from fit out to transformation_ customer service matters by yaohongm


									from fit out to
customer service

                                          Under control at Manchester
                                          Arndale: how customer
                                          service is adding value to the
                                          retail experience every day

                                          12 days and 12 nights: fitting
                                          out John Lewis’s perfumery
                                          counter; anything is possible
                                          in partnership

                                          Transformation: Meadowhall
                                          chooses Interserve to deliver
                                          and transform services
                                          across their shopping centre

          a behind the scenes look at
          best practice in Interserve’s
          retail operations...

Issue One | Autumn 2010
2 | Autumn 2010 |

what’s in store...
                                              pg 04   a financial perspective on
                                                      the retail market

                                              pg 06
                                                      performance measurement

                                              pg 08
                                                      excellent customer service
                                                      at Manchester Arndale

                                              pg 10
                                                      an innovative approach to
                                                      retail security

                                              pg 12
                                                      Meadowhall chooses

                                              pg 14
                                                      a scented refurbishment at
                                                      John Lewis

                                              pg 16
                                                      measuring your carbon

                                              pg 18
                                                      concept washroom: a
                                                      sustainable approach

                                              pg 20
                                                      behind the scenes with the
                                                      Home Retail Group

                                              pg 22
                                                      operationally at Interserve: a
                                                      behind the scenes look
                                                   | Autumn 2010 | 3

tony talks retail
            Welcome to
            inaugural edition
            of ‘inside story’,
where we investigate the
effect of the recession on retail
and how best your facilities
and premises can be managed
to drive value and enhance the
customer experience.
With a change in government,
significant public sector cuts, expected
job losses and the 20% VAT rate
scheduled for January, it’s a difficult
climate for all of us.                     The Carbon Reduction Commitment could incur additional
                                           costs, but managed well, significant savings through
We are aware that we all need to look      usage and innovation (pg 16) can add value to your
for new opportunities, business growth     portfolio.
and cost saving opportunities, but one
thing is certain, cost effective support   However, a much larger approach to transformation can
services are vital. Your facilities and    really add value to your environment. From the day
the teams supporting you are a key part    to day support (pg 20) to moving to a total facilities
of this challenge, and they are an often   management contract (pg 12), from a face lift for your
overlooked part of the process.            environment (pg 14) to just enhancing the customer
                                           experience (pg 8). Meadowhall, John Lewis, the Home
In this edition, we will share our         Retail Group and Manchester Arndale are all testament to
experiences through a range of case        the benefits that Interserve can deliver.
studies and opinion pieces, detailing
the extensive range of ways that behind Read on to find out how we are helping to drive savings
the scenes support can bring value to   and improvements in this current climate, as the best
you and your customers.                 skill we have in these difficult times is to learn and work
Bundling services and strong
performance management (pg 6) can
drive out savings whilst technology can
improve your risk management (pg 7).

                                           Tony Sanders
                                           Managing Director - Commercial, Interserve
4 | Autumn 2010 |

2010: another tough
year for retail?
                                                                           In an increasingly competitive market,
The recession officially ended in the fourth                               retailers need to understand how to satisfy
quarter of last year, but the long-awaited                                 their shoppers in order to enhance their

recovery will be slow and fragile.                                         appeal and increase loyalty. Moreover, an
                                                                           insight into what drives customer satisfaction
                                                                           is essential to win customers and gain
                                                                           market share.

Preliminary figures, reported by the
                                              for your facilities...
British Retail Consortium (BRC), showed
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) edge up
                                              differentiation                                 and in practice at Silverburn...
0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2009; much
less than the 0.4% widely expected. Over
                                              With unemployment and reduced                   Interserve’s 120 strong team were
the last year GDP fell 4.8% from 2008; a                                                      brought together while the finishing
                                              consumer spending, building a positive
post-war record.                                                                              touches were added to Silverburn, a
                                              customer experience is crucial. From
                                                                                              1 million sq.ft shopping centre near
...and for consumers?                         security officers acting as guest safety
                                                                                              Glasgow. A welcome day hosted by Kriss
                                              hosts, to cleaners providing directions,        Akabusi inducted all employees into the
Consumer spending is forecast to pick up      your facilities should be supported by          ‘Spirit’ programme. From workwear to
only 0.4% in 2010. High unemployment          one team working together to enhance            customer service training all employees
and still-fragile consumer confidence will    the customer experience.                        embody the values of the centre, whilst
continue to dampen consumer spending in                                                       supporting shoppers and retailers alike.
coming months.

VAT rise disappointing                        for your facilities...

but at least                                  cost savings                                    and in practice at Boots...
exemptions stay
                                              With the rise in VAT and the start of the       At Boots Interserve has been working
                                                                                              with the retailer to continually improve
With retailers now clear that they face a     Carbon Reduction Commitment, retailers
                                                                                              performance. Over £1 million has been
20% VAT rate from 4 January, the approach     are facing a reduction in margin. Your
                                                                                              saved from productivity improvements
to implementation is their key concern.       estate and facilities are an excellent          alone. Other efficiency initiatives
                                              source for cost reduction, from better          include switching from evening to
Reacting to the Budget the BRC said it was
                                              performance and energy management to            day-time cleaning achieving a 50% cost
relieved that the range of items subject to                                                   reduction, introducing new technology
                                              installing technology and innovation to
VAT won’t be expanded but increasing the                                                      and improving recycling levels at their
                                              reducing your costs on a daily basis.
VAT rate will hit jobs, consumer spending                                                     head-quarters in Nottingham.
and economic growth.
                                                                               | Autumn 2010 | 5

      and how do we
      perceive the
current climate?                         how do you reduce the cost of your facilities in this economic climate?

     “value for money is and will
                                         reducing back office costs through:      and in practice at HSBC...
     continue to be incredibly
     important both in the supply           •    bundling services
                                                                                  Operating over 1,300 branches and 80
     chain and the shoppers’ purse”         •    using innovation in processes    offices, including the Global HQ at Canary
                                                 and technology                   Wharf, Interserve has been fundamental

                                                                                  in achieving savings for the global bank in
     “service charges are destined to       •    retro-fitting sustainable        one of the largest facilities management
     reduce further, and so suppliers            solutions                        contracts in the UK. This co-ordinated
     need to start looking at where                                               approach to service has delivered HSBC a
                                            •    more effective process
     efficiencies can be generated                                                significant reduction in costs and improved
     without affecting service levels”                                            service levels in FM and Small Works,
                                            •    leveraging economies of scale    whilst bringing together all their facilities

                                                                                  support under one team delivering service
     “sustainability will become            •    reduced management time and      excellence, consistency and flexibility.
     more and more embedded in                   administration costs
     our operations, with the focus
     moving to packaging and the         how do your facilities shape            how do you know your facilities are
                                                                                                                             best in class

     green agenda”                       perceptions?                            suitable?

