Comm Sq Bullets - The Virtual Exec by gegeshandong

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									Validated 210 COMSEC assessments; ID'd/resolved 315 findings--safeguarded $1.5M assets; compliance-rdy
Led AF's lgest IA certification pgm/cradle-to-grave tng of 645 prsnl--boosted qual'n rate 28% in under 1 year
Managed 453 security updates/508 ntwk administrators; validated 77 ntwk scans--closed 58K+ vulnerabilities
Fielded 270 multifunction devices worth $1.4M; reduced IT footprint 50%--projected $35K/yr energy savings
Implemented cradle-to-grave proj pln admin--standardized proj history template--perfect ctrl of 120 proj plans
Deployed Unit Security Mgr; created safe custodian quick reference guide--zero findings on semi-annual insp
Managed Sq resource activities; 73 purchases worth $800K--solidified Wg infrastructure & $36M comm ntwk
Dplyd 55 cyber Airmen for 10K total days and sustained garrison base & AOC msn--dlvrd "all in" spt to AOR
Completed Master's Degree in Information Technology Management--completed with outstanding 3.89 GPA
Revamped cyber tng pgm--secured $42K; replaced CBTs w/instrs--thrust 65% UTC qual to 98% in <8 wks
Spearheaded 3 exec comm spt quality of life projects; painted CS dorm/Base APO/plans work ctr--saved $5K
Forged Official Mail Ctr & Det 3 tm; crafted formal svc agreement--key to mail tm EMSG Feb Tm of Mo awd
Led 386 ECS Jt Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment tm; wrote Wg comm pln--guarded C2 against attack
Outstanding SNCO; superbly served as Sq Supt/1st Sgt; led Flt during my absence--promote to CMSgt soonest!
Masterfully supervised COMSEC pgm; ensured compliance of 10 containers and 80+ prsnl--zero insp findings
Led Kuwait ops' perfect Mail Ctrl Activity; 900K lbs to 35K prsnl--aced HQ SAV/8 "Exceptional" processes
Superb leader; his ingenuity drove 4 Engineering/Installation projs & saved 450 manhours--make CMSgt now!
Led USPS ops; 33K pkgs/$286K; aced 105-item checklist for AFCENT insp--lauded "Best APO in the AOR"
Created new customer svc postal page; one-stop FAQ for logistics--copied and fielded at all other AOR APOs
Tremendous SNCO; guided Flt's C2 spt to 5K+ coalition forces/thru 4 HHQ insp's--promote to CMSgt soonest
Led sq self-inspection pgm; tracked 40+ cklsts/1,200 compliance items; briefed unit ldrship--prep'd for UCI
Initiated new stan/eval report routing process; leveraged SharePoint; streamlined process--timeline cut by 25%
Administered IT inspection; analyzed 60 ADPE accts; pinpointed 12 noncompliant items--directed fix actions
Drove tng/improvements for 500-frequency spectrum pgm--guarded 618 AOC (TACC) from radio interference
ID'd 19 flaws w/AF-lvl insp cklists; upchanneled issue--correct cklists now available to comm units AF-wide
Corrected AE Sq tng error; ID'd incorrect CDCs--averted delays and kept upgrade training on track for 6 prsnl
Flawlessly managed $195K of Sq budget; prioritized unit cyber spt rqmts--eqpt 278 Airmen w/tools/eqpmt/tng
Worked Gp Booster Club fund raiser; sold $13.3K in merchandise/$2.7K raised--efforts offset sq events costs
Spearheaded Sq Top-3 writing crs; built lessons; taught 5 classes--50+ prsnl well-versed in mil writing rqmts
Completed two college courses; garnered 4 credit hrs; one class from earning BA--maintained stellar 3.5 GPA
Standout SNCO--organized sq SrA BTZ bd; Sq Top-3 treasurer--re-energized SNCO mentorship throughout sq
Organized 3 Red Cross volunteers; led landscaping/building cleanup--bolstered close community relations/spt
Superstar leader--revamped sq stan/eval pgm; add'l duty 1st Sgt thru 2 DUIs & 1 domestic violence incidents
My #1 of 25 MSgts; Sq SNCO of Qtr, 3rd qtr '10--exemplified “mission first, people always”--promote now!
Visionary--authored new unit OI; fused AF-directed AFSC merger & unit reorg--turned vision into ops reality
Led long-haul comm insp; drove fix actions for 46 findings--put 3-year decaying pgm on track for compliance
#2 of 64 MSgts! My DoD African-American History Mo Recognition Awd nominee '11--promote to SMSgt!
Quarterbacked unit prep for Federal Aviation insp; drove fixes to 50 potential write-ups--unit rcvd "Excellent"
Led acceptance insp of $200K navigation aid--assured flight safety; enabled AMC to replace worst sys in Cmd
#7/212 MSgts! Tremendous leader making significant impacts across the wing--promote him to SMSgt now!
Drove $4M alarm sys proj; upped capacity 7x--cut emer response time 30%; saved $50K/securing $4B assets
Acquired afld sys test eqpmt; replaced Instrument Landing Sys antenna array--saved $210K; assured flt safety
Merged KOM tm; erased overdue upgrades/5-skill level awd'd to 10 prsnl--production/proficiency up by 70%
Expertly oversaw base spectrum pgm; certified 50 frequencies; trained 6; closed 9 findings--100% compliant
Crafted explosive detection eqpmt job tng stds; adopted by AMC/used at 11 bases--shaped mail/prsnl security
Incentivized PTL of Mo/Excellent PT scores; toughened failure penalties--propelled 83% Sq pass rate to 98%
Executed $156K postal acct/metered 82K pieces/dlvrd 700 tons--98% on-time rate; surpassed cmd avg by 7%
Directed personal wireless pgm transfer; fixed 21 overdue accts in 2 mos--perfect accounting of $2.7M assets
Revamped cyber tng pgm--secured $42K; replaced CBTs w/instructors--thrust 65% UTC qual to 98% <8 wks
Aced Family Advocacy Cntrl Registry Bd & Ldrshp/Change Mgmt tng--skills enhanced resiliency of 133 prsnl
AF marathon & Wright State Univ 5/10K vol; dlvrd crs safety/food to 25K entrants--bolstered community ties
Mentored 8 AFNIC NCOs; taught Sq Top 3 writing crs/infused AFI 36-2618 concepts--sharpened ldrshp tools
Led unit enlisted thru Sq mbr death; rallied prsnl; setup memorial svc/funeral travel--perfect mix of ldrshp/care
Superior ldr; inspired Flt Airmen to garner '10 Gp AOY/5 SrA BTZ/Phoenix Stripe attendance--CMSgt today!
Led AF Global Logistics Spt Ctr C2 standup; dplyd 120 phones & 370 ft cable--completed proj two mos early
Dlvrd vital mbr spt after off-base knife attack; diffused potential suicide/2 domestics--returned 4 mbrs to duty
My trusted 1st Sgt for 3 mos; tremendous leadership and judgment spurred excellence throughout--CMSgt now!
