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DESERTED ISLAND A long time ago three adventures set off for the


									                   DESERTED ISLAND
A long time ago three adventures set off for the mighty land of Hamlet called Tu Tika Ta
where they say is a mighty golden ruby that can grant you any wish. The three adventures
Layla , Simon , and Austin. Layla with her long puffed hair bright blue eyes can kill anyone
with her bow and arrow. Austin the warrior is the hard gruesome boy with dark green
eyes and short spiky blonde hair. And Simon the crazy mad scientist with long brown hair
and brown eyes he comes up with all the medicine and anti venom drugs. It was the twenty
fourth of October 1929 the weather was warm no clouds in sight. The adventures were
exhausted after sailing for three days straight “the wind is getting strong” Said Austin.” A
storm is ahead “ “we’re near Barbados “ Said Layla “ not long away from the hamlet. As the
night grew dark the wind got stronger clouds could be seen . The waves were going up and
down like a baby’s rocking chair.

“Look ahead!” Said Simon. “It’s a tornado” Screamed Layla. Take cover! “Fill the bow with
barriers” Said Simon. “It’s going to get rough. “It’s the only way we’ll live” said Austin.

“Layla” Screamed Austin. “Where are you?” “Over here” said a faded voice. Running and
struggling for breath Austin found Layla and Simon in a shelter” “we’ve been looking for
you everywhere“ Said Layla and Simon together. “How long was I gone and where are we?”
Said Austin. “Well” Said Simon. By the shade and the angle of the sun...” “Just tell me how
long we’re here” Said Austin. “Around six hours” Said Simon. “Oh ye” Said Austin. “Where
are we” Said Austin. “I don’t know we’ve been shipwrecked here it look’s like we’ll be here
for awhile” Said Simon. “But how will we get food” Said Austin.” All sorted out this Island is
full of amazing fruits never found in Ireland “Said Simon. “ Ok so food check” Said
Austin.”Where were we shipwrecked!” Said Austin. “Just over there” Said Simon.” Lets go
check it out” Said Layla.” Why didn’t you two just go there instead of making the shelter”
Said Austin.” Come to think of it why didn’t we” Said Layla. On the smooth sanded island
little did the adventures know that there lived a tribe called the Hono Tha Ke Ta. “We’re
close” Said Simon. “I can feel it” ”Well aren’t you a smarty pants” Said Austin “we’re here”
Said Simon. “Wow!” Said Austin.”What a mess” Ye isn’t it” Said Layla.”Can you hear that”
Said Austin. “It sounds like music” Said Layla. “I’m going to check it out” Said Austin. By
now it was dark the weather was damp and mild. Austin crept trough the tall tree’s and
plants the mysterious flowers blooming in his face .As he crept trough he came across a
tribe.” Wow!”Said Austin quietly.” You can beerly see there face with all the face paint on
them” Austin whispered to himself by now Layla and Simon would be at the wrecked
boat.The blazing campfire was blooming in his face. The tribe was singing a wonderful song
.”Okay I think its time to go now” Austin tought to himself. But as he turned around he
triped over a branch that fell. The bushes shuffled .” Ba ba un tika ta” Said a voice in the the
tribe .”Get him!” Said another voice. Austin ran for his life he sprinted he could still see a
blaze of fire reflecting off the sand following him.”Ahhh!” Layla and Simon woke up. ..they
looked up and seen Austin running.”What is he up to now” Said Layla.” I don’t know just go
to sleep. The next morning... “Uhmm” said Layla “Where is Austin” Said Layla. “ Over there!”
Said Simon.

“He’s got a boat “Said Layla. “Climb aboard” Screamed Austin....” How did you get the boat”
Said Layla “ Don’t ask lets just go home” Said Austin. “Wait!” Scream Simon.”What is that”
“What is what” Said Layla. “That over there it’s shining “ Said Simon. “ It’s the amlet!”
Screamed Austin. And Austin leaped off the bow of the boat “Wow!” “Lets go home” Said
Layla. “My dog will be so proud” Said Simon. “It’s being under our nose all that time” Said
Austin. “Okay lets get going folks it’s going to be a long time until we get home” Said Austin.
And they sailed into the fog..... Oh ye they got the boat because Austin gave the tribe his
clothes. And they sailed into the fog.....

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