                                          1.    retail and interiors              1.   cost-effective

     “people’s confidence in brands
                                          2.    cleanliness                       2.   innovative
     is dependent on the quality of
     their experience, and retailers’     3.    customer service                  3.   risk free
     facilities need to meet these
                                          4.    security                          4.   usable
6 | Autumn 2010 |

your performance unrav
                                                            Auditing, monitoring, Key      Performance management is a tool to
 Steve Dannan, Commercial Director                          Performance Indicators,        ensure the retailer’s requirements are
                                                            performance measurement        met. This traditionally includes:
                                                            or performance related
          Commercial                                                                         1.   a guarantee that the service will be
                                                            payment mechanism: there’s
          Director, Steve                                                                         performed to the agreed standard
                                                            a whole host of names for
 Dannan, talks about how
                                                            performance management, but      2.   an assurance that where possible,
 to make performance                                                                              the service provider will strive to
                                                            fundamentally they all refer
 measurement a vital tool                                                                         better the agreed standards
                                                            to the same thing; measuring
 for your retail success
                                                            performance through              3.   compensation for a single failure to
                                                            quantifiable evidence.                deliver the agreed standard to fund
                                                                                                  corrective action
Performance measures have been around for years. They’re not new and they’re not
exciting, and to some they’re just another management tool to tell you how well or badly     4.   contractual protection for
                                                                                                  persistent poor performance
you’re doing.

When I first encountered performance measures there wasn’t even a real connection          Effectively, it should be a simple list of
between the performance of the service and the legal agreement between the two parties.    tangible and objective measures with
                                                                                           the intention of ensuring the client’s own
But things have changed. Nowadays you’ll be hard pressed to find any sort of service
                                                                                           users benefit from a safe and comfortable
agreement that doesn’t provide a direct link between the service provider’s ability to
perform services to an acceptable standard and their contractual obligations under the
agreement between the parties.                                                             But an effective performance measurement
                                                                                           mechanism can be so much more.

                                                                                           Get the structure right and it’s a
                                                                                           magnificent tool to enable the service
                                                                                           provider to manage and challenge their own
                                                                                           teams to not just deliver, but over deliver.

                                                                                           The best systems will not only provide
                                                                                           a financial incentive against under-
                                                                                           performing, but actually provide additional
                                                                                           motivation to over-perform.

                                                                                           and here’s how:
                                                                                           A system that ticks the above criteria
                                                                                           will guarantee that the support team
                                                                                           are focused on providing services to the
                                                                                           standard expected by the client.

                                                                                           So how can a service provider make them
                                                                                           work to the client’s benefit?

                                                                                           Performance measurement systems
                                                                                           should look at all aspects of the service
           Contact: Steve Dannan                                                           including delivery, compliance, corporate
           Commercial Director
                                                      responsibility, financial governance and
                                                                                           people management.
                                                                                       | Autumn 2010 | 7

velled                                           keeping track
 A good system will require the service          ServiceTrac is a suite of online solutions   in practice at Sainsbury’s
 provider to substantiate their ability to run   designed specifically for the service
 a business at the client’s premises. This       sector. The solutions harness technology     Interserve started working with Sainsbury’s
 places a huge skills pressure on the whole      to increase productivity, improve            in 2000. We provide support services to 254
 support team.                                   service quality and deliver real time        stores, 8 distribution centres and 3 offices,

                                                 management visibility.                       including their 330,000 sq.ft Store Support
 1.   make sure there is a direct link
                                                                                              Centre in Holborn, which accommodates
      between the measurement criteria
                                                 the portfolio includes:                      around 2,800 colleagues.
      within the performance management
      mechanism and the service level            ServiceTrac Audit is a fully web hosted
      agreement                                                                               Innovation is a critical part of this contract
                                                 and highly flexible paperless auditing
                                                                                              and Interserve has utilised ServiceTrac to
 2.   penalise under-performance and             solution, enabling pre-set audits to be
                                                                                              reduce costs, improve performance and
      reward over-performance                    carried out in the field using simple
                                                                                              better utilise resources. This web-based
                                                 handheld PDA devices, with data
 3.   ensure every aspect can be objectively                                                  time and attendance system electronically
                                                 seamlessly entered into the database for
      measured against an agreed scoring                                                      logs janitorial duties through Portable
      table                                      analysis and reporting
                                                                                              Electronic Sensors (PES) which report
 4.   tailor it to your location and the         ServiceTrac TimeGate is a fully hosted       exact time, location and nature of tasks
      services provided there, don’t try to      time and attendance platform for             undertaken. This system offers invaluable
      force a system from another site           monitoring staff attendance, in real time    reporting information to manage risk and

 5.   don’t make it so complicated that no       if required. This can be fully integrated    improve customer satisfaction.
      one can operate it                         or stand alone to provide online time
                                                 sheet management.                            This tool supports the 24/7 support that
 6.   be reasonable in your expectations, no
                                                                                              Interserve provides Sainsbury’s and is a key
      one is ever 100% perfect in their job      ServiceTrac Patrol is a tour of duty
                                                                                              part of ensuring Interserve’s commitment to
                                                 or guard tour facility, combining PDA,
 In addition, the competitive tender process                                                  quality.
                                                 Nokia and PES technology. The devices
 that most retailers or shopping centres
                                                 are used to record tours or patrols and
 follow in order to appoint a service provider
                                                 capture proof of attendance.
 drives efficiencies into the service and
 provides best value for money.                  key business benefits:
                                                    •   90% reduction in cost of audit
 Many providers are ring-fencing the
                                                        performance, storage and
 monetary benefit of the efficiencies realised
 through the process, and are offering
 it up to employees as a reward for over            •   improve performance with

 delivering. Achieve below 94% and you’ll               consistent data capture and

 have money taken off you, but achieve over             analysis

 102% and you’ll be rewarded. Ensuring              •   reduce risk by accelerating
 excellent service delivery through your front          dissemination of faults and
 line teams - now that’s great service.                 corrective actions
                                                    •   improved efficiency of corrective
 I’ll finish with this: a highly audited
                                                        action with multi-media evidence
 service doesn’t make a great service. Not
 even a highly paid team will guarantee a           •   increase performance with

 great service. But an audit process that               online anytime-anywhere

 recognises and rewards people when they                access to timely and actionable

 do a great job? That works.                            management information
8 | Autumn 2010 |

excellent service under
                                                       Interserve helps Manchester Arndale live
Manchester Arndale has won awards for its handling
                                                       up to its reputation through its provision
of facilities and customer service, all down to the
                                                       of total facilities management. At 1.4
relationship between the centre and their facilities   million sq.ft, with a weekly footfall of
management company, Interserve, writes Lauren          600,000, Manchester Arndale is one
Vanderkar at Shopping Centre Magazine.                 of the foremost retail destinations in
                                                       the UK. Being slap-bang in the middle
                                                       of Manchester city centre with good
                                                       transport links and a unique student
                                                       market, Manchester Arndale has one of
                                                       the highest levels of footfall in the UK.
                                                                                         | Autumn 2010 | 9

“Over 37 million people walked through            “Around 80 per cent of our job is going in
our doors in 2009 alone,” confirms Centre         and speaking to retailers, as opposed to just
Manager Glen Barkworth.                           the paying customers.”

