Meet “Brian” – a social robot for the nursing home environment by yaohongm


									Baycrest Matters              A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients
                                                                                                  AUGUST 25, 2010 VOLUME 6, NO 16

                                 Meet “Brian” – a social robot
                                    for the nursing home
                                    t’s a brave new world and Baycrest is        Biomechatronics Lab of the Department of
                                    boldly going where no Canadian long          Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the
                                    term care facility has gone before.          university.
Wilfred Posluns                     Baycrest has teamed up with researchers
1932-2010         2          in mechanical engineering at the University of      Bianca Stern, director, Culture and Heritage,
                             Toronto (U of T) to explore the use of assistive    along with a core research group representing
Help keep exit               robotic technologies that enhance quality of        psychology and occupational therapy at
seeking                      life for cognitively impaired seniors who live in   Baycrest and biomedical engineering at Haifa
clients safe –               long term care environments, and plans are          University in Israel, are working on the project
update                   3   already in the works to test these technologies     with Dr. Goldie Nejat, founder and director of
                             on our own campus.                                  the Autonomous Systems and
Share your WIG                                                                   Biomechatronics Laboratory, and her team of
successes                    “Brian” is a meticulously engineered robot          mechanical engineering researchers. As a
Tell us your story           created by the Autonomous Systems and
and have your                                                                                           continued on page 2
photo taken        4

Baycrest appoints
new chief of
medicine          5

Winners of the 2010
Hy & Bertha Shore
and Harry & Sara
Gorman Awards 6
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ext. 2952              Dr. Goldie Nejat (left), founder and director of the Autonomous Systems and
                              Biomechatronics Lab at University of Toronto, makes adjustments to "Brian," a
Baycrest is fully
affiliated with the           robot designed to give verbal and social cues, while Bianca Stern, director of
University of Toronto.        Culture and Heritage looks on.
Baycrest Matters                                         A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

                                      Wilfred Posluns
        aycrest lost a great friend                                                   was truly to protect those he loved
        and supporter when Wifred                                                     and to do good for the community,”
        Posluns passed away on                                                        says Mark Gryfe, president,
        August 15. Wilfred                                                            Baycrest Foundation. “Over the
represented the very best in                                                          decades, I have worked with
community leadership. His                                                             literally hundreds of community
involvement spanned decades,                                                          leaders, but Wilfred was honestly
helped shape the direction of major                                                   one of a kind… a very, very special
organizations, and touched the                                                        man.”
lives of literally thousands of
people who likely never even knew                                                     While community was important to
his name.                                                                             Wilfred, nothing ranked ahead of
                                                                                      his family. His was an example to
Always two steps ahead of                                                             be followed. He involved his
everyone else, Wilfred’s vision for                                                   children in every aspect of his
community was ambitious yet                                                           business and community
sensitive to the realities of the           Wilfred Posluns                           endeavours and has left a living
times and the need to be broad-                                                       legacy to our community through
based.                                                                                their involvement and leadership in
                                           Baycrest. At the 2010 Annual               numerous organizations.
Baycrest was blessed to have               General Meeting, Baycrest
Wilfred serve in numerous                  presented the inaugural Wilfred            All of us at Baycrest express our
capacities including treasurer,            Polsuns Award for Foundation               heartfelt condolences to Wilfred’s
member of the Baycrest Centre              Leadership.                                wife Joyce, their children Wendy,
Board of Directors, and chair of the                                                  Lynn and David and the entire
Baycrest Foundation. In recognition        “Wilfred was responsible for               Posluns family.  
of his longstanding commitment,            bringing me to Baycrest and was a
he was named an honorary director          mentor who guided me both                  May his memory be a blessing to
of both the centre and the                 professionally and personally.             all who had the honour and good
Foundation and has been                    Tough on the outside, I got to know        fortune of knowing him.
recognized as a Treasure of                him as someone whose only desire

