No.                 Authors                                Document Title                          Journal Title            Volume     Issue   Page   Page   Factor     Source
                                                                                                Journal of Industrial
       Rahman, R. N. Z. R. A., Muhamad,        A New Organic Solvent Tolerant Protease
 1                                                                                                Microbiology and             34        7      509    517    1,416      Scopus
          S., Salleh, A. B., and Basri, M.           from Bacillus pumilus 115b.
                                                A phage-displayed single chain variable
        Tan G.H., Yusoff K., Seow H.F.,         fragment that interacts with hepatitis B
 2                                                                                            Journal of Clinical Virology     38        1       49     56     2,63    Thomson ISI
                   Tan W.S.                   core antigen: Library construction, selection
                                                             and diagnosis.
                                                A restarting approach for the symmetric            Computational
 3          Leong W.J., Hassan M.A.                rank one update for unconstrained              Optimization and           In press     -      -      -      0,8       Scopus
                                                               optimization                         Applications
        Leow T.C., Rahman R.N.Z.R.A.,          A thermoalkaliphilic lipase of Geobacillus
 4                                                                                                  Extremophiles              11        3      527    535    1,921      Scopus
              Basri M., Salleh A.B.                             sp. T1
                                               Amino acid and fatty acid composition of
                                                                                              Clinical and Experimental
         Zakaria Z.A., Mat Jais A.M., Goh       an aqueous extract of Channa striatus
 5                                                                                                Pharmacology and             34        3      198    204     1,78      Scopus
       Y.M., Sulaiman M.R., Somchit M.N.        (Haruan) that exhibits antinociceptive

       Ching Mai Keow, Fatimah Abu Bakar,      An amperometric biosensor for the rapid
                                                                                              Analytical, Nutritional and
 6     Abu Bakar Salleh, Lee Yoke Heng,         assessment of histamine level in tiger                                         105       4      1636   1641   2,433      Scopus
                                                                                                   Clinical Method
         Rahman Wagiran, Low Sim Bean            prawn (penaeus monodon ) spoilage

       Teo S.-S., Ho C.-L., Teoh S., Lee W.- Analyses of expressed sequence tags from
                                                                                                European Journal of
 7     W., Tee J.-M., Rahim R.A., Phang          an agarophyte, Gracilaria changii                                             42        1       41     46    1,293      Scopus
                       S.-M.                        (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta)

       Wong T.K.-M., Ho C.-L., Lee W.-W.,     Analyses of expressed sequence tags from
 8                                                                                               Journal of Phycology          43        3      528    534     2,58      Scopus
           Rahim R.A., Phang S.-M.                 Sargassum binderi (Phaeophyta)

                                              Anthocyanin stability studies in Tibouchina
 9     Janna O.A., Khairul A.K., Maziah M.                                                         Food Chemistry              101       4      1640   1646   2,433      Scopus
                                                          semidecandra L.
                                                Antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and
          Zakaria Z.A., Wen L.Y., Abdul
                                                 antipyretic properties of the aqueous         Medical Principles and
 10      Rahman N.I., Abdul Ayub A.H.,                                                                                         16        6      443    449    0,442      Scopus
                                                extract of Bauhinia purpurea leaves in                Practice
        Sulaiman Mohd.R., Gopalan H.K.
                                                         experimental animals.
         Huys G., Giacomini M., Teale A.,
        Swings J., Bartie K., Cnockaert M.,    Biodiversity of chloramphenicol-resistant
 11      Hoang Oanh D.T., Phuong N.T.,         mesophilic heterotrophs from Southeast         Research in Microbiology         158       3      228    235    2,504      Scopus
         Somsiri T., Chinabut S., Yusoff           Asian aquaculture environments.
                 F.M., Shariff M.
                                                 Biotransformation of various carbon
                                                                                              Biochemical Engineering
 12          Mohamad R., Ariff A.B.           sources to kojic acid by cell-bound enzyme                                       35        2      203    209    1,608      Scopus
                                                    system of A. flavus Link 44-1.
                                                 Cardamonin inhibits COX and iNOS
           Israf, D.A., Khaizurin, T.A.,        expression via inhibition of p65NF-κB
 13        Syahida, A., Lajis, N.H. and             nuclear translocation and Iκ-B             Molecular Immunology            44        5      673    679    4,768      Scopus
                   Khozirah, S.               phosphorylation in RAW 264.7 macrophage
                                                 Cell Growth, Cell-Cycle Progress, and
        Chong, S.L., Mou, D.G., Ali, A.M.,      Antibody Production in Hybridoma Cells
 14                                                                                                   Hybridoma              In Press     -      -      -     0,411         -
              Lim, S.H., Tey, B.T.                Cultivated under Mild Hypothermic
                                                 Changes in Cellular Immunity during
     Wijayahadi N, Haron MR, Stanslas
15                                             Chemotherapy for Primary Breast Cancer          Journal of Chemotherapy       19        6     716    723    1,374   Scopus
                 J, Yunuf Z
                                                    with Anthracycline Regimens