A scheme of this size and reputation              According to Interserve Managing Director
                                                                                                   •   1.4 million sq.ft of retail space
poses a major challenge for the facilities        - Commercial, Tony Sanders, this marks
                                                                                                   •   37 million visitors a year
management team. But Manchester Arndale           a significant change in the approach
has gone from strength to strength with           to facilities management. In the past,           •   240 stores
Interserve handling security, cleaning,           customer service was focused wholly on the       •   10,000 retail staff
customer services and waste management.           shopper. “Now, the credit crunch has shown
                                                                                                   •   3rd largest UK shopping population,
“We’ve seen constant growth in both               us that centres and retailers need to be in          after London West End and Glasgow
footfall and sales despite a rough economic       it together if we want to increase footfall
                                                                                                   •   Prime city centre location
climate,” says Barkworth.                         and sales,” explains Sanders. He advocates
                                                  total facilities management over single          •   105,000 strong student population
Poignantly, it’s the attitude of the 200          service: “A total solution creates excellent     •   67% female audience
Interserve staff that Barkworth prizes most       team spirit, so it’s ideal for shopping          •   34% under the age of 24
of all. “Interserve does a great job at           centres. Single service just isn’t the same.”
                                                                                                   •   74 minutes dwell time
providing the processes so that everything
runs smoothly, but I could train people up        When it comes to the day-to-day running of       •   39% increase in footfall since 2004
to manage customer services or cleaning           Manchester Arndale, it’s fair to say every       •   9.7% increase in year on year visitors
facilities,” he begins. “What Interserve          angle is covered. According to food court
                                                                                                   •   7.6% increase in sales in 2009
does is provide the right attitude.”              coordinator Sheila Fisher, the number of
                                                  staff calls for careful planning. “Every
Tanya Buse, who leads a customer service          member of staff logs into a PDA handset,
team of 25, has worked in five other              which is uploaded daily with all the jobs
shopping centres but is most impressed by         that need doing throughout the centre.
the approach at Manchester Arndale. “Our          Everyone has their own set of tasks, and
training involves learning about Manchester       they swipe a bar code on the wall once each
Arndale’s past and how it has evolved, so it      job is done.” And she adds that keeping
becomes more than just a workplace. All           a close eye on staff ensures every task is
the staff work together like one big team,”       carried out to high standards. “If something
she says. So if a security guard comes            isn’t done, a red light flashes on the system

across litter on the floor, he’ll automatically   and I follow it up.”
clean up rather than considering it outside
his job description.                              New jobs can be logged as and when
                                                  a hazard is spotted, such as spillages.
Inter-relations between the service teams
on the floor are essential to the running of
                                                  “Flexibility is very important,” confirms
                                                  Sanders. “We always ask ourselves, ‘Can we
the centre, as is communication between
Interserve staff and Manchester Arndale’s
                                                  improve on what we’re doing?’ Of course                  heroic
                                                  we can, but what we focus on is how to
10,000 store staff. “We visit the retailers       improve. It’s a live process.”                       freshness
every week to have a look at their figures
and deal with any problems they’re having,”
continues Buse.                                     read online
                                                                                                   BIFM Innovation in Customer
                                                                                                   Services Award Finalist 2010
10 | Autumn 2010 |

securing the store
               Interserve’s retail security solutions have the capability and
               capacity to advise, plan, manage, supply, install and service on time
               and within budget, a national roll-out with a positive impact on the
               retail environment.

shopping centres                                security at Meadowhall
Shopping centres and retail parks present                                                        Vehicles: Manage 9.5 million vehicles a
                                                          When transferring services it
particular challenges for security staff:                                                        year, seeing break-ins drop from 18 in
                                                          is essential not to lose the best
from managing the public areas, and the                                                          2008 to six in 2009. Overall vehicle crime
                                                          practice and experience of our
people who are using them, to ‘back of                                                           reduced by a further 11% with only one
                                                employees on the ground.
house’ and ‘service’ areas. A range of                                                           vehicle stolen in the year.
approaches are required, from helping           An excellent example of this is at
the lost child, or the worried mother, to       Meadowhall where the security team were          Crime: Public Order incidents reduced by
the more robust, but discreet, handling of      under pressure to achieve a 22% reduction        18%. Incidents of violent crime reduced by
disruptive or unruly behaviour. Interserve      in labour on the service charge and 20%          a further 6% with a detection rate of 75%.
has the skills and experience that ensure a     drop in costs.
                                                                                                 Shoplifting: Increased arrests by 3%, with
relaxed, safe, and secure atmosphere for
                                                The security team deals with everything          a detection rate now at 91%. Dealt with
                                                from high-value suspicious credit card           674 arrests in 2009 improving from over 620
retailers                                       transactions, to arresting high risk offenders   in 2008. Zero tolerance policy saw 10,000
                                                and high value crime theft. The three            ejections in 2006 drop to 5,000 in 2009.
Retailers seek to create a uniquely
                                                year rolling strategy ensured a safe and
satisfying shopping experience and                                                               First aid: Managed 1,000 first aid incidents
                                                controlled environment through:
Interserve’s task is to assist in achieving                                                      a year, from plasters to resuscitation.
this, whether it is supplying sophisticated
merchandising and security hardware,
installing and servicing it, or deploying
security officers who will reflect retailer
values. Interserve can be deployed
to protect your store, your staff, your
merchandise, and your customers, doing
so with warmth, understanding and a
welcoming smile.
                                                                                       | Autumn 2010 | 11

driving revenue with InVue
Interserve holds sole marketing and            Innovation is our key point of difference.       at a glance...
distribution rights in the UK for all InVue    Our engineers focus on ensuring that every
Security products, the ideal solution for      product is easy to use, offers a high level of   No 1 security tagging product
high value, high touch products such as        security, provides the durability necessary
                                                                                                Highest % of power connectors for
laptop computers, mobile phones and            to meet the rigorous demands of retail and
                                                                                                cameras, phones and mp3s
cameras.                                       is truly a design that retailers will be proud
                                               to use in their stores.                          All cables are hidden with in-built trip
The state-of-art displays ensure that the                                                       switches
product itself is always charged up and        Key retailers include Tesco, Sainsbury’s,
                                                                                                Proven to:
ready to allow the customer to experience      O2, Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy
a product’s features to the full. Whilst                                                           •   enable longer in-store testing
being easy to use for both staff and
                                                                                                   •   reduce sales team time
customers, this security solution will allow
you to confidently open display your high                                                          •   reduce number of returns
theft merchandise and ultimately increase
                                                                                                   •   reduce theft of goods
your sales by as much as 30%.
                                                                                                   •   increase sales turnover by 30%

