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									                                          The Hunter’s Journal
                                                                                           November 2008

                                The President’s Message

Inside This Issue:                 Yes the ability to hunt in the        has ever hunted let alone fired a gun.
                                United States of America is chang-       Even President Bill Clinton during
Calendar of Events…………… 2       ing as it has been during our history.   his first campaign professed to have
                                The Louis and Clark Expedition en-       hunted ducks, even though there is
Chapter Sponsored Events.. 3    countered black bear, elk and flocks     no record of him having a hunting
                                of Carolina parrots in our own back      license. No one knows what change
                                yards. We have made the transition       Obama has in mind that might im-
Hunting Reports………………. 5        from an agricultural based popula-       pact hunting on Federal grounds and
                                tion to a manufacturing and techno-      the ability to transport firearms
On Safari in South Africa       logical based urban population all       freely in pursuit of our sport. What
with Tsoma Safaris………….. 5      but completely removed from the          we do know of this charismatic wolf
                                natural environment.                     in sheep’s clothing is his radical gun
2008 Hunting Awards………. 6          Eastern Kansas now looks like         control history that ranges from li-
                                western Missouri did 40 years ago as     ability suits to exorbitant ammuni-
2008 Hunter’s Expo              the landscape turns from prairie to      tion tax.
 Ticket Order Form………….. 7      fescue pastures and invasive trees.         We clearly have challenging
 Exhibitors & Donors…..…... 8   Good for turkey and deer but bad for     times ahead of us as hunters and will
                                quail and prairie chickens. Even the     no doubt face new battles. I think we
Connoisseur's Corner……….. 8     mule deer in central Kansas are be-      are in a position to make a difference
                                ing pushed further west with the         though the programs KCSCI spon-
                                spreading cedars, locust and hedge.      sors in getting the word out that yes
                                   Hunters in modern history have        there are still those that hunt and we
                                been the best conservationist. The       count.
                                most notable hunter conservationist      Bryan Schanze
                                being President Theodore Roosevelt.
                                We are now faced with a President-       “When the last buffalo falls on the prai-
                                Elect that to the end of my research I   rie, I will hunt mice for I am a hunter
                                                                         and I must have my freedom”
                                have not been able to determine if he                -Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Tribe

                                                       Welcome New Members!
                                   Andrew Abbott               Paul S. Holliday            Carl Perney
                                 Michael J. Bukaty              Michael Hurst           Terry E. Rodecap
                                     Brad Carper             Jonathon Hutcheson          Sven A. Rodeen
                                   Steven Dawson                Ryan Johnson            Edward Schindler
                                William T. Duncan Jr.            Kirk Kelley               Lisa Stickler
                                     Terry Frady                Patrick Linson         Michael W. Summers
                                  Terry Frederick              Sid G. McCullin           Vincent Teuber
                                    Chris Gaither                 Ty McNeil                 Brad Warn
                                   Jeffry Gardner              Michael Meyer              James Wilson
                                  Carl E. Hawn II               Steve Patrick
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                                          KC-SCI CALENDAR OF EVENTS

From the Editor:                          Wednesday, December 9, 6:30 pm
                                          CLUB DINNER MEETING
    I hope this issue of The Hunter’s     Coach’s Bar&Grill
Journal finds you enjoying a great        14893 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park
fall hunting season. I’ve had the         Program: Mike Hagen’s Cameroon Hunt
privilege of being able spend a few
days afield this fall—so far every        Wednesday, January 7, 6:30 pm
one of them has been enjoyable—           CLUB DINNER MEETING
and I hope to enjoy a few more be-        Jumpin’ Catfish
fore winter arrives.                      4342 NE Antioch Rd, Kansas City
    Unless you are a brand new mem-
ber of KC-SCI I’m sure you’ve no-
                                          January 21-24, 2009
ticed that our chapter newsletter for-
mat has changed a bit. I hope it          SCI'S ULTIMATE HUNTERS' MARKET
                                          Reno, Nevada
works for you, and I encourage you        This year's show is expected to be a record-breaking event! Purchase one badge and
to let me know if it does—or does-        find six continents under one roof—outfitters from around the world, taxidermists, gun
n’t!                                      makers and much, much more! Register now for discounted badge prices and dinner
    If you are a new member of SCI,       packages at WWW.SAFARICLUB.ORG
I suspect you are beginning to realize
the significant effect that Safari Club   Wednesday, February 4, 6:30 pm
International has in promoting hunt-      CLUB DINNER MEETING
ing and wildlife conservation on a        Location: To Be Announced
world-wide scale. The Kansas City
Chapter is working hard to do the         February 20-22, 2009
same in our local area. I am thankful     HUNTER’S EXPO
that I can do this small part now—as      KCI Expo Center, 11730 N. Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Missouri
our chapter newsletter editor—to          The largest hunter’s and sportsman’s show in Kansas City, and KC-SCI’s primary
support our organization.                 fundraising event. Awards Banquet and Benefit Auction on Friday night, Banquet and
                                          Benefit Auction on Saturday Night.
David Soine                               Mike Hagen, Convention Committee Chair 816-734-5100 or                      WWW.HUNTERS-EXPO.COM