                                              Characterization of the components present
     Ruslay S., Abas F., Shaari K., Zainal
                                                in the active fractions of health gingers
16    Z., Maulidiani, Sirat H., Israf D.A.,                                                        Food Chemistry            104       3     1183   1191   2,433   Scopus
                                                  (Curcuma xanthorrhiza and Zingiber
                   Lajis N.H.
                                                    zerumbet ) by HPLC-DAD-ESIMS.
                                               Comparison of estimation capabilities of
        Basri M., Rahman R.N.Z.R.A.,          response surface methodology (RSM) with
17       Ebrahimpour A., Salleh A.B.,           artificial neural network (ANN) in lipase-        BMC Biotechnology           7        -      53     -     2,742   Scopus
        Gunawan E.R., Rahman M.B.A.             catalyzed synthesis of palm-based wax
                                                  Comparison of four antibiotics with
     Banerjee S., Devaraja T.N., Shariff          indigenous marine Bacillus spp. in
18                                                                                             Journal of Fish Diseases      30        7     383    389    1,715   Scopus
               M., Yusoff F.M.                controlling pathogenic bacteria from shrimp
                                                              and Artemia.

                                               Comparison of Sybr Green I, ELISA and
      Hairul Aini, H., A.R. Omar, M.Hair-
19                                            conventional agarose gel-based PCR in the        Microbiological Research    In press    -      -      -     0,798     -
                   Bejo, I. Aini.
                                              detection of infectious bursal disease virus.

       Shadid K.A., Shaari K., Abas F.,            Cytotoxic caged-polyprenylated
20    Israf D.A., Hamzah A.S., Syakroni       xanthonoids and a xanthone from Garcinia              Phytochemistry           68       20     2537   2544   2,417   Scopus
            N., Saha K., Lajis N.Hj.                          cantleyana.

                                                                                                     Zeitschrift fur
      Jabit ML, Khalid R, Abas F, Shaari          Cytotoxic xanthones from Garcinia
21                                                                                            Naturforschung - Section C     62       7-11   786    792    0,966   Scopus
        K, Hui LS, Stanslas J, Lajis NH                   penangiana Pierre
                                                                                                Journal of Biosciences

                                                 Detection and quantification of IgM+
     Alitheen N., McClure S., McCullagh                                                         Immunology and Cell
22                                            lymphocytes in fetal lamb spleen, liver and                                    85        5     391    393    2,482   Scopus
                     P.                                                                              Biology
                                                   lymph nodes by flow cytometry.
                                               Detection of H5, H7 and H9 subtypes of
     B. Chaharaein, A. R. Omar, I. Aini,
23                                            Avian influenza viruses by multiplex reverse     Microbiological Research    In press    -      -      -     0,798     -
           K. Yusoff, S. S. Hassan
                                                transcription-polymerase chain reaction
                                                  Detection of pig derivatives in food
       Aida A.A., Che Man Y.B., Raha             products for halal authentication by          Journal of the Science of
24                                                                                                                           87        4     569    572    1,026   Scopus
                 A.R., Son R.                    polymerase chain reaction-restriction           Food and Agriculture
                                                    fragment length polymorphism.

                                              Development of a multiplex real-time PCR
      Ong W.T., Omar A.R., Ideris A.,          assay using SYBR Green 1 chemistry for           Journal of Virological
25                                                                                                                           144      1-2     57     64    2,097   Scopus
                Hassan S.S.                   simultaneous detection and subtyping of                 Methods
                                                     H9N2 influenza virus type A.
                                              Diagnostic potential of recombinant protein
     Hosseini, S.D., Omar, A.R., Aini, I.      of hexahistidine tag and infectious bursal
26                                                                                            Acta Veterinaria Hungarica     55        3     405    415    0,541   Scopus
                 and Ali, A.M.                disease virus VPX expressed in Escherichia
                                                                  coli .
                                              Direct purification of recombinant hepatitis
                                                 B core antigen from two different pre-
     Ng M.Y.T., Tan W.S., Abdullah N.,                                                        Journal of Chromatography
27                                              conditioned unclarified Escherichia col i                                   1172       1     47     56     3,554   Scopus
            Ling T.C., Tey B.T.                                                                            A
                                               feedstocks via expanded bed adsorption

       Thean Chor Leow, Raja Noor
                                                  High-Temperature Crystallization of
28   Zaliha Raja Abdul Rahman, Abu                                                             Crystal Growth & Design        7        2     406    410    4.339   Scopus
                                                        Thermostable T1 Lipase
       Bakar Salleh and Mahiran Basri.
     Tomohiko Isobe, Hideshige Takada,           Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic
     Miki Kanai, Shinobu Tsutsumi, Kei O.       Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and phenolic              Environmental Monitoring
29                                                                                                                           135      1-3   423   440   0.793     Scopus
      Isobe, Ruchaya Boonyatumonond           endocrine discrupting chemicals in South             and Assessment
        and Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria                   and Southeast asian mussels

