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					                                      Engineers Without Borders UK

                               National Executive Meetings
National Executive meetings are monthly meetings used to review progress, share information, address issues and
take decisions. Some meetings are part of other events, such as:

   Four times a year: KPI reviews, operational plan review, budget review, checklists review
   Once a year (October): National Conference & Annual General Meeting
   Once a year (January): Away weekend for planning, training and broad discussion
   Once a year (September): Handover weekend for induction and training

Format of the meetings:

   Very important for NE members to attend
   In central London, often at a sponsor’s office
   Usually Friday evenings at 7pm, second or third week of the month
   Agenda in advance – anyone can add to it
   Organised by Operations Co-ordinator
   NE members take turns to take minutes
   Chaired by Chief Executive
   Actions usually to be completed within two weeks
   Anyone can attend, but only NE can take decisions
   If NE members cannot attend then stand-ins from NE teams can be invited
   Also used to share paperwork (expenses claims etc) and post etc
   We will try to vary the format of the meetings
   Each meeting will have a specific purpose

Agendas for the meetings:

   September: Handover weekend. National Conference & Annual Review. NE training and skills development.
   October: National Conference & AGM. Launches. Team recruitment and training. BoT meeting feedback.
   November: National Conference feedback. Review meeting. Communications with members.
   December: First stages of planning process. BoT meeting feedback.
   January: Away weekend for operational planning. Placements overview.
   February: Review meeting. Finalise operational planning. Communications with members.
   March: Preparations for financial year end. BoT meeting feedback.
   April: Review meeting. New financial year. Preparations for internships.
   May: Final list of internships. BoT meeting feedback. Communications with members.
   June: NE recruitment preparations.
   July: Review meeting. National Conference.
   August: End of year NE review and social. Annual Review. BoT meeting feedback.

Standing items:

   Introductions, apologies, minutes etc
   Actions from last meeting and matters arising
   Highlights (since last month and in the coming month)
   Management Accounts
   Next meeting
   A.O.B.

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