                                          American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) Applications for scholarships due
                                          April 1, 2009. AWLS is a workshop for Educators that takes place every summer in
                                          Wyoming. Contact Bryan Schanze or Mike Hagen.
                                          Apprentice Hunter Camp Applications for scholarships due April 1, 2009. Contact
                Volume 30                 Nate Apple.
                 Issue 99

             A publication of
        The Kansas City Chapter
      Safari Club International, Inc.


                                          A Picture with the Black
                                          Bear was a favorite activity
                                          at the KC SCI Sensory Sa-
                                          fari set up at the entrance
                                          to Cabela’s in September.
                                                                                                      The Hunter’s Journal - 3
Chapter Sponsored Event

Tuttle Creek Lake Area Assisted Deer Hunt

To the editor:                            partment of Wildlife and Parks, Tut-      morning, others that evening. After
    Recently, twenty-five hunters ex-     tle Creek State Park, and the Tuttle      another breakfast on Sunday some of
perienced an event that they will re-     Creek Lake Corps of Engineers met         the remaining hunters took deer that
member the rest of their lives. Satur-    weekly to plan and recruit the re-        morning and still more that evening.
day and Sunday, September 13th &          sources necessary to make this hap-       Harvested deer were taken to the
14th, was part of a nine day special      pen.                                      Clay Center Locker, GTB Custom
deer hunting season for youth and             The Sunday before the event the       Meats in Riley and the Alta Vista
disabled hunters. Those twenty-five       Fancy Creek Shooting Range opened         Locker for processing. Each of these
hunters were either younger than          so the hunters could sight in their       facilities agreed to process up to six
sixteen years old or had a medical        rifles before they were allowed to        deer for free for those hunters who
certification that they were disabled.    participate in the hunt. Safety was       could not afford it otherwise.
Fifteen of the twenty five harvested      the highest priority. After the sight-        The following people assisted
deer - including a thirteen year old      in, a meal provided by generous do-       with the hunt as guides and whatever
who took a nine point buck.               nations from Dillons East, Armour         else needed to be done. They should
    Stories were told and retold and      Swift-Eckrich and the Kansas City         all be thanked for their time and ef-
will be for years. Rolls of film were     Chapter of the Safari Club Interna-       forts: Rick Anderson, David Batt,
shot of the trophies. Ear to ear          tional (SCI) was served to all partici-   Greg Bloomdahl, Pat Briggs, Wes
smiles were the rule, not only for the    pants and their guides.                   Esping, Dale Grunewald, Ben
hunters, but for the guides too.              Deer tags and needed Kansas           Jedlicka, Jon Massie, Walt Mueller,
However, a lot of work went into          hunting licenses were provided to all     Luke Nihart, Greg Wurst, Dave
this before the hunters took to the       hunters by the Kansas Wildlife Offi-      Reed, Bill Webber, John Malmquist,
field.                                    cers Association and SCI.                 Will Bolt, Cody Decker, David Scar-
    This is the sixth year for the Tut-       At 5:00AM on Saturday, every-         borough, Jason Sawyer, Jeff Wilson,
tle Creek Lake Area Assisted Deer         one gathered for a breakfast of bis-      Tony Rock, Tyler Burt, Tyler Rob-
hunt, but it set a record for             cuits and gravy provided by               erts, Justin Wren, Derek Moon, Mick
number of partici-                         SCI. Then hunters and guides scat-       Smith, Ernie Peck, Kerry Moore,
pants. Planning had been                     tered to wooden blinds and pop-up      Neal Shera, Jim Christensen, Cam-
underway for months.                          tent blinds placed recently in ar-    eron Collins, and Dennis Wilson.
Representatives from                           eas where deer were known to             The Riley County Fish and Game
the Riley County Fish                           frequent.                           Association, the Friends of Fancy
and Game Associa-                               Some harvested deer Saturday        Creek Range, and the Tuttle Creek
tion, the Kansas De-                                                                Lake Association also made contri-
                                                                                    butions to this event and should be
                                                                                    thanked as well.
                                                                                        There are now venison dinners,
                                                                                    memories and stories. If you ever
                                                                                    meet one of the hunters, ask them
                                                                                    about it then watch the smile grow
                                                                                    and the story flow.