Red Tag protects profits
Retail theft continues to be a serious issue   Red Tag™ is a reusable, cost efficient tag,      at a glance...
for music and entertainment retailers.         which cannot be removed without damaging
DVDs and computer games are key targets        the box and disc inside. It integrates           No 1 protection for DVDs and games

for consumers: often among the top three       discretely with cases, promoting easy            Fitting inside the box it reduces
targets for thieves. The reasons are clear:    browsing for shoppers, better customer           packaging and locks the case shut
they are desirable, high value and have        service and allows retailers to use live
excellent resale potential.                    merchandising to drive up sales.                 Saves warehouse space, shelf space and
                                                                                                behind the till space
Existing loss prevention techniques have a     Key retailers include HMV, Virgin,
                                                                                                Proven to:
number of drawbacks and are ineffective,       Blockbuster, ASDA and WHSmith
inefficient or off putting to consumers.                                                           •   save 50% on buying costs
Red Tag™ which offers breakthrough
                                                                                                   •   store 3x stock levels on shelf
security for DVDs and games combines
secure tagging with benefit denial: a                                                              •   reduce theft of goods

powerful combination to reduce shrinkage.                                                          •   15% - 40% uplift in sales turnover
                                                         Contact: Steve Neville
                                                         Head of Fire and Security Solutions       •   improve sales staff productivity
12 | Autumn 2010 |

Meadowhall chooses tra
                The Meadowhall Shopping
                Centre in Sheffield,
                currently owned by
                British Land and London
& Stamford Investments, is one of only
six super-regional shopping centres in
the UK alongside Trafford in Manchester,
Metro Centre in Gateshead, Lakeside and
Bluewater in Kent and Merryhill in Dudley.

At over 1.5 million sq.ft it offers its 25
million shoppers a year, 280 stores, 11
screen Vue cinema and 2,000 seater food

Meadowhall was opened in 1990 on the
site of a former steelworks and its superb        our industry recognises, to be one of the     there were concerns that we would be lost,
position against the M1 motorway and              best operational teams in shopping centres.   but we have been made to feel more than
unparalleled public transport links, have         A provider who understood people, had a       welcome. The people we have interacted
made it the most accessible centre in the         flexible and innovative approach and were     with have been really warm and helpful.
UK.                                               in it for the long run, to create a true      On the whole the team hasn’t seen any
                                                  partnership.                                  negative impacts and are delivering a great
Built by private developers it has only been
sold once in its lifetime, to British Land, the   Interserve were the preferred partner and
second largest property company in the UK,        so far the mobilisation and transition have   The centre has always been a magnet for
and is currently valued at over £1.2 billion.     been encouraging.”                            shopping centre awards, this year the
                                                                                                security team at Meadowhall were finalists
One of the often quoted reasons for its           Over 180 people were transferred to
                                                                                                in the SCEPTRE Award.
continued success has been the high               Interserve on 1st February 2010, and whilst
standards delivered by its 200 strong in-         that number is not as large as some of               Fundamental to successful service
house team. So when a landmark decision           the other transfers that Interserve has              mobilisation is having a clear
was taken last year to outsource the              completed, it was still vitally important     understanding of the objectives of the
operational function, it was absolutely vital     that everything went smoothly.                process, which can be categorised as:
to get the right service provider.
                                                  Dawn Osborne is Interserve’s Head of
                                                                                                Client objectives:
This provider would be responsible                Operations at Meadowhall and the most
for housekeeping, waste and security              senior member of the team to be TUPE’d           •   performance excellence
services. They would also have to ensure          to Interserve. She comments: “I was
                                                                                                   •   financial improvements
that the transition was not only smooth           concerned about the impact this change
but that there was no interruption or             would have on the team. They have been           •   added value
drop in standards. Interserve were one            in-house for such a long time and whilst it
of four companies short-listed and were           may sound corny we really do have a family    Mobilisation objectives:
successfully awarded the contract in early        atmosphere. If that was damaged in any           •   safe hand over
2010, mobilising it shortly afterwards in         way it could have had an impact on how
                                                  well the team bonded and performed. In           •   business continuity
                                                  the end though I needn’t have worried.           •   effective relationships
Darren Pearce, Centre Director, says “We
wanted the best for what we consider, and         Interserve is such a large company and           •   improved performance efficiency
                                                                                         | Autumn 2010 | 13

ansformation                                                                                                 Tony Sanders, Managing
                                                                                                             Director - Commercial, talks to
                                                                                                             Service Management online:

 a quick guide to transition
                                                                                                 “We’ve got some typical facilities
                                                                                                 management contracts for clients such as
                                                                                                 Diageo and HSBC which we self-deliver,”
 Definition: Transition is the period from contract award, through mobilisation of               said Sanders. “With the client receiving one
 the initial service to service change implementation, and to transformation of                  management structure and one invoice,
 service delivery.                                                                               ultimately reducing their costs.”

                                                                                                 own resources
 How does it work: Interserve provides a professional and pragmatic project
 management methodology which provides a focus and structure at the critical pre                 Emphasising the importance of working
 and post go live phases. This ensures that all aspects of service transfer, for the             effectively with customers, Sanders stated
 retailer or shopping centre, are managed in an effective and timely manner.                     that the company introduces its services on
                                                                                                 the basis preferred.
 During mobilisation it is crucial to consider:
                                                                                                 management structure
 1.      process for hand over of data,             Commercial and Finance: review supply
         information and processes                  chain relationships, co-ordinate service     A major emphasis within all Interserve’s
                                                    delivery and manage financial procedures     operations is the measuring of KPIs,
 2.      engagement with the current service
                                                                                                 which means that the company employs
         provider and demobilisation of their
                                                    Communications: identify key                 performance managers whose job it is to
                                                    stakeholders and co-ordinate all internal    monitor all reports and ensure that all
 3.      commercial relationship between            and external communications                  requirements are met.
         the client and Interserve, including
         management and reporting of service        Compliance: check statutory                  To deliver this, Interserve has established
         charges                                    requirements and business continuity         a national service centre in Redditch
                                                    plans, deliver health and safety training    to process client calls and also provide
 4.      details and management of the
         supply chain and where savings and                                                      customers with an online customer portal.
                                                    People: manage TUPE transfer process,
         efficiencies can be achieved
                                                    employee engagement, organisation            requirements
 5.      the process for tenants, procuring the     design, recruitment and training             Sanders stated that the use of dedicated
         services and associated performance
                                                    Technology: implement new audit and          technology, combined with the company’s
                                                    management systems for service delivery      policy of handling all aspects of the contract
 6.      implementation of the systems to                                                        wherever possible, allows it to measure all
                                                    and establish operational IT platform
         deliver the services                                                                    areas of performance and spend.
                                                    Operations: ensure operational readiness
 7.      process for transferring staff from the                                                 impact
         client and incumbent service providers, from day one, implement helpdesk
         including consultation and engagement (as appropriate) and management                   “Most clients are now beginning to realise
                                                    infrastructure to ensure a smooth transfer   that the impact and the penalties suggest
                                                    of services                                  cutting back on their carbon footprint.
 Interserve transition framework
                                                                                                 “It is imperative to work with clients that
      development                   transition                     operations                    are able to understand the importance of
                                                                                                 a close working relationship that allows
                                                                                continuous       both customer and supplier to plan for the

                 negotiations                                                  improvement
                                                                                                 future,” said Sanders.