Meet “Brian” – a social robot...continued from page 1
senior occupational therapist, Bianca      remind them to attend an upcoming           and respond to those emotions with
has a keen interest in exploring and       appointment or program.”                    verbal and facial expressions of his
piloting emerging technologies that                                                    own. The lab team has developed a
can enhance quality of life and quality    Perched on a rolling platform, Brian        silicone rubber face for the robot to
of care delivery in long term care.        stands over four feet tall, weighs          allow it to display different facial
                                           around 200 pounds, and the estimated        expressions. Fine-tuning his facial
“We know that as a person becomes          cost to build him is just over $20,000.     expressions and overall appearance is
more cognitively impaired, he/she may      He is fitted with intelligence              still a work in progress.
rely much more on their environment        sensors and “affect” software that will
as a support for continued life            enable him to play cognitively              Brian will be a non-contact, socially
engagement,” says Bianca. “We see          stimulating games with residents and        interactive robot and his creators
Brian acting as a motivational ‘coach’     cue them to complete activities of daily    emphasize that he is not designed to
rolling around the unit providing verbal   living.                                     replace staff in long term care. His
cues and social encouragement to                                                       purpose is simply to “motivate”
clients to encourage them to engage in     Brian will be able to interpret human       nursing home residents who can
recreational and self care activities or   emotion (feeling happy, sad or angry)       benefit from environmental cueing. BM

2 AUGUST 25, 2010
Baycrest Matters                                    A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

 Help keep exit seeking
 clients safe – update

        aving the freedom to move        staff. Security and
        around independently is          communication desk
        important. However, for          attendants will receive
        many reasons, including          enhanced education/training.
frailty and cognitive impairment,
the autonomy to walk around            • Family / private companion
freely may pose a safety risk to         education: All family
some of our clients. Over the last       members/private companions
few weeks, Baycrest has worked           of clients with a wanderguard
hard to create a safer                   bracelet have received
environment for exit seeking             information on how to bypass
clients.                                 the wanderguard system
                                         correctly when entering an
“Exit seeking events in the past         elevator or exiting the
have highlighted the need to put         building.                          If you notice a client with a
better safeguards in place. We                                              wanderguard bracelet exiting,
need to make sure that all clients     • Greeters at the door: Since        please offer to help them; staff
are properly assessed, that the          Monday, July 26, volunteer         should try to re-direct these
wanderguard system works                 greeters have been stationed       clients back to their unit. If you
effectively, that companions and         at key entrances - Brain           hear the wanderguard alarm
families understand how to use           Health Complex, Bathurst,          sounding as you are leaving or
the system, and that all staff,          Khedive and both Apotex            entering Baycrest, please call
visitors and volunteers                  entrances. If the wanderguard      Security at ext. 2130.
understand how exit seeking can          alarm sounds as  a client  tries
put our clients at a serious risk of     to exit Baycrest, the greeter      Please visit the safety website on
injury and harm,” explains Dr.           will approach them and ensure      the intranet (staff) or the family
Maria Huijbregts, director,              they are safe to exit and if       web page at
Quality, Risk and Patient Safety.        they exit, security is notified.   regularly for the most up-to-date
                                         When the coverage of               information on exit seeking and
The following initiatives are            volunteer greeters is limited,     other best practices in patient
already in place to make Baycrest        there will be extra security on    safety. BM
a safer environment:                     duty.

• Assessment: 100 percent of           It is very important for Baycrest
  clients in the Apotex Centre,        staff, private companions, family
  Jewish Home for the Aged and         members and visitors to be
  Baycrest Hospital have been          attentive when they are entering
  assessed for their risk for exit     elevators or leaving Baycrest.
  seeking.                             Everyone needs to make sure
                                       that they are not being followed
• Staff education: For both the        by an exit seeking client,
  Apotex and the hospital, 67          especially if they are
  percent of registered nursing        accompanying a person with a
  staff have received training on      wanderguard bracelet and have
  exit seeking assessment, and         bypassed the wanderguard
  training will continue over the      system.
  next four weeks for the rest of

                                                                                                AUGUST 25, 2010 3
Baycrest Matters                                         A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Share your WIG successes
Tell us your story and have your
photo taken
Has your team done great work               We are holding two photo
in regards to Baycrest’s Wildly             shoots:
Important Goals of client
satisfaction and employee                   When:
engagement?                                 Wednesday, September 1,
                                            10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Have you met your lead
measures or come up with                    Thursday, September 2,
creative solutions to                       12:00 to 4:00 pm
challenges?                                                                     If you work evening/night shifts
                                            Where:                              or cannot attend either of the
If you have, then you are invited           Behind the Diorama                  photo shoot dates, we will make
to come have your picture taken             (near the parrot cage)              special arrangements. Please
and share your story which may              Main Floor, Baycrest Hospital       contact Joan Mortimer
be used in banners, posters, the                                                at ext. 2952 or
intranet and more!                                                     to
                                                                                schedule an appointment.