                                                                                    Steve Prockish
                                                                                    Natural Resource Specialist
                                                                                    Corps of Engineers
                                                                                    Tuttle Creek Lake
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Chapter Sponsored Events

KC SCI Sponsors Becoming an Outdoors Woman
By Bryan Schanze
   The last Saturday of September I        activities that do not directly harvest     60 women returning for the second
had the pleasure of observing the          from nature as opposed to hunting           time and 32 mother-daughter teams.
activities at the Becoming an Out-         and fish- ing. If you are outdoors             KC SCI has been the number one
doors-Woman in Kansas workshop             and                      taking up          organization supporting the work-
held at the 4-H Rock Springs                                                           shop for many years. Through our
Camp near Junction                                                                     donations of ammunition and other
City. The annual three                                                                 shooting supplies we have helped
day workshop organized                                                                 introduce hundreds of women to
by Kansas Department of                                                                hunting and the shooting sports at
Wildlife and Parks intro-                                                              the workshop.
duces women to outdoor
skills. On my tour I wit-
nessed the following classes: intro
to shotgun, pistol, rifle, archery, rap-                          space you are        Dear SCI:
pelling, fly tying, Dutch oven cook-                              consuming the           Thank you for letting me come to
ing, stream ecology, turkey hunting                               resource.            your hunting camp. I had lots of
and backpacking. By some coinci-                                  Many women           fun! I learned a lot when I was
dence my stop at the Dutch oven                                   start the BOWS       there. My favorite part was shooting
class occurred right at lunch time.                               program with         my ram. I also liked how we talked
With one hundred twenty women                                     no intention of      about our favorite thing we did at
enrolled there is a lot going on at one                           participating in     the campfire. I’m glad I passed my
time with no more than 10 partici-         the “consumptive activities” only to        hunter’s safety course. I learned so
pants per class.                           catch the excitement of what we con-        much from it! Thank you so
   Many of the classes offered are         sider the really fun stuff and return       much!!!
“non-consumptive”, a term meaning          the next year. This year there were
                                                                                       Jet Tryon
“Dr. Duck” Everhart’s Youth Waterfowl Clinic
   The 14th Annual Youth Water-
fowl Clinic went GREAT! A total
of 32 youth boys and girls (all first
timers) showed up and the weather
was also great. Each boy and girl
received (thanks to KCSCI) a dozen
mallard decoys, a decoy bag, and
duck call. This way they don't only
leave with the memory of the day,
but are partly outfitted to continue
the sport. The second Saturday, the
day of the hunt we had some high
flood waters, so we were only able to
hunt with a few of the older youth
who had boots. But in all, it was a
great event and another group of fine
youth are now recruited hunters.
   Thanks again to KCSCI for mak-
ing this event possible.
                                           A new hunter works on his shooting skills at the waterfowl clinic.
   Johnny "Dr. Duck" Everhart
                                                                                                        The Hunter’s Journal - 5


