,000,000. Employment increasingly
and experienced. The earliest time a graduate can       resembles a bottleneck that requires multiple
become employed is after the age of 23 years and        qualifications and skills in order to pass through.
even then it will be a junior position with a small     One idiosyncrasy of the employment market is the
salary. The high-paying jobs usually come after         fact that young graduates are turned away because
about three years’ work experience and added            they lack experience and job seekers older than
qualification.                                          35 years are told they are too old to get a new
Soon after political independence, all it required to   position!
get a permanent and pensionable job was to get      The other challenge faced by the employed is
a degree, diploma or certificate. Now the situation the high level of taxation. For a person earning a
has changed; several graduates walk the streets for gross pay of Shs 3,000,000, Shs 823,500 will be
many years without finding a job; and those who are deducted for Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE); Shs 150,000
lucky to find one will most probably be employed on will be deducted for social security; Shs 8,333 will
contract.                                           go towards local service tax and the employee is left
Another person pointed out that a person who starts with a take home of Shs 2,018,167only.
working at the age of 25 years on a salary of Shs

    hout                       Make Sense of Your Money (MSYM)Q&A

         n November 10, 2010, James Abola the           Question: I do not feel cut out for business,
         co-author of Make Sense of Your Money          what else can I do to earn money?
         travelled down to Mbale in Eastern Uganda      MSYM: There are four ways of earning money,
 to give a pre book launch talk. The topic of James’    namely: employment which gives you a salary or
 talk was “The wealth mindset.” The audience was        wage; self employment which gives you fees and
 composed of people in their 20s and 30s who            commission; business which gives you profits and
 engaged in a question and answer session.              investments which give you passive income. If you
 Question: How can I cut down my expenses?              feel that business is not your thing then perhaps
 MSYM: Here are tips that other people have you can develop your abilities as an employee, a
 previously used to cut down their expenses. Know self employed or an investor. See more tips in the
 how much you spend during your earning cycle i.e. chapter, ‘Investment Principles’ in the book Make
 monthly; you will do this by recording your expenses Sense of Your Money.
 on a daily basis for at least one month. Prioritise Question: What is your comment about
 your expenses starting with obligations (what you borrowing money to finance investments?
 must spend on such as taxes and social security); MSYM: Ideally the only reason a person ought to
 followed by needs (things that are essential for your borrow is when they intend to invest the money
 life). After needs you can consider wants which in in a venture that will yield a return that covers the
 essence are more expensive needs for example interest and principal of the loan. When borrowing
 buying raw food and preparing it could be a need you should be mindful that a loan is paid by cash –
 while eating out in an expensive restaurant is a will you therefore have the cash to pay interest and
 want. Finally spend a bit but not too much of your principal instalments as they fall due? Also refrain
 money on desires i.e. the kind of expense which from borrowing for speculation because when you
 gives you the feeling “this is my money; I worked flop you will still have to repay the loan. See more
 hard for it, and feel good enjoying it.” See more tips tips in the chapter, ‘Debt, the Double Edged Sword
 in the chapter, ‘Managing Expenses and Saving’ of ‘in the book Make Sense of Your Money.
 the book Make Sense of Your Money.

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      WOMAN TO WOMEN ABOUT MONEY:                                                         By Irene Besigiroha

