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					                                                 Dongjin (Dj) Cai

   10+ years of computer academic and professional experience in software, finance and telecom industries.
   Extensive project management, excellent communication, strong teamwork and problem-solving abilities.
   Broad range and in depth domestic and intl. NGO activities for community development, NGO management training.

Director of Program Development, CIO. China Tomorrow Education Foundation (CTEF), Seattle, WA                 May 2002 –
Supervised projects and campaigned donations; coordinated and enhanced web, communication policy and performance.
   Coordinated projects and communication between CTEF and other China related NGOs on the east coast.
   Solicited to education and translation software vendors to donate software and service plan to CTEF.
   Successfully managed multiple projects in the first three out of five Provinces CTEF covered.
   Worked as the liaison between the Chinese Employees Organization at Microsoft and CTEF to carry out the Annual
    Giving Campaign, quadrupled CTEF’s funds. Consistently generating new major donation streams to present.
   Fruitfully carried out cave school building and support projects for more than three schools in Shaanxi Province, China.
   Developed and maintained the Web/intranet/IT guidelines and procedures to facilitate the cross-pacific communications.
   Creatively used the Internet to reach local contacts and keep close monitoring of the Northern Shaanxi projects.

Tech Instructor, Member of, AmeriCorps at Pace University, New York, NY                                      Jan. 2007 –
   IT instructor and consultant for the Community and Volunteer Mobilization program in Chinatown.
   Providing internet based map service projects including GreenMap to facilitate local small business.
   Coordinate with community partners in class and project improvement.
   Helping local community partners (NGOs) on website design.
   Solicited to translation software vendor to donate software and service plan to local partners.

Coordinator, Nanjing University Friendship Foundation (NUFF), USA                                              Nov. 2006
Coordinated NUFF’s fundraising and public relations activities to enhance Chinese American Community’s awareness and
involvement in charitable activities.
    Designed and implemented a special program for NUFF to provide alumni emergency support.
    Helped to add NUFF into some fortune 500 companies’ donation selection list.
    Coordinated the fundraising efforts from advertising, marketing, legal, to communication, setting the goal of total
     donation of $100,000; with first year donation campaign already passing $50,000.

Wikipedian, Wikimania 2006, Boston, MA                                                                    Aug. 2006
   Networked with other wiki communities and NGOs focused on universal accessibility, education and library.
    Encouraged collaboration and knowledge sharing; advocated cultural understanding, consensus and participation.
   Represented Wiki in leading to an innovative solution with Baidu ( through persistent negotiation and
    careful maneuver.

Information Technology Volunteer, Npower, Seattle, WA.                                                    Mar. 2002
Successfully provided IT support and planning in a small SWAT team format.
    Focused on improving the IT management of the target Non-profit organization.
    Conducted thorough IT hardware, software and network survey and updated into central information database.
    Provided network trouble-shooting to address various technical challenges faced by the organization.
    Proposed a strategic plan for future IT development.

Co-Founder, Northwest Chinese High-tech Professionals Organization (NWCHP), Seattle, WA.                   Jan. 2000
   The first local technology association initiated by new immigrants from China.
   Helped to channel business needs with technology innovation.
   Provided seminars for a broad range of interests: technology, finance, entrepreneurship, investment and tax.
   Responsible for IT related issues and meeting/seminar preparation.

Web developer, Candle Light Project for China Charity Federation (CCF).                                    1999 – 2000
A project conducted by one of the leading Chinese national NGOs to help those teachers in the poorest regions of China.
Helped the “Hope project” in publishing newsletters, Beijing, China.                                       1994.

Initiator and lead organizer, Human Rights Demonstration for Indonesia, Seattle.                               Aug. 1998
 Mainly Demonstrated on Indonesia Atrocities mostly against Chinese and other local people.
     It is the largest demonstration on foreign human rights issues in the Chinese community in Seattle.
     More than 500 demonstrators participated in the demonstration.
     Coordinated in collaboration with various voluntary groups from different social and cultural backgrounds.
     Participants from diverse origins included: Indonesia, PRC, HongKong, Taiwan, Macao, SE Asia and USA.
Webmaster and web developer, China Soccer Website, (Volunteer work)                                        1995 – 1998
  One of the largest Chinese sports and Chinese language websites (e.g., attracted over one million visitors in 1997).
  Negotiated with Yahoo to create the Chinese Soccer category.

