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Hercules Word Search by h1w8D5


									                                                                   Find the
                                                                   underlined words
                                                                   below in the grid
                                                                   to the left.

                                                                   Hercules was the
                                                                   greatest Greek
                                                                   hero. He was known
                                                                   for his courage and
                                                                   strength. He was
                                                                   the son of Zeus,
                                                                   but he lived a hard
                                                                   life because the
                                                                   Goddess Hera was
                                                                   jealous of him.
                                                                   Because of her, he
                                                                   had to do twelve
                                                                   difficult tasks for
                                                                   King Eurystheus,
                                                                   who was the enemy
                                                                   of Hercules.

The Twelve Labors of Hercules:
Hoping Hercules would be killed, King Eurystheus ordered Hercules to do the following
dangerous tasks:

(1) Kill the lion of Nemea.                  (7) Capture a vicious bull from Crete.
(2) Kill the nine-headed hydra.              (8) Steal wild man-eating mares.
(3) Capture the golden deer of Artemis.      (9) Steal the girdle of the queen of the
(4) Kill a wild boar.                        Amazons.
(5) Clean the Augean stables.                (10) Steal cows guarded by a giant.
(6) Kill some man-eating birds with claws of (11) Steal golden apples from some nymphs.
brass (called Stymphalian birds).            (12) Capture the three-headed guard dog
                                             of Hades.

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