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					                           Grounds Maintenance Policy
Maintenance, spring cleaning and mulching by the Association includes the following areas:
      Common Mulched Bed at the main and side entrance as you enter GL;
      Common Mulched Bed in the center of Wintercroft Circle;
      Common Mulched Bed {Birch/Flowers} at corner of Corbin Court;
      Common Mulched Bed at the Pond Parking Area;

Maintenance, spring cleaning, weeding and mulching by the Owner includes the following:
      All landscaped areas directly around the unit;
      All individual rock, shrub, and flower gardens regardless of location;

Tree Removal/Pruning by the Association:
     Removal of any hazard trees and pruning of trees and shrubs that have a negative
     impact on the structure;

Road Cleaning:
     Sand/bluestone from the winter will be cleaned from the streets and parking pads by the

     Given that mowing is dependent on the weather and ground conditions, it is difficult to
     set an exact schedule; however, following is the goal:
            Unit perimeter lawn and inside pool area will be mowed as needed {but more
            frequently than outer areas} to keep a neat and trim appearance;
            Entrance areas as needed;
            Pond Perimeter mowing will be done an overage of twice a month;
            Outer lawns/fields will be done an average of once a month;
            “Brush hogging” of fields will be done annually;
     Please note that the Association will assume maintenance of “new home” lawns after
     the Developer/Builder and/or Unit Owner has properly loamed, rolled, seeded, and
     allowed the grass to mature enough to facilitate mowing.

Please Note: Belle Terre will continue to “power edge” the outer planting areas and between the
planted beds around the units and the lawn if there is currently no edge or retainer to separate
the 2 areas {i.e. bricks, rock, etc.}. Belle Terre is not charging for this service; therefore, the
timing will be at their discretion.

Given the Association’s financial position at this time, we feel it is necessary for the
Association and Owner’s to share in the grounds maintenance. We feel the above policy will
provide “curb appeal” and enhance our individual investments yet continue to allow the
Association to allocate funds to start addressing the multitude of outstanding building issues.

Thank you for your cooperation, Michael, Edie and David.

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