Led Surface Dplymnt Distribution Cmd voice proj--dplyd vital Army C2; enabled 60K lbs food dlvrd to Haiti
Fielded $9M SFS comm solution; installed 325 voice/data lines for 286 prsnl--opened new facility 1 mo early
Stellar ldr--cemented Sq's 2010 Maj Gen McClelland unit awd comm Sq in AMC--CMSgt first look
Championed sq PT; created "Excellents" CC recognition pgm--cut 22 failures to just 5 in 8 wks; 98% pass rate
Responded to fatal car crash; 1st on-scene/shirt only 3 wks--comforted/led 6 Amn thru mourning/legal process
Acquired Tricare Autism team spt for mbr; devised care plan--family financially sound & supported by peers
Mediated domestic incident; adeptly/rapidly linked mbr w/providers--averted potential self-harm/drug abuse
Taught 4 stds/discipline crs's and Enlisted 101--dvlpd 60 First Term Airmen & 20 CGOs to be superior ldrs
Guided CC on 2 Article 92s/1 spice case/2 Article 15s; ensured just/timely actions--smoked JA metric by 40%
Piloted Sq care pkg build tm; gained $600 donated items/raised $250 for postage--boosted spirits of 41 dplyd
Coord'd DTS class; sponsored in-house deployment orders/vouchers tng--slashed overdue vouchers to zero
Attained third CCAF degree in Human Resource Mgmt; completed 12 credit hrs towards BS Health Svs Mgmt
Completed Highly Effective Leaders crs; refined goal setting/time mgmt--parlayed knowledge to mentor 400+
Led base Purple Heart ceremony spt; recruited setup prsnl & escorts--justly honored family of a fallen warrior
Created First Sgt's Airmen Appreciation Dinner/Texas Hold'em tourney for 50+ attendees--"1st-ever" for base
Co-chaired First Sergeant Golf Tournament; coord'd funds/sponsors/62 players--raised $600 for Team Scott
My 2/20 MSgts! Ldrship dynamo & total SNCO pkg; motivated 245-mbr sq to excel--make her a SMSgt now!
Piloted Wg Annual Awds & emcee for 3 Wg/base Qtrly awd ceremonies--incredible events for 500+ attendees
Led Gp Op Warmheart spt; recruited 12 personnel for event--raised $12.6K/aided Airmen and families in need
My 3/35 MSgts; Gp First Sergeant of the Yr! Astonishing leader; limitless influence--promote now to SMSgt!
Scott Top Three Pres; boosted mbrshp 52%--mentored 140 ALS students/sponsored Cmdt Awd/funded CCAF
Key AF Ball mbr; oversaw 5 areas/ensured decorum/raised $15K--USTRANSCOM/CV lauded as "best ever"
My 9/175 MSgts; sky's the limit Senior NCO w/huge impact across installation--promote to SMSgt this board!
Led Contingency Resp Cell comm spt; stood up 30 sys in 24 hrs--dlvrd C2 for Libya no-fly-zone planning team
Plt'd new software testing process--quickly ID'd faults; coord'd pgm fixes--restored AOC flt plan mapping sys
Directed alt ops site C2 spt thru 2 jt exercises; provided 100% ntwk uptime 24/7--enabled 1.1K airlift sorties
Cyber defender; drove 18K security updates across 1.2K AOC sys--protected AOC weapon sys against attack
Add'l duty 1st Sgt; diffused potential suicide; took mbr to hospital/set up follow-up care--returned mbr to duty
Led 1st Sq Comprehensive Airman Fitness event w/sports/games/prizes--tremendous spt to 240 mbrs/families
Championed software upgrade for 250 flt planners--assured air mob msn; saved AF $25K add'l licensing costs
Coord'd desktop standardization proj w/AMC/A6; streamlined install procedures--created baseline AOC sys
Role model; scored 90% on commercial cert exam; aided 4 prsnl w/study--all compliant w/DoD cert mandate
Completed 2 Air University crs's; understood air/space/cyber doctrine--drove TACC msn spt vector changes
Forged 22-mbr tm; revamped tng & tech spt cklsts--slashed AOC ticket backlog 75%; enabled 113K alft msns
Crafted/presented Sq msn brief to AMC/CC; highlighted unique cyber mission--lauded by AMC/CC & Wg/CC
Ramrodded $178K AOC proj; dplyd 80 new NIPR PCs to 250 flt mgrs--accelerated plng for 900 alft msns/day
My #3/20 Sq MSgts & AOC "center of gravity"; my Sq SNCOQ 2d qtr '11; promote her to SMSgt immediately!
Aggressively led 27 prsnl; migrated 1K war planners to AFNET--transferred 1st AOC in AF w/no C2 outages
Co-chaired 16-mbr Scott SNCO Induction cmte--set stage for sr ldrs/retired CMSAF to honor 94 new SNCOs
#5/35 Gp MSgts! Tremendous SNCO; phenomenal ldr & mentor to Amn w/n our Gp; make her SMSgt ASAP!
Built comms for 18 AF battle staff in 12 hours; 18 AF/CC armed w/C2 for 20K pax/18K cgo Japan relief push
My Base Wingman Day co-chair; org'd logistics/content w/base agencies; bolstered resiliency of more than 2K
Exceptional SNCO w/huge impact across installation/to AMC global reach ops--promote to SMSgt this board!
Masterfully led two Defense Red Switch upgrades worth $700K--install time cut 50% and finished 1 mo early
Led $41M 375 SFS proj; installed 182 alarm sensors & switches; centralized 24/7 monitoring for 71 facilities
Plt'd AMC sr ldr mobile SIPR sys revamp; fielded sys under 2 hrs; dlvrd AMC/CC secure comms for 65 TDY
Led 32 biometric device configurations--secured 35K prsnl/$3B assets; drove project completion 2 wks early
Organized 12 Sq promotion ceremonies for 65 prsnl; inspired esprit de corps--reinforced AF heritage & pride
Served at two health/morale/welfare dorm insp; augmented Wg ldrshp/SFS/OSI--enforced zero drug tolerance
Stood up voice customer svc shop; integrated new msn/12 prsnl--cut ticket backlog 90% & customer wait 50%
Initiated Jt Staff Red Switch precedence validation; reduced misuse 100%--armed sr ldrs w/secure C2 access
Completed 20 credit hrs; earned Mgmt & Computer Info Sys bachelors deg--honed IT skills to lead cyber ops
Pursued Cisco Certified Network Associate cert; completed 20 hours--parlayed skills to lead 133 technicians
Inspired Flight military & civilians to garner 6 Gp-lvl awds/5 SrA BTZ/1 AMC awd/Phoenix Strip Wing rep
Pee-Wee Baseball coach for 12; Boy Scout leader for 18 scouts for 2010 campout--promoted ldrshp & values
Directed $220K Cmd Post/Sq Ops ntwk standup; installed 300 devices/ports--ensured flawless C2 transition
My #1/6 MSgts! Flawlessly led in SMSgt/Flt Superintendent billet for AMC's largest CS--promote him now!
