Hazard specific OHS checklist - Blasting by 1N8kvXp




                                                                                           Yes/No (/)
                                                                                          N.A. or N.C.
Does the person intending to use the explosives have the required authority?
Are operations that could lead to ignition being carried out greater than 6 metres from
where the explosives are being handled?
Does blasting equipment comply with and, where appropriate, has it been tested in
accordance with AS2187.2?
Have fire fighting procedures been established for areas where explosives are used,
stored and mixed?
Do all appliances and associated equipment used for mixing explosives comply with the
 Materials used in their construction are made of materials compatible with the
 Machines used for mixing are designed to minimise the possibility of heating,
     compaction, overload, accumulation of compositions and confinement?
 All systems used for measuring of ingredients are calibrated at regular intervals?
 The frames of all mixers and associated equipment are effectively bonded to
     provide a continuous electrical path to earth?
 Spark ignition engines are not used for power operated mixers?

Are explosives stored in approved containers and magazines where large-scale mixing
operations necessitate an extended delivery time?
Are safety fuses inspected for damage and tested for burning rate, both on receipt and
prior to use, to ensure that its condition has not been adversely affected by storage?
Is the fitting of safety fuses to detonators carried out greater than 10 metres from
magazines or other areas where explosives have been stored?
Are capped fuses not required for immediate use placed in an approved locked
container or stored in a detonator magazine?
Are primers made up immediately prior to charging?
Before charging commences are unauthorised personnel and machinery not involved in
the blasting operation removed from the area?
Are blast holes thoroughly cleaned of all loose material before charging?
Are precautions taken to ensure that the safety fuses, lead wires, detonating cord or
signal tube connected to the primer are not damaged during the placing of stemming
material and subsequent tamping?

May 2007

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