      Mahyar Sakari, Mohamad Pauzi
                                             Distribution, Characterization and Origins of
      Zakaria, Nordin Lajis, Che Rahim                                                         Marine Pollution Bulletin
30                                           Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in                                    In press    -     -     -    2,007        -
       Mohamed, Sofia Anita, Pourya                                                                   190607-1
                                                Surficial Sediment of Penang Malaysia
        Shahpoury, Kuhan Chandera
                                              Dye-ligand expanded bed adsorption of
        Chow Y.M., Tey B.T., Ibrahim
31                                           G6PDH from highly dense unclarified yeast           Process Biochemistry        42       3     444   448   2,008   Thomson ISI
         Mohd.N., Ariff A., Ling T.C.
                                                  Effect of Rhaphidophora korthalsii
     Yeap S.K., Alitheen N.B., Ali A.M.,        methanol extract on human peripheral                 Journal of
32   Omar A.R., Raha A.R., Suraini A.A.,            blood mononuclear cell (PBMC)                                            114      3     406   411   1,625     Scopus
                 Muhajir A.H.                 proliferation and cytolytic activity toward
                                               Effects dietary linoleic and linolenic fatty
     Htin, N.N., Zulkifli, I., Hair-Bejo, M., acids on immune response and resistance
33                                                                                             Archiv fur Geflugelkunde      71       6     258   266   0.217     Scopus
     Omar, A.R., Alimon, A.R., Loh, T.C. to infectious bursal disease (IBD) in broiler
                                                 chickens under heat stress conditions

                                              Effects of feeding a fermented product on
      Loh T.C., Law F.L., Foo H.L., Goh                                                       Journal of Animal and Feed
34                                              egg production, faecal microflora and                                        16       3     452   462   0,281     Scopus
                Y.M., Zulkifli I.                                                                       Sciences
                                                        faecal pH in laying hens
                                              Effects of lactic acid and lauricidin on the
       Anang D.M., Rusul G., Bakar J.,           survival of Listeria monocytogenes,
35                                                                                                   Food Control            18       8     961   969   1,579     Scopus
                Ling F.H.                     Salmonella enteritidis and Escherichia coli
                                               O157:H7 in chicken breast stored at 40C
                                                Effects of phenolic monomers on the
       Zuhainis Saad W., Abdullah N.,
36                                            enzymes activities and volatile fatty acids              Anaerobe              14       2     118   122   0,814     Scopus
            Alimon A.R., Ho Y.W.
                                              production of Neocallimastix frontalis B9.
       Zakaria Z.A., Hassan M.H., Nurul
                                                Effects of various nonopioid receptor          Methods and Findings in
      Aqmar M.N.H., Ghani M.Abd., Zaid
37                                            antagonists on the antinociceptive activity      Experimental and Clinical     29       8     515   520   0,847     Scopus
        S.N.H.Mohd., Sulaiman M.R.,
                                                of Muntingia calabura extracts in mice              Pharmacology
        Hanan Kumar G., Fatimah C.A.
                                                 Formation of periphyton biofilm and
     Khatoon H., Yusoff F., Banerjee S.,          subsequent biofouling on different
38                                                                                                    Aquaculture            273      4     470   477   2,081     Scopus
          Shariff M., Bujang J.S.                   substrates in nutrient enriched
                                                     brackishwater shrimp ponds.
                                                    Genetic diversity and ecological
     Pillon Y., Qamaruz-Zaman F., Fay
39                                           differentiation in the endangered fen orchid       Conservation Genetics         8       1     177   184   1,429     Scopus
          M.F., Hendoux F., Piquot Y.
                                                            (Liparis loeselii )

     Pei Pei Chong, Siti Rohani Abdul         Genotyping and drug resistance profile of
     Hadi, Yee Lean Lee, Chin Lee Phan,         Candida spp. in recurrent and one-off          Infection, Genetics and
40                                                                                                                            7       4     449   456   3,54      Scopus
     Boon Chong tan, Kee Peng Ng and             vaginitis and high association of non-                Evolution
              Heng Fong Seow.                 albicans species with non-pregnant status.

                                             Geobacillus zalihae sp. nov., a thermophilic
      Rahman R.N.Z.R.A., Leow T.C.,
41                                             lipolytic bacterium isolated from palm oil          BMC Microbiology           7       77     -     -    2,896     Scopus
          Salleh A.B., Basri M.
                                                         mill effluent in Malaysia.

                                                  Growth optimization of a probiotic
     Stephanie W., Kabier B.M., Shuhaimi             candidate, Bifidobacterium                   Biotechnology and
42                                                                                                                           12       2     106   113   1,366     Scopus
        M., Rosfarizan M., Yazid A.M.          pseudocatenulatum G4, in milk medium             Bioprocess Engineering
                                                 using response surface methodology
                                              Heat treatment of unclarified Escherichia
     Ng M.Y.T., Tan W.S., Abdullah N.,         coli homogenate improved the recovery             Journal of Virological
43                                                                                                                           137      1     134   139   2,097     Scopus
            Ling T.C., Tey B.T.               efficiency of recombinant hepatitis B core               Methods
                                                Identification of pork derivatives in food
       Che Man Y.B., Aida A.A., Raha
44                                               products by species-specific polymerase              Food Control             18       7     885    889    1,579   Scopus
               A.R., Son R.
                                                chain reaction (PCR) for halal verification.