On Safari in South Africa with Tsoma Safaris                                          On Safari in Namibia
By Douglas Shane                                                                      By Joe Walker
                                                                                      KC SCI Member, Topeka, KS
We enjoyed the presentation of             gion of South Africa we were in
Doug’s South African Safari at the         there is really no such thing as an        Outfitter: Omalanga Safaris
September Club Meeting. For those          SCI springbok, and lionesses will          Location: Namibia, Africa
that missed it—he was kind enough to
write up this hunt summary. –ds            never score high enough to make the
                                           trophy list, as the standards are set          I just returned from my first Afri-
                                           for male lions not lionesses.              can Hunt. I was not familiar with
    Hunting in South Africa is an ex-
                                               The lioness hunt was most defi-        any places to hunt there, so I talked
perience that cannot be likened to
any other. It is fascinating how the
                                           nitely the most exciting. We started       to Cabela’s Hunt Adventures and
                                           the hunt by simply walking and             with their recommendations I
industry works in that part of the
                                           looking for signs of a lion. We found      booked my hunt with Omalanga Sa-
world. In South Africa everything is
                                           tracks and followed them. After fol-       faris in Namibia Africa. I booked for
fenced. This includes homes, busi-
                                           lowing tracks for a while we came          Plain Game and Mountain Zebra.
nesses, as well as the hunting proper-
                                           across an area where there had been        Omalanga has 2 hunting camps and
ties. Maintaining the sovereignty of
                                           a struggle between two animals, and        is a three to four hour drive north of
ones property is South Africa is ex-
                                           then we observed drag marks with           Windhoek. The conditions were hot
tremely important, as is easy to see
                                           large amounts of blood going down          and dry, but made for good hunting
because impoverished people will
                                           into a ravine. We decided it would         close to water to catch them coming
tend to steal.
                                           probably be a great place to find a        or going. I shot a good Mountain
    Having the high fences on the
                                           lioness. Our outfitter, Styger, and I      Zebra, two Jackals, and four Gold
hunting properties allows land own-
                                           led the way and sure enough we             Medal Animals: A male and female
ers to select the species that are to be
                                           walked right up to a dead donkey           Oryx (Gemsbok), Eland and Kudu. I
present, and more importantly it al-
                                           with a lioness chewing on it. She          could have taken other Gold Medal
lows them to maintain the herd and
                                           took off running and so the chase          animals if I would have wanted to
grow trophies of the highest quality
                                           was on. The trucks came and                add them to my hunt. It was a good
for hunters.
                                           grabbed us and we followed where           hunt, Omalanga Safaris will be at
    In South Africa there are two
                                           the lioness went. My dad then spot-        the SCI-Reno Convention.
kinds of businessmen in the hunting
                                           ted her laying in a bush. We all got
industry (for the most part, and this
                                           out and started approaching the lion-
is starting to change). There are out-
                                           ess. When we reached a distance of
fitters and concessionaires. The con-                                                 and we never wanted for anything,
                                           twenty five yards the lioness started
cessionaires own the land and the                                                     other than to do more hunting. I
                                           growling and getting extremely un-
outfitters are allowed to bring their                                                 count my blessings everyday—
                                           comfortable. Styger gave the word
hunters there. Every time an animal                                                   because it is not everyday a nineteen
                                           and I shot, shot high and paralyzed
is harvested the outfitter pays the                                                   year old student at Kansas State Uni-
                                           the lioness. I then quickly made a
concessionaire the dollar amount                                                      versity has the opportunity to go to
                                           follow up shot and it was all over in
agreed upon earlier, and the hunter                                                   South Africa and hunt. Thank you
pays the outfitter the agreed price of                                                Mom and Dad for the life changing
                                               Hunting dangerous game is a
the trophy.                                                                           experience.
                                           thrilling experience that is unlike any
    In South Africa I successfully
                                           other. I strongly encourage hunters
harvested an impala, a waterbuck, a
                                           to save up and make a trip to Africa.
warthog, a springbok, a nyala, a wil-
                                           You will absolutely love and cherish
debeest, and a lioness. The impala,
                                           the experience. Our outfitter was
waterbuck, and lioness were taken
                                           Tsoma Safaris, which is owned by           How was your recent hunt? Submit
by bow, and the others with a Beretta
                                           Styger Joubert. We could not ask for       your hunting reports to the editor
7mm Rem. Mag. All animals were
SCI trophies, with the exception of
                                           a better place to stay, a better outfit-   ( or to one of
                                           ter, and in addition we had fabulous       the KC SCI board members for inclu-
the springbok and lioness. In the re-                                                 sion in The Hunter’s Journal.
                                           PH's. The staff was always respectful
6 - The Hunter’s Journal

Kansas City Chapter 2008 Hunting Awards
Win a New Firearm!