Directed 130 upgrades to 1.2K ntwk devices; dlvrd 99.5% uptime to jt users--C2 bedrock for 200K airlift msn
Piloted Scott AFB's first multinat'l classified ntwk sys--enabled 618 AOC (TACC) to launch 900 msns a day
My #4 of 26 MSgts! Powerful SNCO--inspired Flt to hit all out-of-the-park homeruns; make him SMSgt now!
Aggressively led $18M ntwk install for $130M jt facility--enabled 2K prsnl/3 ops ctrs to relocate 3 mos early
Dplyd $6M base cyber ntwk/security proj; 1st in AF--fortified cyber perimeter for COCOM/Army C2 ops ctrs
Superstar ldr; cemented Sq's DISA Facility of Yr/'10 AMC best large comm sq awds--promote to SMSgt now!
Validated 210 COMSEC assessments; ID'd/resolved 315 findings--maintained accountability of $1.5M assets
Oversaw AF's largest IA certification pgm; cradle-to-grave guidance of 645 prsnl--AMC's highest success rate
Managed 453 TCNOs/508 ntwk admins; performed/validated 77 ntwk scans--eradicated 58K+ vulnerabilities
Fielded 270 multi-function devices worth $1.4M; reduced IT footprint 50%--projected $35K/yr energy savings
Implemented cradle to grave proj pln admin--standardized use of 6-part folders--perfect ctrl of 120+ file plns
Deployed Unit Security Mgr; created safe custodian quick-ref-guide--zero findings ID'd on semi-annual insp
Managed Sq resource activities; 73 purchases worth $800K--solidified Wg infrastructure & $36M comm ntwk
Prevented registered mail disruption--initiated 2-mo pln to maintain mail movement from aeriel port to APO
Completed Master's Degree in Information Technology Management--completed with outstanding 3.89 GPA
Obtained commercial Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundations course--granted Certification
Finished three ECS quality of life initiatives; painted CS dormitory, Base APO & Plans work ctr--saved >$5K
Led postal ops; drafted memo of agreement w/Detachment-3--Mail Ops Team awd'd EMSG Feb Tm of the Mo
386 ECS Jt Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment lead; drafted Annex-K of Wg AT pln--hardened security
Always at the ready! Filled in as Sq Supt, 1st Sgt, led Flight during my absence--promote to CMSgt soonest!
Oversaw COMSEC pgm; ensured compliance of 10 containers & 80+ prsnl--zero findings on semi-annual insp
Perfect Mail Ctrl Activity Kuwait ops; 900K lbs to 35K prsnl--aced HHQ SAV/8 processes ID'd Exceptional
Flawless mgmt of 20 prjs; readied 4 prjs for Engineering/Installation Tm--saved 450 lcl man-hrs--CMSgt now!
Led USPS ops; 33K pkgs/$286K; aced 105 item checklist for AFCENT POI--lauded "Best APO in the AOR"!
Developed new cust svc postal page; 1-stop loc for shipping questions--copied and in use at other AOR APOs
Result driven! Led flt in C4I spt to 5K+ coalition forces & thru 4 HHQ Insps--promote to CMSgt this board!
Drove $124M USTRANSCOM facility ntwk proj; installed 18 devices/2K ports--enabled CSAF Jt cyber vis
Oversaw $220K cmd post/Sq Ops ntwk standup; installed 300 devices/data ports--flawless C2 sys transition
Guided $41M security proj; installed 182 alarm sensors/switches--centralized 24/7 monitoring of 71 buildings
Coord'd w/CENTAF & 618 AOC (TACC); fixed ntwk eqpmt failure--reset acft notice sys for 7 dplyd sites
Stepped up as Gp AF Assistance Fund Campaign POC; raised $7K for military families--exceeded goal 10%
Mentored 300 students at local symphony visit/nutrition program & book fair--fostered community relations
Oversaw 4 contracts/38K items; ID'd/solved 70 deliverable errors--assertive resp key to timely $6M payment
Installed benchmark wireless ntwk supporting AMC/CC; short-notice rqmt met <2 days--team lauded by CC
Used own funds/time for 2nd tech certification--exceeded AF rqmts/enhanced skills for mgmt of complex ntwk
Attended 3 mgmt crs focused on developing leadership; bolstered SNCO abilities--CC's #1/24 as Sq QA lead
Inspirational mentor/NCOIC! Wrote mult awd pkgs in only 8 mos--BTZ, Sq Top 3, Sq, Gp & Wg lvl winners
Sq Top 3 ofcr; prepared 6 ceremonies/CC calls; CFC lead for 288 Sq mbrs--raised $20K for global charities
Drove install of 32 biometric sys ntwk devices; completed <2 wks--enhanced SFS ability to protect 35K prsnl
#1 of 10 flt MSgts; outstanding/motivated SNCO; a true asset to the Sq & Scott AFB customers--promote now!
Led 15 OWS ntwk outage repair; back online <1 hr--restored global wx reporting to 138 sites--no flts delayed
Devised ntwk alt route solution; cut 2 hr disruption to 5 mins--averted neg impact to AOC spt for Afghan surge
Superstar ldr--Sq SNCO of 4th Qtr & SNCOY '10; my pick to lead stan/eval as Sq QA Flt Chf--promote now!
1 of 8 Wingman Council members; org'd events to inspire wingman concept in 9K+ prsnl--my vision realized
Piloted emer USTRANSCOM circuit restoral; installed 3 new ntwk nodes--restored mgmt of global VTC svcs
Brilliant/passionate ldr--Comm Gp SNCOY '10! Always delivered stellar results--must promote this board!
Revamped Comm Focal Pt; built 39 cklsts; fixed 4K tickets--100% contact <24 hrs; cut avg time 14 to <2 days
Directed radio sys install; upgraded NASA ISR acft comm to gnd station--extended C2 data link by 25+ miles
Setup CENTRIX/SIPR/NIPR/radio sys for A-10 ops--enabled $132M asset relocation w/zero msn downtime
Dplyd 125 cyber Airmen for 22.5K total days & sustained garrison base/AOC msn--dlvrd "all in" spt to AOR
Dvlpd 451 AEW fitness test procedures; coord'd w/PERSCO/AFCENT--stoodup fit test for 2.1K dplyd prsnl
Advised CC thru 3 sq DUIs in 3 wks--shaped severe UCMJ actions/stern emer CC call--zero DUIs past 7 mos
Led 6 relocation projs for $4.3M Camp Davis expansion--1st joint CAS/ISR ops/mx complex in KAF history
Launched $800K morale ntwk contract solution; replaced black-listed vendor--raised spirits of 2K base prsnl
Created sq Top 3 in-garrison & deployed--reinvigorated 48 SNCOs toward mentoring/welfare of 400 Airmen
Initiated 10 3D trng pipelines/76 check rides--boosted UTC trng rate from 65 to 98%; sq war ready in 4 mos
Energized enl/ofcrs/civs to set awd-winning pace--12 CENTAF/11 Gp/1 Wg/3 AMC-level awds; 4 SrA BTZs
Orchestrated Knowledge Ops Mgmt prsnl ORI tng--inspired IG Team Awd win; aided Wg "Excellent" rating
Led 200 enlisted thru death of sq mbr; mobilized base spt; rallied sq to close ranks--perfect mix of ldrshp/care
Ldrshp dynamo! Hurdled monumental obstacles; eqp'd Sq/Gp/Wg for cyber msn success--MAJCOM FM now!
