Language Arts Syllabus � 6th Grade by 7SkFPSC


									                                Language Arts Syllabus – 6th Grade

Units of Study
        Punctuation                                                  Skills Tutor
        Grammar                                                      Writer’s Workshop
        Sentence Structure                                           6 Traits of Writing
        DOL                                                          Greek Mythology
        Spelling                                                     Literature

Grading Scale
        A        95-100%                                             C       77-79%
        A-       92-94%                                              C-      74-76%
        B+       89-91%                                              D+      71-73%
        B        86-88%                                              D       68-70%
        B-       83-85%                                              D-      65-67%
        C+       80-82%                                              F       below 65%

Grades will be based on:
        Daily work – varied daily homework assignments
        Quizzes – announced and unannounced quizzes will be given
        Projects – a variety of projects (writing and other) will be completed
        Tests – tests will be given at the completion of each unit of study

Class Expectations
        Be respectful
        Be responsible
        Be trustworthy
        Be caring
        Be fair
        Be a good citizen

Standards & Benchmarks
Standard 1: Demonstrates competence in the general skills and strategies of the
writing process.
A. Composes in a variety of formats
B. Composes paragraphs for a variety of purposes
Standard 2: Demonstrates competence in the stylistic writing
A. Composes descriptive paragraphs
Standard 3: Uses grammatical and mechanical conventions in writing
A. Composes simple, compound and complex sentences
B. Applies conventions of capitalization, spelling and punctuation
C. Uses and identifies nouns and verbs
Standard 4: Effectively gathers and uses information for research purposes.
A. Evaluates a variety of resource materials to gather information
B. Determines the appropriateness of an information source
C. Compiles and communicates information
Standard 7: Demonstrates competence in speaking and listening as tools for
A. Critiques in order to understand a speaker’s topic and purpose
B. Creates a clear main point when speaking to others and stays on the topic being discussed

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