    The categories have been set for            Send the information to Kirk       Categories
the 2008 KC-SCI Hunting Awards.             MacDonald at:                           1. North American Wild and
Have your harvested animal(s) meas-             LHSYOOPER@YAHOO.COM                     Free
ured and submit your entry to Kirk                                                  2. North American Estate
                                                (please put 2008 Hunter Awards
MacDonald by January 16th.                                                          3. South American Wild and
                                            in the subject line)
    Each submission to the 2008                                                         Free
Hunter Awards entitles the hunter to        Or mail to:                             4. South American Estate
one ticket for a drawing to be held at      Kirk MacDonald                          5. Africa-Asia-Europe Wild and
the 2009 Hunters Expo. The draw-            4608 NE 105th St                            Free
ing winner will receive a new fire-         Kansas City, MO 64156                   6. Europe Estate
arm! (If the winner is a youth, the                                                 7. South Pacific Wild and Free
firearm will be awarded to their par-           For more information and a de-      8. South Pacific Estate
ent or guardian.)                           tailed listing of rules go to:          9. Wild Turkey (all methods
    Winners of the 2008 Hunting                combined)
Awards will be announced at the                                                    Methods
KCSCI Awards Banquet on Friday,                For more information about hav-
                                                                                    1. Long gun
February 20, at the 2009 Hunter’s           ing a trophy measured, including
                                                                                    2. Handgun
Expo.                                       contact information and location of
                                                                                    3. Archery
                                            official measurers, click on “Trophy
                                                                                    4. Muzzle loader
How to submit an entry:                     Records” on the SCI website:
                                                                                   Youth Hunt Divisions
                                                                                    1. Youth Hunters (ages 11-15)
1. Have your animal measured by                                                     2. Young Hunters (ages 6-10)
   an official SCI measurer. The
   measurer will give you an offi-
   cial SCI measuring form.
2. Submit the following by email or
   regular mail (email preferred):
        The trophy's measuring
        form (or a scan of the form)
        A picture of the hunter and
        Contact information includ-
        ing phone number
        The category, method and
        youth status (if applicable)

         SCI Official Measurers                                         NEXT TIME…
        in the Kansas City Area:                              YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NEED A
                                                                 REAL ESTATE AGENT…
SCI Master Measurers:                                             BUYING OR SELLING
Warren Parker     (816) 229-8899
Mike Hagen        (816) 985-5190                             ———————— CALL —————————

SCI Measurers:                                                       CHRIS CAGLE
Don Kirn                   (816) 524-7358                       YOUR REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL
Taz Ridley                 (913) 631-9444                            SOMERSET REALTORS
Aaron Reynolds             (913) 451-3083
LeRoy Haug                 (785) 542-1260
Gary Carter                (816) 779-6544                        913-764-4147         816-589-6932
                                                                   OFFICE                 CELL
                                                                                              The Hunter’s Journal - 7

                                      KCI Expo Center
                     11730 North Ambassador Drive - Kansas City, MO 64153
                                    TICKET INFORMATION
       Tickets will not be reserved without this form and payment. All ticket sales are final.