                     operational support
                                                                      live service
                                                                                                    read online
14 | Autumn 2010 |

John Lewis: refreshed
                On 11th May 2009 Interserve    An additional challenge centred around
                was asked to undertake         the fact that the occupying concessions,
                a challenging project          which were to be housed within the new
                within one of John Lewis       department, had not been finalised by the
Partnership’s trademark stores, Brent          commencement date. The final layout
Cross.                                         was agreed four days into the installation
                                               period. This resulted in Interserve adapting
John Lewis wanted to install a new
                                               the counters on site to accommodate the
perfumery department to enhance its
                                               individual requirements of the specific
customers’ shopping experience, boosting
                                               concession stands.
their own profit margin and increasing their
retail market share.                           delivering the project
the project                                    A number of practical issues also tested the
                                               team’s capabilities during the project.
Interserve was asked to deliver the
manufacture, supply and installation           The proposed specification for the
of concept joinery island counters and         perfumery department’s new floor required
perimeter units for the entire department,     the installation of 15mm thick stone tiles.
as well as the addition of three new beauty    However vinyl flooring had traditionally
and consultation rooms and the complete        been used to cover the structurally uneven
renewal of the existing floor finish.          flooring. This meant the new floor tiles
                                               could rock from corner to corner between
the challenge
                                               the high spots and low spots. The team,
The dedicated John Lewis Partnership           therefore, spent time to undertake a high
team had just three weeks to mobilise,         proportion of latex works to even out the
with works commencing on 1st June              hollows and rises.                             together, as one team, and maintained a

2009 leaving Interserve just 12 days and                                                      highly positive attitude throughout.
                                               All project related materials had to be
nights to complete and handover the new                                                       Furthermore, Interserve maintained the
                                               delivered in accordance with the branch’s
department.                                                                                   same management team and contact points,
                                               own operational deliveries. This required
In addition to this, John Lewis required at    all refurbishment deliveries to be made out    from conception to completion; with the

least 80% of the department to remain open     of hours, after 10.00pm and before 7.00am.     team being available 24 hours a day.

throughout the duration of the project at      To accommodate this the team worked a
                                                                                              an open approach
any one time.                                  24/7 shift pattern.
                                                                                              The excellent relations experienced
The material lead times imposed an even        in partnership
                                                                                              throughout the course of the project were
greater pressure on the project.                                                              further enhanced by Interserve’s open
                                               Despite these challenges the project was a
                                               complete success.                              approach, not only on the day-to-day
                                                                                              progress on site but also with regards to

                                               The John Lewis Partnership, Interserve         financial matters.
                                               and all other contractors on site worked
                                                                                              To enable this, the team adopted a financial
                                                                                              tracking document from the outset,
                                                                                              which enabled continuous monitoring and
                                                                                              feedback on the cost of the project.
                                                                                      | Autumn 2010 | 15

This allowed Interserve to identify the         a recognised success                           retail and interiors at Interserve
risks of infringing upon the total budget for
the project throughout its duration. This       Even with the challenges faced and the
                                                                                                      We recognise that a refresh
included providing the information required     complex nature of the retail environment,
                                                                                                      programme is an integral part of
to adapt the scheme wherever necessary, to      the project was completed both on time and
                                                                                               your retail strategy and business activities;
keep the project in line with the budget at     to budget.
                                                                                               especially where work is completed in a
all times.                                      Following the perfumery department’s           live environment. Our specialist fit-

The final account for the project was agreed    completion John Lewis reported a market        out and joinery fabrication capability

and finalised five days prior to project        growth of 600% at Brent Cross on 2008’s        is strengthened by our in-house design

completion.                                     week on week figures.                          department.

Interserve works on a strict policy of zero     The project also featured in the local press
                                                                                               We are able to deliver everything from
defects at hand over. This project consisted    as “an overnight success” and one that
                                                                                               small-scale contracts for individual retail
of 12 individual phases and 12 handovers,       “heightened the shopping experience” at
                                                                                               units through to roll-out programmes
all within 12 days. Each of these handovers     Brent Cross Shopping Centre.
                                                                                               across multiple sites.
were completed with no recorded defects;
allowing John Lewis to trade from all the                 Contact: Paul Tedore                 Our expertise in innovative design
completed areas without incurring any                     Commercial Estimating Manager        solutions will help you maximise the
further disruption.                                                                            potential of your interior space, reinforce
                                                                                               your brand and improve the customer
16 | Autumn 2010 |

what’s your carbon
              The Carbon Reduction             The scheme itself will capture the next set      The Carbon Reduction Commitment will
              Commitment Energy                of energy consuming organisations and their      help address these challenges by requiring
              Efficiency Scheme, launched      energy use emissions (specifically those that    large organisations to participate in this
              in April 2010, has been          fall outside of Climate Change Agreements        mandatory trading scheme through an
designed to promote energy efficiency          or the EU emissions Trading scheme) to help      emissions based allowance scheme.
and help reduce carbon emissions.              the UK meet the two long term challenges
                                                                                                A league table will show the performance
                                               identified in the 2007 Energy White Paper:
                                                                                                of all organisations covered and all revenue
In response to this bid to tackle climate
                                                    •    tackling climate change by reducing    raised from selling allowances will be
change to reduce CO2 emissions and
                                                         CO2 emissions                          ‘recycled’ back to participants.
ensure access to clean, affordable energy,
Interserve has developed and launched               •    ensuring access to clean, affordable
                                                                                                         Contact: Elaine Preston
a user-friendly guide to help affected                   energy                                          Divisional Sustainability Manager
organisations understand their Carbon                                                          

Reduction Commitment.

Elaine Preston, Divisional Sustainability      calculating your commitment
Manager at Interserve comments “The
Carbon Reduction Commitment is a wake-         1.   identify your organisation’s legal          6.   calculate total tonnage of carbon
up call for businesses to start taking their        entities based upon legal status                 dioxide produced, from all energy
responsibility seriously. Organisations need                                                         use; remove emissions from transport
                                               2.   undertake a gap analysis between data            and onward supply; remove emissions
to understand the risks, which is why we
                                                    input and the energy management
have developed a forward strategy based                                                              covered by exempt Climate Change
upon a management system approach,                                                                   Agreements; produce footprint report;

which can then be incorporated as part of      3.   categorise buildings occupied against            deduct emissions covered by non

the planned environmental management                ownership                                        exempt Climate Change Agreements

systems.”                                                                                            or existing EU trading scheme
                                               4.   provide a list of relevant sites back to
                                                                                                     arrangements; and identify qualifying
                                                    the Environment Agency to confirm the
                                                                                                     allowance for April 2011 payment

saving the bottom line                         5.   for buildings within scope identify
                                                    energy usage and calculate
1.   review your liabilities                        consumption