    have always been a dreamer. I am able to lose    choice, either we postpone pleasure and do the
    myself for minutes on end in a fantastic world   hard work we need to do to achieve financial
    I create in my mind.                             freedom now or we live in the moment, spend our
Over the years, I have found daydreaming has money as fast as we make it and cross our fingers
its uses... like getting boring two-hour biology in the hope that all will be well in the future.
lessons to pass faster. There is just one problem: Budget
when we dreamers eventually wake up from our If you are anything like me, when you write
reveries, it is to find that we have failed Biology. your monthly budget, the figure at the end is a
While we dreamers entertain ourselves with how substantial number of shillings more than the
our lives could be, practical people are out there figure on your pay slip. Start trimming it right away,
actually building the lives they want.               because there is no getting around the cold fact
For the longest time, I dreamt of the day my salary    that you can only spend what you earn. In fact,
would be ‘enough’ and I would say goodbye to           you must spend less than you earn, because you
end-of-month credit crunches. And every year,          need to save.
nothing changed in my circumstances, except of         Save, save, save
course I upgraded the decor in my mental dream
house, because, well, one simply has to move           Back when I was at university, I had a friend who
with the times.                                        religiously noted down her every expenditure and
                                                       handled her pocket money like she was managing
Every year ended with me disappointed and no           the national budget. I thought that was simply
nearer my financial dreams and every new one           too much work for a young lady with her whole
started with fresh good intentions: for sure this      life ahead of her, but now I know better; every
was the year I would be financially responsible,       shilling you save adds up. Does the thought of
this was the year I would make a budget and stick      being fired from that job you might even hate,
to it. But you know what they say about the road       give you chills? Ask yourself why that is. Financial
to hell; it is paved with good intentions.             advisors recommend that you put away 20-30%
So one fine day, I gave myself a stern talking-        of your monthly salary and that at any point you
to and decided to exchange my good intentions          should have three month’s worth of salary saved
and dreams for discipline and goals because            up for a rainy day. Do not simply live in the now,
while dreams are nice, nice feelings alone do not      because contrary to the popular saying, tomorrow
generally get you to where you want to go. Goals,      does come.
on the other hand, do.                                 What’s in your trolley?
Eyes on the prize                                   It is fair to generalise that the average woman
I have found that when I write down what I plan loves to shop. There is just something about
to achieve and set a time frame for it, I am less shop shelves filled with all manner of goods that
inclined to procrastinate. Targets keep us on track kills a few of a woman’s brain cells and sets off
and force us to plan. Where a dreamer might an adrenaline rush that can only be quenched
say: “Some day, I hope to have enough money by a purchase. I have been known to walk into
to buy a wardrobe for my room,” the planner will a supermarket with the noble intention of buying
say: “In 12 month’s time, I will buy a wardrobe only one or two items and ended up needing a
at sh600,000. To this end, I will save sh50,000 a trolley. This is why I introduced a revolutionary
month.” Twelve months down the road, chances tool into my life: a shopping list. And then I added
are, the planner will have moved on to another an even more revolutionary idea: sticking to the
goal (a dressing table perhaps)                     list. Works like magic.
Time to work                                           Borrowing
To achieve one’s goals requires discipline.            From time to time we all need a helping hand and
Discipline is not fun. Deal with it. American author   there is no shame in that. However, if you take
Booker T Washington put it this way: “Nothing          a soft loan, be a woman of your word and pay
ever comes to one that is worth having, except         it back when you say you will.
as a result of hard work.” Ultimately we have a        If you can’t, communicate with Page 5>>
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your creditor, don’t hide. In addition, don’t make    with insecurities, imagining that the size of our
it a habit to borrow money; habits are very hard      nose, the number of blemishes on our skin or the
things to break. If you find yourself constantly in   imperfection of our teeth, will make us rejects.
the red, something needs to change in your life;      And so we seek our worth in the clothes we wear,
find out what that is.                                the bags we carry, the places we hang out in and
Give some back                                        the contents of our refrigerator. The reality is, no
                                                      matter how gorgeous we look and how nice we
Tithe. Give to someone in need. What? Now I am        smell, at the end of the day, after we are stripped
encouraging you to spend? If you are reading this,    clean of our pricey make-up, the person we see
chances are you have a head start on millions         staring back at us in the mirror is the same lonely,
of other people in this nation: for starters, you     self-loathing woman she was in the morning. And
can read! There are plenty of opportunities for       now, she is broke as well.
you to give someone else a hand up the ladder;
Sometimes all it will cost you is forgoing several    There is nothing wrong with fine dining and
sodas, beers or high heels a month; and the           expensive clothing, if you can afford it, but if you
satisfaction in it will be more than any number       are acquiring things way out of your financial
of drinks could have given you. Consider it an        reach in an attempt to fit in or maintain a certain
investment.                                           image, something is horribly wrong. Your real
                                                      friends don’t judge you by the depth of your wallet
Pick and choose                                       or the gleam of your car. They know where you
That having been said, don’t give to every Sarah,     came from and where you are going. They love
Jane and Joyce. Don’t contribute to every cause.      you, not the trappings of your life. So, fall in love
Don’t fall for every sob story. As women, our         with yourself and don’t be afraid to live the life
maternal instincts often kick in before we have the   you can afford.
time to think. I have often contributed to wedding    You may have figured out by now, I am no
meetings for ‘friends’ who I never heard from         money expert. Mine are merely the musings of
again once the last crumb of wedding cake was         a recovering dreamer, trying to figure out how to
eaten. Don’t throw away good money. Think.            make ends meet. I fall down, I get up. Care to
Love yourself                                         join me?
I have yet to meet a woman who is completely          So as you can see, determining whether a
comfortable in her skin. We are often plagued         mortgage is good or bad dependsAN

 Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. ~Jim
 Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail. ~ Richard Friedman
 Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the
 same with their time. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
 Money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money. ~ Owen Laughlin
                               Quotes from Make Sense of Your Money
 Financial intelligence is about how you make, keep and make money work hard for you.
 The point of owning a business or investing is to make your money work for you.
 When it comes to handling money, it is those who combine good planning with implementing the plans
 that will become successful.
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BOOK       REVIEWS:              By     Phillip            Karugaba
He is at it again, the old master   The concept of network marketing                 It didn’t add up for me why I should
extolling the virtues of doing your is that the manufacturer sells the               have them and worse how I could
own business to get out of the rat  goods by word of mouth of his                    persuade someone else to buy.
race.                               customers and he cuts out all the                Kiyosaki     however         makes
And what business do you think advertising costs, wholesalers                        compelling arguments in favour
he is talking about! You guessed and other middle men opting                         of network marketing and having
wrong! Not real estate, that is his instead to pay those savings                     heeded is other advice with
preferred final destination! The to the customers turned sales                       favourable results, I will examine
business so extolled in this book, agents. It also applies to services               golden products, forever products
in fact the whole purpose of it and like holiday resorts.                            and that biodisk all over again!
his second book on the subject, I had always been a skeptic of                       This could be the business you
is network marketing or multi- network marketing ever since                          have been waiting for.
level marketing.                    someone tried to sell me a gold
                                    watch and collectable gold coins!                Email:

                   (Public Affairs, New York 177 Pages , Ug. Shs. 63,000/=)
In my quest to understand micro-     Grameen Bank borrowers abide                    To end world poverty, Yunus
finance I was directed to this book  by a code called the Sixteen                    prescribes social business of
and what an exciting read!           Decisions.    These     decisions               two kinds; a) business owned
AHarvard graduate teaching noble     developed by the borrowers                      by investors but whose primary
economic theories in Bangladesh themselves require them to                           objective is a social good such as
shocked by the thousands of his keep their families small, grow                      poverty reduction or healthcare
fellow citizens waiting helplessly vegetables and eat plenty of them,                and not maximising profit. The
a hungry death, realises the dig pit latrines, oppose injustice                      return to the investors being
disconnect between academia and even do physical exercises                           limited to recovery of their
and real life and resolves to bring etc. The economic empowerment                    investment only. b) a business
his training to help the poor.       has also emboldened the                         owned by the poor and whose
                                     borrowers into greater political                profit would then go to benefit the
US$ 27 from his own pocket lent activity as block voters and also                    poor.
to 42 people started a micro- in contesting successfully for
finance revolution that has swept positions. As for the emancipation                 Grameen Bank is one form of the
the world, liberating credit from of the women, who form 98% of                      latter category being 90% owned
collateral and treating access to the borrowers, the results are well                by the poor and with a majority
credit as a fundamental human beyond anything that feminists                         board of directors being illiterate
right Today over 250 institutions can talk about.                                    (sshhhh! Don’t tell the Bank of
in over 100 countries (including                                                     Uganda!!)
the United States of America One amazing fact about the                              And for all its unconventional
and Norway) have micro-finance Grameen Bank practice is                              approaches, Grameen Bank has
programmes that follow the never to write off a loan in the                          made a profit every year save
Grameen Bank model started by face of the multitude of natural                       1983 when the Bank started
Yunus. This must be the most disasters that strike Bangladesh                        and in 1992 and 1993 when
successful export from a third with such frequency. Instead the                      Bangladesh was hit by cyclones.
world country!                       Bank advances a fresh loan and
                                     reschedules the old one. write offs             This book makes wonderful
It is amazing what a little money Yunus believes would destroy the                   reading and for anyone the least
can do! As Yunus demonstrates, spirit of self-reliance, pride and                    bit interested in ending poverty, it
the economic empowerment of confidence of the borrowers! Woe                         should be compulsory reading.
the poor is the catalyst to fighting Uganda! How did we respond to                   Email:
all other societal problems. The the Owino parkyard fire?