Led AFCENT/CC's #1 KAF priority; obtained 8 routers/end eqpmt--increased ntwk access 250% for 2K prsnl
Directed comms for AFRL premier ISR pgm; enabled inaugural C-23 flt wks early--put eyes/ears on AOR tgts
Platinum ldr--forged Defense Info Sys Ntwk Facility of Yr Awd win; #1/15 globally--best fit MAJCOM FM!
Primed Project Liberty comms; built MC-12 Sq C2 infrastructure--SECDEF's #1 ISR priority IOC 4 mos early
Led manpower study; validated 78 cyber ops processes--set new AF std to sustain CS msn w/30% fewer prsnl
Take-charge Chief--bedrock of Sq's 2010 win as best large cyberspace ops unit in AMC--MAJCOM FM next!
Elite ldr! Ensured A+ mx on 8K sys/$3B eqpmt; drove 99.9% C4 uptime--spt 1.5K refueling msns/9K sorties
Guided airfield antenna tower replacement--increased broadcast range 30%; decreased mx time by 50 hrs/year
Facilitated comm btwn CENTAF/618 AOC; ID'd comm failure--acft permission sys reset for 7 deployed sites
Oversaw Global Logistics Spt Ctr (GLSC) standup; installed 370 ft cable/120 phones--praised by GLSC/CC
AEW 1st Sgts Council treasurer--managed $1K fund/coord'd EMSG/CC call/narrated EMSG change of cmd
Base Advisory Council rep; provided computers for community ctr internet cafe--raised Al Dhafra AB morale
Spearheaded 165 new comm rqmts; supported 2K warfighters/$42M assets/27 aircraft--enabled 3K cbt sorties
Oversaw 1st in AOR $1.4M cmd post install; coordinated comm teams--on-time delivery ensured wartime C2
Attained DoD Security+ certification/10.5 hrs computer based A+ tng--used knowledge to secure $52M ntwk
Completed unit Emergency Management Representative Course--ensured deplyd Sq ready to survive/operate
Piloted Surface Dplymnt & Distribution Cmd voice install; enabled two Haiti msns to deliver 60K lbs of food
Directed mx surge ops; reduced open tickets by 75% in 3 weeks--postured Wg for migration to Air Force ntwk
Assumed ops flt superintendent duties upon emer Re-deployment of prsnl--assured seamless mx/ops continuity
Dual hatted as CEM/CCF; coined by Chief's Gp/EMSG/CC; "Performed as a Chief"--promote to CMSgt now!
Face of comm! Led 380 AEW Tier 1 C2 work centers--resolved 7K trouble tkts/2K on-the-spot/99% <24 hrs
Piloted wi-fi upgrade; installed 36 access points--allowed up to 5.2K users/deployers easy comms w/families
My #1/3 SMSgts in 375 CS! A proven superstar of unique caliber--make him a Sq CEM & promote to CMSgt!
Directed mgmt of 63 install proj's worth $24M; facilitated BC3-E/TATR/LMR mns--ensured base's future ops
Aced DoD-lvl eval; zero findings on 30K line phone switch spt'g 157 sites--tm chief lauded as "best in 4 yrs"!
Razor sharp, focused ldr; clearly sets std for all Airman in professionalism/ldrship--HHQ next, CMSgt a must!
Led largest AFCENT COMSEC msn; 9 master keys/70 sub accounts--dlvrd 75% of AOR crypto to 3 countries
Responded to crypto failure; led emer rekey--quickly restored Top Secret (TS) connectivity for 200 warriors
Oversaw forensic evidence gathering for 35 computer response tm investigations--safeguarded 2GB C2 data
Quarantined 800+ outdated sys; eliminated cyber vulnerabilities--bolstered cyber security posture for 8K sys
Quality checked 373 firewall requests; opened msn critical ports--enhanced OEF/OND C2 links across AOR
Fielded 97 TCNOs; eradicated 57K client sys/server vulnerabilities--secured 7TBs of data for 11K customers
Acquired eqpmt for 44 comm kits--dlvrd C2 to Air Defense Liaison Tms in 8 countries spt'g 150K gnd forces
Rapidly provided TS crypto; configured secure phone for USCENTCOM/CC--enabled comm with POTUS
Completed 12 hrs towards Business Mgmt degree--maintained 3.5 GPA; on target for Spring 2012 graduation
Life saver; cert'd 1.3K First Aid Kits in 2 hrs/prep'd 5 msn critical rqmts for 379 EMDG--saved 1.1K man-hrs
Established 1st cyber rep on Threat Working Gp; briefed key ldr on threats--enhanced cyber threat mitigation
Integral mbr of Cyber Defense Tm; enabled Joint ntwk monitoring pgm w/HHQ--coined by AFCENT/A6 Chief
Oversaw 3-wk/45-mbr ops surge--eliminated 6-mo/1.4K work order backlog; improved svc to 14K customers
My #1/15 MSgts & trusted 3x acting Flt Superintendent; cultivated loyalty of 3D Airmen--promote her ASAP!
Directed flawless Wg EMSEC pgm; approved 73 bldgs to process classified--lauded during AFCENT IA insp
Led $500K/4-mo proj; migrated 800 servers onto AF Ntwk--smoothly migrated AOC servers w/no C2 outages
My #5/26 MSgts; energized her tm to exceed stds; enabled Wg IA to win AMC/IG CUI Tm awd--promote now!
Masterfully led Flt insp pgm; drove fixes to 894 findings--enabled Sq/Wg "Excellent's" during AF's first CUI
Led 508 technicians; dplyd 453 cyber patches; purged 58K vulnerabilities--critical to NIPR CCRI "Excellent"
Superior ldr; Wg's 2010 Gen John Jumper Enlisted Warfighting Integration Awd recipient--make SMSgt now!