2.   identify requirements

3.   implement early actions

4.   forecast emissions

5.   monitor savings

                                                    learn more
                                                                                        | Autumn 2010 | 17

a better retail climate
                                               a better retail climate                                       Laura Timlins of the Carbon
                                               The BRC initiative “A Better Retailing                        Trust suggests: Once
                                               Climate” was launched in 2008 and set out
                                                                                                             retailers have assessed
                                               retail’s collective engagement with climate
                                                                                                their carbon impact and set targets
                                               change challenges. Retailers split their
                                               carbon reduction programmes into three           for reducing their footprint, they must
                                               broad areas:                                     engage employees and emphasise the
                                                    •   their own footprints                    importance of their role.
                                                    •   those of their suppliers
                                                    •   those of their customers

                                               The scheme focuses on five key strategies        BCSC calls to extend
                                               for change, outlined below:
                                                                                                DECs to retail property
                                               1.   cutting energy-related emissions from
                                                    buildings and transport, cutting water      BCSC says that Display Energy Certificates
Interserve is focused on providing
                                                    use and diverting waste from landfill       should be required in all retail property.
a sustainable business fulfilling our
                                                    are all direct ways to reduce the
commitments to our shareholders,
                                                    environmental impact                        The group argues that DECs are potentially
customers, employees and communities.
                                                                                                a much more effective tool than Energy
                                               2.   developing initiatives to ensure
The social, economic and environmental                                                          Performance Certificates in reducing energy
                                                    customer supply and service are
aspects and impacts of how we live and                                                          consumption across all retail property
                                                    maintained and providing customers
work need to be considered with the aim                                                         classes.
                                                    with the products and services they will
of minimising negative effects in these             need as the climate changes
areas, improving on our performance and                                                         Executive Director Edward Cooke said: “The

ultimately generating positive impacts.        3.   to help customers, staff and suppliers      jury is still out on the effectiveness of EPCs
                                                    reduce their own environmental              in generating real reductions in energy use,

We are dedicated to balancing the way our           impacts and working to deliver              given that an EPC rating is only a minor

business is run and the way our services are        improvements in energy efficiency,          consideration when an occupier is looking to

provided to ensure we help deliver a better         packaging reduction and recycling           take space in a shopping centre.

future for everyone. We have implemented            levels, along with end-of-life systems
a formal approach to sustainability that            for products                                “We believe DECs, on the other hand,

includes the production of our award-                                                           provide a real opportunity to measure
                                               4.   for retail to engage in the public policy
winning Sustainable Development Guide -                                                         actual energy use based on consumption
                                                    debate and support government in
RENEWABLES.                                                                                     and will therefore be a much more useful
                                                    meeting climate change goals with
                                                                                                tool in driving down carbon emissions.”
                                                    the Carbon Reduction Commitment
RENEWABLES provides the framework within
                                                    encouraging landlords and tenants to        Cooke added: “The introduction of
which Interserve addresses and manages
                                                    address energy-saving measures              DECs across the board would provide a
social, economic and environmental issues
under 10 sustainability areas. Each area       5.   meeting your responsibility through         mechanism to encourage owners and

is aligned to the Government’s guiding              a board-level understanding and             occupiers of retail property to work

principles and shared UK priorities. This           acceptance of the social, environmental     collaboratively on energy efficiency

helps us to discharge our responsibilities,         and economic impacts of climate             initiatives in order to improve their DEC

improve on our performance and bring                strategies, as well as transparent and      performance and ultimately reduce our

added value to our clients.                         consistent reporting of achievements        industry’s environmental impact.”
   18 | Autumn 2010 |

concept washroom          Jon Crump, Procurement Director
                                                                                    monitoring devices, urinal cubes, cartridge systems or a
                                                                                    combination of these solutions, dramatic reductions in
                                                                                    water usage can easily be achieved.
                                    Procurement                                     Indeed the very latest solutions are almost a hybrid of
                                    Director, Jon                                   the cartridge and cubes and offer the best of both in
                          Crump, talks about how                                    terms of flexibility and performance.
                          to make sustainability
                                                                                    Toilet cisterns are similarly heavy water users with the
                          an integral part of your
                                                                                    current crop of innovative and flexible flush controllers
                          washroom solution
                                                                                    reducing water consumption and avoiding the risk of

                         sustainable solutions are cost effective solutions         blockages from an insufficient water flow that could
                                                                                    occur with a fixed alternative.
                         This is perhaps a bold statement with the general
                         perception being that implementing sustainable             Through surveying and measuring the existing

                         solutions is expensive. Even though sometimes this is      consumption of water, accurate business cases can be

                         true, there is an ever-increasing number of products       readily prepared to evidence the benefits.

                         and solutions which are both sustainable and will
                                                                                       •   implementing the ‘cistern saving solution’ on
                         reduce your costs.
                                                                                           just ten toilets within a retail environment saved

                         As the efficient use and servicing of retail premises             over £1,000

                         becomes ever more the focus of property owners in the         •   urinal water savings are even more significant
                         retail environment, it is innovation that will drive the          with a recent survey of 450 urinals identifying
                         future for facilities management.                                 savings of more than £50,000 per annum

                         Energy savings are perpetually a key aspect in our         hand-dryers
                         everyday lives from energy saving light bulbs in our
                                                                                    The hand towels versus hand-dryers debate continues
                         homes to more efficient fuel economy in our cars.
                                                                                    to rage with new developments in both systems
                         But in the stores and centres we visit there are           changing the basis of any life cycle cost analyses. What
                         still undoubtedly significant savings to be explored.      remains clear is that the system should be appropriate
                         Washrooms are a focal point for retailers and visitors     to the retail environment it serves.
                         alike, not only in terms of perception but also in their
                                                                                    Where hand towels are a more appropriate solution
                         running costs.
                                                                                    more efficient dispensing systems can have a huge
                         the concept washroom                                       impact on consumption.

                         Here we compare and contrast the traditional washroom
                                                                                    sustainability in practice
                         with what can be achieved through a more sustainable
                                                                                    A recent case study demonstrated savings of 28%
                         solution that will ultimately reduce costs and improve
                                                                                    and 41% in the use of toilet tissue and hand towels
                         the washroom experience.
                                                                                    respectively. Simply by deploying an efficient
                         from urinals to toilets                                    dispensing system and reducing hand towel wastage a
                                                                                    saving was realised.
                         Urinal systems are heavy consumers of water with
                         flushing continuing, all day, everyday, no matter what     With an ever increasing number of efficient machines
                         the occupancy rate is. This consumes huge volumes of       entering the market it is important to fully understand
                         water that can be easily reduced without a huge capital    the choices available. Whether ‘hands-in’ or ‘hands-
                         investment. Whether through the use of flush controls,     under’ the right solution will take into account capital
                                                                                        | Autumn 2010 | 19

costs, costs of use,
drying times and noise.