      Tunung, R. , Chai, L.C. , Usha, M.R.
                                                    Incidence and characterization of
     , Lesley, M.B. , Cheah, Y.K. , Patrick,
45                                                Salmonella species in street food and          Journal of Food Safety        27       4     345    361    0.565   Scopus
      G.B. , Farinazleen, M.G. , Fatimah,
                                                             clinical samples
         A.B. , Malakar, P.K. , Son, R.

        Haryani, Y., Noorzaleha, A.S.,         Incidence of Klebsiella pneumonia in street
      Fatimah, A.B., Noorjahan, B.A.,                foods sold in Malaysia and their
46                                                                                                    Food Control             18       7     847    853    1.579   Scopus
     Patrick, G.B., Shamsinar, A.T., Laila,     characterization by antibiotic resistance,
                 R.A.S., Son, R.                plasmid profiling, and RAPD-PCR analysis

                                               Influence of pH and impeller tip speed on
     Stephenie W., Kabeir B.M., Shuhaimi            the cultivation of Bifidobacterium             Biotechnology and
47                                                                                                                             12       5     475    483    1,366   Scopus
        M., Rosfarizan M., Yazid A.M.           pseudocatenulatum G4 in a milk-based             Bioprocess Engineering

                                                 Ingestion rate of postlarvae Penaeus
     Farhadian O., Yusoff F.Md., Arshad
48                                              monodon fed Apocyclops dengizicus and                  Aquaculture             269      1-4   265    270    2,081   Scopus

         Chee, B.J., Pauliena, M.B.S.,          Insulinotropic property of some tropical        Journal of Tropical Forest
49                                                                                                                             19       2     119    120    0.160   Scopus
         Rasadah, M.A., Muhajir, H.            plant extracts on insulin-secreting cell lines            Science

     Kah F.T., Abdullah M.P., Yusoff K.,       Interactions of hepatitis B core antigen and       Journal of Medicinal
50                                                                                                                             50       23    5620   5626   5,115   Scopus
                  Wen S.T.                                   peptide inhibitors                        Chemistry

                                          Isolation of Bifidobacteria and its
       Rokiah Mohd Yusof, Formuzul
                                     antagonistic activity against ETEC 0157 and                 Asia Pacific Journal of
51   Haque, Maznah Ismail and Zaiton                                                                                            9       2     130    135    1,483   Scopus
                                      Salmonella typhimurium S-285 in weaning                       Clinical Nutrition
                                               Isolation of salinity tolerant genes from the
     Wong Y.-Y., Ho C.-L., Nguyen P.D.,
                                                 mangrove plant, Bruguiera cylindrica by
52   Teo S.-S., Harikrishna J.A., Rahim                                                              Aquatic Botany            86       2     117    122    1,338   Scopus
                                               using suppression subtractive hybridization
            R.A., Wong M.C.V.L.
                                                 (SSH) and bacterial functional screening
                                                   Length-Weight and Length-Length
      Arshad A., Jimmy A., Nurul Amin                                                              Journal of Applied
53                                               Relationship of Five Major Fish Species                                     In press   -      -      -     0,812     -
      S.M., Z. Mutaharah and Japar S.B.                                                               Ichthyology
                                                 Collected from Sg. Pulai Seagrass Beds.

       Rajesh Ramasamy, Henrietta
                                               Mesenchymal Stem Cells Inhibit Dendritic
      Fazekasova, Eric W.-F Lam, Ines
54                                               Cell Differentiation and Function by                Transplantation           83       1     71     76     3,972   Scopus
      Soeiro, Giovanna Lombardi, and
                                                 Preventing Entry Into the Cell Cycle
              Francesco Dazzi

     Jafri Malin Abdullah, Farizan Ahmad,
        Ku Asmarina Ku Ahmad, Mazira
      Mohamad Ghazali, Hasnan Jaafar,            Molecular genetic analysis of BAX and
55   Aini Ideris, Abdul Manaf Ali, Abdul       cyclin D1 genes in patients with malignant         Neurological Research        29       3     239    242    1,573   Scopus
       Rahman Omar, Khatijah Yusoff,                             glioma.
      Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila and Fauziah

      Awang K., Mukhtar M.R., Mustafa
56     M.R., Litaudon M., Shaari K.,            New alkaloids from Phoebe scortechinii.         Natural Product Research       21       8     704    709    0,798   Scopus
         Mohamad K., Hadi A.H.A.
                                            Optimisation of rhamnolipids produced by
          Al-Araji L.I.Y., Rahman
57                                            Pseudomonas aeruginosa 181 using                 Annals of Microbiology     57    4     571    575    0,427    Scopus
     R.N.Z.R.Abd., Basri M., Salleh A.B.
                                                   response surface modeling.

     Pimpa B., Muhammad K., Ghazali Z.,
                                        Optimization of conditions for production of
58    Hashim K., Hassan M.A., Hashim                                                          Carbohydrate Polymers       68    4     751    760    1,784    Scopus
                                                  sago starch-based foam

     Loh H.S., Mohd-Azmi M.L., Sheikh-      Pathogenesis and antibody response to a
59                                                                                                 Acta Virologica        51    1     27     33     0,788    Scopus
     Omar A.R., Zamri-Saad M., Tam Y.J.     cytomegalovirus infection in newborn rats.