Oversaw $337M ntwk infrastructure/svcs for USTRANSCOM/AMC bases/618 AOC--superb 98% uptime rate
Led 100 mil/civ operating $36M ntwk; spt'd 3.9K Jt forces--enabled movement of 326K pax & 133K cgo tons
Managed AMC self-insp tool redesign; 12 Wgs now using for UCI prep--100% tracking of IG cklst insp items
Balanced prsnl/msn rqmts; 33 dplymnts/375 SFS augmentation/HG/exercise spt & 24/7 ops ctr--100% msn rdy
Led 15 Sq mbrs on Scott AFB POW/MIA 24-hr vigil run--focused participants on sacrifices of fallen warriors
Challenged/mentored 4 AMC Info Dominance, 2 Wg Lance P. Sijan, 3 Gp annual awd & 4 SrA BTZ awardees
Managed manning shortage w/MAJCOM & Gp; realigned prsnl in 5 AFSCs--incr'd manning from 81% to 92%
Supervised execution of 45 proj's worth $4.9M; modernized phone switch--incr'd comm lines from 10 to 200
Completed 3-day DoD Decision Support Sys course--gained acquisition training for support to Jt warfighters
Oversaw DoD Info Assurance 8570 tng--postured additional 18 of 152 for certification/deployment readiness
Teamed w/church in caring hearts pgm; assembled/loaded 1.8K lbs of food stipends--helped tri-county region
Provided pivotal support after contractor suicide--aided wife and child with mortuary/legal/veteran assistance
Directed dvlpment of afld driver tng tool; automated licensing for 60K prsnl/saved 174K hrs & $4M AF-wide
Allocated personnel for Sq 1st-ever QA ofc; unit prep'd for IG & msn success--Gp Superintendent w/o delay!
Managed call ctr for AMC C2 sys--handled 75K trouble tickets/99.5% sys avail rate/99.9% customer satisfied
Chairperson Scott AFB Chief's Group Social Committee--directed 3 events for 120 CMSgts and family mbrs
Passionate leader; provided undeviating support to enl/ofcr/civ alike--selection for Gp Superintendent a must!
Finalized Cyber Ops AFSC transformation; ensured proper 3D1/3D0 prsnl/skills needed to spt Scott/AMC ops
Tracked 43 sys post Japan quake; resched'd 100 ntwk mx--dlvrd C2 to move 20K prsnl/18K tons for relief msn
Take-charge Chief; ldrship pivotal to DoD Info Assurance Element recognition award--Gp Superintendent now
Managed 11-mbr software eval tm; sole MAJCOM conducting security analysis--protected $337M DoD ntwk
Analyzed cmd crypto modernization rqmts; ID'd/upgraded 31 top secret keys--secured comm for 100K sorties
Directed encryption certificate tng for 17 prsnl; transitioned AMC spt to base lvl--saved Sq 119 man-hrs yrly
Led AMC test facility effort; ID'd ntwk solution/managed software requests--certified 41 products for AF ntwk
Gp CFC co-chair; coord'd kickoff for Team Scott/raised $22K in Gp/$159K in Wg & $3.6M for Gateway CFC
O'Fallon 12U softball treasurer; coord'd nine tourneys/cntl'd $7K tm funds--represented city/IL throughout US
Directed Sq self-insp pgm; ID'd/implemented 35 HQ AF checklists/634 entries--saved 60 days insp prep time
Steered two-element merger; cross utilized five prsnl--accreditation review cut 10 to 3 days/saved 2K man-hrs
Earned 27 credits toward BA in Organizational Mgmt--Honor Society/Dean's List; garnered AF Prof Mgr Cert
Completed 240 hrs in computer crime courses; 97% avg--Digital Forensic Examiner/Media Collector certified
Redesigned sys security analysis process; pioneered three cklsts--ensured work ctr continuity/saved 372 hrs/yr
Drove USTRANSCOM messaging sys transition; traced delivery of $37K in IT assets--transferred to AF HHQ
Flawless mgmt of 84 AMC/13 C2 sys IA rqmts; catalyst in Flt earning '10 AMC Outstanding IA Element Awd
Tremendous Senior NCO and leader; forged a terrific flight leading AMC's IA ops--promote to SMSgt ASAP!
Guided AMC Info Dominance/Wg qtrly/ALS distinguished grad awardees--respected mentor amongst Airmen
Led one of eight test teams for SIPR token login; tested hardware abilities--validated security of new DoD pgm
#4/35 MSgts in Gp; awd'd Gp Info Dominance Awd '10/2 Sq SNCO of the qtr '10--promotion to SMSgt a must!
Chosen by Gp/CC for AMC/JA computer forensics tm; only AF 3D0X3 to attend tng--first in DoD to ace final!
Directed crypto modernization for 44 AMC/ANG bases; compiled eqpmt/labor costs--averted $16M shortfall
#16/175 MSgts; superb leadership reflected in 2010 Wg Lance P. Sijan Ldrshp Awd nomination--SMSgt now!
Oversaw 75 IT projects for 10 SOF units; coord'd w/host wing for technical solutions--$216K in key upgrades
Designed comm solution for SOF live fire facility--linked eqpmt to first responders for expeditious medevac
Orchestrated dignified transfer/MFH for OEF casualty; led 41 mbrs--highest possible honors for fallen warrior
Deconflicted over 100 OEF satellite comm frequencies--expedited freedom of movement 636 SOF operators
SNCO induction subcommittee leader; trained 12 peers for sword cordon--stellar welcome for 90 new MSgts
Mentored two Airmen as speakers/judges at JROTC; developed subordinates--enabled mentorship 100 cadets
Leveraged HG resources across 110K square miles, third largest CONUS AOR--closure/pride of 534 families
Managed 1K sensitive items; maintained $8M SOF crypto & combat eqpmt--flawless inventory accountability
Synchronized tng for deployed J6; coord'd classes/briefed ldrs--ensured 100% msn qualification for 85 mbrs
Flight reorg lead; merged three sections to bear prsnl flux/rewrote tng pln--cross utilized 35 mbrs/four AFSCs
Briefed JROTC ldrshp crs; instilled professionalism/excellence concepts--military inspiration for 150 cadets
Rebuilt tng/ldrshp for dplyd HG; tougher cert stds/stronger NCO mentorship--bolstered motivation for 10 msns
Designed/organized special MFH for Tuskegee Airman; led high-vis msn--connected 15 Airmen to AF heritage
My #1 of 4 MSgts; excellent mentor/leader for flt; epitome of professionalism for 3 mil funerals--SMSgt now!
Total Force champion; utilized 20 Air Guard/Reserve resources for 150 distant MFH--saved $10K TDY funds
Coord'd $20K solution for SOF recovery cntl cell; upgraded ntwk--enabled new rescue capabilities for AOR
Outstanding SNCO! Highly talented leader selected for tough Flt Chief psn--AF HG next and select for SMSgt!
Elite results as HG Supt; directed 36 colors ceremonies on/off base--ceaseless accolades for superior tm perf
Redesigned emer pwr notifications; proven in earthquake ex--enhanced $700M fac/eqpmt vis status/protection
Inspirational ldr--professionalism above reproach; excellent choice for AF HG--promote to SMSgt this board!
