Future Lady Warrior Basketball by RyanWinterswyk


									               Future Lady Warrior Basketball
The Future Lady Warrior Basketball program is designed to give girls who
will be attending SC West some positive playing experience. Coaches are
parents and community members.

If enough players are interested at each grade level, tryouts will be held to
group players with others of the same skill level. Teams will carry about 10

Each coach and team will decide how many leagues/games to play in for the
season. Most games are on the weekends. Teams may elect to play in
tournaments. Practices will be held one or two nights per week.

The cost to play will vary. Costs will depend on how many/which leagues are
played in and the number of players on a team. The costs will be divided
among the players. Uniforms will be an additional expense. We can help you
with costs if it raises a serious issue. Please talk to the coach privately.

To sign up for a team, please fill out the form and return it to:

Karan Eschweiler
505 Old Moray Place
St. Charles, MO 63303

All forms must be turned in by Sept. 9.

On-line registration is available at   www.ladywbball.com

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