Whilst this new
technology is up to 85%
more efficient than
conventional systems
with consequential
savings in energy,
the noise of a high
powered dryer
reverberating from the
washroom is sometimes
an unfortunate
consequence. However
this is avoidable by
seeking expert advice
to select and source the
right product for your


Finally, the perception
and reality of
                                                  These systems also require minimum
cleanliness should not be separate.                                                              sustainability in practice
                                                  maintenance - especially crucial where
Expert cleaning regimes twinned with the          visitors are using your washrooms all day             Interserve installed Flush-wiser
right products and solutions will ensure high     long.                                                 devices, an innovative water saving
standards for your washroom.                                                                     product for WCs, in one of our shopping
                                                  the solution
                                                                                                 centre’s Food Court.
Some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings
                                                  In short you can be more sustainable whilst
have suffered malodour issues. Although
                                                  at the same time reducing the running costs    It reduced the amount of water used to
the source of the problem is often
                                                  associated with your washroom facilities.      flush by up to three litres per cistern.
embedded in the building construction or
                                                                                                 Flush-wiser can be adjusted to suit each
design, these systems can overcome such           There are many choices and it is wrong to
                                                                                                 cistern, taking into account cistern
problems to provide a long term solution.         point to one solution for all circumstances.
                                                                                                 size and performance in order to make
                                                  But if the retailer and facilities manager
In terms of cleaning products there are                                                          optimum savings, without compromising
                                                  combine their expertise, the right products
many effective sustainable alternatives                                                          on hygiene.
                                                  can be selected to achieve a real change
available, from super-concentrated systems
                                                  in the perception of your facilities, whilst
to ‘eco-badged’ solutions.                                                                       This achieved a total saving of £1,002.38
                                                  reducing the costs of use and improving
                                                                                                 and over 500,000 litres of water per
The innovative solutions to tackle malodour       the sustainability profile of the store or
                                                                                                 annum, from just 10 WCs.
challenges include recycled cartridges,           shopping centre.
based on ‘essential oils’ that freshen the air,
and advanced technological solutions that
remove the odour completely.                               Contact: Jon Crump
                                                           Procurement Director
20 | Autumn 2010 |

behind the scenes
with the Home Retail Group
                Home Retail Group is the UK’s leading home and general merchandise
                retailer. It sells products under two distinctive brands – Argos and
                Homebase. Argos, synonymous with choice, value and convenience,
                has 700 stores whilst Homebase is the UK’s second largest home
improvement retailer with more than 350 stores throughout the UK and Ireland.

Interserve’s long standing commitment              Interserve has developed a host of
to provide Homebase with a fully                   innovative technologies to support
tailored cleaning service model was                our teams by streamlining processes
recently rewarded with a new three year            and improving management
agreement, to provide contract cleaning            information:                                    facts and stats
services across all Homebase’s 350 stores
                                                      •   Interserve’s real-time web-              duration
in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
                                                          based client portal is tailored to
                                                                                                   3 years
                                                          Homebase’s requirements and
Homebase previously operated a policy
                                                          features instant access to detailed      services
of self cleaning a proportion of its stores
                                                          contract, service and performance
with our contract beginning with only a                                                            Sustainable store cleaning
                                                          information. This incorporates a
small number of stores being managed by                   Safety Audit System, an efficient        Window cleaning
Interserve.                                               central competency databank for all      Shop fittings
                                                          health and safety activities, ensuring   In-store office cleaning
Within a short time period, 259 employees                 on-site employees are trained to
                                                                                                   Specialist cleaning
were transferred to Interserve to combine                 appropriate health and safety levels.
with the existing 450 strong team. During                                                          Strip and seals on mezzanine floors
                                                      •   ServiceTrac Audit enables each
this difficult transition period, when                    audit to be produced on a tablet         operationally
teams were adapting to a new culture, it                  PC, together with supporting
                                                                                                   Sole provider of an integrated
was vital to invest considerable time and                 photographs and videos. When
                                                                                                   sustainable cleaning solution to entire
energy in managing and motivating our                     completed it is signed digitally
                                                          by both Interserve and Homebase          350 store portfolio across UK and
people, ensuring that we could improve
                                                          representatives and uploaded to          Ireland
customer service and safety.
                                                          the client portal to ensure accurate
                                                                                                   700 employees
A robust HR programme ensured that                        management information.

we maintained morale and retention.                                                                Client portal - instant access to
                                                   Interserve is committed to reducing its
Transferring employees were sent a                                                                 contract, service and performance
                                                   impact on the environment and working
bespoke DVD to their homes, briefing them
                                                   with our supply chain to ensure that our
on the new company and team, explaining                                                            Comprehensive employee engagement
                                                   equipment consumes energy in an efficient,
the TUPE procedure whilst providing                                                                programme - bespoke DVDs and TUPE
                                                   and environmentally responsible way. We
reassurance and confidence. This was                                                               roadshows
                                                   also use ecologically sound enzyme based,
accompanied by a series of ‘mobilisation
                                                   and micro-fibre cleaning technology.
road shows’ across the country - bringing
together both established employees and
new recruits.
                                                                                    | Autumn 2010 | 21

              In 2009, Argos took the
              decision to outsource its
              cleaning requirements to just
              one supplier with a view to
improving efficiency and service quality.
Following competitive tender, Interserve
signed a deal with Argos, also making
Interserve the preferred supplier for
cleaning and associated services across the
Home Retail Group.
                                              as the production of a bespoke personal
The contract involves store cleaning,                                                        facts and stats
                                              induction DVD, sent to the individual’s
window cleaning, high level cleaning and
                                              home to ensure the message was clearly         duration
warehouse cleaning at 745 stores throughout
                                              communicated to everyone.                      3 years
the UK.
                                              From the outset, Interserve has been           services
It involved the transfer of over 1,500
                                              working closely with Argos to drive
employees, under TUPE, across 745 UK                                                         Store cleaning
                                              improvements in quality, sustainability and
stores, from a range of suppliers - all                                                      Window cleaning
                                              customer experience throughout the store
achieved within a 90 day mobilisation                                                        High level cleaning
period.                                                                                      Warehouse cleaning
                                              Our operating model is delivered in line
Mobilisation of the contract took a two-
                                              with the following basic principles which we   operationally
phased approach. Under Phase 1, the
                                              see as key to a successful partnership:        Retail support services to national
transfer of 300 employees at the self-clean
                                                                                             portfolio of 745 stores across the UK
stores took place within 30 days. Phase 2        •   close understanding of internal
                                                                                             and Ireland
covered the remaining 1,200 employees at             structure and strategy
the contract-cleaned stores under a 90-day                                                   1500 staff have transferred to
                                                 •   open communication
mobilisation period.                                                                         Interserve by TUPE
                                                 •   innovation
Having transferred over 17,000 people in                                                     24/7 help desk

the past, Interserve is familiar with the     To support this approach, administration
                                                                                             Comprehensive staff engagement
challenges faced when transferring the        and help desk teams are located at Argos
employment of large numbers of people.        headquarters in Milton Keynes, allowing
                                              account managers to develop close working      Preferred supplier for cleaning and
Key to a successful mobilisation is clear
                                              relationships with the Argos team.             associated services across the Home
and consistent communication. TUPE
                                                                                             Retail Group.
situations can be extremely unsettling, and
                                              Interserve also provides a 24/7 Help Desk
their comprehensive employee engagement
                                              for managing service issues and queries
programme ensured that not only did
                                              in accordance with agreed service level
morale remain high, but Interserve also
                                              agreements. Logged calls are immediately
ensured consistency of service standards.
                                              transferred to the relevant Area Support

