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					                                    Azar Baksh – I gave my Heart

                                                                    20 + 24.10.09
                                                                   poem/song text

                                        I gave my Heart

I gave you All I gave my Heart
You were amazed and you were thrilled
Exactly this was it, what you were after
In your state so unfulfilled

You were tired of your life of form
Of rules and norms, iron structure time
They left you icy frozen hard torn
To get my heart you’d commit… any crime

My crime – no forgiving – was it Touched you
The Heart should have stayed holy, pure
Not Touch the dirt you felt you were
Luckily It didn’t pass the jury

And you started to look for wrongs in me
Fault after fault you found, crime after crime
Still you tried to drink my purity
But sifted from my sins so blind

And by the time you left you’d gathered
What a list that proudly you presented
Your justification to go, to move
Rather alone than be with a sinner

I humbly hung the list above my bed
So during sleep I’d get convinced
Of all the points you studied on so hard
And I confessed, reported that I failed

You said I didn’t try hard enough
I’m too attached again to seeming Love
Faithful to the list these points you added
And you added now you’ve had it:

I have to learn to be responsible
Myself for all the wrongs I am

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                                   Azar Baksh – I gave my Heart

You don’t always want to have to show them
You have your life, want to fun, enjoy

What about the Heart, I asked impressed
You said that I could stick it in my ass
The Heart became a form for you to get
And now you got it happily you left

But, I stammered still, the Heart…
‘Don’t interrupt me’, you interrupted me
The Heart the Heart the Heart always the same
You’re stuck with your Heart, you’re only bleeding

Look at mine, you said, how beautiful
Why you’re always so full of yourself, utmost
Look at mine, feel how love is pouring out
Still, I said, I look and feel, your Heart is closed

You lie! you replied and biked away for good
You sent me e-mails though, signed ‘with love’
To remind me of my lies, mistakes, wrongs
My lack of humbleness, humiliating you

How could I’ve been so filthy to have sex
When I said that I would give my Heart
I replied my Heart is in my penis too
In every word though that I gave you felt my hate

Fin’lly leave me alone you creep, you screamed
I always did, I said, you came to me
Stop your bullshit! you yelled, you poison the world
You’re no Heart, no mirror, you just hurt hurt hurt

Silence …

You’re so convinced you’re right, isn’t it
Same time knowing that you lie and bitch
Let’s face it, you’ll be always in this fight, this shit
Never no no never you’ll Surrender

How Love once more has failed to manifest
All potential beauty gone to hell

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                                Azar Baksh – I gave my Heart

And after million tears my body rests
And writes a song, I know the melody so well:

I gave you All I gave my Heart
You were amazed and you were thrilled
Exactly this was it, what you were after
In your state so unfulfilled

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