Conducted 24 secure brfs to AMC/CC; armed sr ldr w/vital acft comm info--first-class spt for VIP airlift msns
Revived afld sys briefs; raised mx status reporting from 1 base to 10--enabled 18 AF/A6 to fix 5 base outages
Key to Jt water port vis integration; collaborated USTRANSCOM C2 mx efforts--assured reliability of C2 sys
Supervised closure of 500 C2 sys outages; cradle to grave res--minimized ops impact to 206 sites & 12 bases
Abdullah Al-Mubarak AB Top 3 vice pres; orchestrated awds pgm/eval'd 34 pkgs--recognized top performers
Led Caring Hearts tm of 3; directed pkg/dlvry 1.5K meals--provided 180 needy families w/weekly sustenance
Led 24-hr ops/46 mbrs; merged 28 AFSCs--enabled 8.2K msns & fulfilled 24K third country nat'l escort rqmts
ID'd dplymnt qualification discrepancies; coord'd corrective actions for 29 prsnl--ensured tm's msn readiness
Earned 6 credits towards bachelor's deg w/stellar 4.0 GPA--awarded CCAF Professional Mgmt Certification
Clinched sr enl Jt PME; used skills to mentor geographical separated unit prsnl--integrated 210 mbrs into msn
Personally sought by dplyd Rising IV for ldrshp; created liaison psn from Top 3--structured mentorship for 150
Resolved awd writing deficiency; instituted eval/dec tng--strengthened writing capabilities for 12 supervisors
Oversaw dignified transfer msns; ensured tm proficiency--honored ultimate sacrifice of 56 OEF/OND heroes
Phenomenal leader w/track record to boast; sterling mentor to enlisted and officer alike--SMSgt stripe ASAP!
Directed 521 acft searches; oversaw OPSEC scans & secured property/docs--rtnd $25K in items to svc/owner
Facilitated emer mx for flt planning sys; finished in 3 vs 168 hrs--restored ops/avoided 7-day msn degradation
#3/15 MSgts in Sq; superior leadership led to 5 Sq/2 Gp/3 Top 3 & Wg showcase awards--SMSgt this board!
Managed rwy security; directed surveillance tm for Kuwaiti nat'l celebration--protected 71 jt svc sr ldrs/VIPs
Steered dplyd afld fuel spt amid contract dispute; enabled dlvry of 20K gallons of fuels--foiled ops shutdown
#20/175 Wg MSgts--outstanding/innovative ldr; produced Wg's premiere cust svc model--promote to SMSgt!
Directed backup plan for Cmd test network; secured 14GB of data--slashed restoral time from 40 to 2 man-hrs
Managed 22 vital ntwk requests; ensured cert pkg dlvry--averted NIPR/SIPR circuit disconnects for 49 bases
Led outprocessing of 651 prsnl/revoked certificates; denied illicit message dlvry--enforced DoD ntwk integrity
Analyzed/validated AMC COMSEC rqmts for 10 bases; secured connectivity of 31 SIPR circuits for 99K msn
Executed shake-down of dorms; conducted room searches--ensured health/welfare/morale for 275 Wg Airmen
Oversaw AMC software test lab upgrade; reutilized/installed/rebuilt 11 sys--saved $15K in acquisition costs
Directed two element merger; cross utilized five prsnl--IA review time cut 10 to 3 days/2K man-hours saved
Revitalized Flt ancillary pgm; forecasted rqmts/requisitioned tng--13 Airmen dplymnt-ready as trained experts
Enacted aggressive 8570 certification plan; ID'd/secured mil/civ tng--100% Flt prsnl certified by AF deadline
Completed 15 hrs mobility/readiness tng; boosted ldrshp/combat skills knowledge--primed for global dplymnt
Vol'd 6 hours at air show; organized sales booth for 180K attendees--earned $2.7K for 375 CG booster club
Led 4-mbr team in local motorcycle rally--raised $15K/substance abuse prevention awareness for community
Expertly ran Sq safety program; briefed 150 prsnl monthly; ID'd/corrected 4 findings--zero reportable mishaps
Driven leader who epitomizes AF core values; mentor to peers & subordinates alike--promote to SMSgt now
Led Dover AFB COMSEC eval; ID'd/fixed 39 issues; trained 10 managers/users--unit primed for AFNIC insp
Oversaw creation of 193 role-based certificates; enabled message encryption--secured privacy info/85K users
Tremendous ldr; guided Wg Lance P. Sijan/AMC Info Dominance/Qtrly awardees--make a SMSgt this board!
Guided AMC's software testing staff; validated 80 new solutions/spt'd users AF-wide--saved 1.4K man-hrs/yr
Drove USTRANSCOM messaging msn transition; traced dlvry of $37K in IT assets--transferred to AF HHQ
Superb leadership drove Flt to earn '10 AMC Outstanding IA Element Award--promote to SMSgt immediately!
Sr enl ldr for 122-mbr Jt/multinat'l tm; mng'd 2 campus locations/2 student barracks--1st-ever Afghan Tng Sq
Directed C2 sys 17-day/24-hr surge ops for Japan tsunami relief efforts; enabled mob of 20K prsnl/7K tons aid
Oversaw res of 250 C2 sys outages; minimized ops impact to 206 sites/12 bases--sustained 99.7% sys uptime
Led s/w engineering Flt of 60 prsnl; mng'd $3.4B app dvlpment pgms--fulfilled unique DoD/MAJCOM rqmts
Choreographed inaugural Sq CoC; Wg's 1st-ever multinat'l/Jt formation--garnered USAFCENT news spotlight
Mentored 1st-ever female pilots since fall of Taliban; shared 24/7 living qtrs--molded 5 Afghan role models
Expanded tng pgms to Afghan sites; ID'd $4.7M stand-up rqmts--introduced tng capabilities to Southern region
Executed $77M for 2K students tng pgm--standardized crs dvlpment/direction for 39 specialties, enl/ofcr PME
Drive! Completed 16 semester hours toward master's degree & earned CCAF Professional Mgr Certification
Spearheaded Sq professional dvlpment day; 23 mbrs mentored by former SECSTATE--honed ldrshp attributes
Led SAFB Top 3 fundraiser; 6-mbr tm/82 items sold--generated $1.4K sales/donated profits for Airmen events
Guided humanitarian aid; escorted 1.5K lbs school supplies to lcl villages--backpacks for 219 Afghan children
Led 8-mbr convoy escort aggressor tm; conducted 9 Mi-35 acft live-fire events--trained 6 Afghan commandos
Tremendous leader! Excelled as Sq Supt for 4 wks spt'g 242 mil/civ/contr prsnl--make CMSgt immediately!