                                                  Peptide mimotopes of complex
                                               carbohydrates in Salmonella enterica
     Thong K.-L., Tang S.-S., Tan W.-S.,                                                         Microbiology and
60                                             serovar Typhi which react with both                                        51    11    1045   1052   1,502    Scopus
                    Devi S.                                                                        Immunology
                                            carbohydrate-specific monoclonal antibody
                                             and polyclonal sera from typhoid patients.

       Nassir Niamaimandi, Aziz Bin         Population dynamic of green tiger prawn,
61    Arshad, Siti Khalijah Daud, Ross         Penaeus semisulcatus (De Haan) in                 Fisheries Research       86    2-3   105    112    1.216    Scopus
        Cheroos Saed, Bahram Kiabi            Bushehr coastal waters, Persian Gulf

      Al-Barwani S.M., Arshad A., Amin      Population dynamics of the green mussel
62    S.M.N., Japar S.B., Siraj S.S., Yap   Perna viridis from the high spat-fall coastal        Fisheries Research       84    2     147    152    1,216    Scopus
                     C.K.                     water of Malacca, Peninsular Malaysia.
     Shariff F.Mohd., Leow T.C., Mukred
                                          Production of L2 lipase by Bacillus sp.                 Journal of Basic
63   A.D., Salleh A.B., Basri M., Rahman                                                                                  47    5     406    412    0,722    Scopus
                                         strain L2: Nutritional and physical factors                Microbiology
        Mahanom Hussin, Azizah Abdul-
      Hamid, Suhaila Mohamad, Nazamid Protective effect of Centella asiatica extract
64                                                                                                Food Chemistry          100   2     535    541    1,811    Scopus
      Saari, Maznah Ismail, Mohd. Hair     and powder on oxidative stress in rats
      Mazlyzam, A.L., Aminuddin, B.S.,
                                            Reconstruction of living bilayer human skin
       Fuzina, N.H., Norhayati, M.M.,
65                                            equivalent utilizing human fibrin as a                   Burns              33    3     355    363    1.139    Scopus
      Fauziah, O., Isa, M.R., Saim, L.,
              Ruszymah, B.H.I.

                                             Renal and salivary excretions of plasma
                                                                                             Asian-Australasian Journal
66     Pimpa O., Liang J.B., Balcells J.    purine derivatives in swamp buffaloes and                                     20    8     1201   1207   0,875    Scopus
                                                                                                 of Animal Sciences
                                                            zebu cattle
      Chong F.C., Tey B.T., Dom Z.M.,
                                            Rice bran lipase catalyzed esterification of
       Cheong K.H., Satiawihardja B.,                                                           Biotechnology and
67                                          palm oil fatty acid distillate and glycerol in                                12    3     250    256    1.366    Scopus
      Ibrahim M.N., Rahman R.A., Biak                                                         Bioprocess Engineering
                                                           organic solvent.
              D.R.A., Ling T.C.
                                               Screening of Malaysian indigenous
     Natrah F.M.I., Yusoff F.M., Shariff                                                         Journal of Applied
68                                          microalgae for antioxidant properties and                                     19    6     711    718    0,746    Scopus
          M., Abas F., Mariana N.S.                                                                  Phycology
                                                         nutritional value
     Jada S.R., Subur G.S., Matthews C.,
                                               Semisynthesis and in vitro anticancer
69     Hamzah A.S., Lajis N.H., Saad                                                              Phytochemistry          68    6     904    912    2,417    Scopus
                                              activities of andrographolide analogues.
       M.S., Stevens M.F.G., Stanslas J.

       Ling, K.-H., Rajandream, M.-A. ,
       Rivailler, P.,Ivens, A., Yap S.–J.,
      Madeira, A. M. B. N., Mungall, K. , Sequencing and Analysis of Chromosome 1
70   Yee, W.-Y, Bankier, A.T., Carroll, F.,   of Eimeria tenella reveals a unique                Genome Research          17    3     311    319    10,256   Scopus
      Durham, A. M. , Peters, N., Loo, S.-          Segmental Organisation.
     S., Mat-Isa, M. N., Novaes, J., Quail,
      M., Rosli, R., Mariana, N. S., Sobr

         Ganapathy K., Saleha A.A.,
                                             Survey of campylobacter, salmonella and
      Jaganathan M., Tan C.G., Chong
71                                            mycoplasmas in house crows (Corvus                 Veterinary Record        160   18    622    624    1,168    Scopus
      C.T., Tang S.C., Ideris A., Dare
                                                      splendens ) in Malaysia
             C.M., Bradbury J.M.
         Zakaria Z.A., Mustapha S.,            The antinociceptive action of aqueous
                                                                                           Medical Principles and
72     Sulaiman M.R., Mat Jais A.M.,          extract from Muntingia calabura leaves:                                   16      2      130    136    0,442   Scopus
         Somchit M.N., Abdullah F.C.                The role of opioid receptors.

