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									Alyssa Mt. Pleasant
Assistant Professor of History and American Studies

Office:   NRH, 100 Tower Parkway, Room 13C

Phone: (203) 436-8169


Alyssa Mt. Pleasant received her graduate training in History and American Indian Studies at

Cornell University. She teaches broadly in American Indian history and offers courses in

American Indian Studies. Mt. Pleasant's research focuses on the experiences of American

Indians of northeastern North America. Her dissertation, "After the Whirlwind: Maintaining a

Haudenosaunee Place at Buffalo Creek, 1780-1825," examines the social, political, and

religious dynamics of the Buffalo Creek Reservation in western New York State. In 2007, Penn

State Press will publish her essay "Debating Missionary Presence at Buffalo Creek:

Haudenosaunee perspectives on the intersection of land cessions, government relations, and

Christianity" in Ethnographies and Exchanges: Native Americans, Moravians and Catholics in

Early North America.

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