Mng'd AMC's lrgest PII breach resp; initiat'd HHQ rpt'g; led notification of 36K affected mbrs in under 10 days
Led bed-down of NATO Forces/3 countries; developed facility/logistics/comm plans--integrated 27-mbr team
#1/9 SMSgts! Inspired her Amn to sweep 438 AEW enl awds/BTZ & Wg showcase performer--CMSgt 1st bd
On-scene cmdr after suicide bomber infiltration; established cordon--led safe relocation of 15 coalition forces
Oversaw RODEO 2011 tm/prsnl pgm; released 105 days early--key to AMC 5-day/2K-prsnl/$2.6M int'l event
#2 of 28 SMSgts! AMC's Lance P. Sijan Ldrshp Awd nom/guided 4 Wg/base awd winners--CMSgt this board
Managed $337M ntwk infrastructure/svcs for USTRANSCOM/AMC bases/618 AOC--superb 98% uptime rate
Drove aircrew mgt sys fielding; captured AF tng/crew readiness--enabled tracking of 67K sorties & 300K hrs
Supervised resolution of 110K C2 sys issues; minimized ops impact at 139 locations--enabled 24K OCO msns
Expertly balanced prsnl & msn rqmts--25 dplymnt taskings/HG/exercise spt & 24/7 ops comm coordination ctr
Led Tuscaloosa AL tornado relief asst drive for Tm Scott--dlvrd 500 lbs of clothing/supplies to needy families
Championed Mil Mentorship day; brf'd 102 high school srs--shared dplymnt, AF story; 3 new recruits clinched
Directed Gp strength leveling effort; resolved Sq manning shortfall--increased Sq mil prsnl from 81% to 92%
Managed DoD 8570 tng for 165 prsnl; secured funds/tng for 7 mil--postured unit for dplymnt readiness/success
Completed additional 60 hrs of DoD 8570 tng--awd'd Security+ & CCAF Professional Manager Certification
Attended Basic Life Spt crs; used skills to secure scene for unresponsive sr civ--cordoned area/guided medics
Mentored 22 lcl Jr ROTC cadets--provided enl force structure perspective/facilitated w/annual fitness exams
Led tm of 7 during Habitat for Humanity; aided w/roofing/fencing skills--provided 4 families w/dream homes
Managed unit AEF rpting; organized predplymnt brfing w/4 base agencies--postured 35 mbrs for OCO taskings
Exemplary SNCO! Handpicked by Wg/CC to lead AMC/CCC retirement ceremony--promote to CMSgt now!
Guided Gp ntwk virtualization effort; ID'd tech solutions--reduced 69 assets to 10/saved $550K in eqpmt costs
Coord'd FY11 software upgrade/licensing & mx w/AF pgm mgmt office; solidified funding--saved Gp $100K
#2/9 SMSgts! Sq SNCO of Yr '10--clinched 2 AMC Info Dominance/3 Qtrly/2 BTZ awds--promote to Chief
Managed C2 sys decommissioning; sched'd eqpmnt transfer & space reutilization; recouped $1.6M in AF funds
1 of only 10 Wg CFC coordinators; instrmntl for raising $22K in Gp/$159K in Wg & $3.6M for Gateway CFC
#5 of 28 SMSgts! Superb ldr; guided 9 Wg Lance P. Sijan/Group & Base lvl awd winners--CMSgt this board!
Managed OEF/OND cargo pgm; automated 10K msn logistics plns--supplied $400M in eqpmt to warfighters
Directed staff automation tool dvlpment; tracked real-time location of 61 GOs & SESs--saved 800 staff hrs yr
Steered RODEO '11 flying schedule pgm; web-enabled antiquated sys--ensured safety of 47 US/10 int'l teams
Asgnd prsnl to KC-10 Weight/Balance pgm; redesigned for mult devices--certd on 59 AMC acft worth $5.1B
Guided customer-to-Flt reachback spt; tm fielded 500 user requests--avg ticket slashed from 1 day to 30 mins
Resurrected faltering Emer Mgmt pgm; validated emer response readiness for two Sqs--postured Gp for UCI
Championed Mac OS dvlpment pgm; enabled HHQ IT diversification plans--first in-house mobile dvlpment
Drove dvlpment of USTRANSCOM intratheater shipping program--reduced $3.5M contracting costs to $1.9M
Directed Flt tng pgm revamp; approved/implemented comprehensive new plan--ensured 30 prsnl msn capable
Attended 10-hr business ldrship seminar; applied skills to day-to-day ops--trained/motivated 11 subordinates
Mentored Flt peer review gp; defined repeatable software designs--enabled code re-use across 32 DoD projs
Motivated subordinates--pivotal Mentorship focus Led to seven Group qtrly/annual & two wing qtrly winners
Sq/Gp/Wg Qtrly/Annual awd boards pres/mbr; selected most deserving--briefed process to peers/subordinates
Exceptional ldrship skills; excelled in building strong teams to meet mission goals--promote to CMSgt now!
Guided self-insp sys; implemented HHQ cklsts & crucial ORI spt to 7 Wgs--saved 5 MAJCOMS 12K man-hrs
Directed rewrite of senior staff mgmt system; real-time visibility for AMC/CV--saved $20K in labor costs yrly
Tremendous/proven ldr; msn focused/people minded; largest Flt always out front--promote ASAP to CMSgt!
Piloted drivers tng pgm; used AF-wide by 200K prsnl, sole AF drivers tng application--reduced tng time 75%
Oversaw RODEO 2011 tm/prsnl pgm; released 105 days early--key to AMC 5-day/2K-prsnl/$2.6M int'l event
Exceptional/hard-charging SNCO; stellar leader w/mission-first positive impact on Amn--promote to CMSgt!
Led 9-mbr tm; resolved 2K+ security flaws on 66 DoD sys--averted intrusions on $1.2M Joint warfigher ntwk
Drafted svc lvl agreement; defined mx spt & secured $29K IG data repository--approval reduced 20 days to 4
Resolved SIPR outage; fixed sys error/re-enabled AMC mx reporting tool--restored sr ldr vis to $358M ntwk
Managed flt tracking sys upgrade; eased special msn planning--raised sr leader visibility of 4K sorties/up 20%
Meals-on-Wheels tm leader; prepared 60 meals for 9 Belleville homebound families--enhanced cmty relations
ID'd tng deficit; trained 5 prsnl/58 career field tng plan tasks--decreased qualification time from 30 days to 10
Gp staff/Sq UFPM; authored new fitness policy/remedial pgm--87% overall pass rate & 47% "Excellent" rate
Guided $600K ntwk consolidation proj; reduced 58 sys to 6--cut pwr usage 3-fold--paved way for future ops
Aced Psychology College Level Examination Program course; earned 3 semester hours--awarded CCAF deg
Completed 8-hr Basic Inspector crs; garnered knowledge to augment AMC IG--earned inspector certification
Elected SAFB FCC Pgm rep; liaison for 33 providers/140 children--ID'd family concerns & pgm compliance
Assistant YMCA soccer coach--conducted wkly practices/taught sportsmanship/fundamental skills to 30 youths
Managed SAFB automated customer sign-in sys upgrade; 58K base passes processed--saved 148K man-hrs/yr
Outstanding SNCO! Immediate impact/influence in Flt and MAJCOM Server Ops section--promote to SMSgt!
Managed self-insp s/w dplymnt; integrated HQ AF cklst rqmts--ORI compliance vis for Wg/CCs across AMC
Led RODEO sys upgrade; migrated 58 legacy apps for $3M event/54 tms/2.1K int'l prsnl--saved 540 man-hrs
Exceptionally and highly gifted leader who excels at all tasks; ready for Flt Chief position--promote this cycle!