                                             The effects of reaction conditions on the
     Goh K.M., Mahadi N.M., Hassan O.,
                                             production of -cyclodextrin from tapioca       Journal of Molecular
73    Abdul Rahman R.N.Z.R., Illias                                                                                     49    1-4      118    126    1,685   Scopus
                                               starch by using a novel recombinant         Catalysis B: Enzymatic
                                                        engineered CGTase
                                             The Release of Hepatitis B Core Antigen
     Ho C.W., Tan W.S., Kamaruddin S.,
74                                           (HBcAg) From Escherichia Coli by Batch         Process Biochemistry        43      2      206    212    2,008   Scopus
             Ling T.C., Tey B.T.
                                                       Mode Bead Milling.
     Lay Ching Chai, Tunung Robin, Usha
        Menon Ragavan, Jurin Wolmon
                                             Thermophilic Campylobacter spp. in salad      International Journal of
75    Gunsalam, Fatimah Abu Bakar,                                                                                      117     1      106    111    2.608   Scopus
                                                     vegetables in Malaysia                   Food Microbiology
      Farinazleen Mohamad Ghazali, Son
        Radu, Malakar Pradeep Kumar

                                              Use of periphytic cyanobacterium and
                                                mixed diatoms coated substrate for
     Khatoon H., Yusoff F.Md., Banerjee
76                                             improving water quality, survival and             Aquaculture            271    1-4     196    205    2,081   Scopus
          S., Shariff M., Mohamed S.
                                              growth of Penaeus monodon Fabricius

     A.L. Mazlyzam, B.S. Aminuddin. N.H. Reconstruction of living bilayer human skin
                                                                                         Journal of the International
77   Fuzina, M.M. Norhayati, O. Fauziah, equivalent utilizing human fibrin as a                                         33      3      355    363      0     Scopus
                                                                                           Society for Burn Injuries
     M.R. Isa, L. Saim, B.H.I. Ruszymah  scaffold

