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Virginia’s Educational Resource System
What is VERSO?
• Virginia CTE basic curriculum resources
  in one central location--Online
• Links to additional resources to enhance
Why was VERSO developed?
• Va. CTE educators needed a central resource
• Va. Dept. of Education directed the CTE
  Resource Center to pull together all major
  secondary CTE resources and make them
  available online for Virginia public educators.
• Governor Mark Warner’s CTE initiative promised
  to make SOL correlations and industry
  certifications accessible online to all Va.
The Basics of VERSO
• CTE task/competency lists, including links for
   – student competency records
   – links to related Standards of Learning (Governor’s CTE initiative)
   – links to industry certifications/licensures (Governor’s CTE
• Curriculum frameworks
  –   Task definitions
  –   Process/skill questions for critical thinking
  –   Related Standards of Learning
  –   Related student organization competitive events
  –   Related Aspects of Industry
  –   Related national standards
  –   Collaborative lesson plans
Additional VERSO Elements
Related information:
•   Virginia Standards of Learning summary
•   Full list of All Aspects of Industry
•   Virginia Computer Technology Standards of Learning
•   Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills
•   Virginia Leadership Expectations
•   CTE student organization general information
•   Other resources for teaching
•   Glossary of curriculum terms
New Benefits for CTE Educators
• Year-round access to current curriculum
   – Content modifications as needed
   – Certification updates
• Ease of use (employing common Web-
  navigation techniques)
An Efficient System for Users
• Create their own passwords
• Access the online curriculum from home,
  school, or elsewhere
• Avoid time-consuming ordering or
• Print a PDF version of a task list or
  framework, if desired
Still a Quality Curriculum
• Reflects extensive research
• Validated by business and industry experts
  and CTE teachers
• Reflects current industry standards
• Incorporates state/federal regulations and
  CBE requirements
• Follows a consistent development process
      . . . And still free to Virginia educators
VERSO’s First Year
• 1,166 registered users to date
• 87% percent of Va. School divisions
  represented among users
• Other registered users (VDOE, VCCS, Va.
  CTE teacher educators, Va. Dept. of
  Correctional Ed.)
• Formal training by CTE staff completed in
  15 school divisions, representing most
  regions of the state
Tell Us What You Think
• Look at VERSO today
• Talk with our staff; ask questions; make
• Follow up at home (using preview password)
• E-mail us your questions and suggestions
V           E           R         S          O
 Task Lists                Public user access, PLUS access to the
 Student Competency        instructional frameworks, which contain:
  Records                    Course Descriptions
 Standards of Learning      Task Definitions
  Correlations by Task       Process/Skill Questions
 Industry Certifications    All Aspects of Industry Correlations
 Licensure Information      Computer Technology Standards of
 Workplace Readiness          Learning
  Skills                     Student Organization Competitive
                             National Standards
                             Leadership Development Expectations
                             Collaborative Lesson Ideas

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