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Description: A great document on education. It includes Pass papers of five years of P1 of ICMAP, Lahore , Pakistan. Students wil be very much qualified after reading this type of book.This book gurentees you to pass. The reuse of old chapels by new congregations is common: former Congregational chapels at East Dean[47] and Kirdford[48] are now in use by Evangelical groups, as is the 18th-century Zoar Strict Baptist Chapel at Wisborough Green[46] and the former Society of Dependants' (Cokelers') meeting room in Loxwood, the historic centre of that tiny sect.[30] The former chapel of Graylingwell Hospital in Chichester stood empty until 2010, when a newly formed Anglican church moved in.[49] At Chithurst, an old mansion was converted into the Cittaviveka Buddhist Monastery.[50] [edit]Religious affiliation According to the United Kingdom Census 2001, 106,450 people lived in Chichester district. Of these, 77.28% identified themselves as Christian, 0.29% were Buddhist, 0.26% were Muslim, 0.17% were Jewish, 0.09% were Hindu, 0.02% were Sikh, 0.46% followed another religion, 14.24% claimed no religious affiliation and 7.2% did not state their religion. The proportion of Christians was much higher than the 71.74% in England as a whole, other religions not listed in the Census were also followed by more people than average, and the proportion of Buddhists was slightly higher than in England overall (0.29% against 0.28%). The proportion of people with no religious affiliation was lower than the national figure of 14.59%, and adherents of Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Sikhism were much less prevalent in the district than in England overall: in 2001, 3.1% of people in England were Muslim, 1.11% were Hindu, 0.67% were Sikh and 0.52% were Jewish.[51]