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Changing    lives
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  Youth knowledge and attitudes to transform their current and future financial
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BUSINESS             FOCUS

I have been asked countless time by clients and     an online lender that provides small loans to
readers about raising capital for a new business.   borrowers through a network of field partners.
This article will highlight some of the ways of     The borrower applies through the field partner,
raising capital that has worked for other people.   which is usually a microfinance institution. It is
The first source of capital should be the the field partner that collects money from KIVA
entrepreneur. If you are earning a salary or doing and passes on to the borrower and also receives
some kind of business, then save a portion of your repayments from the borrower.
income to finance your new venture. If you do not MYC4 is another online source of capital that
have savings or the amount saved is insufficient is focused on working with businesses in sub
then go for sweat capital. This simply means you Saharan Africa. The business model of MYC4
put your labour, be it physical or mental, into the is somewhat similar to that of KIVA but the loan
business and do not ask for payment in return amounts are much larger ranging from € 1000 to
but rather plough the expected payment into the € 10,000. It is possible to apply for a loan from
business.                                           MYC4 using their website located at www.myc4.
The next source of capital is your family and com
friends. When you articulate your business idea          Bid Network whose web address is www.
to a relative or friend they may be willing to fund it is another online source of
even though formal financiers are shunning you.          funding for new businesses and those which
This kind of funding is usually based on your            are expanding. Bid network only supports
character as well as having relatives or friends         entrepreneurs with a clear business plan but they
who can part with the kind of money you need.            are very versatile regarding the amount of money
In the last decade many online angel and venture         entrepreneurs can get from US $1,000 to as high
capital sites have sprung up. To get funding from        as US$ 1,000,000.
this source you will need to have a good business        If you have a really brilliant new business idea or
plan and a bit of internet savvy. The online funders     want to expand an existing business, the internet
can be very specific about the business sector           could provide the money you need provided you
they support and the amount of funding they can          have the patience to develop a credible business
provide. Three of the online sources of business         plan.
capital are KIVA, MYC4 and Bid Network.                  James Abola is a business and money coach.
KIVA whose web address is is                Email: AN

Whether you are hiring a professional to assist          products/services to customers
in the process or doing it by yourself, these tips       Competition. Ignoring the competition or
will make a big difference to the quality of your        assuming they don’t exist is unwise. Competitors
business plan.                                           are a good information source on what works and
Start with the vision. Cast a picture of what your       what doesn’t.
business will look like when it is finally done. How     Take risks. Businesses do not avoid risk but
much will it sell every year? How many people            find ways of managing them. What possible
will it employ? What makes you business different        challenges might you face and how can they be
from others and therefore relevant?                      managed?
Customers. Attracting and retaining customers            Financials. Use your clear understanding of the
is the reason why you are going into business.           industry and market conditions to develop your
Who are your customers (age, gender, location),          financials. Budget your income and expenses;
why will customers buy from you and will there           prepare future balance sheet and work on your
be enough customers to make the business                 cash flow projectionsAN
worthwhile? How will you market and deliver

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