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    Government Policy
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    Obamas Fo reign Policy

    June 05, 2009 by destinati oncb   rati ng: 5 vi ews: 48

    Senator Bob Menendez thinks Obama di d well positi oni ng the Americas rel ati ons hip with the worl d to a positi ve one. But he dis agrees with Obamas decision to open unli mited remittanc es to Cuba when the C uban government c harges s o muc h for ever y dollar s ent. The Senator also feels Cuba s houldnt be allowed bac k into the OA...
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    Cuban American Congr essm an opposes h elping Cub an p eople

    September 06, 2009 by C arlosDC blog        r ating: 3 views : 642

    I inter viewed Fl orida State Del egate D avi d Ri vera (R), who is tr ying to r un for the Flori da State Senate i n the 2010 el ecti on s, duri ng a fundraisi ng party i n Was hington, DC. UPD ATE: D avid Ri ver a has been el ected US Representati ve for Fl orida's 25th c ongressi onal district i n the 2010 el ecti ons. C ongress man Ri ver a has be...

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    "Our way or no way",U S Gov't tells f am ilies of Cub an hu rricane victims
    October 09, 2008 by Auror aKis met      rati ng: 5 vi ews: 547

    It's past ti me to lift the embarg o.Bill Cli nton&T om DeLay c an have C uban cigars but you can't.C uban Americans can't visi t their homel ess r elati ves . A report fr om the vOA N ews ser vic e, who of cours e titl ed it differentl y and does not appr ove nor have any c onnecti on to the vi deo pos ter. Vi deo is a wor k of the USGover nmen...

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    Presid ent Ob am a on th e Un ited Stat es an d L atin Amer ica

    March 23, 2011 by whitehous e      rati ng: 3.7 vi ews: 10,839

    Speaki ng i n Santi ago, C hile, Presi dent Obama hails Lati n Americ a as a "region on the move," growing i n both economic and dipl omatic clout, and c alls for c ontinui ng to fi nd paths for j oint economic growth and cooper ation between the U nited States and the region. M arch 21, 2010....
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    Open for Question s with Pr esident Ob am a

    September 28, 2011 by whitehous e     r ati ng: 2.9 views: 6,267

    Presi dent Obama par ticipates i n an " Open for Questi ons" roundtable res ponding to questions from r eaders of Yahoo!, M SN Latino, AOL Lati no and HuffPos t LatinoVoic es on issues that matter most to the His panic community and all Americ ans . September 28, 2011....

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    16. Br aud el' s B ell Jar
    April 01, 2011 by Yal eCourses    rating: vi ews: 1,438

    Capitalis m: Succ ess, Crisis and R eform (PLSC 270) Professor Rae explores H ernando de Soto's theories of and li ve c api tal and the power of pr operty rights. Ac cor ding to de Soto, infor mal pr operty mus t c arefull y be integrated i nto the formal property s ystem. Profess or R ae pr es ents the example of Balti more's r ow hous e vac...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            46: 29

    TYT Hour Augu st 23rd , 2010

    August 24, 2010 by T heYoungTur ks       rati ng: 4.8 vi ews: 12,682

    www.theyoungtur ks.c om N ew T YT N etwor k c hannel : om N ew T YT F ac ebook Pag e(!): Subscribe to the FR EE Vi deo Podc as t on iT unes : bit.l y Foll ow us on T witter: twitter.c om DISCOUNT S: www.theyoungtur ks .com FREE M ovies(!): www.netfli Note: T he above two links ar e for T YT s pons ors. Read Ana's bl ...
                                                                                 3:5

    Est eban Mor ales, 2 Ob am a y el bloqu eo.mp4

    Febr uar y 04 at 23:04 by Pr ogres oHabana   rating: 5 views : 95

    Esteban Mor ales descri be c mo el pdte Obama aplica el bl oqueo a Cuba....

                                                                                 36: 08

    Press Conf er ence After the Su mm it of the Am ericas
    April 22, 2009 by whitehous e   r ating: 4.7 views: 3,898

    Presi dent Obama s ums up and takes q uestions from the press about his experienc e at the Fi fth Summit of the Americas held in P ort of Spai n i n Trini dad & T obago. (public domain)...

                                                                                                                                                                                                  1:02:9

    4/13/09: W hite Hou se Pr ess Briefing

    April 14, 2009 by whitehous e   r ating: 4.3 views: 4,478

    White Hous e Press Briefings are c onducted mos t weekdays from the J ames S. Brady Pres s Bri efi ng Room i n the Wes t Wing. (public domai n)...
                                                                   1:01:18

    House Session 2011 12 16 (11: 28: 52 12:30:10)

    December 16, 2011 by CSPANH ouse2011      r ating: views: 112


                                                                   56: 14

    Obama/Caldern Joint Pr ess Conf er ence
    April 18, 2009 by whitehous e       r ating: 4.3 views: 12,893

    Presi dents Obama and Cal der n (Mexi co) s peak to the press assembled at Los Pinos , the Mexi can presi denti al residence, on April 16, 2009. ( public domai n)...

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