This was facilitated by a series of TUPE      Manager with a one hour response time and

roadshows, one to one meetings, as well       escalation procedure in place.
22 | Autumn 2010 |

a day in the life...
 Paul Pascoe, General Manager                                               5.30am                                         I’m on the road, heading
                                                                                                                           to Beeston Headquarters
                                                                            Start work by checking our
                                                                                                                           for a client meeting. It’s
           Paul manages                                                     online helpdesk and e-mails to
                                                                                                                           nearly a 2 hour journey
           six operational                                                  see if there are any outstanding
                                                                                                                           so with my handsfree I

 and 26 area managers,                                                      requests. Our helpdesk provides
                                                                                                                           return calls. We’re often
 overseeing 1,800 cleaners                                                  emergency assistance to all
                                                                                                                           providing new quotes so
 operating across 1,100                                                     2,500 Boots stores properties, so
                                                                                                                           I have time to go through
 Boots stores, offices and                                                  it’s vital we’re supporting them
                                                                                                                           the details with my team.
 distribution centres daily                                                 24/7.

                                         Finish the meeting with an         Ready for my weekly

                                         update on the new cleaning         meeting with the client.
                                         services we’re providing to        This is a chance to check
                                         Boot’s Waitrose trial stores.      on progress, discuss
                                         We’ve set up dedicated             operational issues and
                                         cleaning teams to ensure the       go through the audits
                                         stores are maintained to the       provided to us both by
                                         appropriate standards.             Interserve’s online portal
                                                                            just seconds before.
         Am back in the office
         ready to start a meeting
                                         2.55pm                                                                            I meet our National
                                                                                                                           Skills Manager to start
                                         The team are having a
         with the health and safety                                                                                        discussions on how we can
                                         brainstorming session to see
         team when I receive a                                                                                             roll out the Cleaning NVQ
                                         how we can streamline service
         call. One of the stores                                                                                           and Apprenticeships for
                                         provision, to save money for


         needs extra cleaners for                                                                                          our staff. I want to make
                                         Boots. Last year we saved
         an event they are hosting                                                                                         sure my team get the best
                                         them an extra million pounds,
         tomorrow, so I rally the                                                                                          opportunities available,
                                         so I’m keen to see what ideas
         team to provide support.                                                                                          with Interserve’s support.
                                         the team has come up with.

Being the 1st on call for
emergencies means I get the
                                               Before I head home I call
                                               the client to check they     4.25pm
                                               received our monthly KPI     Call up one of the area
phone call or email to say
                                               report, we’ve exceeded       managers to see how the trial
there’s been a flood outside
                                               our 95% objective for        of the super-concentrated
one of the stores and they

                                               call response times and      cleaning products is going.
need extra support. I don’t
                                               service standards so I can   Using less product it’ll save
mind though, it’s good to know
                                               go home relaxed.             costs and is friendlier to the
they can rely on us.
                                                                            environment. The supplier is
10.10pm                                                                     even offering free training.

            Contact: Paul Pascoe
            General Manager
                                                                                     | Autumn 2010 | 23

centre excellence
Every year SCEPTRE recognises best practice                At The Mall at Cribbs                            At Meadowhall, where
across shopping centre management. The                     Causeway the team has                            Interserve only recently
contribution made by employees is key                      achieved a CO2 reduction of                      started delivering support
to a centre’s performance. At both The                     30%, through achieving 60%                       services, the Security team
Mall at Cribbs Causeway and Meadowhall,       waste recycling levels, reducing water          has been recognised for their continued
Interserve’s teams were short-listed for      consumption by 25%, gas by 29% and              commitment to driving down crime across
their excellent service delivery.             electricity consumption by 23%. All this        the centre. Over the last three years

Tony Sanders, Managing Director -             has supported The Mall in achieving the         Meadowhall’s security team has achieved

Commercial at Interserve comments “The        PAS 99 Standard, and takes them closer to       an 11% reduction in crime-related police

SCEPTRE awards recognise the outstanding      their goal of becoming carbon neutral.          attendance, whilst reducing costs.

contribution and commitment to service
quality that these teams place at the heart
of their work. In every centre we support,
our employees are fully integrated into
the culture and vision that makes these
shopping centres the success they are. I am
extremely proud of all our employees’ hard
work and commitment.”

Top 40 under 40 Need support, ask Interserve...
Our employees are critical to our success,                               Tony Sanders | Managing Director - Commercial

and the recognition of Carl Johnson, Head                                Tony has overall strategic direction and management of
of Leadership and Development, Oliver                                    Interserve’s retail and commercial portfolio, including PRUPIM,
Sawle, Commercial Director and Simon                                     CB Richard Ellis, Sainsbury’s, HSBC and many more.
Ball, Business Development Manager, in the                      | 07501 485666
recent FMX Top 40 Under 40 report reminds
                                                                         Gary Byart | Retail Divisional Director
us of the value they bring to us and our
clients on a daily basis.                                                Gary has overall responsibility for Interserve’s contract with
                                                                         Sainsbury’s, overseeing 254 stores, 7 depots and their head

                                                                         office in Holborn.
                                                                | 07973 954888

                                                                         Doug Blake | Shopping Centre Management

great                                                                    Doug is responsible for strategic operations and customer
                                                                         service delivery across the 23 shopping centres where

                                                                         Interserve delivers facilities and retail support.
                                                                | 07852 263960

are great
                                                                         Dave Carson |National Retail Cleaning
                                                                         Dave is responsible for ensuring cleaning services are provided
                                                                         to over 2,100 retail sites within the UK and Republic of Ireland

people”                                                                  on a daily basis.
                                                                | 07771 723343
24 | Autumn 2010 |

                                                                                                    020 7902 2000


          Take a look at some of our landmark contracts to see
          how we’re going above and beyond for retailers.

 Sainsbury’s                                                           Argos

          Interserve delivers an                                                 Our contract
          integrated cleaning                                                    with Argos sees
          solution to 254                                                        1,500 Interserve
 stores. We provide everything                                         employees delivering
 from office cleaning to trolley                                       cleaning services to over
 management and kitchen                                                745 stores across the UK and
 cleaning to washroom services.                                        Ireland, with 130 million
                                                                       customers a year.

 HSBC                                                                  Homebase

          Interserve                                                            We are the sole
          operates a £200                                                       cleaning provider
                                                For Boots we provide
          million facilities                                                    to Homebase across
                                                a totally integrated
 management contract.                                                  the UK and Ireland, including
                                                cleaning solution
 2,000 staff deliver support                                           350 stores with a footfall of
                                        across 1,100 locations
 services to 1,600 retail                                              70,000 people a year. Other
                                        throughout the UK.
 locations and 120 offices                                             services include window
 across the UK, Channel                                                cleaning, sustainability, shop
 Islands and Isle of Man.                                              fitting and office cleaning.

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