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					American Literature                              Vocabulary Lists for Weeks 2-3

SAT PREP              Vocabulary List #1
Root, Prefix/Suffix   Meaning                  Examples
acer, acid, acri      bitter, sour             acerbic, acrimony
a/an                  without                  amorphous, anachronistic
ambi/amphi            both, on both sides      ambidextrous, amphitheater
ambul                 walk, move               amble, ambulance
ami/amo               love                     amiable, amorous
anim                  life, spirit             animal, animate
ante                  before                   antecede, anteroom
anthrop               man/human                anthropology, philanthropy
anti                  against                  antibody, antiseptic
auto                  self                     automobile, autobiography
bell(i)               war                      bellicose, belligerent
bene                  good, well               beneficial, benevolent
bi(n)                 two, once every two      biannual, binary
bibli(o)              book                     bibliography, Bible
bio                   life                     biography, biosphere
cad, cas              fall                     cascade, cadence
capit, capt           head                     decapitate, captain
cap, cept             take, hold               intercept, capture
cede, ceed, cess      go, yield                exceed, recess, precede
cert                  sure                     certify, ascertain
chron(o)              time                     chronic, synchronize
cide, cise            cut, kill                homicide, precise
circum, circle        around, about            circumnavigate, circumspect
co                    with, together, joint    coauthor, cohabitate
com                   together, common         commemorate, compact
cogn(i)               know                     cognition, recognize
con                   with, jointly            concur, convene
contra                against, opposite        contradict, controversy
corp                  body                     corpse, corporation
crat/cracy            rule                     democracy, aristocrat
cred                  believe                  credit, incredible
de                    away, down, remove       deduct, deduce
dem(o)                people                   democracy, epidemic
derm                  skin                     epidermis, dermatologist
dict                  speak                    contradict, dictate, dictionary
doc                   teach                    docile, doctrine
dorm                  sleep                    dormitory, dormant
don(at)               give                     donate, condone
duc(t)                lead                     conduct, deduct
dys                   abnormal, bad            dysfunction, dyslexia
e                     out, away                eloquent, eject
ego                   self                     egotistical
eu                    good, well               euphemism, euphonious
ex                    from, out                exit, exhale
fac(t)                make, do                 manufacture, artifact
fer                   carry, bear              conifer, ferry
fid                   faith                    confide, fidelity
fin                   end                      final, infinite
flect                 bend                     reflect, inflection
fluc/fluv             flow                     fluctuate, influence,
gene(s)               birth, formation, kind   genealogy, genesis, generate
gram                  letter, written          telegram, diagram, grammar
graph                 writing, recording       seismograph, photograph
grat                  please                   gratuity, congratulate
gress, grad           step, go                 progress, digress, graduate
ject                  throw                    project, reject
jud                   law                      judge, adjudicate
American Literature                                    Vocabulary Lists for Weeks 2-3

SAT PREP              Vocabulary List #2
Root, Prefix/Suffix   Meaning                        Examples
junct                 join                           conjunction, adjunct
juven                 young                          rejuvenate, juvenile
later                 side                           bilateral, unilateral
logu, locu            speak                          elocution, loquacious
luc, lumin            light                          lucid, illuminate
mal                   bad, wrong                     malicious, malevolent
man(u)                hand                           maneuver, manuscript
mand                  order                          command, mandate
mater, matri          mother                         maternal, matriarch
mob, mov, mot         move                           mobile, move, motivate
morph                 form                           metamorphosis, amorphous
mort                  death                          immortal, mortuary
nom(in), nym          name                           nominate, synonym, binomial
omni                  all                            omniscient, omnipotent
pater, patri          father                         paternal, paternity
path                  feeling, emotion               sympathy, apathy, antipathy
ped(i)                foot                           pedestrian, pedal
phil                  love                           philanthropist, bibliophile
phon                  sound                          telephone, phonics
photo                 light                          photograph, photon
port                  carry                          portable, export
post                  after                          posthumous, postscript
pro                   in front of, before, forward   prophet, progress
psych                 mind                           psyche, psychopath
pug(n)                fight                          pugnacious, pugilist
purg                  clean                          purge, expurgate
pyr                   fire, heat                     pyromaniac, pyrotechnics
rupt                  break, burst                   bankrupt, rupture
scend                 climb, go                      ascend, crescendo
scrib/script          write                          scribe, scribble, manuscript
sect                  cut                            bisect, section
soph                  wise                           philosophic, sophisticated
sol                   alone                          desolate, solitude
sol                   sun                            solar, parasol
somn                  sleep                          insomnia, somnambulate
son                   sound                          consonant, sonorous
spec(t)               look                           spectator, specter
spir                  breath                         inspire, perspire
struct                build                          construct, infrastructure
sub                   under, below                   submarine, substandard
super                 higher                         supersonic, superb
tact/tang             touch                          tangible, contact
tel(e)                far                            television, telework
temp                  time                           contemporary
term                  end, limit                     terminate, terminal, determine
terr                  earth                          terrestrial, territory
the(o)                religion/god                   theocracy, monotheism
therm                 heat                           thermostat, thermos
tort                  twist                          contort, torture
tract                 pull                           traction, attract, detract
ven(t)                come                           intervene, convene
ver                   truth                          verify, veracity
vers/vert             turn                           vertical, convert, reverse
vid/vis               see                            video, evident, envision
viv                   life                           vivacious, revival
voc                   voice                          vocal, advocate
vol                   wish, will                     benevolent, volition

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