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									Replicable Project
Director’s Manual
       Teresa Pregizer
       August 10, 2007
    Pico Union S.A.Y. Yes!
• Introduction to the program
• Project Background
  – Directing Components
  – Resources
• Purpose
• Contents of Director’s Manual
• The center opened in fall of 2001
• It began with 15 students and 3 mentors
• In ’06-’07 it had grown to 40 students and
  9 mentors
• The mission statement is
  “Mentoring youth for community
  Directing Components
• Directing has 2 main components
  – Weekly program
  – Monthly events
• Weekly program includes:
  – recreation, tutoring time, growth groups,
    learning centers, family time
• Monthly events include:
  – Thanksgiving Dinner, Operation Christmas
    Child, Snow Day, Pool Party, Luau
• Resources are scattered and often
  stored in people’s brains
  – This makes it difficult for a new person
    to take over job responsibilities easily
    • There is not one place where someone can go
      and find what needs to be done
    • New people are continually reinventing the
      Project Purpose
• To make the job of the director
  more efficient so that he or she can
  spend more time improving the
  center and less time on
      Manual Contents
• Job Description and Qualifications
• Weekly Responsibilities/Program
• Yearly Overview
• Events
• Volunteer Management
• Forms/Resources
Yearly Overview Example
Month Tasks                Events

June   •Stock store        •Father’s Day
       with Father’s       Craft
       Day items           •Pool Party   (See
       •Collect 3rd        pg 9)

       report card         •Luau (See pg 10)
       •Volunteer          •Attendance
       appreciation (See   outing (See pg 12
       pg 20)
                           •Staff outing (See
       Event Example
         Pool Party
• Purpose: The purpose of the pool
  party is to celebrate the end of
  S.A.Y. Yes!
• Description: The pool party is a time
  when mentors, volunteers and kids go
  to a pool and have fun. It also
  includes a barbeque.
       Pool Party cont.
• Things to include
  – Get a donation to buy bathing suits.
  – Purchase bathing suits and sell them in
    the S.A.Y. Yes! store.
  – Purchase food and supplies for the
  – Recruit drivers and print directions.
       Pool Party Cont.
• Helpful Hints
  – Tell the kids to come in their bathing
    suit and don’t let them change out of it
    to go home. Changing waists a lot of
    time and makes it very hard to leave in a
    timely manner.
• It is my hope that this resource will
  enable to program to be taken to the
  next level of excellence.

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