                          EVENT                                      TICKETS                 TOTAL
                 Friday, February 20, 2009                      ________ tickets at     $_________
        KCSCI Awards Banquet and Benefit Auction                  $45.00/ticket
    Buffet opens at 7pm with open seating—Awards and
           Presentations at 8pm – Auction at 9pm
               Saturday, February 21, 2009                    _______ adult tickets $_________
                  Sables Ladies Luncheon                         at $40.00/ticket
         Entertainment and Luncheon at 11:30am                _______ youth tickets
                    Seating is assigned                        at $20.00/ticket (for
                                                                  children under 12)

               Saturday, February 21, 2009                      _______ tickets at      $_________
            KCSCI Banquet and Benefit Auction                     $65.00/ticket
   Assigned seating at 6:15pm—Dinner served at 6:45pm
          Entertainment at 7pm—Auction at 8pm
         Friday and Saturday Combination Tickets                _______ tickets at      $_________
            Banquet and Auction Combo Tickets                     $90.00/ticket
                                                                   TOTAL DUE:           $_______
Ticketholder Information: This information must be provided
Name ____________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________ State: __________ Zip: __________________
Phone: ______________________________ Email: ______________________________
Ticketholder Names: _______________________________________________________
Payment Information: Payment is required to hold tickets
Payment Options: Cash _____ Check ____ Credit: ____ ( Visa / MC / AMEX ) circle one
Cardholder Name: __________________________________________________________
Card Number: ______________________________________ Expiration Date: _________
Signature: ___________________________________ Date: _______________________
                            Please return this ticket form along with your payment to:
              Hunter’s Expo c/o Stacie Hubler—34603 East State Route 58—Pleasant Hill, MO 64080
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Connoisseur’s Corner

Screw, Cap or Cork?
By Chris Cagle
    We are seeing more wines being          sporadic oxidation, avoids flavor             CAO - BRAZILIA $5-6.00
replaced with the untwist of a cap          changes, eliminates the ingress of          This mid-priced cigar from Nica-
instead of the pop of a cork being          oxygen which deteriorates the wine,      ragua is solid to the feel, yet has a
pulled. Wineries in Australia and           maintains a good reliable seal for       nice easy draw. Full flavored with
New Zealand have led the way, but           long term, plus they are easy to open    fullbody. Fairly even burn with a
more of the world's wine producers          and reseal.                              long dark ash. Alot of rich and ro-
are switching to the screw cap.                The problem is, it is just hard to    bust, earthly flavors. A nice smoke.
    The advantages the wine makers          give up the romantic sound of the           Until the next newsletter, I hope
have found in using screw caps over         cork being pulled from the bottle and    you get out and experience some-
corks are they eliminate many of the        replacing it with the crack of the cap   thing great, give me a call and I will
problems found in using corks. Such         being turned.                            pass it on.
as, the risk of cork taint, the threat of

                                                    Hunter’s Expo
                                             February 20-22, 2009
                  KCI Expo Center, 11730 North Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, MO 64153
                                   Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Adventures
          Exhibits, Displays, Seminars, Trips, Live Auctions, Raffles, Banquets, Award Presentations
                               Admission: $6.50 (children 14 & under are free)

        Registered Exhibitors                                        Donations Received From:

       King of the Mountain                     Bare Tracks Trophies, LLC                          Matthews
     Coleman Equipment, Inc.                      Ditholo African Safaris                      TJK Hunt Safaris
            The Outback                       Evano’s Hunting and Taxidermy                  Bear Creek Outfitters
      Timberwolf Trading Co.                             Service                              McDougall Lodge
    Bare Tracks Trophies, LLC.               New Zealand Horn & Antler Hunt-          McNeil Game Farm & Outfitting,
Totally Awesome Taxidermy, LLC.                            ing                                       LLC.
            Safari Nordik                              The Outback                       Fraser Safaris New Zealand
              Kukuzans                             The Departing Shot                               Cazatur
      Ditholo African Safaris                    Timberwolf Trading Co.                    Giuseppe Carrizosa-Spain
        The Departing Shot                     Totally Awesome Taxidermy             Phillip Bronkhorst Safaris South Af-
Evano's Hunting and Taxidermy Ser-                    Tsoma Safaris                                  rica
             vices, LLC.                          Wild Game Outfitters                Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris
   Wild Game Outfitters, LLC.                   Mungunui Hunting Lodge                   Silvertine Wildlife Company
      Ngwarati Safaris Africa                     Paul Kalicki, LUTCF                Hanno Van Rensburg Hunting Safa-
           Tsoma Safaris                          Henry Repeating Arms                                ris
           Scott Outdoors                         Swift Bullet Company                       Steyn Caracal Safaris
 New Zealand Horn & Antler Hunt-                Heartland Wildlife Ranches              South America Wingshooting
               ing Ltd.                        Powder Creek Shooting Park                   Ngwarati Safaris Africa
    Heartland Wildlife Ranches                       She Safari, LLC.
  Powder Creek Shooting Range
 Missouri Hunting Heritage Federa-
          Somerby Safaris
 Out of Africa Adventurous Safaris
The Hunter’s Journal - 9
10 - The Hunter’s Journal