AMC IG augmentee; insp'd two 350-mbr units in 9 comm areas--ensured ntwk ops compliance w/AF directive
Chaired Wg Women's History Mo; led tm of 15/organized 23 meetings & 6 events--honored women's heritage
Superb SNCO! CG SNCO of 2nd Qtr & guided Gp Amn Info Dominance awd winner; promote to SMSgt now!
Guided $600K ntwk consolidation proj; reduced 58 sys to 6 & cut pwr usage 3-fold--paved way for future ops
Led sys upgrades; applied 529 patches on 66 AMC servers--prevented malicious attacks on critical $1M ntwk
Directed AMC/A7 server realignment; installed eqpmt/reclaimed services--key spt to 13 Cmd contracting units
Managed install of 55 web application spt'ing 100K prsnl--implementation completed 3 mos ahead of schedule
Led SNCO Induction Ceremony saber cordon team of 14--welcomed 58 newly selected MSgts into Top 3 tier
ID'd tng deficit; trained 5 prsnl/58 career field tng plan tasks--decreased qualification time from 10 days to 30
Drafted AMC spt svc lvl agreement; streamlined sr ldr coordination--reduced edit/approval from 20 days to 4
Procured $20K in tng; secured technical tng for 24 Airmen--skillset enabled proficiency to operate 66 DoD sys
Pursuing Bachelor's Deg in IT; completed 17 credits hrs/8 classes remaining--maintained 3.55 grade point avg
2010 Cyberlog Conference facilitator; escorted/introduced guest speakers--managed timeline for 500 attendees
Led/mentored tm of 6--garnered Airman of 3rd Qtr/NCO of 4th Qtr & Gp Airman Info Dominance awd winner
Directed Gp sessions during Wingman Day; briefed 38 prsnl--strengthened Flt mbrs' mental/fitness resiliency
Drove antivirus software allocation; 20 servers fortified against malicious logic--reutilized $45K in AF eqpmt
Outstanding SNCO! Immediate impact/influence in Flt and MAJCOM Server Ops section--promote to SMSgt!
Piloted AF air refueling pgm dplymnt--enabled tracking of 240M gallons of fuel for 80K msns in 63 countries
Authored database recovery process--restored 20K student tng records & tracking of DoD 8570 certifications
MSgt Musel is a highly talented leader who excels at all tasks; rdy for Flt Chief psn ASAP--select for SMSgt!
Drove aircrew mgt sys dplymnt; captured AF tng/crew rdyness--enabled tracking of 67K sorties/300K acft hrs
Launched Afld Drivers Tng Pgm; consolidated licensing/tracking AF-wide--spt'd 54K prsnl/saved $480K yrly
Exemplary SNCO! Consummate professional & AMC network ops leader--promote to SMSgt ahead of peers!
Led one of eight AF test tms for SIPR token login; tested hardware abilities--validated security of new AF pgm
Established AMC encryption pgm; created accountability system--guaranteed continuity/security for 160 rqmts
Directed software testing staff; flawlessly processed 80 requests/spt'd users AF-wide--saved 1.4K man-hrs/yr
Executed accreditation plan for AMC ntwks; implemented sr IA officer vision--demands on Wgs cut in half
Hardened three C2 spt servers; ID'd 214 vulnerabilities--thwarted potential intrusions on $1M MAJCOM suite
Supervised cgo sys dvlpment network scan; scrutinized 254 reports--eliminated 125 critical C2 vulnerabilities
Oversaw AMC software test lab upgrade; reutilized/installed/rebuilt 11 sys--saved $15K in acquisition costs
Managed two element merger; cross utilized five prsnl--IA review cut from 10 to 3 days/2K man-hours saved
Earned 36 credits for elite Certified Info Sys Security Professional credential--only 60K certified worldwide
Completed virtual private network and Advanced operating sys tng--ensured technical competency/proficiency
Bird-dogged urgent tasker; verified 36 unit cntl ctr e-mail encryption certificates--375 AMW ORI "Excellent"
Coordinated five motorcycle rally events--helped raise $10K for wounded veterans/highway patrolman fund
Engineered backup plan for AMC test ntwk; secured 100% of data--slashed restoral time from 40 to 2 man-hrs
Phenomenal leader who epitomizes AF core values; mentor to peers/subordinates alike--rdy for SMSgt stripe!
Managed 22 urgent ntwk requests; prepared/tracked pkgs--averted NIPR/SIPR disconnect for 49 base circuits
Accredited aircraft mx training system; enabled web access for 1.2K users--saved AMC addl $3K in test costs
Directed 193 organization certificates; enabled privacy info encryption for 85K users--promote to SMSgt now!
Evaluated Mobile Emer Ops Center solution; secured disaster response capability--14 threats ID'd/eliminated
Validated 210 security controls w/exec alft mgr; facilitated AF approval--secured POTUS/sr ldr comm links
Exceptional SNCO; essential to Flt earning prestigious AF Outstanding IA Element Awd '09--rdy for SMSgt!
Instituted qtrly manpower rvw; ID'd projected short-falls--maximized critical skillsets; 327 Airmen msn ready
Led initial UCI prep self-inspection pgm review; deconflicted functional areas--postured Gp for UCI success
Rebuilt UCC pgm; devised hot washes, automated strength rpt process, alt loc SIPR-rdy--benchmark program
Scrubbed Gp's IMA program; validated manpower requirements through AMC/AFRC--reduced billets by 50%
Care group leader coordinator for 400-mbr church--provided opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship
Chiefs' Gp Golf Tournament/Steak Sale lead; Chief retirement ceremony emcee; ALS graduation guest speaker
Decentralized Gp-level CSS; ID'd key support processes--bridged manning gaps to align units w/AF standards
Engaged CE/MDG on substandard CG facility; rvw'd infrastructure--on priority list for $50K upgrade this FY
Led Wg/CCM CG immersion; highlighted big-rock personnel challenges--set enlisted agenda for Wg sr leaders
Attend'd AFSO 21 8-step process improvement RIE--built Wg's 6 areas for creating "White Space" for Airman
ALS class mentor; shared philosophy on leadership & CAF-related issues--inspired 25 upcoming, enlisted ldrs
Revamped CG recognition--Amn garnered 7 AMC-level functional awds/2 Wg Sijan Awds/5 Wg Qtrly Awds
Hosted session with group CGOs--armed ldrs w/decisive Info regarding professional development of SNCOs
Standout leader/confidant; committed to people/msn--perfect match for joint, strategic-level, no-fail position!
Integral to fixing HQ AMC ntwk spt issue; brokered solution requiring no new prsnl--maintained spt to 2K staff
Routine CCM stand-in; Fallen Hero Honors, Wg staff mtg, CRB, Top-3 Council, FTAC--sterling spt to Airmen
Exceptional Chief w/impeccable character--push to Wg CCM position after White House Military Office duty!

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