                               taf                                    You can fill out a comment
                            t s our
                                                                      card online on the intranet
                         re y
                                                                      (baycrest@work) or pick one
                      yc are
                    Ba sh
                                                                      up on all units and in all

                            ou & s!                                   program areas. Drop your card

                          th ea
                                                                      off in any Speak Your Mind box
                                                                      located throughout Baycrest.

                              id                                      You are part of what
                                                                      makes Baycrest great.
     Your thoughts                                                    Let’s make it even
     could lead to the enrichment of current
     programs, new initiatives around rewards
                                                                      greater, together.
     and recognition, work life, wellness or learning
     and development.

4 AUGUST 25, 2010
     You are part of what                                                   .
Baycrest Matters                               A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Baycrest appoints new chief of medicine

        fter a widespread and                                          renal failure on dialysis, prostate
        intense search, Dr. Gary                                       cancer and hip fractures.
        Naglie has been appointed                                      Dr. Naglie is strongly focused on
        as chief of medicine. He                                       the assessment of quality of life
will join Baycrest on November 1.                                      in older adults and on the
                                                                       evaluation of driving capacity in
Dr. Naglie is a recognized expert                                      older drivers. He is the lead on a
in rehabilitation of the frail                                         recently completed national
elderly, drug policy and                                               study, funded by CIHR and the
evaluation and he is currently a                                       Alzheimer Society of Canada, to
staff geriatrician at the                                              assess the quality of life of
University Health Network (UHN)                                        patients with Alzheimer’s
and the Toronto Rehabilitation                                         disease and their caregivers. He
Institute (TRI). He is a senior                                        is also the lead on a CIHR-funded
scientist with the Toronto                                             study of the predictors of driving
General Research Institute and                                         capacity in persons with
the TRI, associate professor in                                        cognitive impairment.
the Departments of Medicine and       Dr. Gary Naglie
Health Policy, Management and                                          Special recognition goes to
Evaluation and graduate faculty                                        Dr. Terumi Izukawa for taking on
member at the Institute of          His research focuses on            the added responsibility of
Medical Science (IMS), and a        outcomes in the frail elderly,     interim-chief of medicine in
member of the Faculty of            including quality of life          addition to her ongoing role as
Medicine, University of Toronto.    assessment and cost-               executive medical director,
As well, Dr. Naglie is the first    effectiveness analysis of          Hospital, Community and
holder of the Mary Trimmer          interventions for older            Ambulatory programs and
Chair in Geriatric Medicine         populations including older        medical program director of
Research, University of Toronto,    adults with dementia,              clinics, COT and DTC.
and will continue in this role.     Parkinson’s disease, end-stage

                                                        Trip to Maple
                                                        Downs a summer
                                                        Over one hundred Apotex Centre, Jewish Home
                                                        for the Aged residents, staff and volunteers
                                                        enjoyed a visit to Maple Downs Golf & Country
                                                        Club on Monday, August 9. The summer outing,
                                                        an annual tradition, included a gourmet lunch
                                                        catered by the club. Pictured here are Seymour
                                                        and Louise Schein, who are both Apotex

                                                                                           AUGUST 25, 2010 5
Baycrest Matters                                 A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

Winners of the 2010 Hy & Bertha Shore
and Harry & Sara Gorman Awards
       or 20 years, the Shore-       Lois Bloch, social worker, Phillip   Syrelle Bernstein, director,
       Gorman Awards have been       and Shirley Granovsky Palliative     Volunteer Services and
       awarded annually to           Care Unit, who plans to develop a    psychologist Nicole Anderson,
       Baycrest staff members        translation phrasebook resource      who received the award to enable
from all areas who wish to           to address communication issues      them to  present  the “BRAVO”
further their careers or produce     resulting from client diversity.     program at the International
a manuscript or educational                                               Association for Volunteer Effort
product that can be shared by        Delrose Anderson, registered         Conference.
others.  Up to six grants are made   practical nurse, Phillip and
possible through the generosity      Shirley Granovsky Palliative Care    The award recipients will be
of the Shore and Gorman              Unit, who plans to take courses      honoured at  a luncheon on
families.                            to upgrade from an RPN               Thursday, September 16. BM
                                     certification to a diploma level.
Congratulations to this year’s
winners:                             Bonnie Bereskin, speech-
                                     language pathologist, won this
Steve Carlson, therapeutic           Award in 2007 to assist her work
recreationist, who will use the      developing the concept of
award to defray costs for courses    Communication Circles  for
and an internship in the             Parkinson’s patients. This year’s
completion of a post-graduate        award will support further
program.                             dissemination of this valuable
                                     knowledge to a wider audience.

