HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program by gegeshandong


									                   5 Point HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program
Our unique “5 Point Program” is a strategic maintenance plan that provides:

   1.   Consistency – staff, schedule, level of service
   2.   Clear communication – well defined strictly monitored communication procedures
   3.   Documented service – proven redundant method, saved electronically and hard copy
   4.   Exceptional quality - comprehensive scopes of service
   5.   Low maintenance - minimal time investment for you and your staff

We build a maintenance program tailored to your specific equipment and company needs. This
information is incorporated into our unique 5 point program and assembled into customized
binders. Copies will be distributed to you, our technician and a copy will remain in our service
department managed by Lorena Hayden. All copies of will be maintained and updated as

How we do it:

   1. Consistency - Work performed according to comprehensive equipment specific scope of
      work check list with copies provided to staff upon check out or scanned by our service
      department and emailed back you within 24 hrs.

   2. Clear communication - Our technicians always check in and check out with pre-
      approved company staff. Sales manager will conduct regular evaluation and provide
      feedback and adjustments as needed.

   3. Documented service - Each plan will include all procedures for parking, equipment
      access & location, technical information & history of service, staff contact information and
      staff responsibilities at each site.

   4. Exceptional quality – Detailed scopes of work are based on manufacturer’s guidelines,
      your individual needs and our deep knowledge of HVAC equipment.

   5. Low maintenance – We provide complete project management from start to finish
      including training, scheduling, logistics, execution of service, follow up, spare parts
      inventory and all record keeping.

                              Barry Tyler, Service Sales Manager
             Cell 510-455-1194 Office 510-233-7000 Email barryt@baycitymech.com
                               Kristen Betts, Territory Manager
             Cell 510-455-7269 Office 510-233-7000 Email kristen@baycitymech.com

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