                                           The effects of culture conditions on
     AL-Araji, L., Rahman, R. N. Z. R. A., biosurfactant activity of Pseudomonas           Journal of Medical and
78                                                                                                                      1       2       1      4       0     Scopus
     Basri, M., and Salleh, A. B.          aeruginosa 181 using response surface             Biological Sciences.
                                           Prevalence of antibiotic resistance among
     Alhaj N., Mariana N.S., Raha A.R.,                                                    International Journal of
79                                         Escherichia coli from different sources in                                   6       4      293    297      0     Scopus
     Ishak Z.                                                                                   Poultry Science
                                           Simultaneous detection of
     Al-Haj N., Mariana N.S., Raha A.R., enteropathogenic E. coli and Shiga toxin-
80                                                                                       Journal of Applied Sciences    7      17      2531   2534     0     Scopus
     Ishak Z.                              producing E. coli by polymerase chain
     Angela, M.H. Ng, K.K. Tan, M.Y.
                                           Differential osteogenic activity of
     Phang, O. Aziyati, G.H. Tan, M.R.                                                     Journal of Biomedical
81                                         osteoprogenitor cells on HA and TCP/HA                                        -      -       -      -       0     Scopus
     Isa, B.S. Aminuddin, M. Naseem, O.                                                   Materials Research Part A
                                           scaffold of tissue engineered bone
     Fauziah, B.H.I. Ruszymah
                                           New Distribution Records of Sergestid
     Arshad, A., S. M. Nurul Amin, S.S. Shrimp, Acetes intermedius ( Decapoda :             Journal of Biological
82                                                                                                                       7      8      1305   1313     0     Scopus
     Siraj and S. B. Japar.                Sergestidae) from Peninsular Malaysia with            Sciences
                                           Notes on its Population Characteristics.
                                           Effect of extraction Methods and Age of
     C.C. Sieo, B.T. Wong, N. Abdullah                                                      Research Journal of
83                                         Cells on the Whole-cell Protein Patterns of                                  2      10      727    734      0     Scopus
     and Y.W. Ho                                                                               Microbiology
                                            Development and evaluation of a model for
84   Hirooka H., Liang J.B., Terada F.      prediction of fecal and urinary nitrogen          Livestock Science         107   03-Feb   282    288      0     Scopus
                                            excretions in cattle
     Khalid, R. M., Jabit, M.L, Abas, F.,
                                            Cytotoxic Xanthones from the Leaves of            Natural Product
85   Stanslas, J., Shaari, K. and Lajis,                                                                                2       3      271    276      0     Scopus
                                            Garcinia urophylla .                              Communications
     Kian Mau Goh, Nor Muhammad             The effects of reaction conditions on the
     Mahadi, Osman Hassan, Raja Noor        production of ‫- ץ‬cyclodextrin from tapioca      Journal of Molecular
86                                                                                                                      49      -      118    126      0     Scopus
     Zaliha Raja Abdul Rahman, Rosli        starch by using a novel recombinant            Catalysis B: Enyzymatic
     Md. Illias                             engineered CGTase
      Laith Al-Araji, Raja Noor Zaliha
                                                                                           Asia Pasific Journal of
87    Raja Abd. Rahman, Mahiran Basri       Microbial Surfactant                                                      15    3    99    105   0   Scopus
                                                                                             Molecular Biology
      and Abu Bakar Salleh
      Lat-Lat H, Hassan L, Sani R.A,
                                            First report of bovine lungworm disease in
88    Sheikh-Omar, A.R, Hishamfariz, M.                                                     Tropical Biomedicine      24    1    77    81    0   Scopus
                                            South - East Asia
      and Ng, V.
      Ling, K. H., Loo, S.S., Rosli, R.,   In silico identification and characterization
89    Mariana, N.S., Mohamed, R. and       of a putative phosphoinositol 4-phosphate            In Silico Biology     7     1    8      -    0   Scopus
      Wan, K.L.                            5-kinase (PIP5K) gene in Eimeria tenella .
                                           Antinociceptive and Anti-inflammatory
      M.R.Sulaiman, , Z.A. Zakaria, , I.A.
                                           Activities of the aqueous extract of               Journal of Natural
90    Daud, F.N. Ng, Y.C. Ng and M.T.                                                                                 104   -    113   120   0   Scopus
                                           Kaempferia galanga leaves in animal                     Medicines
      M.S. Shafarin, M. Zamri-Saad, S.M.
                                           Experimental Transmission of Pasteurella
91    Jamil, B. Siti Khairani. B. and A.A.                                                        J. Vet. Med.        54    -    136   139   0   Scopus
                                           multocida 6:B in Goats.
      Mahiran Basri, Raja Noor Zaliha
                                           Comparison of estimation capabilities of
      Raja Abd. Rahman, Afshin
                                           response surface methodology (RSM) with
92    Ebrahimpour, Abu Bakar Salleh, Erin                                                    BMC Biotechnology        7     -    53     -    0   Scopus
                                           artificial neural network (ANN) in lipase-
      Ryantin Gunawan and Mohd.
                                           catalyzed synthesis of palm-based wax ester
      Basyaruddin Abd. Rahman
                                           The effect of neem (Azadirachta indica)
                                           leaves extract on alpha-fetoprotein serum
      Manal, M.E.T., P. Hanachi, I.                                                        International Journal of
93                                         concentration, glutathione S-transferase                                    3    -    111   118   0   Scopus
      Patimah, I.A. Siddig and O. Fauziah.                                                     Cancer Research
                                           and glutathione peroxidase activity in
                                           hepatocarcinogenesis induced rats.
                                           Detection of TDH and TRH genes in Vibrio
      Marlina, Radu S., Kqueen C.Y.,                                                     Southeast Asian Journal of
                                           parahaemolyticus isolated from Corbicula
94    Napis S., Zakaria Z., Mutalib S.A.,                                                   Tropical Medicine and     38    2    349   355   0   Scopus
                                           moltkiana Prime in West Sumatera,
      Nishibuchi M.                                                                              Public Health
      Mohd Aspollah Sukari, Suhaila Saad,
                                           Chemical constituents and Bioactivity of
95    Nordin H.Lajis, Mawardi Rahmani,                                                    Natural Products Sciences   13    3    175   179   0   Scopus
                                           Curcuma aeruginosa Roxb.
      Radzali Muse and Umi Kalsom Yusof.
      Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul
                                           Thermodynamic and Molecular Dynamic
      Rahman, Roghayeh Abedikargiban,
                                           Simulation of Thermostable Lipase from;
      Mahiran Basri, Raja Noor Zaliha
96                                         Bacillus stearothermophilus PI, Bacillus       Enzyme Engineering XIX       -    -    80     -    0   Scopus
      Abdul Rahman, Abu Bakar Salleh,
                                           stearothermophilus LI and Geobacillus sp.
      Habibah Abdul Wahab and Donald
                                           Strain TI
                                           Development of Polymerase Chain Reaction
      N. Al Haj, N.S Marianna, A.R. Raha and Dot Blot Hybridization to Detect                Research Journal of
97                                                                                                                    2     12   926   932   0   Scopus
      and Z. Ishak                         Escherichia coli Isolates from Various                Microbiology

                                         Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization
      N. Al Haj, N.S Marianna, A.R. Raha                                                    Research Journal of
98                                       of Antimicrobial Resistance among                                            1     5    245   250   0   Scopus
      and Z. Ishak                                                                           Medical Sciences
                                         Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli

