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					                  Chapter 1 - MAINTENANCE PROFESSIONALISM

As a professional maintenance employee, and a member of the property team,
you should be aware of both the maintenance aspects of your community, as well
as the image you reflect to the residents and visitors to the community. This image
is projected in your overall appearance, manners, speech, tone of voice, dress,
product knowledge and interest in helping people.

Continued growth in product knowledge, services, policies and procedures, and
technical expertise makes you a valued member of this professional team.


        a) has good product knowledge

        b) is knowledgeable of "trade skills"

        c) dresses professionally

        d) continues to educate him/herself

        e) believes in his/her industry, company, and in him/herself

        f) has genuine interest in the community

        g) cares about the residents

2.   Apartment living continues to remain desirable for many people because they
     are not burdened with costly maintenance or repairs. They have more time for
     relaxation and recreation. They expect management and maintenance to provide
     services that justify their rent. Residents feel that their rent dollars go toward
     more than the physical structure. They expect services that enhance their
     quality of living.

           Refer to Chapter 1, Exhibit 1 – Maintenance Supervisor Job Description.

3.   All operations of an apartment community are influenced by maintenance
     functions. An organized, professional, maintenance staff reflects a positive
     attitude to the management staff and the community residents.

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4.    The maintenance staff is highly visible and a great source of public relations
      (PR). Residents usually know the maintenance staff better than the office
      staff. Residents will also notice whether they are working or just "at work".

      Any contact with a resident should be courteous and helpful. All staff
      members should make a concentrated effort to smile and say hello, or wave
      to residents they come in contact with, even if they are just driving by. A
      friendly attitude conveys a positive message to your residents. (see PM
      Handbook Chapter 18, Resident Relations)

Also, remember that it doesn't cost money to smile, say "please" and "thank you"
or to be pleasant!

5.    It is very important for all on-site personnel to work together as a "team" to
      maintain a winning and professional attitude about themselves, their
      residents, and the property.

      Each member of the Maintenance Department should complement each
      other's strengths and weaknesses. Each employee should have, and
      understand, their job description and company policies in detail.

6.    It is also important to keep in mind that many residents object to smoking or
      chewing tobacco. Never use tobacco in an occupied apartment or during
      discussions with residents anywhere on-site.

7. Never discuss with residents personal issues regarding other residents or


Take the following steps to ensure resident retention:

     1.   Answer all resident service requests within 24 hours.

     2.   Treat any broken locks on windows or doors or smoke detectors as an
          emergency request and repair immediately.

     3.   Check all outside lighting on a routine basis and repair any outage

     4.   Treat all residents with courtesy and respect, even in the worst situations.

     5.   Conduct business in a professional manner through dress, words and

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     6.    Always be fair and consistent in treatment of residents.

     7.    Refer all Lease Violations to the Site Property Manager who will
           coordinate with the Resident Services Coordinator (if applicable).

In order to maintain good residents and avoid the high cost of turnover, all
residents will receive fair, consistent and professional service from all property


MSI Company employees are expected to maintain a professional appearance at
all times and to dress according to the requirements of their position. Adhering to
the dress code is crucial as each employee represents not only the property, but
also Multifamily Select. Modifications to the dress code may vary due to climate
and geographic location, but must be approved by the Vice-President.

1.        MSI issued uniforms must be worn at all times. A uniform is defined as a
          shirt, cap with either Multifamily Select logo or site name for fee managed

2.        When handling after hour emergency calls, employees are encouraged to
          wear complete uniforms. At a minimum, a MSI shirt with name badge must
          be worn.

3.        Comfortable, covered work shoes must be worn. Under no circumstances
          can open toe shoes or sandals be worn. (OSHA Rule)

4.        Employees may wear neat, professional bermuda shorts during warm
          weather. Shorts must be neat, in good condition and operate properly.

5.        Shirts may not be taken off at any time while at work.

6.        Any apparel that advertises a company or product by use of a slogan or
          logo, other than MSI or the property, may not be worn while at work.

7.        If hats are worn, they must be WC issued.


1.        Cleanliness and good grooming are the signs of true professionals.
          Because all site employees are in daily contact with the public, personal
          hygiene must be a focus.

2.        Clothing should be clean, neat, and in good repair.

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3.    Hair, including beard and moustache, should be clean and neatly trimmed.

4.    Bathe daily.


1)    It is the Property Manager's responsibility to ensure that all employees
      appear for work in accordance with the dress code.

2)    Employees who appear for work inappropriately attired will be sent home
      and directed to return in proper attire. Under such circumstances,
      employees will not be compensated for the time away from work.

3)    Failure to comply with this dress code may be grounds for disciplinary


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The Employment Skills Test (Exhibit 2) is given to each applicant to determine job
knowledge and previous experience. The purpose of the test is to assist
management in hiring the best person for the position. The test should not be the
only criteria considered in the hiring decision. This test can also be used to
determine the promotability of existing employees.

1.    Each applicant is only required to take the portion of the test that is
      applicable to the position applied for. The position of Maintenance
      Supervisor and Maintenance Assistant are required to take the complete

2.    The following outline should help to determine areas to be tested:

      *The questions on ranges, water heaters, and heating have been separated
      into ELECTRICAL and GAS. Applicants should answer only the questions
      which are applicable to the property. For example, if the property has
      electric ranges, electric water heaters, and electric heat, the applicant would
      answer those questions under ELECTRICAL for ranges, water heaters, and

3.    It is the Property Manager and/or Maintenance Supervisor's responsibility to
      administer the test to the applicant.

4.    The Employment Skills Test contained in this section of the manual is an
      original and should be photo copied as needed. The unmarked original
      must be maintained in this section of the Maintenance Manual.

5.    The test should be administered on-site in a quiet, well-lit, comfortable,

6.    A qualifying score of 75% of the sections taken is considered to be an
      acceptable qualifying score.

7.    If the applicant is hired, the completed and graded test must be maintained
      in the employee's personnel file on-site.

8.    If an applicant is not hired, the completed and graded test must be attached
      to and filed with the Employment Application.

9.    Do not forward a copy of the test to the Corporate Office.

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