CAHSEE Prep Class The Journey by fjzhangxiaoquan


									CAHSEE Prep Class:
The Journey
   Have out a piece of paper

Welcome to the New
 • Syllabus- to be handed out
   next week
   – Grade: 40% writing domain, 40%
     Standard units, 20% Writing
 • Rules
   – No electronics
   – No food or drink (water with lids
   – Keep teacher happy 
• Expectations
  – Be respectful
  – Be on time
  – Be Active learners
    • Be prepared: paper, pencil/pen, notebook
  1. Think, Write, Share
• The great thing in this world is
  not so much where we stand,
  but in what direction we are
      – Oliver Wendell Holmes

1. What does this quote mean to you
   and why is it important?
        Why “A Journey”?
The dictionary defines “journey” as: traveling from
  one place to another, usually taking a rather long
or: passage or progress from one stage to another

                        You will begin your
                      “Journey” in this room
                       and you will arrive at
                      your destination when
                     you PASS the CAHSEE.
         2. Brainstorm
1. What do you know about the
  Why are you
   taking the
• The CAHSEE is the measurement of
  readiness to complete high school.
• The CAHSEE is a standard
  recognized by both businesses and
• The CAHSEE is a mandatory
  requirement to get a diploma.
• Every school requires you to pass
    • Yes, even if you transfer to march you still
      need to pass.
• Adult Ed. Requires a diploma
• Military requires a diploma
 Who takes this Journey?
• Every high school student.
• If you don’t pass, or don’t take it you
  can take it twice as a junior (Nov. &
• If you don’t pass, or don’t take it you
  can take it as many as four times as a
  senior (Nov., Feb., March, May).
  – Try, try, try… even after you have taken
    it… scores take a minimum of 2 months!!
 What is on the CAHSEE?
• 79 multiple choice questions
  – 5 strands
    •   Reading Comprehension
    •   Literary Analysis
    •   Vocabulary
    •   Grammar
    •   Writing Strategies
• These questions all have connections
  to life skills.
 What is on the CAHSEE?
• 1 Essay
  – One of the five genres
    • Persuasive, Response to Literature,
      Expository, Business Letter, Biographical
• 20% of the test
• The person grading only has 60 to 90
  seconds to grade your essay.
• FORMAT is everything!
Your teachers have carefully
 planned for your journey.

• Every good journey starts
  with a plan.
• Each participant must
  have responsibilities.
• Everyone works towards a
  common goal.
• The payoff is -------
3. Quick Write!! What will
        YOU pack
• Think about what you will need for
  this journey…
  – What skills or talents?
  – What personality traits?
• On your paper, quickly jot a few of
  the things you will need to “pack” for
  this trip.
What have I packed?
• Each period will be divided into Two
  – First: Writing Domain
      • Grammar/vocabulary
      • Writing strategies
  – Second: Reading Domain
      • Reading comprehension
      • Literary analysis
      • (some writing strategy in connection with reading)
  – These two areas have been chosen in order to cover The most
    important CAHSEE Standards by the March test. Some of the
    standards are reviewed while others are taught more in depth.
Why Grammar/Vocabulary?

• Grammar/Vocabulary questions
  account for 27% of the test.
• Grammar is like multiplication tables
  in math, you need daily practice.
• Vocabulary is often learned using
  context clues. You will have many
  opportunities to practice.
    What is a “Standard”?
• There are 35 reading and writing
  standards. For example:
  – Analyze interaction between main and
   subordinate characters.
• Standards are expectations and
• We will focus on each standard that is
• We will revisit standards that show up
  multiple times
       Writing Prompts…
• You will be dissecting a prompt a week.
• You will be writing approximately one
  essay a unit, or one essay every two
• It will be good practice and build
  stamina for the essay you must write
  for the test.
• Writing essays will become second
  nature to you.
• Prompts will be dealt with in various
  ways and cover various topics
       How class will work:
• Grammar or writing first 15 minutes
  of class.
• Standards Unit:
  –   Three lessons
  –   A project
  –   Two lessons
  –   Assessment/ Quiz
  –   Review?
  –   Essay
    4. Think, Write, Pair,

• Write down three things that you are
  good at (keep it clean). For example
  skateboarding, knitting, cooking, singing…
• Pick one and write a paragraph describing
  how you become good at that activity/skill.
Think, Write, Pair, Share

• Write down three things that you are
  good at (keep it clean). For example
 skateboarding, knitting, cooking, singing…
• Now…Share out with class.
Your Brain is just like that!
               You become good/
                better through
               practice… through
              exercising the brain

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