                                                 THE KANSAS CITY CHAPTER
                                                SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL

                                                    Would Like To Invite You To
                                                   Become A Member Of KC-SCI!

           If you are not currently a member of KC-SCI, but have an interest and would like
           to know more about our organization, please contact:
                                    Fred Robertson at (913) 299-6759
                                  or visit our website at

                                APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP

           Name:                                              Home Phone:

           Spouse’s Name:                                     Work Phone:

           Mailing Address:                                   Fax Number:

           City, State, Zip:                                  Cell Phone:


           Enclosed is my check for $65.00, which includes my membership fees to the Interna-
           tional Organization and subscription to the Safari Magazine.

           Member-Sponsor:                     Credit Card:   VISA or MASTERCARD

           Signature:                                         Card #: ______________________

           Date:                                              Exp. Date: _____________

                                              PLEASE MAIL APPLICATION AND PAYMENT TO:

                                                                 Fred Robertson
                                                               7612 Corona Avenue
                                                              Kansas City, KS 66112
                                                                                           The Hunter’s Journal - 11


Nate Apple                                Fred Robertson                  PAST PRESIDENTS:
  (913) 837-5842                             (913) 299-6759               Warren Parker      1979-1985         David Neighbor     1985-1986
Bob Bazin                                 Bryan Schanze—President         Don Kirn           1986-1988
  (913) 837-5610                             (913) 980-5503               Bill Tott          1988-1989                          Taz Ridley         1989-1992
Bryan Brenneman—Secretary                 Ty Green                        Fred Douglas       1992-1994
  (913) 915-6708                             (816) 850-3980               Pat Diecidue       1994-1996                    Pete Olarian       1996-1998
Larry Cheatum                             Rodney Heinsohn                 Kevin Dunlap       1998-2000
  (816) 898-8844                             (913) 236-4490               Kevin Anderson     2000-2002                  Tom Sollner        2002-2004
                                                                          Byron Lange        2004-2006
Mike Hagen—Vice President                 Ron Thiewes—Treasurer
  (816) 985-5190                             (816) 459-8192               Bob Bazin          2006-2008                 
John MacGirvan                            Stan Christiansen
  (816) 215-5164                             (620) 793-9802               
                                          Claire Hertzog
                                                    —Sables Rep.
                                             (816) 377-9802

 Dear SCI:
     This summer I went on a hunting trip to Three Rivers,
 Michigan. It was awesome! I really enjoyed the scenery
 and just being outdoors. Every camper there got to take a
 Corsican Ram. I really liked hunting the ram, and learning
 about hunting in general. I got to take my Hunter’s Safety
 course (even though I had already taken it from here in
 Missouri). This Hunter’s Safety course, however, allowed
 you to use your hunter’s safety card in all 50 states, includ-
 ing some parts of Canada. By far, my favorite thing about
 the camp was meeting and making some new friends.
 Every camper there had something about them that was just
 fun. The “staff” members in the camp were very nice too.
 I really learned a lot from them, and on the very last day, I
 got two trophies: one for fishing camp during the whole                              KC SCI Sensory Safari
 week we were there, and one for clay target shooting. I had                          at Cabela’s, Septem-
 a real blast!!! I ust wanted to say thank you SCI, for pick-                         ber, 2008, supporting
 ing me to go to this educational, but very, very fun camp.                           SCI Foundation’s Youth
                                                                                      Education Seminars
 Sincerely,                                                                           (YES) Outdoors
 Chase Tryon


                                                   Safari Club International
                                                   Kansas City Chapter

                                                      Kansas City, KS 66112
                                                      7612 Corona Avenue

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