Growing Your Retail Business

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					                       Growing Your Retail Business
              Knowing how to improve in-store customer service,
           merchandising and promotions is crucial to maintaining and
                          growing your market share
  Course Leader
  Brian Hume, Martec’s Managing Director and founder, will serve as lead instructor for this course. He is
  known and respected in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific as an authority on retailing and retail
  technology. Brian is a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker.

  Brian has consulted to some of the world’s leading retailers in areas such as business strategy,
  merchandise management, supply chain, partnering between retailers and vendors, store operations and
  the use of technology to improve business performance.

      By the end of the class, you will be able to:

     • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current retail practices
     • Appreciate what you do well and less well compared to your competition
     • Identify shortfalls in current merchandising knowledge and practices
     • Provide knowledge and tools to grow the retail business
     • Create a personalised Action Plan that will serve as a road map to grow the business and increase
       cash flow
     • Change the business mix and profitability by growing the retail business without sacrificing profit

                                                           Companies that use Martec’s Learning
  Who Should Attend?
                                                           Services include:
  This course is designed for everyone selling or                  •   Aer Rianta
  marketing products to the retail industry. The                   •   Boots
  following will benefit:                                          •   Exel Logistics
           • Retailers                                             •   Goldsmiths
           • Franchisees                                           •   Home Retail Group
           • Tenants                                               •   Invista (formerly DuPont Textiles)
           • Retail Owners                                         •   Levi
                                                                   •   New Look
                                                                   •   Microsoft
                                                                   •   Transitions Optical

                                           In Company Training
   Martec delivers this program and a wide range of in-company training based on our extensive library of
programs, which can be customised to meet specific needs. We provide various e-learning options. For more
   information please contact Frances Riseley on +44 (0)1823 333469 or email frances_riseley@martec-
                               Growing Your Retail Business
08.30   Registration, coffee and introductions                               13.00   Stimulating impulse and related product sales
                                                                                     • End cap displays
09.00   Can you grow the retail business?                                            • Counter displays
        • Is it realistic given the location, competitive environment,               • Use of clip strips, J-hooks and side baskets
          customer base, area demographics, price sensitivity, etc?
                                                                                     • Selling the complete job
        Attracting customer-getting them in the store
                                                                                     • Up-selling
        • Understanding the market
                                                                                     Developing/strengthening customer loyalty-getting them to come
        • Local advertising (approaches, merits or each approach, cost,                 back, again and again
          best use of each, etc.)
                                                                                     • Data base
        • Use of FAIM (focus area – inventory management) to build
          inventory                                                                  • Frequent customer program/discount
        • Product mix-determining correct product mix for your                       • Mailing
          customer base, based on location, community, surrounding                   • Product mix-determining correct product mix for your
          area, etc.                                                                    customer base, based on location, community, buying
                                                                                        patterns and competitor's mix
        • Properly handling retail calls, especially price quotes
        • Location (how to maximise impact of good location)                         • WOW (shopping experience is convenient and comfortable;
                                                                                        inventory deep to fill most needs; employees know everything,
        • Location (how to lessen impact of undesirable location –                      including customer’s name ; employees seem to enjoy their
          billboards, especially near competitors, circulars with amp                   jobs, etc)
          locator, give directions in radio spots, events)
                                                                                     • Internet strategy to bring them in, handling returns, creating
        • Exterior signage, lighting, parking, cleanliness                              store loyalty, etc
        • Window signs                                                               Creating employee incentive (contest, incentives) and utilizing
        • Specials, [promotions, events                                                 manufacturer's incentive programs to sell entire job, up-sell,
        • Owner is know in the community                                                get the sale etc (sales/hour, customer average purchase,
                                                                                        items per sale)
10.00   Coffee break
                                                                             15.00   Refreshment break
        Customer experience
        • Acknowledge/greeting                                                       Assessing your own store on all factors above (scorecard) and
        • Helpfulness/assistance by counter people on part application               compare to Mystery Shopper Assessment
          and installation (knowledgeable, helpful but not intimidating or           Sizing up and assessing competition
          condescending)                                                             • Checklist
        • Employees sell the entire job, not just the part requested                 • Identify strengths and adopt them
        • Employees understand store’s policies and procedures and                   • Attack their weaknesses
          are empowered, within reason, to take care of the customer                 Financial performance-make sure planogram and use of retail
        • Friendliness/courtesy                                                      space gives best return on investment
        • Services                                                                   Establish a goal and create a detailed strategy and action plan
        • Assessment of customer experience
        Visual impact
                                                                             16.45   Questions and Conclusions
        • Cleanliness
        • Recovery (ready to sell each day – Daily Management
          Walkthrough, soon after opening – see list; Daily Recovery
          Checklist assigned to employees – see list; Monthly Contact
        • Lighting
        • Use of colour/product location to draw attention
        • Limit “visual noise” through merchandising
        • Planograms are updated on a regular basis (no holes,
          seasonal products, etc)
        Ease of shopping
        • Internal signage/aisle signs/product areas/etc
        • Store layout
        • Merchandising practices
        • Related products adjacencies
        • Pricing
        • Promotional items
        • Access and ease of using manufacturer catalogs on the floor
        • Point of purchase information
        • Shelf tag prices are current
        • Ease of payment, check acceptance, credit card acceptance,
          criteria for acceptance, etc

   Martec International Ltd, Martec House, 40 High Street, Taunton Somerset, TA1 3PN UK
                                                          +44 (0) 1823 333469

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