      Nagi Ahmed Al Haj, N.S. Mariana,     Detection of Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli      Research Journal of
99                                                                                                                    3     5    359   367   0   Scopus
      A.R. Raha and Z.Ishak                Isolated Using Molecular Approaches                 Microbiology
                                           Functional screening for salinity tolerant
      Nguyen, P.D., Ho, C.L., Harikrishna,
100                                        genes from Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl                    Trees              21    -    515   520   0   Scopus
      J.A., Wong, M.C.V.L. and Raha, A.R.
                                           using Escherichia coli as a host.
                                           Genotyping and drug resistance resistance
      Pei Pei Chong, Siti Rohani Abdul
                                           profile of Candida spp. In recurrent and
      Hadi, Yee Lean Lee, Chin Lee Phan,                                                  Infection, Genetics and
101                                        one-off vaginitis, and high association of                                 7     -    449   456   0   Scopus
      Boon Chong Tan, Kee Peng Ng,                                                                Evolution
                                           non-albicans species with non-pregnant
      Heng Fong Seow
      R. Asmah, A. B Mohd. Fadzelly,       Antioxidant activity, total phenolic content
102   M.A Abdah, A. Nur Eliana and Y.      and cytotoxic activity of various types of     J. Trop. Agric and Fd. Sc   35    1    91    97    0   Scopus
      Hafzan                               eggplants
      Rahman, M. B. A., Jaafar, A. H.,
                                           Design of novel semisynthetic
103   Basri, M., Rahman, R. N. Z. R. A.,                                                      BMC Systems Biology           1      Suppl 1    68      -     0   Scopus
                                           metalloenzyme from thermolysin.
      Salleh, A. B., and Wahab, H. A.
      Raja B. Hisham, Sabariah A.R, and    Mucinous Adennocarcinoma Arising from
104                                                                                        Medical Journal of Malaysia     61         -       88     90     0   Scopus
      Yunus A.G.                           Chronic Perianal fistula .
      Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd
                                           A new organic solvent tolerant protease
105   Rahman, Shalihah Mahamad, Abu                                                        J. Ind. Microbial Biotechnol    34         -       509    517    0   Scopus
                                           from Bacillus pumilus 115b.
      Bakar Salleh and Mahiran Basri.
                                           Immobilization of Lipase from Candida              American Journal of
      Roila Awang, Mohd Rafaei Ghazuli
106                                        rugosa on Palm-Based Polyurethane Foam              Biotechnology and            3         3       163    166    0   Scopus
      and Mahiran Basri.
                                           as Support Material.                                   Biochemistry
      Salina Mat Radzi, Noob Mona Mohd.
      Yunus, Siti Salhah Othman,           Green Synthesis of Wax Ester by                 Journal of Fudan University
107                                                                                                                        46         5        -      -     0   Scopus
      Mahiran Basri, Mohd Basyaruddin      Immobilized Lipase                                   (Natural Science)
      Abdul Rahman
                                           Case report: Freak fatal neck compression          Journal of Forensic
108   Shahrom A.W., Siew S.F., Zarida H.                                                                                   24         1        45     47    0   Scopus
                                           by a car power window                            Medicine and Toxicology
                                           P63 as a complimentary basal cell specific
                                           marker to HMW-CK (High Molecular Weight
      Shiran MS, Tan GC, Sabariah AR,                                                        The Medical Journal of
109                                        Cytokeratin) as Basal Cell Specific Markers                                      62        -        36     39    0   Scopus
      Rampal L, Phang KS.                                                                          Malaysia
                                           in Distinguishing Prostatic Carcinoma from
                                           Benign Prostatic Lesions.
      Somchit M.N., Siti Rahmah S.,
                                           Gastroprotective activity of Spirulina
      Zuraini A., Ahmad Bustamam A.,                                                           Journal of Natural
110                                        platensis in acetic acid and ethanol                                             7         1       37     42     0   Scopus
      Zakaria Z.A., Somchit N.M,                                                                   Remedies
                                           induced ulcers in rats
      Shamsuddin L.

                                           The occurrence of aflatoxins in raw shelled        Electronic Journal of
      Sulaiman M.R., Chye F.Y., Hamid
111                                        peanut samples from three districts of          Environmental, Agricultural      6         5       2045   2052   0   Scopus
      A., Yatim A.M.
                                           Perak, Malaysia                                    and Food Chemistry

                                                                                             Acta Crystallographica
                                           Crystallization and X-ray analysis of the T =
      Tan W.S., McNae I.W., Ho K.L.,                                                          Section F: Structural
112                                        4 particle of hepatitis B capsid protein with                                   63         8       642     -     0   Scopus
      Walkinshaw M.D.                                                                      Biology and Crystallization
                                           an N-terminal extension
                                           Synthesis of wax ester using lipase as          Biosciences Biotechnology
113   Yasin Y., Basri M., Ahmad F.H.                                                                                        4         1       59      64    0   Scopus
                                           catalyst                                               Research Asia
                                           Report on Molecular Identification of
                                                                                              Malaysian Journal of
114   Yong, PV, Chong PP, Jamal, F.        Candida orthopsilosis isolated from blood                                      Vol 29   (Supp A)   222    222    0   Scopus
      Z.A.Zakaria, A.M. Mat jais,
                                           In vitro Antistaphylococcal Activity of the
      M.Mastura, S.H. Mat Jusoh, A.M.                                                       International Journal of
115                                        Extracts of Several Neglected Plants in                                          3         5       428    431    0   Scopus
      Mohamed, N.S. Mohd. Jamil , M.S.                                                           Pharmacology
      Rofiee and M.R. Sulaiman
      Zakaria Z.A., Hassan M.H., Nurul
                                           Effects of various nonopioid receptor            Methods and Findings in
      Aqmar M.N.H., Ghani M.Abd., Zaid
116                                        antagonists on the antinociceptive activity      Experimental and Clinical      29         8       515    520    0   Scopus
      S.N.H.Mohd., Sulaiman M.R.,
                                           of Muntingia calabura extracts in mice                Pharmacology
      Hanan Kumar G., Fatimah C.A.

      Zakaria Z.A., Nor Hazalin N.A.M., Antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and
                                                                                               Journal of Natural
117   Zaid S.N.H.M., Ghani M.A., Hassan antipyretic effects of Muntingia calabura                                          61         4       443    448    0   Scopus
      M.H., Gopalan H.K., Sulaiman M.R. aqueous extract in animal models

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