         All staff and volunteers  are  invited to attend
         The Celebration of Life Memorial Service
    Thursday, November 4, 2010                         Speakers at the service will include Bobbie
    Wortsman Hall                                      Cohen, coordinator, Culture and Heritage and
    2:00-3:30 pm                                       volunteers from the Palliative Care Program.
                                                       Music will be performed by Baycrest staff
    Led by Rabbi Doctor Nachum Berlat, director,       members David Grimbly and Roger
    Pastoral Services, and Kris Stivrins, social       Delos  Trino. 
    worker, this bi-annual group  memorial service
    will honour Baycrest Hospital inpatients and       Light refreshments will be served.
    Apotex and Terraces of Baycrest  residents  who
    passed away during the period of February 28       For more information, please call Kris Stivrins
    to August 28, 2010.                                at ext. 2326.

                                                       This program is supported by  the Joseph and
                                                       Sally Switzer Endowment Fund at Baycrest

6 AUGUST 25, 2010
Baycrest Matters                             A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

               Staff Lunch Room
       How would you like to feel like you are
       eating lunch in a cool, stylish bistro at
       Baycrest? What about having access to a
       modern media centre, complete with
       computers and a flat-screen TV right at
       your workplace? Or do you just need a
       quiet space to get away from your hectic

       We asked Baycrest staff to share their
       thoughts on how to improve the Staff
       Lunch Room by completing a survey, and
       the results are now in!

       The survey provided insight into how staff
       members currently use this space and
       what changes they would like to see to
       make it a more inviting and user-friendly
       environment. This valuable feedback is
       now being considered as plans for the
       makeover move forward.

       In the next few weeks, the Staff Lunch
       Room will undergo a major facelift and will
       feature a fresh, clean, modern design with
       new flooring, tables and chairs, artwork
       and other amenities. This room will be a
       comfortable space for staff to enjoy their
       meals, meet friends, grab a quick snack or
       take a relaxing break.

       The Staff Lunch Room makeover is one of
       the initiatives facilitated by the Staff
       Engagement Task Force that will positively
       impact staff engagement.

       Thank you to all participants who
       completed the survey.

                                                                                         AUGUST 25, 2010 7
Baycrest Matters                                     A bi-weekly update for Baycrest staff, families and clients

• Congratulations to music              • Baycrest welcomes Simona                assistant. Simona can be
  therapist Amy Clements,                 Lombardo, administrative                reached at ext. 2771.
  Culture and Heritage, on                secretary, Nursing
  receiving her PhD. Amy’s                Administration. Simona has 10        • Our condolences go to
  thesis explored the role and            years of experience as an              Dr. Michael Gordon, director,
  experience of music therapy             administrative assistant at            Palliative Care, on the loss of
  in palliative care in facilitating      the Credit Valley Hospital             his father Max. Memorial
  relationship completion.                where she worked as the                donations may be made to the
  Amy’s work will continue to             Assistant for the Cardiology           Max and Roslyn Endowment
  have a significant impact on            Program. Prior to that,                Fund at Baycrest Foundation.
  palliative care clients and             Simona worked at MDS
  their families.                         laboratories as an executive

Baycrest expertise featured
on caregiver website
A new website intended for              disease and dementia, safety,          section, and plans are in the
adults caring for aging parents         medication, myths about aging          works to feature interviews with
profiles several Baycrest staff         and tips for day-to-day living.        more Baycrest health care
members who offer up their                                                     professionals.
expertise and weigh in on               Nira Rittenburg, occupational
complex issues that caregivers          therapist, Judy Chu, exercise          To read the “Conversations
often face.,           specialist, and Dr. Michael            with…” series and more, please
created and edited by journalist        Gordon, director, Palliative Care      visit
and researcher Kathy Kastner,           and Marcia Sokolowski, ethicist,
explores many topics related to         have all contributed to the
aging including Alzheimer’s             website’s “Conversations with…”

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                                Rosh Hashanah / Fall Raffle

                                           Win a Hand Crocheted Afghan
                                       or a Hand painted Silk Challah Cover.

                      Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 3 for $2.00 and are available at
                           The Creative Arts Store and The Creative Arts Studio

                                       The draw will be September 6, 2010!

                                   please visit

8 AUGUST 25, 2010

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