IT Consultant, Raeburn Advisors, LLC. (Top 5% hedge fund, in asset mgmt) New York, NY                  Jul. 2005 –
Built proprietary systems for credit trading and research and maintained the equity trading system.
    Designed and Developed COM objects limiting the single point of entrance to critical financial database.
    Built a historical database and a tool for daily closing of yield curves. Made the yield curve model live intraday.
    Developed a tool to automatically retrieve historical CDS and Bond data from a secured broker website and built a
     database to host the data. The related bond properties are retrieved from Bloomberg and saved to the database.
    Maintained and customized the equity trading system and company’s intranet. Generate reports.

Technical Specialist, True Position at Cingular NOC, Redmond, WA                                    Mar. 2005 – Jun. 2005
Used Bash on Unix/Linux to resolve complex technical and integration issues for the wireless location based system–E911.

IT Consultant, Seattle, WA                                                                      Jan. 2003 – Feb. 2005
Successfully served fast-growing small-mid sized businesses to accomplish wireless and network demand.
   Complete wireless on-line game projects on independent solution provider for Deutsche Telekom.
   Analyzed client network and server performance. Designed development plan accordingly. Devised and implemented
    the web-hosting, network and database (RAID 5 with HBA) solution for
   Planned and installed wireless LAN, configured the network equipment, and remote access network for SOHO clients.

Principal Software Engineer, NEO PRINT L.L.C. US and China                                      Nov. 2000 – Jan. 2003
   Devised a conversion software between ShuBan format (Chinese publishing language) and XML/XSLT/DTD.
   Planned, designed and programmed company’s website connecting to backend database using VB and IIS.
   Architected, implemented and operated network infrastructure for the multi-site company.
   Cooperated with business partners in translating business needs into solid IT deliverables.

Software Engineer, Windows Department at Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA                               Jan. 1998 – Oct. 2000
Focused on .Net/COM and C#/C++ programming, Windows 2000/2003/XP server integration, debugging and testing.
   Utilized VC++/C# and Perl to program a COM object to support Unicode.
   Wrote and debugged test program against AD COM/component development and revision using VT & Basic.
   Performed system/protocol level source code debugging on Windows Active Directory components. Completed system
    analysis and integration and API testing with focus on scalability, stability, and flexibility.
   Responsible for system analysis and test automation. Designed and evaluated test plans & test cases.

Volunteer Teacher, NetMaster Class at King County Library Systems, Seattle.                          Jul. 2004 – Sep. 2005
Taught basic to advanced computer and internet classes for the local community residents of different skill sets.
   Identified different needs for students from diverse backgrounds, including seniors, immigrants.
   Taught classes offered from basic to more advanced levels to customize variety of requirements.
   Performed in a small group to class sized scale, sometimes in one on one situation.
   Collected feedback and evaluation data to facilitate future course improvement and planning.

Teaching assistant on “Multimedia Title” class at Univ. of Southern California, CA            1997
Responsible for remote-education TV broadcast lectures on software such as PowerPoint, PhotoShop, etc.

Teaching assistant on “Computer Communication” at Univ. of Southern California, CA           1997
Taught more than one hundred computer science graduate students from variety of backgrounds.

Teaching assistant on “Compiler Theory” at Peking University, Beijing                               1994
Taught about one hundred undergraduate students in computer science major.

 M. S. Computer Science, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.                Dec. 1997.
 B. S. Computer Science and Technology, Peking University, Beijing, China.                  July 1992
Languages: English, Chinese (native speaker of Mandarin, modest Cantonese), Japanese, French, German

 Certification on NGO management series, Bellevue Community College, Bellevue, WA.                            Jun. 2003
 Participated in the seminar held by Asia Fund. & Seattle Fund. on China NGO dev and survey. Seattle.         Jun. 2003.

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